Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Perfect site to shop for your medical scrubs

My sister in law is a nurse by profession and she was assigned to different departments. This is the kind of profession that she wanted to be. After graduating from college, she was immediately hired and worked in a government hospital in my local town and after a couple of years of rendering service, she planned to apply for a job abroad and luckily she was hired in a middle east country particularly in Saudi Arabia as a nurse assigned in a pediatric ward. As a nurse of the government hospital they have unique uniforms but they were still allowed to wear their own choice of print scrub jackets, print scrub tops and landau medical scrubs. I was the one who told her about a site named Scrubs & Beyond that offers a wide variety of medical scrubs from Dickies, Koi, and landau. She is thankful to me because I found the right site for medical scrubs. She also told her fellow nurses in the hospital where she worked and they too placed an order in their chosen hospital scrubs. The site is not offering only medical scrubs but also they are offering different accessories like sandals to complete your look. so to see more of their products available online, just visit the Scrubs $Beyond site at

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