Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome to the internet world noel Lazaro

I am with my friend Noel Lazaro of Maligaya Davao City and he is not so familiar with the technical gadgets of his new laptop computer (Lenovo Brand). It is so awkward to see him being puzzled with the present activity however he is a fast learner. I am showing the actual footage of his new lenovo laptop computer above. so be patience when you see him online because he is still a neopyhte when it comes to online gadgets.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Coin Slot

I have a difficulty in fixing my coin slots at the Boulevard area in my internet gaming. I tried different approach on fixing it by it still wont work. Awhile ago, I called my friend who is an electronic expert and consulted him what can he do with my present problem and he said the kind of coin slot brand that I used needs to be configured in order to perform efficiently. I am very much happy now because I don't need to buy the whole thing and reinstall it to my game box. I just hope that the configuration will work well so that the problem of unknown coins will be deleted on the list.