Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lovely garden at a cheaper cost

Yesterday I and my daughter Keisha is in the garden at Maligaya, Catalunan Pequeno. We were cleaning all the plants that we propagated and waited for the person who will deliver the rotten rice hulls as one of the compositions for a good garden soil. We have different varieties of plants in our garden and we kept on collecting new varieties from abroad. Cypress and trees and flowering items are my forte. Most of the contractors and landscapers used to buy plants in my garden because they know that my plants are very healthy and I am also giving good prices for contractors and attractive deals to landscapers. If you have a newly built house and want to have a good landscaped garden in your space , just visit my garden in Catalunan because I'm gonna help you create a lovely landscaped garden at a very reasonbale price.

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