Saturday, April 18, 2009

Internet cafe is a good business

I have tried a lot of business in the past already from landscaping, car overhauling, peanut butter making, construction, furniture and many more... but there's no one can give you the best profit compared to the video games or internet shop if you have a good space and location. Running an internet cafe is a very simple form of business which will give you lots of profit but it needs a large amount of capital. But there are other people and business minded person that said "it is better to start a little and see the business grow than to start big and see your business drop". I prefer to start a little because I have no enough capital to support my ideas in this kind of business. Good thing that i have a lot of friends who have also interest in this video games business. We joined our forces to build this business, sharing capitals and ideas, time and effort in order for the business to be posible. I just hope that this business will provide us good profit just like what Allen an internet cafe owner in Panabo City is experiencing now. Wish me Luck!!!

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