Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Perfect site for single moms

I have a friend named Anna who is turning 28 this coming May 9. She is a single mom. She has a 2 year old daughter named Catherine. Anna is a very jolly person. We always go to the mall every weekend to do the grocery and after that we used to visit the internet cafe shop located a few blocks away from our house to surf the net. Anna has a favorite site where she used to visit every time we are in the cafe and this is the Local Single Moms site. It is an online dating site for Single mothers like her. Anna is a single mom dating with her chat mates. She has a lot of friends in that site. As a matter of fact, she told me that she is dating one of her chat mates next week. I am so happy to hear from her because this is an indication that she already have move on from the past relationship that was not successful. So if you are one of the persons who are looking or an online dating site for single mothers, this is the perfect site for you. Visit the site now at

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