Sunday, April 19, 2009

Owning a house

A friend of mine named Brian Rox asked me if I can build and design a house for him. He wanted to have a two story house with a landscape garden at the back. He wants me to handle all the details since he knew that I am a house builder and a developer for 15 years already. He likes the design and my style of building a house because most of my projects are Spanish inspired with a touch of classic architectural designs and the roof are made up of clay tiles. He always admired my creation. I am offering my services for free now that he is building his own house and since he's like a brother to me, I will do all the designs and implementations that includes the interior designing but when it comes to plumbing works I will just hire the services of the Riverside Plumber since they are the expert when it comes to plumbing works. Their company specializes in residential, commerical, military, schools, and municipalities. I believed in their capacity because I have tried it already in one of my projects. Their prices are very reasonable for a quality performance. So if you are looking for a perfect plumber to fix or install your pipelines, go straight to Mr. Rooter Plumbing site now at or you may call them at number (951) 329-9869. I am pretty sure you can save a lot of money compared to other plumbing companies that are asking higher prices but has a lesser quality performance.

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