Saturday, February 27, 2010

Keep up the good work Keisha Nicole Noel

I am so amaze with my daughters poem entitled " I'm learning all my colors" because she always keep on delivering the same kind of speech every morning before going to school. She already memorize every line and likes to deliver it with actions. Sometimes, I saw her reading books and doing some of her homework's but she always have time for everything just like with the other regular kids in school. She plays her Sony PSP whenever she has extra or free time. I hope that her talent will be enhance more and continue her studies very well so that she will still be in the honor rolls list.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm learning all my colors

Keisha Nicole is now ready to deliver her speech in front of her fellow philomenians as part of their speech programme. All of her classmates will participates but she will be put in front of the rows because teachers love her for her expressive actions. She is also very excited to participate on the said activity because she knows that all of her classmates and friends will clap their hands.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clan war of Maguindanao is now being brought to Davao City

A member of the the powerful Ampatuan clan allegedly attacked Maguindanao gubernatorial bet Esmael "Toto" Mangudadatu in a Davao City mall on Thursday evening, but ended up being shot dead himself by a Mangudadatu bodyguard.
Mangudadatu told GMANews.TV in a phone interview that he was at the Gaisano Grand Citimall Ilustre in Davao City when a man assaulted him.
"Kasama ko ang anak ko. Namimili kami ng damit para sa February 14 (I was with my children, buying clothes for February 14 when the incident happened)," he said.
Authorities identified Mangudadatu's alleged attacker as Tamano Camalindan a.k.a. Tamano Mamalapat, a resident of Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao, and reportedly with a standing warrant of arrest against him.
Mamalapat is also reportedly a nephew of suspended Maguindanao Governor Andal Ampatuan Sr, who is among the 197 people charged with murder in connection with the November 23 massacre.
Mangudadatu claimed that Mamalapat was the clan patriarch's "hitman."
According to Mangudadatu, his two bodyguards protected him, with one of them shooting Mamalapat. "Nag-agawan sila ng baril ng bodyguard ko (One of my bodyguards and the suspect fought for the gun)," he said.
In a phone interview with GMANews.TV, Davao City police said they received a report about the shooting incident at around 7 p.m.
Responding police arrived at the site together with Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte, radio dzMM reported, and are still investigating the incident as of posting time

Friday, February 12, 2010

Searching for the right place

We were busy looking for a new site for our computer business. We tried to look for a place in Catalunan Pequeno, lower Mintal area but we dint get good results. After a couple of days, looking for a perfect place to start, we tried to visit the Matina Aplaya stretch hoping that we could get one. We have seen one place that's a newly painted house with two concreted stalls in front of it. One is occupied while the other is used as their Storage for their rice stocks. We offered to the owner and explained everything what we have in store for them if they will venture with us the kind of business we are into and the lady owner was really convinced but the problem was she still has to ask permission to her parents who is in Cotabato City. We are just thinking positive right now that the conversation will be a successful one. I just hope they will like our ideas so that we can start operating our computer business immediately.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The birth of the twenty first century has given way to many things and opportunities, one of these things that hit people from all ages is the fashion industry. Fashion as we all know is changing with just a snap of a finger. what is in today may not be acceptable in just a few days depending on the latest trend that a couturier would create. Finding these latest fashion creation from world renowned fashionistas are rampant in the virtual world and you can look on the Catalogues
that they have in their site. You can look to a wide array of garments that you want to purchase even accessories from cell phone casing to bags, and with this there is no hassle in shopping.

Just recently my wife had a party to attend, a class reunion. She was very excited to be with her old friends. Thus she was frantic on what to wear for she wants to stand out in the crowd. She could not decide what clothes to wear so I offered her my opinion with regards to the matter. I told her why not go surfing so you will have enough time to choose on the latest trend without going to the mall, and if you have decided what to buy let the establishment ship the merchandise to our doorstep.

Tonight is the reunion and I could not wait what her friends told her about her appearance for she really looks beautiful in her evening dress.

fixing fence

Repairing a broken fence post or fixing a rotten post can be done without taking out the old post or fence boards. Many fences sag because their posts rot within a few years of installation and if you go to the trouble and expense of replacing the post or even the whole fence, the posts can rot again in another 5-10 years.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

perfect tummy

Having a beautiful figure needs hard work and dedication but as years pass and having a family and a number of kids would spell the difference. Most often women who have given birth would go to the gym and have some routine work out just to return to their own figure but achieving it would mean strenuous exercises and lifting weights which would sometimes lead to boredom and worn out muscles and worst injuries. We dont want to happen, hence their is an easy way to achieve a fit and lean body and even a six pack abs without lifting weights.tummy tuck
is done through a cosmetic surgery and eliminating the excess body fat that is located in the tummy area. As we all know, the belly is the hardest part to eliminate fat. Thus stomach crunches is not an assurance to have a well chiseled abs even a year of abdominal work out would sometimes lead to failure, dont be fooled on what you see on television about abdominal exercises and the models that has a perfect abs they are gifted individuals and even supplements they are far worst for the side effects are dangerous to your health. You can choose and have the abs that you wanted without the pain.


I was recently introduced to this social interactive media which is the latest craze in town "FACEBOOK". Its fun and very much addicting for it is here that I get to know and meet new friends as well as get acquainted to long lost friends in my elementary and high school years , who are residing in other countries and some are still here in my vicinity the Philipines. HHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy, just cant got enough of this media. from time to time i get to open my account just to check on the comments statements that my friends leave in my WALL and come to think of it, I do have a virtual farm That I maintain in plowing and planting crops. Its really fun and somewhat a stress buster that rejuvenates me after a long office work.

Save more on car rentals

My sister Altesse is in Australia for three years already. She is based in Melbourne and working in a train company. She always told us good sites and places to visit when you are in Australia. There are a lot of historical sites and good vacation places. For us family, if we decide to visit her in the said place. We are planning to visit her this year. We tried to budget our money to the best that I can and we have decided to get a car rental for us to bring us to the beautiful places in Aussie. I tried to browse different websites that offers car rental services. Among the many sites that I tried to, there is only one site that I like best and this is the Compare Car Rental site. It is the simple and fast way to find the perfect rental car online. You can compare immediately each quotes and find the cheapest price in town through their car rental search box. car rental comparison made so easy becuase of their services. You can also choose the type of car you want to use. This is a one stop shop for people looking for the cheapest car rentals in town. For more information about their good services, just visit their site at and start searching for the cheapest car rental rates in the market with no hidden cost.

Saving my old desktop Pentium 4

I am so sad this few days already because my desktop is in Columbia Computer Center. I brought it last week because it wont display already and maybe it has a problem in its mother board. I have already replaced its original mother board a year ago and I think I need to replaced it again this time. This desktop is already an old desktop of mine. Actually this Pentium 4 old desktop came from my sister Altesse when she was still in Manila working in an Atlas fertilizer company and since she applied for an overseas work in Australia , she decided to bring it to Davao and give it to me. Archie, the technician yesterday told me to buy a new hard disk that has a sata drive because the mother board is provided with one sata drive only. We can't use already the IDE ports because it was determined that the ports were already damage and not functioning at all. If I choose to use the Sata port, I can no longer use the CD player because its connection is from IDE ports. It's OK for me by not using CD ROM as long as my desktop can still be used but after awhile the technician called me and said my existing mother board got a problem already in its SATA drive and I think that mother board needs to be replaced again. Right now, I am planning to look for another mother board that is compatible with my processor that has a 478 socket. I am sure I will be visiting surplus shop this time because old mother boards are not available to the market anymore.

The best blog hosting providers

I am a blogger for three years now and I have posted thousands of articles already, share my ideas on different topics and make friends worldwide. Since writing is one of my hobbies, I decided to monetized my blog so that I hit two birds in one rope. I expresses my feelings and ideas in my page and at the same time I earn just enough to support my daily needs. I have a lot of online friends asking me how did I do it to attract companies to make product reviews and received more opportunities. I always told them that there is always one good formula to make a good website and that is to partner your site with the best blog hosting provider. There are a lot of blog hosting providers in the market now a days but not all have good features and benefits. For me, if you need to choose the best blog hosting provider, there is always only one site that I patronizes and that is the web Hosting Geek site. This site provides you the best web hosting providers in the net wherein you can compare its features and prices. They have all what you need when it comes to your hosting needs. So if you want the best web hosting provider at a very affordable price go immediately to the Web Hosting Geek site at

Save more on your airline tickets

Yesterday, I went to Cebu pacific ticketing office at SM city Davao to clarify with the articles that I have read in their site wherein they are giving a 50 percent discount on all domestic and international flights. Their promo starts on February 5 and ends on 8. It is just a three day promo. I decided to buy three tickets for Cebu because we are going to fix the house of my dad. I am so happy because we avail big discounts for the tickets. Each tickets cost 679 pesos only for Go Light passengers. Right now, I am still waiting on their confirmation email tickets and the Cebu pacific attendant told me that confirmation tickets will be send to us about 24 hours from the time of purchase because we paid it through Banco de Oro over the counter transaction. I'll just hope that I will receive their email this day. For those travellers out there, if you want to save more on airline tickets you can tick their websites box to alert you in your email whenever they are giving big discounts.

Free from debts again

We all know that people want to live in a debt free life where one can work in a nice environment in order to support his/her family needs, send their kids to school, provide healthy foods and have a good shelter; but since the economy now a days are not in good shape, most of us experience debts. Some of us manages to handle their debts but there are people who aren't able to manage and debts become their major problems already. For some people who have financial problems, this is not the end of your time because there are still ways to get clear of those huge debts and the answer is Clear Debt. Clear Debt is an IVA company that will help you eradicate of your debt problems. Clear Debt can help you clear debt and lower your total debts, ensure you pay no more interest on them and help you become debt free in five years or less. This is proven and tested because some of my friends are very much satisfied with their services. Their debt consolidation management is very effective. Clear Debt will cut the total you owe, freeze the interest you pay and remove any threat to the home you own. So if you want to be free again from those debts, go straight to the Clear Debt site at and I am pretty sure that you will have a debt free future

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Waiting for permission

I am so happy today because we finally got a place that is perfect for an internet cafe. Actually the transaction was not fully closed, the occupant still needs to ask permission to her sister who is presently working abroad in Australia but I certainly presume that meeting will be a successful one because I can see the eagerness of the lady who wanted also to have an extra income aside from being a nanny of her granddaughter and a tenant who will look after the property of the said place owned by her sister who is working abroad. I'll just wish that her sister will permit us to operate so that both parties can benefit out of this new Internet business.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Choosing the best online casinos

I am a very busy person for I have different jobs to attend to, I do mechanical works since this is my profession and also car customization; inspite of hectic work schedules, I still manage to give time to my favorite online games and that is playing online casinos. Before, I travel to the city just to play it with my friends but since playing casinos is very much now available online I can immediately play it online and can save time and travel expenses. All of my friends right now doesn't travel anymore to the big city just to play casino because they can now play it online right in their desktops and laptop computers.
There are a lot of websites that offers casinos online but not all have good features. Everytime I look for online casino games, there is only one site that I used to visit because it gives a one stop shop for people who are looking for top online casino games. Best Online Casinos site is what I am referring to. This site is a ratings guide to the best online casinos, poker rooms and gaming sites on the web. They are giving big bonuses to online casino players. So what are you waiting for !, try to play it online, who knows you can be the next lucky winner in town. For more information about their good site, you can visit the Best Online Casino site at

Computer boxes that I made

1st batch
2nd batch for Harry of Panabo City

If you want to see the first actual operation on the month of June click the link below

Early this morning, I think of how many boxes of computers that I have already assembled for the months because I will make another set of computers next week , maybe 9 or ten units of an internet ready computers. for the past couple of months I have already assembled 18 units. It was assemble in three different dates at 6 units per transaction. The first one has a sentry locks nickel plated while the second batch has a conventional types of security locks. I will show you the actual pictures of the 1st and the second batches of units which i made it myself.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My sentiments to the lessee on my fathers inherited property in CEBU

I have been in Cebu last January 11 to fix my fathers' inherited property where there was one tenant whom we entered into contract. My fathers 2 storey building property is located in the heart of the city in an eighty-eight square meter. It has three rooms and 1 toilet and bath and can accommodate 2 cars for it has an ample parking lots. There were 4 people who occupied the property. Among the four people, three worked in a call center company and one student. It was said that the three people were brothers and sister while the other one was a distant relative of the ministry pastor. When I entered the house I was shocked and surprise to what I have witnessed because on its rooms upstairs, there were dumped trash items such as damaged computers, steels, cables, damage phone sets, baskets, black trash bags, old newspapers, Christmas lights, plastic containers, old television sets that were already dumped because it was not functional at all and so many items that were very hazardous to fire. I am really upset to what I had noticed because I am not expecting that kind of scenario. The reason why I went there was because one of the members of the Ministry who was in -charge of the monthly rentals called my attention last Christmas season saying that the roof needs to be repair because there were leaks. The in-charge was not an occupant of the said place, she was only in-charge of the monthly rental but she visits three times a week as their regular pastoral meeting where they conduct bible sharing, preaching and other churchly activities. After I saw the situation i immediately called the attention of the lady in-charge. She said that they don't use the property as their dumping site for garbage and unused materials, she claimed that all of those where in good condition. I said to her that you should visit the site in order for you to witnessed what's going on. On that afternoon, the lady in-charge came and I told her that you go upstairs and check. After she noticed the thing she was totally upset to the 4 people whom he trusted for in keeping the premises clean and in order. She explained to me that she really didn't know how trashy upstairs was because everytime they had bible gathering, it is always held downstairs and they didn't go upstairs and roam around the property to checked because the ground floor was actually in order. To make the story short, She called the attention of their pastor and called their members to clean the place. After I have finished drafting the contract, I ask her if their pastor was available on that afternoon to sign the contract of lease. She said that they will no longer continue anymore and will just finished their stay up to May 23. They were occupying the said place for three years already and based on the contact of lease stipulations and what was agreed upon, there is a 15 percent increase of its monthly rental after three years of renting. Anyway, I am also happy that they will not continue because based on my opinion they were good renters but they don't know how to keep the premises clean and in order. I am showing the actual videos which I took during my stay in Cebu City. To all readers of this blog and my friends online your comments is highly appreciated!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Expanding in the world of business

Internet business is one of the hot cakes business in town provided you have different approach and concept of the said business. Why i said so? it is because that our internet business is different among the many internet cafe business. theres' are conventional while ours are highly sophisticated. You only need to drop one peso coin into the coin slot to get a 6 minutes access online. Every players and users loves to use our way of business because they can save more compared to the traditional way of the business wherein you will be charge per hour 15 to 20 pesos. As a matter of fact, we are looking for another space for expansion. I just hope that we can look for a perfect place again just like what we have at the present. Just wish me luck!!! hehehe................. so I'll just let you know, See you online hehehehe ...........