Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pilipinas got talent is the best show in TV

I am so fun watching the popular show in the country entitled Pilipinas got talent because it is one way of discovering hidden talents of pinoy. In this show, one can express any talent that he or she has. There are a lot of talented pinoys who gain more popularity through youtube exposure like Jovit Baldovino, a 16 year old boy who sang "faithfully". The audiences love the way he delivers the song and he also have a very good voice. I can rate his performance as higher than Arnel Pineda of the Journey Band.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stylish frames

Yesterday night, we went to the nearest mall in town to look for a new eyeglasses for me and for my brother. We visited different stores and talked to different attendants but we still end up going home empty handed for we have not seen the best style of eyeglasses that is made up of high quality materials. The following day, we went to my cousins house Leah Jasmine who have just bought a new eyeglasses. She told us that her eyeglasses is so cheap but it is made of high quality materials, which comes in high quality stylish frames, clear lens and quality hard eyeglass case. She encourage us to buy one that is why we immediately browse the net and search for the Zenni optical site and choose for the best frames styles. Zenni Optical has everything you need for they have a wide range of eyeglasses to choose from. They offer different frame styles such as stainless steel, memory titanium, pure titanium, acetate, rimless frames, children's frames and many more.... I am so happy with my new eyeglasses now because it really fits my style. So to all people out there who needs to buy an eyeglasses, you now have the right site to visit that offers a wide range of high quality made eyeglasses at a cheaper cost. For more information about their products just visit the Zenni Optical site at .

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keisha Nicole is a constant honor student

These are the sweet smiles of the PWC students of
Davao City who got awards during the fifty- seventh recognition ceremony.


Big fulcrias in my garden

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Roman costumes

MY son's school is preparing for a play that they are going to present to the parents and gurdians for school year 2009-2010. The setting for the play is the medieval Rome where chariots, Roman warriors roam the streets of Rome. This is fantastic, the first word that came out of my mind but where will we get the costumes like Greek armor and weapons, Roman helmets, gauntlets, that we need to depict and portray the Medieval Rome? The question is solve for there is a store that provides all this. Its a one stop shop that caters all needed c0stumes and its just a click away from your computer mouse

accessorizing and pulling off an outfit for summer

When it comes to accessorizing and pulling off an outfit, the spotlight is on pashminas, structured clutches, cuff bracelets and gladiator sandals. Stick with metallics for footwear that can be worn with different ensembles, and vivid colored accessories. Find the must-haves that fit your personal style.

My uncle at sixty

My uncle has retired from his private office at the age of sixty. This decision that he made was supported by us, but we are hesitant to this. Hesitant, for there are questions in our minds that needs to be answered, and few of these questions are: who would sustain his daily needs without his job? He might be bored with his life and get sick for he is not use to being confined in his house. These are few of the many questions that arises . We are hesitant with his decision to retire, frankly speaking. But as time goes by, his decision was perfect and just timely for it revealed to us his new endeavor that would sustain not only his daily needs but also things that might come his way for he has invested in buy gold coins . From what we have known collecting coins was just my uncles hobby but it turned out to be a high yielding investment. From this time on, my uncle is happy and pretty much contented with his life as a retired office employee,

Monday, March 8, 2010

Keisha Nicole is again an honor student

I am so proud of my daughter Keisha Nicole because she is again an honor student in her school. She was advised to take an advance examination and they were only 6 of them who took the examination. I wish her more knowledge in every lesson they tackle and more blessings for her. As a father, I can say that I am in the good tract for giving her the right advice and the right attitude. This is what I want for her to become a responsible child as early as she is now. I can say that this is the product of what I believe was right during my days and not to follow the wrong doings and acts during my early childhood. Everything can be learned as long as you have the guts and the interest to know things that are unexplainable. I believe in the sayings that "everything has an explanation because in every effect there is a probable cause that is ready to be discovered".