Saturday, April 11, 2009

Caballero plant are sometimes called Thailand plant in Bukidnon

Caballero plant

As a plant hobbyist and propagator, there are a lot of plant names that I knew but there are plants that are asked sometime by the collectors and landscapers that is not the actual name of the plant. This is the result of tagging names. Actually there are scientific names of the plant individually but there are some propagator who are not so familiar with the plant that they produced and propagated as a result, they just give temporary names that will lead to spreading of unauthentic names. I will give you some examples of the names that are unauthentic and its authentic name.

Unauthentic names Authentic names

Pine trees----Norfolk pines /Auricaria

Benguet Pines----Carribean Pines

Caballero Plant----Thailand tree

Kumintang---Chichirica Vinca

These are just a few among the many plants that are just misidentified by the plant growers and plant hobbyist. But as long as you know the plant and you can describe its characteristics, I am pretty sure that the gardener will help you identify the plant you are looking for. HAPPY GARDENING TO EVERYONE!!!

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