Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eye wear

I am the club party organizer this time and each committee has a presentation during the beach party to be held this coming February 26 2011. I instructed them that all members of the local chapter should have a wacky presentation along the shore and all members agreed to wear a sunglasses for sunlight protection as well as it will give color as part of the beach presentation. Some members of the local chapter suggested their own choices but it was agreed to have a common style of an eye wear, so immediately I suggested to look for a site in the net that offers an eye wear that will fit the beach party presentation and luckily we found a site named Zennioptical. This site has everything in store when it comes to an eye wear .. from stylish to formal . Zenni's eye wear products are all made up of high quality materials. After browsing their products, we have agreed to buy one and we are very happy because we save more at Zennioptical because their prices are very reasonable compared to other optical store in town. So to all people out there I highly recommend Zennioptical for your eye wear needs. For more information about their high quality made products, just visit their site at and choose your own eye wear.

The model Ms. Keisha Nicole Noel

Yesterday, I kept on trimming the plants outside my house and gather all the garbage in one container for disposal and after a couple of hours cleaning the ground; a van stopped right infront my gate and a driver from a forwarding company asked me if this is the exact address of Lyhra and I said Yes!!! He dropped 2 cartoon package infront of me and I signed the documents handed to me. At exactly 3:45 in the afternoon my little daughter arrived from school and immediately asked me if the package was already here from Australia and I didn't told her the truth; I just act as if I am not aware of the package but when she opened the main door; she shouted loudly for she saw the package and eager to open it immediately. I told her that let's wait for your mom to open it. When her mom arrived they both open the boxes and check the items inside it. There were shirts, canned goods, chocolates, and perfumes. I was very amazed because they act like models in every item they saw that's why I took pictures on them.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A constant honnor

My daughter got an award again. She is an honor student in her school. As a grade two student, she never sleeps until she answers all her assignments and review all her lesson. As a father also I see to it that all she needs in her school is provided so that she will be always ready in every class. I hope that she will always be a constant honor student until she graduates. To you Keisha, All I can say is that Go for your goal and we will support you all through out.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Email used as a marketing strategy

Building business is a tricky thing. It needs a good marketing strategy, easy planning yet effective, and a good product for the masses. Most of the business entrepreneurs needs to catch the attention of the people especially if they have a new product to launch in the market. It really cost a lot by telling and informing the people. Most of the companies do product tasting, TV advertising , media prints , leaf letting and giving samples to the public and getting their reactions and feedbacks. This type of spreading the news really cost a lot because you need a lot of human resources. I can say that this is still existing because some of the companies still perform this kind of marketing strategy. Now a days, there is already Networking sites that could help inform the public about your business services and products and this type of strategy is much more effective that the traditional one because it reaches thousand and even millions of people in just a matter of seconds by using the internet plus there is a kind of email marketing service now named Easycontact wherein you can send unlimited emails. EasyContact by Deluxe is an intuitive email marketing platform that lets you easily create, send and manage email campaigns with ease. This is a must for a businessman because by using this thing you will receive unlimited payback. For more information about their good services just visit the Easy contact site at

Tips on installing your operating system

I have been working and observing my operating system this time because I want to explore more on its features and the benefits that I can used by the way, I am using a windows vista. i would like to share some of my tips in using different types of operating systems. I have been through to many windows operating system starting from windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, and its sub classes. I can say that the best is XP among all because of its light in running different applications compared to other OS when you use it slows your navigation due to heavy applications while some negative effects are .. it doesn't run on other applications such as deep freeze softwares and others because there are some applications that does not supports the Vista type of OS. I would like also to add that if you have to choose your anti virus for security protection make sure that you choose the light type of anti virus because most of these anti virus are the ones that cause lag effect on rebooting and slowing your computer performance.

Company design

I have a friend named Justin who is starting a good business. He chose to have a printing business using a computer that is connected to a printing device that will transfer its design from an Adobe photoshop software to t-shirts, mug , key holders and many more... He is an expert photoshop software user that's why he is the one who makes personalize prints. He is very happy to announce to everybody this morning that he got an order from a big company to make personalize t-shirt prints. I advised him that he need to get a permit and all necessary documents for him to operate legally since he will be earning a good income out of it. then, we started to discussed all the matters needed. We started on the people who will help him in securing the necessary permits and the tax permits until we stopped discussing about the company logo. I knew that all of us have a good idea about the logo since all of us are photo editors and graphic designers but we have decided that the logo idea should be done outside. So, we started to search the net and look for a company that offers a logo design services and fortunately we found a site named LogoMojo. LogoMojo is a perfect site for us since they offer the best logo design for us. They also have alot of Logo service at a very reasonable price. This is really perfect for people who is just starting a business like my friend who wants the best of everything. So if you need a company logo design go straight to the LogoMojo site at

Keisha's favorite bangle

I am in my room together with my little daughter Keisha Nicole Noel who is busy looking for her paper pad. She is preparing his stuff for tomorrow's activity school. I helped her in organizing her things from clothes, notebooks, pens, pencils until we have agreed to fix the computers drawer which she dumped all her things inside it. As we go along arranging her things we have found one thing inside it, an item which we were looking for so long and this is her bangles.Yes!, his favorite colored bangles. We stopped and shouted loudly because we found the long lost bangle. So after awhile we kept on laughing and talking about the thing and pause for a little while for a snap shot. hehehehe........ Keisha gave her best pose while I took my best camshot.

DePuy lawsuit services

I went to my friends house yesterday together with my bestfriend Maricar. We were very excited to see my old friend since we have no contact for the last three years since she transferred from my town to her new place around 5 hours ride by bus from my town. When we reached her place, she was very busy preparing the food and drinks for us and began to remember those years when we were still in high school then suddenly after that nice chat she started to open up that she has this big problem. She has a Depuy hip implant problem. She can't sleep at night because it cause a very big sleepy disorder due to pain. She loose weight and not feeling well. She asked us what would she do because she felt that the implant is not well in place and we advised her that she could get the services of an attorney that is specialized in handling DePuy hip implant case. I immediately search the net and look for the right site and fortunately we found the site named O' Hanlon, Mc Collom, & Demerath , they are the DePuy injury lawyers. I trusted them so much because I have heard they have helped a lot of people who have the same problems like my friend. So to all people outthere if you need Depuy lawsuit services just contact O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers at 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.

old Keyboard is a very durable thing than the new one

This past few days, I was busy working on my keyboards because one of my keyboards is not working properly. I dismantled the keyboards casing and inspect its keyboard rubber boots for proper installation. I also removed the keyboard PCV board including wires and have it washed with detergent powder and blow dry it. After a couple of hours of assembling the thing; I got it right and right now it is in good condition again. Most of the keyboards right now are in poor quality compared to the branded one that was manufactured in the old days. Try to compare it by weighing your old keyboard and your newly bought keyboard and then you will notice that old manufactured keyboard is heavy and the the new one is light in weight. .

I got my new CD organizer

yesterday i went to the mall to look for a CD compilation thing, wherein I can compile all my CD software's and organize orderly. I ask one of the attendants of the mall who's selling a cd organizer if how much is the price and he answered me, Yes boss!, i am selling this for 220 pesos ;I find it so expensive because the kind of organizer cost only 80 pesos at the CD-r king stores. I refused to buy instead went to the nearest store outlet of the CD-r king and look for one. Now, I have already my brand new CD organizer booklet type that could hold 80 CD's and I am very happy now because all of my CD software's are already in place. Yehey!!! thanks to my new CD organizers, I really love the colors and its style.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The best web hosting plan

i have been making websites for a decade already and still accepting jobs from the companies that trusted my ability as a good website developer. There are a lot of website developers out there but not all are successful in their chosen career. There are a lot of tactics in order for a website developer to prosper and one of these are the navigation of the pages made. It should be a user friendly site that even a non pc user can navigate easily to see and find whats he or she is looking for. Every web developer has its own style but there is only one thing that all successful web developers agreed to have one key in making it very successful and effective to the masses and this is by choosing the best web hosting. Web hosting plays a very special role in making a good and effective website because it you have a poor type of webhost then you will end up a very poor and low class website. It is the heart of every website that will power up and boost the creations of every website developer. I have only one trusted site that I frequently visit whenever I need hosting plans and this is the Webhostingrating site that offers a wide range of web hosting plans. I highly recommend the IPage plans because aside from its affordable price, they also have a lot of good features plus a free set up and activation. So visit their site now and save more in their hosting plans. See the ipage review and I am sure you will be satisfied with their features and benefits.

Tagum is a booming city

I am so happy this year because one of my mom's projects is almost finished. She focused on building a perimeter fence in one of her properties in Tagum City. It is a one hectare property situated in Visayan Village, Tagum, Davao City Philippines. This property is a vacant property but its adjacent proeprties were already occupied by private individuals and infront of it is where the Apura subdivision is located wherein there are thousand of occupants of the said land. Its market value shoot up rapidly that gives a high command of price. My mom secured the property by using a barb wires as its fence as high as 8 feet. I hope that the workers can complete the job by the end of March or as early as possible so that workers can now transfer to another priority project of mine as discussed yesterday with my mom. Tagum is known as Gold City because the place is considered to be the gold producing area. As you can observe, if you visit Tagum, you will notice high rise buildings, booming in constructions and commercial establishments because of high return of investments. The place became a melting point of the north wherein people from Compostela valley and neighboring cities come and go to visit Tagum City. Go Go Go!!!! Tagum....