Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tickets online

Yesterday, me and my family went to the city together with my high school friend Rihanna. We roam around the mall to see some new stores and new items such as apparels and accessories. After 3 hours of window shopping, we have decided to buy movie tickets. We have so much fun during that day because that is one big bonding moment time with my family and friends. After watching movie, we go straight to the food-court wherein there were plenty of food and drinks offered at a very reasonable price. We talked and discussed a lot of topics from family, high school life and work. We have so much fun during that day and after that, the group decided to stay in my house for an overnight stay. I am the one who prepared the dinner and some desserts then after that I opened my laptop computer to look for friends online while surfing the net as well until I found a site that offers online tickets. I immediately called the attention of my friends and immediately read the events that were being offered. My friend Rihanna bought
Boston Bruins tickets. while 2 of my kids bought Harlem Globetrotters Tickets and Jersey Boys Tickets. My friend Joel bought Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets and Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets. All tickets were bought online at . It is very convenient to purchase tickets here because all tickets for hot event are here whether it is on sports, concerts, or theater. I highly recommend this site to everyone because everything is here already so if your looking to buy your tickets online, go straight to their site now and check it out. You can call them at (708)5358682 or visit their site at

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mango Harvest time going for 30 tons

We went to the farm for harvesting activity. The contractor in the name of Nick Zabate who contracted the Mango for three consecutive season already was still eager to go for thirty tons of mango fruits for today's harvest. I computed the number of kilos rough estimate only and it coincides with his rough estimates also. We were very happy harvesting the fruits and managing the 50 persons both harvesters and haulers. On the other hand the harvesters were very glad that they found out that Mr. Zabate used his 2 units of 4 wheel drive cab to carry the containers from the farm to the scaling area wherein groups of pilers will be the one to carry by hand and load it to the 6 wheeler truck in preparation for the loading transfer to the ten wheeler truck that was waiting outside the farm.. After two days of harvesting, we finished the whole 300 plus fruit bearing mango trees and we have loaded 28 tons of mango fruits.