Sunday, August 31, 2008

Grandmother visits keisha in Davao City

At the restarant along the beach

Keisha and Lyhra in the Nipa Hut

Nanay Baby of Tacurong City visited us here in our home. keisha was so happy because she was visited by her favorite Grandma. We immediately went to the restaurant that offers fresh seafood grill and barbeque's. The restaurant was located along the beach particularly in Times Beach. They served delicious and mouth watering viands. I ate "Tuna Bihod" and they also have their soup and chicken barbecue. Then, we went to the SM mall to buy her stuff. Grandma doesn't visit us here frequently due to her hectic business schedules but when she do, she'll make sure that she give her quality time to my daughter Keisha and to us.

Unmeasured Happiness of kids at play

Yesterday. the whole family went out for shopping. We first went to SM City of Davao to pay our respective utility bills at the customer service area. then, we proceeded to the 2nd level area where the Toyland store is located. The kids where very happy playing all the toys in the toy land. My niece named Baby Pin-Pin was a first timer to play with the Toyland. She keeps on hopping from one place to another, she didn't concentrate on a single toy. My daughter Keisha assist her inside. Toys are Kids weaknesses. I can see full of laughter's when they were playing with different kind of toys. I let kids be "Kids". I took some photos and videos during their play. I am pretty sure that their aunties who were working abroad would love to see this pictures and videos that I posted above. Happy watching!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama's speech garnered 38 million television viewers

Barack Obama didn't just draw 80,000 supporters to Invesco Field in Denver for his address to the Democratic National Convention -- he also garnered 38 million television viewers, TV Decoder reports.
The rating means more people watched him accept his party's nomination on Thursday night than the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing, the American Idol finale or this year's Academy Awards.
The speech was also the most-watched convention in history. In comparison, John Kerry's speech in 2004 drew 24.4 million viewers and George W. Bush's was watched by 27.5 million.
Watch Barack Obama's acceptance speech.
Emotional stars like Oprah Winfrey had nothing but praise for the historic event.
"Just seeing him on stage, I cried my eyelashes off," Winfrey told Entertainment Tonight.

See photos of Barack Obama and his family.

Jennifer Aniston is back to create good movies

Actress Jennifer Aniston is returning to the small screen with a guest spot on NBC's 30 Rock.
"She is shooting now" . Aniston's former Friends co-star David Schwimmer has also appeared on 30 Rock.
See photos of Jennifer Aniston's 39 years of love and drama.
Aniston -- who split with John Mayer earlier this month -- has previously made guest appearances on Dirt and South Park.
See how Jennifer Aniston and other stars spent their summer vacations.

Jonas Brother are havigng a group date with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

Fanning the flames of romance reports, the Jonas Brothers dined out with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez at Tao in NYC Thursday night.
Joe, 19, and Swift, 18, have getting close since she made a cameo in the Jonas Brothers concert film while Disney singer/actress Gomez, 16, has been coy about her relationship with Nick, 15.
"Well, she's an amazing girl, and anybody would be lucky to be dating her," Nick told Ryan Seacrest earlier this month.
Last month, Rolling Stone published a photo of the couple embracing backstage.
How well do you know your favorite teen stars?
Swift and Gomez, the star of Wizards of Waverly Place, left the restaurant holding hands. Kevin Jonas, 20, and their bodyguard Big Rob were also there.

Give opinions and express your ideas through Talk Reviews

Online readers use to search their favorite websites and they usually give reactions on what they have read. Now, there is a site where online readers can be heard out loud. There is a site named Talk Reviews wherein readers online can give their reaction to their chosen website. They can give reviews and express their ideas. They do welcome all opinions whether positive or negative as long as you will not use any vulgar language or slanderous remarks in your Website Reviews. also provides detail statistics about every website in several countries. So check their site now at and be heard.

Another product line of Victoria Beckham

A bright white Victoria Beckham arrives in style for the launch of her new fragrance, Signature, at Manchester's Harvey Nichols store on Friday. i am petty sure this product will be a hit again in the world of scents and perfumes. Many fans and friends will buy this kind of product due to Beckams popularity.

Friday, August 29, 2008

A blog is an online diary

A diary has evolved from a simple red book where only the author has the right to read its content to a blog where everybody can read the things that are written. A blog is an online diary. It is an expression of things that you want to write about or anything that you want to express. A blog is for everybody to read for it is published in the internet and articles written could reach the four corners of the globe without any hindrance. A blog should have the proper webhosting to keep it running or should I say visible in the internet.

From my own personal point of view, web hosted blogs are very much different from a free hosted ones with free templates. This is because hosted blogs has unlimited space wherein articles written will be stored no matter how large it would be. Another thing is that The name of your blog will be shorten and easy to access. I have tried the services of a webhosting company in my other blog and as far as I'm concern, It is good to have your blog hosted. Only a minimal charge will be imposed
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shopping with a twist

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have fun going grocery shopping at their local Gelsons on Wednesday. The Hills stars were busy picking out good fruit and then pretended to “sword” fight with some gift wrapping. Heidi also climbed inside the cart for Spencer to push her around the store. They then headed to the checkout


Always ready for a reason to party, Brody Jenner and some of his fellow cast members from “The Hills” took a mini vacation to Cabo San Lucas over the weekend.
The group was there celebrating Jenner’s 25th birthday, with Brody being joined by co-stars Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Frankie Delgado and Doug Rienhart.

The sexy Rihanna

Looking sexy in a multi-colored dress, Rihanna was spotted enjoying the Los Angeles nightlife with a few gal pals on Tuesday evening (August 26).
The Grammy-winning “Take A Bow” singer hopped out of the passenger seat of her friend’s ride - heading into the trendy Villa Lounge while making sure that she was all covered up as paparazzi snapped away.

Business in the virtual world

I have been a blogger for quite sometime now, I also have a web page which I update regularly for I also conduct and do business in the virtual world. I sell native items that are well embraced by the western world. most specially in United States, Canada and in the countries of Europe. Having a web page as well as a blog need to be visible in the internet for the web world is vast and congested with all kinds of businesses.

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Male cosmetic surgery

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My daughters school project

My daughters school project is all about baby pictures. She was assigned to make a collage. Awhile ago we look for her baby pictures and cut it in different styles. We have chosen 6 pictures of her and paste it on a card board with decorations on sides and put tiny stickers in between. It was so nice to see the finished product, I even suggested it to her if we have enough time this week, we will go to the mall and have it framed. I really appreciate the way it was done. As I look into the picture, it reminds me of my hardships in life and happiness when god gave me a daughter who is so smart and fun to play with. I really love my daughter so much and I will give everything she needs as long as it can made her more productive and moire intelligent.

Heavy rain pours down to my garden

This morning me and my wife went to our garden in Maligaya to arrange some plants. My mom gave me some of her plants because she can no longer pass along the alley due to over crowded plants. I brought some of her plants to my garden in Maligaya Village. We decided to replant it because the plastic containers were already damaged and needs to be replace, As soon as we walk outside the Nipa Hut to start the job, the rain heavily pours that keep us going back to take shelter. The rain continue to pour down until 5 O'clock. We have decided to go back in our residence and start the job early tomorrow morning.

Bloggers experience difficulty in logging in to PPP site due to DDOS attack

It is been two days already of looking for the best solution on how to have an access of payperpost site. we keep on looking for the best way but unfortunately we still don't have an access. I can't log on to my account to take available opportunities for me. I already ask assistance from my fellow blogger here and abroad but it seems that they too don't know the solution. My online friend Lutchi of United States informed me regarding whats happening on PPP site. She sends me some reports from the Izea that PPP today suffered a DDOS attack.

With a DDOS attack, the social malcontent responsible usually has access to a few thousand, or even tens of thousands, of computers around the world that will do their bidding. They achieve this by sending out spam email with attachments that people unwittingly open (thereby installing nasty software on their machines) and by uploading files to web servers which again people unwittingly open.

When the ne'er-do-well decides to show the world how truly powerful they are (or, more likely, when they suddenly feel the need to rebel against their actually quite rightful feelings of social inadequacy, ineptitude and general worthlessness), they run up scripts that instruct their small army of compromised machines to simultaneously make requests of a web site. The idea of the game is to take the website down by flooding it with fake traffic.

This particular social dweeb has been attacking PayPerPost since around 4 this morning with a battery of machines all making a request for the same page on the site, over and over any over, many times a second.That is why most of the PPP posties have difficulty in accessing the site.

Their own defenses have kicked in blocking out the various IP addresses the compromised machines are using, and in some cases even blocking access to entire networks. This is in order to keep the site up and running. The downside of course is that there are a lot of innocent casualties and as this goes on it's quite likely you may find yourself unable to access PayPerPost.

Once the attack ends (usually when the muppet simply decides to attack someone else, often because the kids parents ground them for not doing the dishes or some other household chore) we'll start to relax the firewall rules again and you should all be able to get into the system with no problem.

Unfortunately these things are now a way of life for many businesses on the Internet and there's very little that can be done about it. So, please forgive the inconvenience while we wait for this particular adolescent with a staggering inferiority complex to proclaim himself victorious to the assorted posters of N-Sync staring down at him from his bedroom walls.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jessica Simpson rocks the stage at indianapolis

After a tearful show at a Wisconsin country music festival, Jessica Simpson slips back into her Daisy Dukes for a performance Thursday at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pete Wentz is so excited in his upcoming baby

Having already admitted that he's turning into his own father in anticipation of the arrival of his and wife Ashlee Simpson's baby, Pete Wentz is preparing to become a parent, "I'm reading a lot of books." The Fall Out Boy bassist, 28, at his Angels & King nightspot in Chicago with Ashlee nearby, explains, "The biggest one is The Expectant Father. It's a really good one." Not that the printed page is teaching him all he needs to know. Jokingly, he adds, "Also, I've watched Look Who's Talking and Look Who's Talking Too. I'd be worried if the baby sounded like Bruce Willis." As for wise words from his father, Wentz says, "The best advice my dad has given me was, go with your gut. And he said you can't really have expectations. If I have expectations that he's going to be a rock star, I'm sure he'll come out being into sports, and if I have expectations that he'll be into sports then he'll be into math or something." Having digested that, Wentz says, "I'm just going into taking it one step at a time, and I'm just excited to meet the baby." In terms of further preparations, "We'll baby-proof the house," he says, "getting the nursery ready." Regarding its theme, "It's not a secret, but it's more of a private thing. I haven't really figured it out yet, so I don't want to go out there and say what it is and then have it not be that." Nor, when asked if the nursery is pink, will he divulge a color scheme. "Contrary to the stories out there, we don't know the sex of the baby," he says. "I'm a person that always likes to be surprised, so I like to wait for the surprise." In the meantime, he says, "Ashlee's a trouper. She's been really good with this. She's probably one of the most health conscious, spiritually free pregnant women I've even been around." Congratulation to the new father. I am sure pete baby is so cutre because the parents were very good looking.

Lenardo de Caprio "still floats her boat" said Kate

More than a decade since they took their Oscar-winning trip together on Titanic, Kate Winslet says Leonardo DiCaprio still floats her boat. "I hadn't realized how much my chemistry with him since Titanic would still stick," Winslet, who stars with her former shipmate in the upcoming drama Revolutionary Road. But the 32-year-old actress had to reset her compass during love scenes in the movie, which was directed by her husband Sam Mendes.

Tom Cruise and Daughter Suri at the heliport in New York City

After a date night with Katie Holmes over the weekend, Tom Cruise and 2-year-old daughter Suri head to a heliport in New York City on Monday. He really gives quality time to her beautiful daughter. Suri is so pretty in her green dress. I am pretty sure that time will come she will become a big star and follow the footsteps of her parents who are so popular celebrities in the world of entertainment.

Ali Larter is so sexy in her 2 piece bikini

Ali Larter gave her super powers a rest during an afternoon at Malibu beach yesterday.

The actress, who plays Niki Sanders in the hit series, frolicked on the sand in a black string bikini, accompanied by her fiancé actor Hayes MacArthur.

The star is set to feature in the upcoming thriller Obsessed alongside Beyonce Knowles and Idris Elba. More entertainment news and gossips at

My lovely Garden

Aside from being a professional Auto-diesel mechanic, I am also into gardening and I collect different variety of plants from flowering items, trees, shrubs, perennial plants and some orchids. I have a garden in Maligaya village Catalunan Pequeno, located along Davao bukidnon highway. Yesterday, I made arrangements with my collections particularly on my Cypress collections. there are different varieties. Some of them will grow as higher as 12 feet but others are just below 5 feet. This afternoon, I will continue my landscaping activity in my garden so that people would appreciate more in my presentation.

Timeless images on your wedding day needs professional photographers

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Breaded Porkchop is my viand this lunch

I keep on reading recipe books this morning and I look for a vegetable dish to follow. there were a lot of interesting dishes in my Pinoy book recipe. I checked my fridge for an available stocks and I have only pork meat so I don't have any choice but to cook and follow pork meat recipes. I prepared flour, 1 beaten egg, salt an pepper to taste and a cooking oil. I deep the pork meat first in beaten egg then to the flour and deep fry it, when it turns golden brown that's the sign that the pork is already cooked. The picture above shows how crispy and yummy my breaded porkchop is. It is better to deep fry food in olive oil than to a regular cooking oil.

Michael Phelps receives a victorious party

Michael Phelps can officially start the countdown to his next Olympics. The American swimmer marked Beijing's handover of the Summer Games in the next host city, London. On Sunday, he received a warm welcome from the estimated 40,000 people gathered in front of Buckingham Palace for the Visa London 2012 party that took place as the Beijing Olympics came to an end. In an interview onstage, Phelps, 23, summed up his experience in Beijing, where he took home a record-breaking eight gold medals: "It was the perfect week, the perfect races – couldn't ask for anything else." receives a victorious

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Paris Hilton in Carbon Beach in Malibu for product pushing

Joining Sally Beauty Supply, Paris Hilton was out on Carbon Beach in Malibu on Saturday (August 23) to launch the Bandit from Dreamcatchers, a hair extension headband.
The heiress playfully posed for photographers alongside a few bikini-clad models, hoping to boost sales for the new line offering up three lengths in eight different shades.

Advance web hosting

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Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie gives her total acting performance in every movie

Before making house with movie star Brad Pitt, Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie didn't have a problem generating headlines solo: She shared a shocking kiss with her brother, had bisexual interludes with a Calvin Klein model and wore a vial of ex-husband Billy Bob Thorton's blood around her neck.Of late, though, the bee stung-lipped wild child has transformed into a globe-trotting U.N. goodwill ambassador and mother of six – three of them adopted (Maddox, Pax and Zahara) and three (daughter Shiloh and twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline) conceived with Pitt, with whom she shares the frenzy that is ''Brangelina.''

Madonna rocks the stage

Willy Wonka she's not: Madonna opens her Sticky & Sweet world tour in Cardiff, Wales, on Saturday with a commanding pose in knee-high leather boots and top hat – just one of her high-end costumes. Madonna still performs very good despite of her age. Madonna rocks the crowd in a very stylish costume.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Queenslands Statue of David Park is the best place to walk

This evening, I brought my whole family at the Queensland park where the statue of king David stood up. This was the most controversial park made by a single private person in the named of Theodorico Adarna, the proprietor of Queensland Hotels in the Philippines because He was not given any permit to operate such construction along the beach or shall I say a reclamation activity. The PRA (Philippine Reclamation Association) visited the area a couple of months a go and made an occular inspection. It became more controversial because the person from the PRA was amazed because the ongoing construction was almost done even without a valid permit from their office. The owner Mr. Adarna also known as "Ticol" was investigated about it. There were rumors that the city government of Davao is going to demolished the said construction. Some councilors were saying that it should be demolished for it is illegally constructed but Mr. Adarna explained that he is willing to donate all her creations to the city government of Davao, so whats the point of demolishing it; and the people of Davao loves it so much because it contributes tourist attraction. Today, The Statue of David park is already an icon to the Dabawenyos. I can consider it as a world class park made by a very rich man of Davao. I heard interviews and reports over the radio that he (Mr. Adarna) is spending as much as 40 thousand pesos a day just for the maintenance cost.

Choose the best web hosting providers online

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Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling is deeply inlove

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling get cozy – kissing and feeding each other – over breakfast Thursday in Toronto. And the former couple stuck close the night before, when they shared dinner with friends at Grace restaurant in the Canadian city.

Tom Cruise joins Katie Holmes and daughter Suri on tour

Tom Cruise joins Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, 2, for a family tour around New York on Friday. The mother-daughter pair are no stranger to the Big Apple sites: They've been spotted at playgrounds all over the city while Holmes is in town rehearsing for her Broadway debut.

Getting private number plates

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Puzzle game is what my kid loves to play

My daughter Keisha loves to play the puzzle game. When she was three years old, she always carry her puzzle games and keeps on playing. Every time when we go to the mall we always shop for a puzzle game. There are puzzle games that are so expensive while the smaller one is much cheaper. Keisha is now 5 years old and she's already in her junior kindergarten stage. Many of her classmates love to play puzzle games and she was told by one of her classmates on playing puzzle games online. There is a site named, a site that offers a variety of games that includes thousand of puzzle game or matching games. Thanks to this site because I can now save on buying puzzle games in the toy kingdom shop. I don't need to buy puzzle games anymore for it is made available online. Aside from puzzle games in this site there are also interesting games for kids to play.

The Teen age Mom Melissa Joan Hart is spending quality time with her kid

Melissa Joan Hart, aka Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, spends the afternoon in Beverly Hills Park with her husband Mark Wilkerson and son Mason Wilkerson in Los Angeles on Friday.
Melissa, 32, has two sons - Mason is now 2 1/2 and Braydon is now 5 months old.
Melissa is auditioning for a part in the Broadway musical Chicago. Mel might be making the transition from the small screen to the stage!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Best Online Coupon is the best site to do online shopping

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Martin Nievera visits the Pinoy Dream Academy

Pinoy Dream Academy is one of the interesting live reality show in the Philippine television. It is one source of getting the best Pinoy singers by teaching them inside the academy as well as competing with each other to win the game.

Concert King Martin Nievera, who's been known as the "Concert King of the Philippines" for 25 years now, visited the Pinoy Dream Academy on Tuesday. He was there to share his wisdom and experience as a top-notch, veteran performer.Though celebrities have been dropping surprise visits in the Academy for the past weeks, the scholars were still overwhelmed when Nievera walked inside the Academy.The Concert King sat down with the scholars as he spoke of his experiences as a performer and host in the course of his 25-year career.The scholars were all ears when Nievera advised them to cherish their stay inside the Academy as well as their mentors and fellow scholars. Each of us has a bet. I go for "Bugoy" of Camarines Norte because I believe in his capacity as a singer compared to the other leading scholars. I hope that he will win this game and be a professional singer someday.

Keisha with the High School Musical 3 cast

We were at the SM mall of Davao this afternoon to buy grocery items. We found out that there were a lot of shoppers inside, so we just roam around the building first and decided to buy the items that we need later to avoid the rush. We went to the second floor to see the movie bulletin board. I saw the high School Musical 3 the movie advertisement and there were life size images of the popular high School Musical cast Zac Efron ,Vanessa Hudgens and at he rest of the gang. My daughter Keisha was very excited to have a picture with the life size ads. I took a picture of her with the high School Musical cast at her back. She posed like her one of them. She was so happy after taking a picture. She said to me that she wanted her picture be uploaded to my site so that her aunties, relatives and classmates could see her online.

Choose the best providers at a lesser cost

Communication is really important in business and in your personal matters because it is where good relationships rely through good communication. On the other hand, communication plays a vital role in running the business because it's transactions and marketing also relies on good communication, whether it is carried by a sophisticated gadgets or any device use for transmitting important messages. Now a days, since we are now living in the modern world were highly sophisticated gadgets are made available, businessmen tried to lessen the cost of their phone bills because there is one way of communicating people at a lower cost by using an VOIP Phone Service Providers. Voice Over IP is a way to route telephone calls over the Internet. there is a site named Get that provides a list of VOIP providers such as Phone Power, Lingo, Packet8 Internet phone service, Via Talk and many more... , Here, you can compare each others advantage and features and its prices. This site also offers a list of internet service providers. There are wireless type of providers and the cable type. I can say that cable type is much better than the wireless one because based on my experience cable type providers gives you a straight connection unlike to wireless, there are times that you missed the connection due to bad weather. So if you need a service provider and a Voice Over IP Phone services., this site is the perfect site for you to choose from. For more information about their list of services feel free to visit their site at

Preparing for tomorrows 2008 Kadayawan Festival

We were in the mall this evening and we have seen a lot of people visiting every stalls. there were a lot of shoppers shopping around. Tomorrow will be the big day. Davao City is celebrating it Kadayawan festival. All mall and stores give discounts to attract visitors to buy their products. Sale are everywhere, from shoes ,dresses, toys, food, figurines, to jewelries and more... I have seen the workers of the SM mall fixing their design for tomorrow's big event the Float parade. Last year Kadayawan float parade was won by the SM entry. I hope and pray that tomorrows event "The indak-indak sa kadalanan (street Dancing) will be celebrated in a peaceful manner.

The ultimate source of books online

My sister loves reading books especially non-fiction books. Yesterday was her birthday and the best gift to give her is a non-fiction book so that she would read it. Before I gave her the book, I secretly asked her what she wanted and as always, books are her favorite. That is why it was not hard for me to find her the perfect book for her birthday. When we were in school before, I remember my sister was always called at the library return section because she have some unreturned books and are already due for others to read. Her bag is carrying around 3-4 books that she will be reading on the bus going to school and way back to home. Non-fiction book is a good source of inspiration and passion of every story written in the book. It is also a good source lessons in life. That is why Non-fiction Book was the thing I gave to my sister on her birthday yesterday. Her close friends are also wide readers. Sometimes they would go to this place and share the books that they have and they even opened a club in school for those people who want to read books. The book that I gave to my sister was from the best source of books of any kind online. There are also other things that can be found in this site.

Diwalwal area is giving real gold to students who excel in their academic activities

The students of diwalwal area are looking forward to be an honor student for they know that students who will excel will receive gold medals and it is not just an ordinary gold plated medal. It is a true gold medal from the gold miners of diwalwal area. The programmed started in the year 2003. Mt. Diwalwal barangay captain Franco Tito said that his barangay is now on its 6th year of awarding real gold medals to outstanding students.
“It is one way of encouraging our students to study harder,” Tito said.
The students are children of the over 50,000 small-scale miners who have made their living since way back in the 1980s when mining operations started in Mt. Diwalwal.
The gold medals are said to cost as much as P11,000 each these days with the prevailing prices of gold in the world market.
“The gold medals used to cost only P6,000 when we started the program in 2003 but it has now reached P11,000 each,” Tito said.
The gold for the medals was said to be sourced from Mt. Diwalwal and made of 70 percent gold and 30 percent silver.
He explained that the gold medals were actually made out of donations from ball mill operators as well as other businessmen in the area.
“Our priority has always been education. We even allocate as much as P600,000 for education in our barangay,” Tito said.
Tito said that there may have been honor students who could have sold the gold medals, especially during hard times.
“They may sell it when they do not have money. But it could also be that when a pupil gets many gold medals, say as many as 10 medals, then these could be used for the pupil’s education later in college,” Tito said.
The barangay chief said that through the award system, they would be able to inculcate in the minds of the young children that education is always better than gold.
“We always emphasize to them the importance of education,” Tito added. when far barangays knew that they are giving real gold, some of the students transferred to the said school hoping that they could also get real gold if they excel.

My automotive tools are all durable

I used to collect automotive tools so that whenever I have something to fix on my car, I don't need to barrow tools from my friend. Tools are very much expensive specially when you choose the leading brand. For me, you must choose the tools that is made of high quality standard because I have tried ordinary tools but it didn't give good results. It easily breaks when it comes to loosening hard torque bolts and knots. The brand that I like most are Lotus, KYK, diamond, Tikaro. These brands are tested to perform hard jobs. So, whenever you need to buy tools be sure to choose these brands because I can guarantee you that these brands would last long because I myself used these brands from the start and it is still in good condition until now. It is really durable.

My online shopping

Holiday shopping is no fun no matter how you look at it. It is going to be annoying whether you are waiting in endless lines at the checkout counter, or waiting forever for the page to load online because there are too many people using the server. Shopping online is the easiest and more convenient way to go, compared to store shopping.

Lets face it, Christmas is just around the corner and holiday season is fast approaching, which means shopping is eminent. In my own personal point of wiew, I have used the internet through circuit city ad in choosing for items to buy most specially for Holiday shopping. I am satisfied with the things that I buy online. I have been delivered what I pick and purchased and at the same time gain some points which are also convertable to items and freebies. I can do away with long and winding lines of people waiting for their chance to pay in the counter and I can do shopping in the comforts of my home.

So the next time you go shopping just stay in your house and pick the things you want to buy without going to the store.

Car Modification

Car modification is one of the hobbies that I like most. I used to tune-up my car and clean it frequently. Yesterday, I attended a group of car enthusiast who were talking about how they modify their own cars. I also gave advices to them and shared some of my experiences on car modification. I am a professional mechanic by profession and have encountered many problems in car modification. There are some who do oversizing their pistons to give an extra power and speed. There are some who uses dual carburetors to give more fuel intake in their combustion chamber. I said to them that if you want to make your car speed faster you should not reduce your jet pins because it will not give an exact amount of fuel and cant deliver the exact amount of fuel to your combustion chamber.