Monday, August 31, 2009

The 2009 Kadayawan festival agro trade fair ends

We were at the Ahfat foods and restaurant this evening for our dinner.
we ordered different kinds of their house specialties like the Five kinds seafoods, pata Tim, seapo guisado, garlic rice, beef in Chinese style and drinks. We love their food so much for it taste so delicious. We treat ourselves and some househoold helpers since we all play a good job in the 2009 agro trade fair. The 2009 kadayawan agro trade fair ends today and we considered it a succesful one. We are looking forward to set our plan and implement what we have in mind now for the next years agro trade.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The last minute buyer

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Agro trade fair exhibit. This afternoon, there were more last minute buyers than the regular days because most of these customers intend to buy on the later dates because they knew that they will be given big discounts on prices. Sellers and other plant hobbyist sell their plants at a lower cost because they don't want to bring it back to their garden for it adds an expensive freight cost. They would rather sell it at a lower prices to the customers than bringing it back home. The whole Agro trade fair exhibit is a very successful one where everybody both customers, local and international visitors joined various activities supported by the local government. one can say that Kadayawan is really a festival of all festivals. So to all visitors and friends see you next year for the next Kadayawan celebration.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finding solutions for my plant seedlings

I am planning to make my garden more beautiful because i have problems with the place because when we experience heavy rains our seedling bags will be flushed away by the strong current of water plus the soil erosion that will make the plants Topsy tarvy. I am looking for a solution to my problem maybe I could make a seedling beds made up of bamboo sticks. I am still choosing the right solution at a lesser cost.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Renting macs and macbooks

I love to travel to different places and in every place that I used to visit , I always use my laptop to upload files and to reach my friends throughout the globe but in my recent travel to Hawaii; i forgot to bring my laptop. I was really disappointed during that time but a friend of mine told me that I don not need to worry because there is a site that offers camera rentals in Hawaii. Thanks to Hawaii Photo rental site where I got my Mac Hawaii device rented. I rent these for very little money as well as no deposit on your card. so if you are thinking about renting macs and macbooks go to this site immediately at

Saving more on trips

There are a lot of ways to save money on your trips because most of the travellers now a days scheduled their trips and purchased their tickets ahead of time. In this manner you can save a lot because ticketing office offers big discounts to consumers. You can save more than 40 percent if you purchase your tickets ahead of time lets say a month or two but your flight will fall under lean months , not a pick season but its alright as long as you save more on your travel cost.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A blog that is web hosted

I have been blogging for more than a year or two now. I was introduced in blogging by a friend of mine. But what is blogging? For a starter blogging is an expression of anything that you would want to write about. It could be an account of things that has happened to you be it happy or sad, or just anything that interests you in writing. In other words blogging is just the same as a personal diary. The only difference is, in a typical diary the owner is the only one who could read his/her writings unless otherwise he/she shares it with somebody else. While in blogging, the things that you have written could be access in the world wide web(www). There is no secret in blogging. A person who happens to visit your blog either with purpose or by chance can read everything even to the first article that you have written for it will be found in the archives.

To keep a blog in a running condition, most bloggers would have webhosts
Most blogs that has existed for a long period of time would somehow invite frequent readers creating a traffic jam. This is because most blogs that are not hosted has limited space and small band-width.

To tap it all having a blog is best when it is hosted to accomodate surfers.


Catalunan Grande and Mintal - About - 9 kms and 15 kms. respectively from the city of Davao southwest of the city center and could be reached by private or hired vehicles.

Attractions: A memorial shrine dedicated to the brotherhood of all men regardless of race, creed or ideology. It decrees the futility of war as means of settling international dispute. The site is the pilgrimage place of big groups of Japanese war veterans, widows and kins during the annual Reunion for Peace Program of the Department of Tourism.

visual literacy

In an era where visual literacy validates celebrity, it’s especially alluring to see first-hand such a portrait, considered the only likeness known to be rendered in Shakespeare’s lifetime

Business is safer with a good accounting firm

Having a business without any knowledge on how to manage your finances could lead to a business down fall. As we all know, cash flows or revenues that come in the business is the lifeline of any endeavor be it in the virtual world or a land base business. The flow of revenue is like the veins in our body that caries oxygen to all the vital organs to keep it in a running condition. Thus, most of these business's asks the professional help of Las Vegas Accounting Firm
to manage their cash flows and expenses. Accountants prepare financial statements most often monthly to take a close look on the return on investments against its expenditures which then is the basis to any business undertaking. So if you want to be organize in your accounting details just look for the a respected leader in the financial account world that is committed to providing value to their customers as well as their stakeholders.

Online application for an Eon Visa electron card is no longer available

I went to the nearest Unionbank branch here in my town to follow up my application of the Eon visa electron and to inquire for my friends interest in getting an Eon Car in metro Cebu. During my inquiry I found out that the online application that I have submitted a month ago was totally invalid because they are no longer receiving online application for the past year for their site is no longer working. I have to apply manually in their office. I submitted a photocopy of my identification cards and advised to wait for two weeks for releasing. so to all PC users who were applying an eon account, you need to go to your nearest union bank branch to reapply manually.

low fat

Living a healthy life is the best there is for we get to enjoy life longer and better. Thus, eating the right food at the right time is a must.

Cooking is an art, but low fat cooking is an acquired art. "Eat healthy, stay fit" is a common phrase. But how many of us actually pay attention to this maxim in our daily life? Not many. And the most common reason for this is that we are not equipped with information about low fat cooking. Low fat cooking does not require special ingredients or extra effort; what it needs is a little attention to what we eat and with what we cook our food

Becoming a parent

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting and joyful times of your life but in the same respect it is also terrifying! There are a lot of decisions to be made; are you going to breast or bottle feed? And what are you going to do in terms of child care? All in all it can often end up being very overwhelming, especially if you are a first time parent! It is in times like these you often need that little bit of extra help.

Achieving a chiseled body without the sweat

Spending too much time in the gym to loose weight and doing stomach crunches more than the usual repetition to achieve the desired six pack! this is just a thing of the past, having exercise in a daily or weekly basis is good and I am not saying that this is a waste of time, but there is another way of achieving your desired chiseled figure and that is Acai Berry Energy Supplement
Acai Berry is a fruit that is found in the jungles of Amazon that has potent components in burning undesirable fats in your body more particularly in the regions of the tummy.

To tell you frankly, I have been spending a lot of time in the gym just to have the body I wanted and not to mention the money that I spent for my monthly fees and the time that I should have been spending with my family instead of going to the gym. With this fruit, I could do away with my strenuous work out and have the perfect toned body by just taking the Acai Berry.

Kadayawan sa Dabaw

The South’s most extravagant and celebrated festivity is here again and once more Davao City will unravel the very reasons why it is considered a land of bountiful harvest and melting pot of people of diverse backgrounds.

The streets will once again show the colors, the sights, the sounds and the experience of Kadayawan sa Dabaw. This week-long annual festival speaks of the beauty of the Dabawenyo culture that made name throughout the globe and earned the admiration of millions.

From exquisite ethnic crafts, exciting destinations, beauty and glamour of the waling-waling and the majestic Philippine eagle — these and more is what Davao offers to local and foreign tourists and visitors who would take the time and have a glimpse of this cultural haven.

Security system for my bicycle

I had purchased a lock and also a separate alarm to try and remedy the situation to help me keep my bike from being stolen. I now have two items to help secure my bike, the lock and the alarm. So, what if the two were combined? A lock and an alarm together in one package would make a much better system!

I did even better I found the alarm and lock with a flexible cable. I can attach my bike to almost anything I can put the cable around. My bike is now securely locked and if somebody moves it the alarm shrieks at 110 decibels and this creates even more attention to my bike.

A bike that will not move because of the lock and the alarm is making so much noise it becomes more hassle to steal

Beauty can be enhance

As the old cliche goes, " beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". This is true. What is beautiful to ones perspective could be the opposite to some. but there is no ugly person created in this world for we are all created in the image and likeness of God. Thus our distinct beauty could be enhance further through the services of the beauty parlor.

My cousin recently graduated in a prestigious beauty school. This endeavor that she took was her own decision for she has a love of holding scissors and combs and not to mention she has a touch of making people more beautiful particularly the women. beauty school indianapolis
has thought her all the basics and the things she must know. My cousins decision was a good one for she is planning to operate a beauty parlor. Come to think of it, it is very good for beauty parlor is a good investment.

deodorant or anti perspirant

Before deodorants and anti-perspirants were invented, different cultures developed their own unique ways to deal with unwelcome odours and sweat. In some Asian countries, alum crystals have been used to control the amount of sweat, in Russia they sometimes use vinegar, while in other parts of the world they apply lime juice and a variety of other ingredients, with varying degrees of success. These days however, most of us prefer to stick with our trusty deodorant or anti-perspirant, but do you know which is right for you?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eon Cyber account is temporarily out of service

A friend of mine from Cebu City asked my expertise in creating and tie upping with the eon cyber account. we advice her and taught her how to apply online. We already finished the three basic accounts namely the PayPal account, the Google account but we have a problem in creating an Eon for their website is temporarily out of service for maintenance purposes. Right now we are still waiting for their website to run smoothly in order to proceed with my friends Eon Cyber account application. I just wish that this late afternoon their site will be back to normal.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Relax and Unwind

Taking a break from a long month or months of work and deciding to go and watch stand-up comedian is one of the best choices to take into consideration or watching art works or concerts. Getting tickets for these endeavor is not that hard, you could grab tickets of the different arts online. You could get Jeff DunhamTickets to Pageant Of Masters Tickets and even Hollywood Bowl tickets and watch almost anything you like the choices are numerous and is just a click away from your computer mouse. As for me, this coming weekend me and my wife will be going out and watch Jeff Dunham to relax and unwind. We will be living our kids with their grand parents. For sure , we will have the fun of our life time.

Philippine transportation

Travel within the Philippines not difficult, if you don't mind riding the sometimes rickety public transportation. There are all kinds of vehicles available to tourist and locals: Ferries for inter-island transfers, buses & taxis ply in major cities all over the Philippines and the ubiquitous jeepney can be found everywhere. In Metro Manila, light rail transit is available on main roads. In tertiary roads & small rural towns the tricycle is the transport of choice.


Having the best vacation could only be offered in Mexico. Mexico as I have know is the most travelled tourist destination be it for lovers or family vacation

Mexico has a lot to offer from the best hotels to scenic spots and not to mention the warm welcome that local inhabitant's expresses as well as the the white sandy beaches and the mirror flat waters that is accented by the lush forests and greeneries. You can also experience being one with nature by scuba diving and see the rich marine life in the reef. Aside from these nature tripping, dining is a fabulous attraction for they offer authentic Mexican food that you could choose from and even foreign cuisine and the sparkling wine that goes with it. Hotel accommodation is so easy and is just a click away. So if you want to experience the best vacation of your life try considering going to Mexico and be dazzled of the things they have to offer.

Fabian Nunez

When he became speaker of the state Assembly two years ago, Fabian Nunez surprised many by standing up to the star power of Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, even as other Democrats were busy cutting deals. The personable lawmaker with a rags-to-riches story emerged as a key counterpoint to the celebrity actor-turned governor.

Nunez's resolve has spread. Democrats have taken on Schwarzenegger's special election agenda and could hand the governor his first serious defeat at the polls next month. "Fabian is more willing to confront and fight than the governor ...

My new 2GB XD card

I went to the mall yesterday looking for an XD card for my Olympus camera. I was then trying to check my XD card to transfer files but It a message shows that files are being corrupted. i didn't use this camera for a long period of time. It was my sister who used it during their vacation in Luzon with her friend from Manila. They went swimming then and used the camera for their underwater escapades. I decided to buy the new 2GB XD card that cost 1,250 pesos and right now it is working again. I am so happy that i could now use it for my new business website. I can now take pictures.

Elegant House Plans

My friend and I is planning to build our dream house. We already bought the lot property where we wanted our dream house to be constructed. He wants a compact type of home just to fit his newly bought space while I am looking for a spacious home plans for my 600 square meter property. A few weeks ago, we already look for architectural books and plan for the whole design ahead of time but we are not still satisfied with what we have in mind. We decided to browse over the net and look for home plans and house plans and luckily we found a site named House Plans and more, a division of HDA, Inc. that offers a wide range of home plans, project plans, and various architectural styles as well as luxury dream home plans. It is so easy to use their services because all you have to do is just fill in the criteria you desired and choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the estimated cost and the desired dimensions and the features you like and in a matter of seconds House plans site will give you the home plan that you will surely like it. So if you are looking for home plans and various architectural styles visit the home plan site at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am Noel your friendly gardener tutor

There are a lot of customers and friends who always asked advices regarding how to grow healthy plants in their garden, I always teach them how to do it right since i grew up in the field of gardening. I don't hide tips and techniques because my principle is different to what others believe in that secrets need not to be broadcasted to anyone else most specially if he or she is a gardener to avoid competition. I shared everything I knew because I wanted to share my ideas. There are also customers who tease me about my knowledge because they wanted to hear some tips and tricks on how to operate a good garden business. if I were to rate myself I can say that I am almost on top when it comes to ideas in gardening because I already have all the knowledge plus the actual experiences that I have gone through. to all plant enthusiast, if you have problems about growing plants, whether your concern is on pest control, fertilization, gardening management, soil composition and chemical application just leave me a message in my tagboard and I'll answer all your concerns. Happy gardening!!!

A one stop shop for teen costume

My niece Michelle will be having their teen costume play this coming August 22. She chooses to be in sexy fairy costume. We hardly find it in the stores since their stocks are very limited that's why we ended up finding the best sexy Teen Costumes in the internet and luckily we found a site named that offers different kinds of teen costume. They have a lot of sexy costumes to choose from and they also have accessories and makeup as well as decorations and props. So if you're looking for a teen costume go immediately to a site that offers a wide range of teen costumes. For more information about their services visit

Monday, August 17, 2009

Acute gastritis without dehydration

This early morning me and my wife prepared all the food and the things that my little daughter needs for school. We cook food and pack her lunch pack. My daughter Keisha was very excited to attend classes because today will be their examination day. When we were in the dining table she vomits and cried and she said that she's not feeling well and experienced stomach ache. At first, we don't listen to her since that is her usual alibi every morning before going to school until she vomits for the second time. We decided not to go to school and went to the nearest hospital instead. after her urine and stool examination, results show that she has an acute gastritis without dehydration. She was given medications and right now she's already in good condition.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kadayawan sa Davao 2009

People are very busy strolling in the streets of Davao this day. The exhibit area in the Agro trade fair exhibit is full of visitors coming from neighboring cities to visit the Kadayawan Festival. Eventhough the pathways in the stall area are flooded, exhibitors find their way to make the street passable. Occupants filled the path walks with aggregates. To all readers of this blog, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you on this 2009 Kadayawan sa Davao festival. Join the fun and experience the different varieties of programme that this Kadayawan sa Davao 2009 has to offer. See Yah!!!!!!

Acquiring a direct TV

I am a middle wage earner and if we say middle class there are times that my monthly income could not meet my monthly expenses and would sometimes resort to acquiring loans, but often times I see to it that I have save a little just to fulfill my dream of acquiring a Direct TV. I was compelled to have a Satellite Directv for most of my co-employees in the accounting department
have one. I was in a way envy for they get to see their favorite movies and afternoon soap operas with their families with the help of Direct TV Satellite.

Thus, for now My mind is set to having a Direct TV though there are other things that I want to acquire.

choosing cycling shorts

You should choose road-cycling shorts based on the quality of materials and construction. But also crucial is how well they conform to your unique anatomy. Sometimes a relatively inexpensive pair may work better for you than a high-zoot model.

Shorts, like saddles, are tough to recommend because of differences in butts, crotches, seats and riding positions. Every rider has to try on shorts, buy the model/size that fits snugly but comfortably, then hope for the best on the bike. It's hit or miss, and some luck is involved. Just as with saddles, there is no universal answer.

Online car insurance policy

I used to sell cars for the past five years now both brand new and used cars. I can say that i am successful with this field because I have a lot of buyers that keeps on coming back. They are very much satisfied with the car units that I offered because I am the type of person who gives explanation to buyers the engine performance and the details of every car. I can explain to them very well because before getting into this business, I was once a chief mechanic of a prestigious car manufacturing company where I serve for more than 8 years. It is a necessity for a car buyer to buy a car insurance for safety reasons that is why after a good conversation and in every successful transaction; I always told them and encourage them to get a car insurance quotes at the site where you can get an online quote in just 2 minutes. So if you need car insurance go directly to the site named Allianz where you can save up to 10 percent on your car insurance policy.

My files are corrupted in my Olympus XD card

I was taking pictures yesterday at the Agro-Trade fair exhibit located at the SM City grounds in preparation for my new business website. After i have finished taking pictures in my garden and stall exhibit I decided to go home and have my pictures uploaded into my site but a problem arises when my Olympus camera can't finished downloading files to my Acer laptop computer for the files were already corrupted. I really don't know why it is being corrupted since I seldom used my underwater camera. I tried to fix it but its XD card needs replacement already for the unit can no longer read files. Huhh................... I really want it to be fix because I need my camera badly for my new website. I will bring my camera this morning to its store and find out if they have XD card replacements.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My classmate is now a good speaker of the Philhealth insurance agency

this afternoon i attended the Philhealth insurance seminar that was held at the third floor of the Karpentrade building along Mc. Arthur Highway. There were two personnel who thoroughly explained the importance of having a philhealth insurance card. the explained their advocacy and vision for the Filipino people. I understand every phase that the personnel explained to us employers and other participants. One good thing about the seminar i had attended is that the speaker was one of my former college classmates named Florence. I didn't know that she will be speaking to us regarding insurance policies because I thought that she only do paper works inside the office. I was really happy to see her because she really changed a lot. She is more dignified and more professional. i just wish her good luck on her government career.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Most of my friends online used to search and download file that they want and usually they downloaded it from a rapidshare. They said that it is more convenient getting files from rapidshare to omit the cost of expensive downloads. Today all of my friends have one positive reactions in getting files and sharing it online for they have found a good Rapidshare Search. So to all online users out there, the next time you need rapid searches use the the rapid the RAPID4M site. For more information about their services visit their site at

The bottle brush tree

I love to plant trees and i have different varieties of pine trees in my garden. one of ,y favorite trees that i personally grow is the yellow tree named bottle brush. I like the way it grows because you can trim down some of his leaves to form a shape that you want. Some of the trees are trimmed to form triangle while others are in topiary shapes. i have plenty of them about 500 trees. so the next time you want to grow trees in your space choose the best tree for topiary the bottle brush tree.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unique pieces of glass art

Yesterday night I went to my moms house to rearrange all the furniture to have a new appearance in the room. I bought some corner tables and figurines for her art section. My mom always likes my way of style because she knows that i have a lot of ideas when it comes to interior designing. She trusted me everytime when it comes to this aspect because I got a short interior designing course during my college years. In every place that I worked, I always make sure that there is a place for art section, a place where one can showcase his or her art collections. In the case of my mom since she has a big space for it we decided to buy a new piece of glass art to fill in some empty spaces. We surf the net and look for a site that offers highly collectible calcedonia glass sculpture and luckily we found a site named the Dino Rosin where you can choose a variety of attractive pieces of glass arts. Its glass arts are uniquely designed and the coloration are beautiful such as brilliant cobalt blues, deep rose and fiery red. I highly recomment to all people out there that if you are looking for a highly collectible pieces of glass arts just go straight to the Dino Rosin site at

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playing with Keishas new Samsung M3510

This afternoon I went to the Philippine Women's College of Davao to visit my daughter Keisha Nicole. I waited her for an hour to watch her eating her lunch. this is the main reason why I looked after her during lunch time because she's not eating her lunch pack during their lunch break. I used her new Samsung M3510. I like her cellphone very much because it has a lot of software applications. You can edit the picture you want, insert some emoticons, text, frames and do some alterations to make the picture very much interesting. It has a lot of features compared to my Nokia cellphone. I played with its features inserted some emoticons, clip arts and resizes some of the pictures. The pictures above were taken during their lunch break while some were in the Agro trade fair exhibit at the SM city grounds.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Home Theatre

Me and my daughter keisha were in the mall appliance center. We were looking for a home theatre that would fit for our newly renovated receiving area in our house. My wife was looking at the plasma televisions because of the resolution that plasma television brings. While she was busy looking for the television, I was more into the DVD MINIsystems. I wanted to have a complete home theatre in my house.

We got everything that we were looking. The Plasma Television and the MINIsystem were perfect for our receiving area. My friends were very excited to see our receiving area in our home. I scheduled their visit on Sunday so that I can entertain them well once they are here in our house.

A new Samsung M3510 out of blogging activity

Yesterday me and my family went to the mall to window shop only. My daughter Keisha wanted to own a new cellphone. She already have my Nokia 6510 cellphone but she wanted a new one that comes in high specification and good resolution. We roam around the Cyber world section and look for one. After looking on different models of cellular phones Keisha decided to own the New Samsung M3510. I promised her to buy a new cellphone if she get good grades in school and since she really made it I decided to buy the cellphone that she wanted. I decided to buy the thing since I still have money left in my blogging account. since i am so proud of my daughter for getting high grades in school I decided to give her the new Samsung M3510 that comes in good features and high resolution.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

High quality made steering rack & steering box

I am an auto diesel mechanic by profession and I have an auto shop here in my town. I used to diagnose different car brands. Since we are 5 in the shop, every motor mechanic is assigned to particular task and I, myself is the one who is in-charge on the wheel alignment section. I see to it that toe-in and toe out, camber and its caster will be aligned in "zero" point to avoid unnecessary movements during driving. There are times that alignment problems occur in its steering rack.
Speaking of steering rack, there is only one site named "Car steering Wholesale" that I used to visit and choose the steering rack that I need for replacement. This site has a wide range of Quality Steering Rack & Steering Box to choose from. So if you need a quality replacement parts that comes in a reasonable prices just visit their site now. For more information of their products and services browse their site at

Blogging world

RockYou FXText

I am a website developer for a long time and I discovered different techniques online and there are techniques which I learned from my fellow bloggers. Website making has a lot of things to consider and you should take care of every sites that you visit and explore before getting into it because every sites has their own rules and some of their rules will complicate if you apply it to other website rules, that is why you need to be careful in order not to break every ones rules. Navigating to every rules that each websites imposed is very challenging because I can compare it to students who took up law where in you need to please everybody to avoid chaos in the event. To new bloggers out there I could say that just keep learning and all things that you do online will have a reward at the end.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The best web development and marketing firm

My friend is a nurse by profession for 10 years now in Denver. His dream from the start is to own a flower shop business of his own that is why he works hard to raise the exact amount and enough capital to run a business of his dream. After many years of rendering his service, he finally achieved his goal. Right now, he owns a flower shop. There are plenty of customers in her store but it would be much better if he has a business website for the consumers to know.
Two months ago, we surf the net to look for a site that will create a powerful website and luckily we found a site named Internet Creator, a site that provides a variety of website marketing plan, good graphic design that specializes in marketing and search engine optimization. We hired internet creators to manage our online marketing and after a few weeks,we noticed that our sales increased. Our site is very visible in the net. The Denver Search Engine Optimization helps a lot. So to all business proprietors out there if you are looking for a website development and marketing company that will help manage your online marketing campaigns just go straight to the Internet Creators site at

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goodbye President Corazon C. Aquino

For the last few days I have been watching the live telecast of the wake of President Corazon Cojuanco Aquino. It was said that the funeral procession was attended by thousands of people whether supporters, oppositions and ordinary citizens. The procession is compared to Ninoy Aquino where millions of people who attended. It was really a sad moments for all the filipinos because another true leader was gone.

Business in the virtual world

Conducting business has evolve as time passes by. During the old days doing business is strenuous and very hard to look for prospective buyers for you have to introduce the product, or services to people manually, the birth of the twenty first century has eradicated all the manual aspects and bringing ease in conducting business. All most all of the companies big or small has its websites making the product and services they are offering visible to a wider perspective and even reaching the international market, and these sites has its web hosting
services to keep their business visible to people who are searching a product. A typical example that I can share to you is my uncle who is an enthusiast in flower production. Ever since he was a kid, He has been fascinated by the beauty of flowers. As time passes by, his collection grew making his hobby a passion. He then ventured into business in the local market and the demand for cut flowers grew and he decided to expand his business abroad to cater the Asian as well as the United States. It was then that he decided to have a web page so as the orders abroad will be easy and his site accessible to the foreign market.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kadayawan 2009 Agro Trade Fair Exhibit

Kadayawan 2009 is fast approaching and to be able to set up all the necessary things needed for the Agro -trade fair, I see to it that i will be able to finished my booth exhibit located at the SM city grounds of Davao City. We got three booths for this coming Kadayawan agro-trade fair and successfully I finished everything i need. During the arranging of the flowers and other items i secretly took some pictures to my mom and wife Lyhra but after awhile they catch me taking pictures on them. Mom is exhibiting her flowering materials particularly her Santan collections and other rare plants which she propagated. There are a lot of plant enthusiast coming around asking her how she made her plants very healthy. Participating in the plant exhibit is a very enjoyable thing because you get to learn more on different techniques in plant culture, meet more friends and increase the camaraderie of the group of gardeners which me and my mom belong to. The pictures above are the unedited pictures which I took awhile ago during the fixing of booth.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I am again an exhibitor of the Kadayawan festival 2009

Kadayawan is fast approaching and the gardeners in Davao are now preparing in their exhibit booths located at the SM city grounds of Davao. I am very excited because I will meet all the plant enthusiast of the region plus i will be able to see the beautiful plants that they have for the annual Agro-trade fair. I am expecting that this kadayawan 2009 will be very successful for the government and some Non-government organizations are inviting guest locally and worldwide.