Monday, June 30, 2008

Having an email

The latest trend today to keep you closed with friends and relatives through exchange messages is by having an email. An email is just the same with the old form of a mail where in you get messages, The only difference is you get your messages write away in an instant and you get to save them in your inbox. You don't have to keep all the letters in your drawers but in your email. It can even store countless messages for the space is limited.

The best part of an email, if you have a google account is you can Personalize Google. You can store pictures, design graphics or even make blogs for google has also an affiliate in

Having this kind of technology in the twenty first century makes it possible to reach people in remote areas and be acquainted with them, making the world as tiny as a speck of dust.

So the next time you are planning to communicate or send messages to your friends have the services of an email account and personalized it, and by clicking the send bottom, the messages that you want to relay will be received in no time. Isn't it wonderful

Vanessa in a fashion statement

High School Musical cutie Vanessa Hudgens has joined with Sears this summer to bring the “latest in fashion and fun!”
Starting July 11, you can log onto to find “this week’s clue.” Take the clue to a Sears store or and look for the Product Finger Challenge. Special signs, with some help from your blue, will point you to the week’s special offer. Be sure to text in the code for a shot ta the Grand Prize - a private performance by Vanessa at your chool!

Shutter Island, a movie to watch

Leonardo DiCaprio and costar Michelle Williams shoot scenes for their new movie, Shutter Island, in Boston, Mass., on Sunday morning.
Their costars Mark Ruffalo (pictured below), Ben Kingsley and director Martin Scorsese were also spotted on set.
Shutter Island takes place in 1954 and is about U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio), who is investigating the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and is presumed to be hiding on the remote Shutter Island. Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson also costar.

A good team of lawyers that specializes in Criminal matters

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Ashley Tisdale is now back in Salt Lake city from her high school musical shooting

Ashley Tisdale totes around a Prada handbag as travels through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday with her mom, Lisa, and her pooch, Maui.
The 22-year-old HSM star returned from shooting High School Musical 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Ashley’s co-star Vanessa Hudgens recently talked about what she does with Ash when they’re bored! V said, “When we’re really bored, sometimes we’ll make little music videos on her computer!”
Tizz celebrates her 23rd birthday this Wednesday. Happy early birthday, Ashley!

Looking for the best hotel in Rome

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Kardashian women attends chloe's Birthday

While Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick was partying it up for his birthday. down the street at TAO, the Kardashian women and friends were busy helping Khloe celebrate her 24th at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas on Friday (June 27).
Posing for the photographers upon arrival, Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Reggie Bush joined Khloe, Kourtney and Kris Jenner on the red carpet.

Epson TM-T88iv is a faster high quality printing machine

Printers play a vital role in business especially when you are into publication business. There are a lot of printers available in the market right now that varies in features. Some printers have the speed but has a poor quality printing. Epson is one the brand names that produces faster high quality printing. They have this tm-t88iv that is designed specifically for high volume retail and hospitality environments where speed and reliability are important. This type of unit can print both text and logos and it has a USB on board where you can transfer data for printing. So, if you are looking for the best printing machines, Check their site now named Barcode Discount at for more information.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vanessa hudgens is making a TV commercial

Here is your sneak peek of Vanessa Hudgens‘ Sears commercial thanks to Access Hollywood.
The 19-year-old High School Musical star will be featured in five different television ads, all of which feature a girl trying to figure out what to wear on her first day back to school. The commercials were directed by Joseph Kahn and Chris Probst, including one homage to Britney Spear’s school girl music video, “Baby One More Time”. I am pretty sure, kids will be loving this commercial of her because majority of her fans comes from the teen community and below.

Choosing the best food processor

I just opened my new business. It is a fresh fruit juice station. My primary machines in my business are the food processors that I bought. This business was conceptualized last year but opening was not materialized last year because I have to search for the right food processors that I will be using in my business. I have to consider the quality and the service center. A comprehensive review on the product is made available on the site that I found to provide information to the consumers regarding the food processor products. I am considering before buying the food processors that I will be using for my fresh fruit juice business.
Shopping for food processors was easy with the help of this site. They provide me with all the information that I wanted before I bought the food processors that I am now using in my business. I never thought that there are so many different kinds of food processors in the market today such as food processors that is best for baby food, quick food prep, puree and sauce. Shopping for food processors can be easy with help of So, check their site now and buy the best food processor of your choice.

Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao won against the Mexican boxer David Diaz

Manny "The Pacman" Pacquaio of the Philippines won against David Diaz of Mexico. They were both good and strong fighters. At first, Manny strikes and gave strong punches to Diaz but The Mexican boxer doesn't felt weak he also make counter punches. David Diaz on round 3 experienced already a cut in his right eye that gave him more difficult to see the opponent. The blood were slowly dripping from Diaz cut but he still gave strong punches to the Philippines boxing idol Manny. On the other hand, Manny focused on his uppercut style where Diaz frequently received strong straight punches until it reaches round 9 where in David Diaz can no longer stand still. Mabuhay ka Manny!!! you really make Filipinos very proud of you. You bring honor to your country so much. Congratulations to you!!!

Chosse the best sewing machine

Yesterday, I bought my sister a gift that she will never forget. I bought her a sewing machine. Ever since she really wanted to have one. That is why on her birthday, I gave her the gift that she wanted and that is to have her own sewing machine.

There are different kinds of sewing machines, depending on the purpose. This I discovered when I searched for a sewing machine for my sister. There is a sewing machine that is best for quilting, embroidery, hemming and making clothes. Sewing machines which you can see from their site are all made up of high quality standards at a very reasonable price. Whenever you are looking for a sewing machine, will provide you with all the information about the sewing machines that you are looking for So, check their site now and choose the sewing machine that will best fit your purpose.

Filipinios are still the best in engine troubleshooting

If given a chance, I really love to work in a world known car brand The Ferrari. I watched Television awhile ago about the production of the Ferrari. It was showed how was it built all from the engine with 6 cylinders down to its under chassis, the interiors and its upholstery. I have noticed that assembling the engine is so simple for they have all the necessary tools and equipments. The leather interiors were all handmade but it is cut through a computer pattern executed by a robotic procedures. It is really different if I compare it to assembling cars in the Philippines for we have limited special tools and equipments but on the other hand Filipinos are really amazing when it comes to engine trouble shooting because Filipinos are very resourceful and they always look for a way to fix things out even without the help of the highly sophisticated tools that were used in the production of cars in the highly industrialized countries.

Halle Berry is taking a break

Taking a break from tending to baby daughter Nahla Ariela, Halle Berry was spotted out running errands in Hollywood on Friday (June 27).
Looking stylish as she made her way past the paparazzi, the “Swordfish” actress sported a white cotton top, jeans and some unique strappy sandals topped off with a short-billed black military style cap.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cuff-Daddy cufflinks are of good designs and quality

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Beyonce Knowles follows his hubby rapper Jay-z in Ireland for a concert

She’s no stranger to the international jet-setting lifestyle and, earlier today, Beyonce Knowles was spotted at London’s Heathrow Airport headed for Ireland.
The “Bootylicious” songstress was reportedly on her way to the city of Cork where her hubby, rapper Jay-Z, is giving a concert tonight. And tomorrow, they’ll both be headed back to England for the Glastonbury Festival.

Rent to own industry is so popular for it helps a lot of people

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Two filipino teenagers becomes popular by uploading their videos in youtube

Yesterday, my wife told me about these youtube video where these two teenagers are getting more views as a matter of fact, they were invited in a comedy TV sitcom named Bubble Gang show. I don't know if they will be permanent in that show or just a guest but anyway, As I viewed there youtube video, I really laughed so much for I find it so unique when it comes to "voice over". These two guys are really funny as if they were just playing in front of the camera. I would like to share it to you their video that I like most. It is entitled WANNABE. So, view them and I'm pretty sure you will like it too.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mozilla Firefox is a FREE open-source Internet browser

Computer now a days becomes a necessity whether it is use for business or for personal use. We use to surf the net to look for new items, news, read emails and do business online. Internet explorer and netscape are the one that is most popular when it comes to surfing the net. all of us knew that already for they are very popular, but there is also a free open-source internet browser that is faster than the two mentioned above. Mozilla firefox is the one that I am referring to. They have a lot of partners all over the world. Mozilla firefox has a lot of good features that makes mozilla stand among the other. Mozilla Firefox has many advantages which include increased browsing speed, tabbed browsing session restore, a smarter integrated Google Search, a popup blocker that blocks the right sort of popups, solid protection from spyware and adware, automatic security updates, real privacy protection, and most importantly, it provides an enhanced internet browsing experience. Download Mozilla Firefox now so that you will experience its good advanced features. Don't worry about the software conflicts because Mozilla firefox is very much compatible with the other software applications that you are currently using such as internet explorer and other application softwares. For more information, you can visit the Mozilla firefox download site at

Installing my newly bought doorknob

Yesterday, I have decided to buy a new door lock for my daughters room because this problem was just left unattended due to busy schedules. I have bought a new chrome plated door knobs in the mall and I will fix it all by myself. It is so easy to install since there is an instruction and guide paper included in the doorknob pack and I am also familiar about it for I am the one who installed all the doorknobs during the construction of my house. You just need to have two screwdrivers one is flat and the other would be stars screw type. I dismantled and removed the old one from its door whole and replace it with the new one. i chose to buy the key less type of doorknob so that I can immediately check her up immediately. This type of doorknob is the cheapest among all the brands that were displayed in the mall hardware department. I hope this china brand doorknob will last long because most of the china products received negative feedback. It was said that china products are not of quality but they are after of its quantity.

A one stop shop online store for genuine memory products

Most of the computer users want to have a highly sophisticated computer wherein they can store more files and navigate easily due to higher specifications. A computer is said to be more powerful if its specifications are on the higher level compared to the regular one and its RAM or the Random Access Memory is the first thing to be considered for it is where the space that provides you’re computer to read from and write to of data that is to be accessed by the central processing unit or simply called CPU. Computer software works faster if they are given enough space. that is why, if your computer has a lot of games software and other heavy applications the result would be poor navigation. Many of the computer users and programmers upgrade their RAM into a higher version. Adding computer RAM is so simple because there is a site named Memory Deal that offers a wide range of genuine memory products at great values. You can find here different kinds of Rams. There is DDR PC 2700 memory, DDR2PC26400800MHzMemory, DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz Memory , DDR2 PC2-4200533MHz Memory, DDR2 PC2-3200 400MHz Memory, DDR PC3200 DDR400 Memory, and many more...if you want to add IMAC memory, you can also find it here. So this is really a one stop shop for people who want to replace or upgrade their computer memory into a higher capacity. So to all people out there, If you are looking for an online store where you can find everything about Ram, visit their site now for more information at

Reese Witherspoon is one of the highest paid actress in Hollywood

American actress Reese Witherspoon has been named Hollywood’s highest paid actress in Hollywood Reporter rich list.The Legally Blonde star makes an estimated 15 to 20 million dollars for any film that she signs up for, reports Contactmusic.This has put the actress at the top of the new list, ahead of Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman.The other actresses to make it to the top ten are Renee Zellweger, Halle Berry and Julia Roberts.Meanwhile the actress officially ended her seven-year marriage with actor Ryan Phillippe on June 12.The couple finalized their divorce with court documents filed in Los Angeles. Witherspoon had filed for a divorce in 2006, citing irreconcilable differences.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Choosing a better bathrooms

I am a house developer and every time I have business projects, I see to it that I will provide all the quality materials into the plan that includes the interior designing and the finishing touches of the house project such as the furniture's and fixtures. There is one of my projects where I concentrated more in the bathroom designing because the owner wanted their bathroom to look very elegant and more spacious. He wanted to have a medium size Jacuzzi and a bath tub so I figured it out. I allocated a 25 square meter for the bathroom to accommodate all the bathroom accessories. It is not difficult to look for a quality bathroom products because there is a site named Better Bathrooms that offers a wide range of bathroom products. They are offering a lot of bathroom suite deals that includes discount prices on Jacuzzis, Tiles, furniture, taps, shower enclosure and doors and many more... You can also search their entire site for a certain product that you need or browse their bathroom categories. All of their bathroom products are of high quality standard at a reasonable price. So to all people out there if you are looking for a quality bathroom product visit their site for more information at or you may call them at 0844 484 7678.

Britney Spears felt so happy after a court hearing

Fresh off of a courtroom victory, Britney Spears was spotted out on a trip to West Hollywood’s Fred Segal for a little afternoon shopping on Tuesday (June 24).
Earlier in the day, the “Gimme More” singer attended a hearing with ex-husband Kevin Federline - during which Britney was reportedly granted overnight visitation with her two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston.

Choosing the right Mp3 player

There are a lot of people who love music. You can noticed that, because when you go to the mall, you will see a lot of people using an Mp3 players. This is a small hi-tech music gadget wherein you can store more music files into its memory. It depends on how big is the capacity of your Mp3 memory to store music files. Mp3 player comes in different style and designs and of course its size. There a lot of them available in the market because they are selling like hotcakes but how will you now that you get the right Mp3 player? Buying an Mp3 player sometimes is very confusing for there are a lot of Mp3 players that comes in good features. There is a site named that will help you choose the perfect player for you. This site will give you the Mp3 player buying guide to assist you in your purchase by providing information about MP3 players and insight about effectively narrowing down choices based on personal preferences. So, to all people out there who are looking to buy an Mp3 player be sure to visit first their site before buying at so that you will have now a full information and more ideas in choosing an Mp3 player that will suit your lifestyle.

Serious about diet

I wanna stay fit and healthy. It is really difficult to stay fat because there are a lot of things that you can't hardly reach due to heavy body weight. I am now serious about dieting. I have to eat fiber foods and a lot of oatmeal in every meal even if I really don;'t want the taste. Goodbye fatty foods and soft drinks and hello to Veggies!!!. I hope by the next two months I will see more good results of me regarding my body structure. I don't aim for 8 packs or 6 packs maybe like what other do but all I want is to stay fit and healthy. Wish me luck hehehe................

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Retreival operation for Mv Princess of the stars

The 50 bodies spotted off Burias Island in Masbate province have not been recovered, the spokesman for the Philippine Navy clarified Wednesday.Lt. Col. Edgard Arevalo earlier reported that 50 bodies, believed to be from the ill-fated MV Princess of the Stars, have been retrieved at 17 nautical miles off Burias Island.Arevalo said although Navy personnel have already been sent to the area, there is no word yet if the bodies have already been loaded to the Navy ship."As to whether they (bodies) were already loaded to the ship, we have no confirmation yet," he said.Arevalo said he was informed by officials of the Naval Forces Southern Luzon about the presence of at least 50 bodies in the area, or 20 more than previously reported by the US P3 Orion.He however confirmed that three bodies have been retrieved at Palana Point and seven in San Pascual town, also in Masbate province.Earlier in the day, an Air Force official said 32 bodies recovered also in San Pascual town have for the past two days have been buried to avert a possible outbreak of disease.Air Force Col. John Estuesta said that residents of San Pascual town retrieved 19 bodies on Tuesday and 13 bodies the day after, citing reports of local officials.Estuesta, also a commander of the PAF tactical operations group IV, said the bodies have been buried in a mass grave to prevent disease since the corpses were already decomposing. There were a lot of people staying and waiting in different wharf just to hear new reports regarding the retrieval operation. They just wanted to see their love ones whether it is alive or dead. They also waited the management decision of the Sulpicio Lines officials regarding the burial assistance but as of now there were no exact and final procedure for both of them because they were both in the stage of shock.

Save more on fuel consumption by using the hybrid cars

The next generation in the automotive industry is here. Get the the latest information about these next generation automobiles when you visit The site offers relevant and informative information about these cars.
You can get Prius Accessories and Hybrid Car and truck accessories. You can also get fuel saving products that improve efficiency and performance. Also lowers emissions when tested on vehicles. Saving fuel is really important now a days because the price of gasoline keeps on increases that gets a large amount budget in the cost and expenses. Hybrid cars now became so much popular because of its fuel saving system and this site named helps a lot in providing more information about fuel saving devices and other saving apparatus.
The secret in these cars is their battery. You can have more information on ground system for battery performance of your hybrid car. For more information about Prius accessories and Hybrid cars, visit

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin is in madison garden for a big party

Released a week ago, the new Coldplay album Viva La Vida has already been receiving public and critical acclaim. And last night, Chris Martin and company rocked Madison Square Garden in New York City.
Martin’s wife Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted hanging out after the concert at a post-show party in the Big Apple’s West Village, along with guy pal Ed Burns.

The author at the mediskin clinic

Me, together with my wife and daughter Keisha went to the Mediskin establishment inside the SM mall this afternoon for a skin check up. I was diagnose by a lady physician named Josette Lao Tangente for having a skin acne. I explained to her thoroughly everything about my health condition. She told me that what I am experiencing right now is just a by products of my previous health condition which is skin allergies. We have a very good discussion, she interviewed me everything what I was doing and taking previously that leads to my skin allergies. She asked me so many questions until we reach to the topic of "stress". Since I am not taking anything that could harm my health, Stress could be the best word for my present health condition. Since we both consider Stress as the main responsible, she started now to ask me why I am stress? and what was my work that could lead me to stress and I answered her that I sleep very late due to my blogging activity. Then, the discussions got wider and wider because she has a lot of questions in mind about how to make money online. I explained to her how but she doesn't understand very well, I know that because we both have different field of expertise. She as a medical practitioner is really far away from the world of online blogging. So, to you Doc Josette thanks for the time. I hope I will be fine after taking these medicines that you prescribe.

Buying a Toyota car in Leesburg, VA area

Toyota is the best brand for me as far as automobile is concerned. My father and I owns a Toyota car. My father has a Toyota pick-up type that has a 12R engine. It is so durable because until now it is still in good running condition. Since my high school years, I am the one who maintains that car until I graduated to college and became a professional automotive mechanic. There are a lot of Toyota car dealers all over the world but if you are residing in Leesburg VA area or just near to the said place, New Toyota Leesburg VA would be the one to provide you. Koons Toyota is the largest Toyota dealer in Virginia that serves the Leesburg, VA area. Toyota is one of the car brands that penetrates the automobile market deeply for they have a good quality products. Toyota has grown to a large multinational corporation from where it started and expanded to different worldwide markets and countries by becoming the largest seller of cars in the beginning of 2007. So, if you are looking for a Toyota car to buy, no matter what model of Toyota you want, they have it, or they can probably get it for you. you can visit their store at Koons Toyota in Leesburg, VA or check their site at for more information.

Statue of David Beside Queensland hotel in Davao Should Remain

This is the controversial statue of David in Davao City, Philippines.

This morning, I was listening to the local radio programme and their topics is all about the environment and the natural resources. They tap the issue on the Adarnas construction along the matina beach particular on the Statue of David that is located at the back of Theodorico Adarna Hotel named Queensland. The people from the the government comments that the said construction was not given a clear permit for the ongoing construction. Some of the officials voted for the demolition of the said construction, But this property now becomes an icon to the Davaoenos for they love the spots that was created by Mr. Adarna. the owner want to reclaim it for the benefit of the public but the government didn't give any approval. In my own opinion, This establishment is giving more tourist attraction to the city alone how come the government people wanted to destroy such establishment. As a matter of fact, it is open to the public and Mr. adarna is willing to donate his creation to the city government of Davao. so whats the use of destroying. Maybe the people from the government particularly the city councilors should look another issues not on this thing because if you want to single out their complains regarding the reclamation issue , there were a lot of city councilors who ware also doing.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MV princess of the stars is one of the many maritime accidents caused by typhoon Frank

Typhoon frank leaves more damaged to the Philippines. Not only properties but most specially to peoples lives. A total of 70 bodies of passengers and crew members of the ill-fated MV Princess of the Stars have been retrieved so far, an official from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said Tuesday night. Lt. Cdr. Rogelio Villanueva, a Coast Guard representative, said three of the bodies were recovered by divers who entered the wreckage of the ship Tuesday morning. MV Princess of the Stars, owned by Sulpicio Lines, capsized off the coast of Sibuyan Island in Romblon due to strong waves brought by Typhoon “Frank.”The ship was carrying 849 passengers and crew when it capsized. Villanueva said eight of the bodies were recovered from San Fernando town in Romblon, four from Mulanay town in Quezon, and 55 from the town of Claveria town in Masbate. Forty-eight survivors were accounted so far, Villanueva said. Villanueva also clarified that the 15 bodies retrieved last Monday from Burias Island, also in Masbate, were not from MV Princess of the Stars as they earlier reported. Villanueva said they might have come from eight ships and bancas which also encountered maritime accidents at the height of the Typhoon “Frank” last weekend.The official said at least 30 divers were sent to the vicinity of the ship Tuesday, with more to be added in the coming days. Rescue and retrieval operations, however, were temporarily halted Tuesday night due to poor illumination inside the ship.Villanueva said the divers reported that there may be more bodies inside the ship. According to the divers, there were indications that there were floating bodies inside the ship. I hope these bodies will be recovered so that their loveones can give them a formal burial.

The largest Toyota Camry dealer in virginia

I am a type of person who have a passion for cars. I love cars so much. Since grade school I started collecting books about automobile and since then I never stop collecting car pictures and magazines and books until I reach college. I took my automotive mechanical course in one of the prestigious schools here in our place until I graduated. I became an automotive mechanic and work in an auto shop. I have troubleshoot a lot of car models and brands but I love the performance of the Toyota because their parts are very durable. I am much more familiar with the Toyota car brand since my fathers cars were all from Toyota. When I saw the Toyota Camry model, I said to myself that this is the car of my dream. Toyota Camry body is much wider than the Toyota corollas models and it is considered as the top of the line product. It is more comfortable because it has enough legroom space. The interiors are also good because it comes in leather seats. Among new Toyota dealers in the US, Koons Toyota is the largest new Toyota Camry dealer in Virginia and serves the Falls Church VA, Arlington VA, Alexandria VA, Springfield VA, Fairfax VA and Tysons Corner VA areas. So to all car lovers out there if you want to buy a Toyota Camry whether it is the regular one or the Hybrid gas-electric type, you can visit Toyota Camry Virginia or check their site at or you may call their toll-free number at 888-530-8445.

What a bad day for me this day

I woke up early this morning to prepare all the necessary things to bring in my garden. After taking my breakfast and the medicines that were prescribed by my doctor for my unknown health condition, I immediately went to my garden in Catalunan Pequeno. It is a regular day for me. I just watch Richard working on the seedlings piling all the seedling bags. After lunch break Richard ask permission to go to my moms farm to mix all the garden soil components into one. I was left in the garden together with my one 48 years old lady worker. I water the plants thoroughly and suddenly I saw our wooden gate dropped down because the hinges and wooden post were damaged due to termites that results to rotten gate. I just continue watering the plants then after, I fix temporarily our wooden gate. After a couple of minutes when I finished fixing the wooden gate, I saw water leaks in the garden faucet and eventually it exploded due to high water pressure. Again I ran immediately to the place to find immediate remedy. I got my pliers and quickly turned the main gate valve off. I drive home to look for an extra garden faucet and luckily I found one then, I drove back again to the garden place to fix it up. At last trouble were all fixed. I decided to go back home for I am not feeling well due to my rashes. Tomorrow, I have decided to go to the Mediskin clinic in SM mall for a skin check up. I hope skin specialist will find the real cause of my health condition.

I love toyota cars

I am a proud owner of a Toyota car. Ever since, my family believed in the performance of a Toyota vehicle. The car brand has been in the family for the past 30 years. That is the main reason why we never settle for any car brand. The performance of the car exceeds other brands that are in the market right now. To have a brief background about Toyota cars, Toyota started in Japan. It is where the brand started. When the car was launched for the international market, it performed well with the Europe and the American made vehicles. When I moved to Virginia, I used the public transport to deliver me to my office where I am presently working. I always wanted to have a Toyota Car. I want to keep the family tradition alive. I was happy to see Toyota Corolla Virginia, the place where different Toyota Corollas are found. There are so many different types of Toyota Corolla and I was able to find the type that I wanted. I was able to get a very competitive price of the car that I wanted. I now drive the Toyota car that I wanted and it feels good to keep the family tradition alive. For more information about Toyota Corolla Virginia, visit their website at

My formula for cleaning a dirty greasy engine

Last night in my garage, I gathered all my car cleaning gadgets because I wanted to clean my van. I bought some rubbing compound and some liquid car wax for the buffing activity. I wiped it first with clean cloth all the painted surface then after I applied gradually the rubbing compound cream and start buffing. It was so easy to perform since I have an electronic buffer machine to do the polishing. After a thorough polishing, I applied the liquid car wax with a sponge then wipe with a clean cotton cloth. It gives a sparkling show car finished. It is very elegant looking. I am very strict when it comes to car cleaning. Right now, I am planning to do an engine cleaning. I have a tip for those car enthusiast who want to clean their engine car easily. Greasy objects and dirt's are so easy to clean just use these mix solution. Mix 1 liter of pure gasoline to 3 liters of crude oil and a sachet of powdered detergent. Spray it directly to the engine then rinse it with water after. It removes the greasy objects easily for it loosens the binding parts of the engine dirt's. Try it!!! it really works.

A visit from my old automotive mechanic friend

My old friend named Celestino who was an auto mechanic visited me last night in my house. He talks about his latest job. He was driving a red ISUZU highlander. He said to me that the vehicle that he was driving is the one that he fixed awhile ago. He told me that he was looking for me yesterday because he wanted me to be his partner in performing a trouble shooting for that ISUZU unit but I was not available during that time and my health condition does not permit me to perform such mechanical job although I really wanted to do it since he was my auto mechanic partner and I really love mechanical jobs. Anyway, the unit is now in good condition including air condition unit.

I have now my new quality used car

I really find it hard to ride a train from my house to the office where I am presently working. I have to wake up early in the morning just to take the early ride so that I won't be late to my office. Mostly of my office mates have their own cars. It would only take them thirty minutes from their house going to the office. Compared to me, I have to wake up early because from my house going to the office it would take around an hour since the train moves slowly. I would say that having a car is an advantage. But the only constraint is that buying a brand-new car entails a huge sum of money just to buy one. I really needed a car. My brother suggested to buy a used car since it cost less compared to a new one and the more important thing is that it serves the purpose. He suggested checking Manchester NH Used Cars. They have been in the business for the past fifteen years. They offer quality used cars and very much affordable. There are so many models that you can choose from. I got a free quote and then I bought the car that I wanted. Now that I have my own car I don't have to wake up early and rush to the train station for a ride. I reached my destination with ease because I have my own car. For more information about the used cars, visit

Miranda Kerr has a lot of fans in the catwalk

The always-stunning Miranda Kerr was on hand for the Gran Canaria Moda Calida 2008 show in Las Palmas, Spain on Saturday (June 21).
The 25-year-old Australian supermodel first met with press and fans waiting outside before swapping one sexy bathing suit for another during her catwalk routine.

Hayden Panettiere points the gun in one of her heroes scene

Packing some heat, Hayden Panettiere looked ever the femme fatale while on the set of her hit show Heroes, which was shooting in Los Angeles on Saturday (June 21).
Also on hand was boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia, who wore an all black ensemble with his hair slicked back as he filmed a few action sequences.

I found my Cadillac dream car

My brother has just recently received his separation pay from his former employer. He worked for that company for the past fifteen years. My brother was given the opportunity to avail an early retirement from the company. After he received his separation check form the company, we immediately went to buy his new Cadillac. This is his dream car because it incorporates sporting and elegance on the vehicle and aside from that there is a Cadillac group in our village who always invites my brother to join their group. Ever since my brother started working it has always been Cadillac on his mind. From morning until in the evening, he never stops talking about his dream Cadillac car. I am just happy for him because after 15 years, his dream car will be his. With the help of New Cadillac Manchester NH, my brother was able to get a free quote for his Cadillac. Using the site, you can also check the latest model of the car and some key feature that are in every Cadillac that you will be buying. New Cadillac Manchester NH is the best when it comes to Cadillac. You can never go wrong when you have the right information about the Cadillac that you wanted. After my brother bought the Cadillac that he wanted, he always drives the car where he goes and keeps the car clean and presentable to all. I am happy for my brother. Finally he can call himself a proud owner of a Cadillac. For more information visit

Monday, June 23, 2008

Kim Kardashian is now back in LA from a vacation

Back home in Los Angeles following a lengthy vacation/promotional trip overseas, Kim Kardashian headed out for a shopping spree at Intermix boutique yesterday afternoon (June 21).
The “Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s” hottie, her sister and a friend all pulled up in Kim’s sporty black Bentley - hopping out to comb the racks of the trendy Robertson Blvd boutique.

Jennifer Aniston is in London for a project or for personal matters?

Taking a red-eye flight out of LAX airport on Saturday night, Jennifer Aniston has officially landed in London - arriving at Heathrow airport on Sunday (June 22).
The former Friends star was once again helped through the terminal with the help of police escorts, quickly making her way to a chauffeured car.

Apex Building System is the best in metal building construction

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Britney Spears is back in LA for Maddi Briann's birth

It looks like she got her life back on track just in time to become an aunt. And Britney Spears was spotted arriving back home in LA following her niece Maddi Briann’s birth.
The “Gimme More” songstress arrived at LAX International Airport after spending three days in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana. She was accompanied by her father/co-conservator Jamie Spears.

Looking for the best treadmill

I want to be fit and healthy and to obtain a good body figure is to do a regular exercise. I frequently go to the gym for my regular exercise before but since my schedule now is very hectic I can no longer go to the gym regularly but I have still an option for that. I look for a treadmill so that I can continue my exercise plan and cardio workouts. I browse over the internet to look for the best treadmill and perfectly I found this site named Treadmills Guru a site that provides a guide to buying a treadmill for home fitness purposes. Thanks to this site for I can now purchase the right treadmill that will give the best feature that I am most concerned.

Naomi Campbell in the catwalk for a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show

Fresh off of a highly-publicized courtroom sentencing, Naomi Campbell headed off to Milan, Italy for the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show as part of Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009 on Saturday (June 21).
The lone lady to hit the runway, Campbell appeared in a black bra and boxer shorts, accompanied with a white Japanese print bath robe.

Hilary Duff is in good shape

Hilary Duff heads out in basic black for a pilates workout at the gym in Toluca Lake, Calif. on Friday.
The Duffster then treated herself to a shopping spree in Los Angeles on Friday with a friend!
On Wednesday, the 20-year-old actress sparkled in a brilliant blue strapless dress at the Cartier Love Charity Bracelet launch in Los Angeles.

I bought my first automotive glass cleaner

Last night when we were in the mall looking for my kids educational supplies, I also went to hardware Maxx store to buy an automotive glass cleaner. There were a lot of glass cleaner products available some are very expensive. I chose the cheaper one since they all have the same purpose. I bought the Pro Power auto glass cleaner for it is the the cheapest among all other leading glass cleaner brands. I am now very much excited to apply on my Mercedes Benz windshield so that it will look cleaner and more elegant looking.

Geneva Roth is truly a business center solution

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Giving a quality bonding time for my daughter Keisha

After the doctors consultation in the Davao Doctors Hospital I, together with my family went to the mall to buy for my daughters notebook and other school supplies because there were additional items needed for their schooling. when we were in the mall, I felt like so uneasy to move for I am not feeling well but since we were there and we need to buy those stuff for tomorrows school activity, I just sat on a chair and let them buy those items in the school department. I have noticed that there was a coffee shop in front named Coffee Express so I ordered a cup of cafe latte and a slice of bread. It was my first time to order in that coffee shop and I found it so good. The coffee is so creamy and the sandwich that I ordered was so tasty and delicious. after awhile I called them (my daughter and wife) to company me in that coffee shop. I let them taste the food and they also have positive comments. They like the the food so much and my daughter Keisha likes cafe latte too. I said to her the next time we go shopping, If we have some extra money we can have our snacks here.

Ibackup users can now view and share data with handheld devices

Data and documents are so important in a business transactions that is why we create back ups for that to secure our files. I have already made an online back up for my data since there is a site that provides an online back up named Ibackup. There services are great because you are given enough space to store your important documents and files. And now, Ibackup has a new improve features. This time, Ibackup has now the access to share data and files from your iPhone and other handheld devices. This make business transactions more efficient and more convenient. Aside from the easy navigation, you can also view documents and images directly on the device and Share your files and folders with your business associates. This gives more comfort and saves time to people who have hectic business schedules. So what are you waiting for, If you want a hassle free Online Backup,visit their site now at for more information. I am pretty sure you will appreciate more in their new recent enhancements because IBackup now provides you the flexibility of accessing data stored on your IBackup account with handheld devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, PocketPC and Treo, while on the move.

Me, at the Davao Doctors Hospital

This afternoon around 4:30 PM, I went to the Davao Doctors Hospital to have my second doctors opinion regarding my health condition. As soon as I finished filling up those patients information card, I was instructed by one of the resident doctors to lie down in bed and a nurse approach me to get my BP which stands for Blood pressure. My blood pressure was normal. After that, another resident doctor approach and interviewed me regarding my health condition. She advised me to have a urine analysis test and a complete blood count test. I was given a request form and instructed to go to the cashiers window and then to the laboratory room for my blood extraction. The results were good, there were no irregularities found in my urine and blood samples. the doctor said since there were no irregularities found in my results, I was only advised to see a dermatologist for my skin rashes. instead, she gave me an anti-bacterial tablet named 500 mg. clocxacillin tablet to be taken 4 times a day for 7 days. I hope after taking the prescribe medicine, my health condition will be back to normal so that I can perform my daily duties as a father, as a businessman and as a blogger.

Halle Berry has a new precious gem that last forever

Looking radiant a summery white dress, Halle Berry was spotted out for a visit to a friend’s house in Los Angeles on Friday morning (June 20).
Accompanied by a bodyguard to keep the paparazzi at a safe distance, the Catwoman actress enjoyed an hour inside before being escorted to her nearby car and back home.

Am I experiencing an Allergy or Measles?

Yesterday, I went to The Davao Sanitarium hospital emergency room because there something wrong with my health. I felt like there is something grows all over my body. It is like measles sprouting all over my body and I felt so uneasy. The doctor gave me a benaxil shot right into my left arm. It is an antihistamine vials that is meant for my allergy. After a few minutes, I felt like very sleepy so I immediately paid the hospital bills and went outside to drive home. I fell asleep and experience seizures for I have fever. Right now I am feeling OK, no fever but still felt uneasy for there is still measles like all over my body. I have decided to go to the Davao Doctors Hospital this afternoon to have a second doctors opinion regarding my health condition.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saving more on machine supplies

Technologies now a days are highly sophisticated. You can see it everywhere in your daily activity. These modern gadgets helps a lot in dealing with business transactions for it processes the system in a matter of seconds. We have computers, laptops, desktops, Hewlett Packard Laser Jet Printer and other office equipments that are now made a necessity for business. HP is one of the leading suppliers of home and home office technology, and it is renowned throughout the world for its personal computers, printers, network management software, and high-end servers. You can find their products online. Since we are using their products in our daily transactions, we can save more money particularly on replacement inkjet supplies, laser toner cartridges, ink refill kits, photo paper and other printer, fax and multi-function machine supplies because there is a site named Inkjetdeals that offers a cheaper price than the original equipment manufacturer (Hewlett Packard) charges. Their products are of high quality standards and they are all HP compatible. There are a lot of inkjet coupons that you can find here that gives you cheaper price such as Carrot ink, 123 inkjeys, All ink, Inkgrabber and many more... So, if you are looking for a quality and cheaper machine supplies visit their site now at for more information.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jennifer Lopez is back to perform after giving birth

Performing on Tuesday for the first time since giving birth to her twin girls Max and Emme, Jennifer Lopez visited an elementary school for autistic children in Staten Island, New York on Tuesday (June 17).
After seeing the music video for the first time, the schoolchildren wanted to watch it every day, teacher Kathy Amati told a local paper, adding that the kids eventually learned the lyrics and the dance moves from the video.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Looking for the perfect destination wedding

If you want to have a very memorable wedding ceremony why not do it in a very luxurious resort at a very affordable price in Mexico. You can tie a knot with your love one into a very most romantic destinations in the world and getting married here will make your happiest day even more memorable. Most of the modern couple held their wedding day in a place where you can appreciate the beauty of nature. A place where both lovers can really express their feelings to one another. If you want to experience a wedding ceremony in a resort that is located along the white sand beaches of Mexico, it is so easy to find one because there is a site named Karisma that offers a wide range of hotels and resorts wedding packages with in Mexico at a very reasonable price. There are a lot of destination weddings that Karisma site can offer. So, to all lovers out there, if you are planning to have a memorable wedding ceremony in a perfect place, or looking for a perfect place for your honeymoon, Karisma site is the best site for you because they have all the the best luxury places for you whether a hotel or resorts at a very reasonable price. They are offering a an unbeatable wedding packages that no one could beat them on their spectacular services. so check their site out at for more information.

Rihanna is elegantly dressed for a an MTV appearance

With a string of promotional gigs lined up, Rihanna stepped out on Tuesday afternoon for a scheduled appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live.
The “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer was first spotted hopping into an awaiting ride outside of her NYC hotel before arriving at Times Square Studios.

Looking for modern furniture

We are now living in the modern world that technologies and new gadgets are sprouting like mushrooms anywhere in the big cities. We can see high rise buildings that have new and modern concept. There are also single detached houses and condominiums that has a very sophisticated architectural designs. Some have an electronic device to enter in a room and some needs a password for security reasons. Since we are now living in the modern and sophisticated time. Furniture designs also goes with the latest trend. If we go to the mall or to the furniture shop to look for the latest furniture items, we can really determine that the available designs are also in modern type. You can hardly see the furniture that comes in classic style. You can rarely see some of them. Most of the furniture buyers look for the modern furniture designs because they want to match it with their modern architectural design of their house. If you want to buy for modern furniture, you can check the Eroom service site at . This site offers a wide range of modern furniture such as dining tables. center tables, bedroom furniture, living room sofas, dressers, mirrors and many more... So, check their site now for more products. All of their products are of high quality standards at a very reasonable price.

Nicole Richie in in floral print dress

Nicole Richie goes wild in a busy floral print dress at the Women In Film’s 2008 Crystal Lucy Awards held in the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton on Tuesday in Beverly Hills, Calif.
At the ceremony, hosted by actress Aisha Tyler, some of the most creative, productive and socially responsible individuals in the film industry were celebrated; people who lead by example.
As we all know, Nicole is best known for her massive body of film work.