Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Legal solutions to your family law problems

We always want to have a happy family, that is why prior to marriage ceremony the church imposed to the about to be wed couples to attend a marriage counselling. In this way, couples can have a good information on how to deal situations on their married life. But we can not really predict marriage at its best. There are times that couples clashes on different matters that will result to divorce. When this happen, and when both parties need legal solutions, don't worry about it because there is a site that could help you a lot. National Family Solutions site is what I am referring to . It is a site that will provide high-value, low-cost solutions in areas such as child custody, divorce, visitation and father's rights. they are really good when it comes to this matters. It would be easy if both parties hire the services of the National Family Solutions. You can have a free consultation, all you have to do is to complete the short form in their site and a specialist will contact you to go over your options. Their consultant and knowledgeable staff will provide you with the most appropriate and timely resolution to your family law problem. So whenever you have a family law problem and needs a perfect solution just get their legal services. For more information just visit their site at

Filipinos celebrate Christmas differently

I have observed this afternoon when me and my daughter together with my sister went to the mall to buy goods for tonight media Noche has a lot of shoppers shopping to the last minute. People were very busy buying their stuff. This was one of the indications that Filipinos are really preparing something for the new years celebration. There's nothing can beat how Filipinos celebrate Christmas in the Philippines.

The best best eyewear

I have a lot of fashion eye wears in my closet of different brands. Yesterday, I went to the mall and visit different eye wear stores hoping that I could get the best eye wear products at a cheaper cost. There were fashion eye wears that I found during my window shop but it is not really my perfect eye wear choice. I ended up late and empty handed for I was not able to buy a new eye wear for myself. As I reach home, I opened my laptop and browse some of the interesting sites that offers an eyeglasses and luckily I found a site that offers a wide range of eye wears. Zenni Optical site is what I am referring to. It is a site that has plenty of eye wears to choose from. They have all in store for you when it comes to eye wears. Zenni Optical has also a wide range of Holiday frames to choose from. Zenni Optical eyeglasses comes in a very high quality made products. It is very durable. All of their Eyeglasses have
High quality stylish frame, Thin and Light 1.57 index lens, Anti Scratch Coating, Full UV Protection, Lens edge polishing and beveling, Quality Hard Eyeglass case, Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth and comes in a Full Guarantee. so what are you waiting for, if you need an eyeglasses that is made of high quality materials at a cheaper cost, this is the perfect site for you. To browse more of their products, visit their site now at

Fun at the park

This picture was taken during our visit at the Edens nature Park Davao City. We took a lot of interesting views in the park. The animals in the park were very much protected and they became so friendly to the guest because pets like Peacock were fed corn chips by different guests. As a matter of fact, one of the peacocks followed us at the dining area were lots of guest are having lunch during that time. I really love playing and discovering new things at the park.

Billiard is one of my favorite games

When I was in high school, my friend would regularly invite me to come with them and play the game of pool. At first, I was very fascinated with the sport because my friends would play it and they seemed to enjoy. when I was given the chance to play the sport, it was truly a very exciting one. Since then, I never stop playing pool with my friends and even with my brothers. We make it sure that in a week, we would be able to meet and play our favorite sport at least 4 times a week. At first, I thought playing pool was just simple. since the billiard hall where we play would let me use their pool cue for free, I thought that was enough. But when I get to pay the game seriously, I decided to buy my Pool Cue and let nobody use it except me. After I got my pool cue stick, I practice more often and even enlisted my name in tournaments. last week it was my first grand champion title in billiards. I defeated my close friends, who thought me how to play the game. I have several invitations to play and the big one is coming next year. It is because I qualified for the world pool and I know it is very challenging on my part to play with the masters in the sport. But I know I am confident because I practice a lot and seriously as well. with the pool cue stick that I have, nothing can go wrong. As they say practice makes perfect and it brings glory as well. For more information about the best billiards deal on the web visit the pool cue site at

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I love my New Olympus 790SW underwater camera

This is my brother's left hand taken at the bottom of the pool.
The clear shot of my Olympus 790SW camera underwater.

It was a couple of months ago that I received my new Olympus 790SW underwater camera from Australia that my sister gave me. I tried to use it many times but I have not tried taking pictures underwater. but since this afternoon we went to Edens Nature Park for a swimming activity, I have a chance to use it and took pictures underwater. At first, I was not able to get good pictures because I didn't set the camera to its underwater settings but after a couple of minutes of trying to fix the settings, I luckily did it. The pictures above show how clear the images were taken underwater.

Beauty Jobs

I have a friend named Georgina who is a graduate of a cosmetology course and who is now looking for a job. She always attends seminars and forums to have a good information on how and where to look for a jobs that fits her course. She also attended the previous job fair held at the mall atrium but unfortunately due to limited companies that supports the job fair, she was not able to get a job. This morning, I browse the internet to look for a site that connects job seekers and employers and luckily I found a site named BeautyJobs that I think will serve as an answer to my friends needs. BeautyJobs Announces Launch of beauty industry jobs Placement Website that will connect qualified job seekers with salon and spa owners and others who have beauty, salon, spa, or cosmetology jobs to fill—free of charge. So if you are one of the job seekers or an employer who needs and applicant , this is the best site for you. For more information about the sites services visit the Beauty job site now at

The Family Adventure at Edens Nature Park Davao City

I am a nature lover and this morning me and my family decide to have a nature tour at the Edens Nature Park located at the Eden Toril of Davao City. We have reach Eden at around 9 in the morning and got the 230 pesos snack package for 8 persons that includes the swimming pool. We only swan in the pool except the two namely my sister and my mom who took good care of our things left at the cottage and prepared the snacks and our lunch. The place was located approximately 2600 above sea level that's why the water temperature of the pool was really cold that could get you chill. It was really fun out there because you can really appreciate the beauty off nature and its natural surroundings. The picture above shows how happy we were during our Edens Nature park escapades.

A perfect site to meet tattoo artists

I appreciate art a lot. I took art lessons during my high school days because I want to enhance my talent in drawing. I compete with other schools during every annual art contest and I always won during competition. Sometimes, I got the first place but there were times that I was only awarded a consolation prize. When I reach college, I took fine arts lessons and during my free time I also worked as a tattoo artist in one of the popular tattoo shop here in my town. I always make sure that in every customer that hire my services as a tattoo artist will have a unique design. I always search for new designs and ask opinions of new styles from my friends who are also into the same business. In order to enhance more my talent and knowledge in tattoo, I always visit a site named Tattoo Chat City. It is a Tattoo Chat Room website that gives people interested in tattoo a place to meet and chat. This is the type of site where I can get new information on new procedures in doing tattoo because most of the tattoo chatters here share their experiences. So if you want to meet plenty of tattoo chatters anywhere in the world, this the perfect site for you to meet and chat with them. Registration is completely free, so join now and enjoy chatting with the users of this website. Visit the Tattoo Chat Room now at

Monday, December 29, 2008

The first Maligaya Christmas party

This evening we have a very successful gardeners and Maligaya homeowners Christmas party held at the developers residence (Yuson compound) in Maligaya subdivision. The programme has a lot of parlor games intended for the kids and also for the adult participants in order to provide laughter and happiness to everybody and to improve camaraderie to everyone. This was the first Christmas party in Maligaya subdivision that I attended and it was attended by the board of directors and its members of the homeowners association and the Maligaya plant nurseries. It was really fun. I just hope that the relationship formed out of the party shall continue through the years so that gardeners and homeowners would have a very harmonious and friendly relationship.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

An online player

The world is getting smaller nowadays. I remember before when my father and his buddies would be going out for a casino games. I would immediately prepare myself and dress up to go with my father and his buddies so that I can see what an actual casino looks like. But since I was a young boy, I was not allowed to go with them since my age doesn't qualify to enter the casino area or what they call the gaming area for the big boys. well, I accepted that fact. Now that I am in my age where I can do things on my own, casinos are my first destination. This time I can be with my father and his buddies. Playing in a casino is exciting and tiring since you have to stand and sit again until the game that you are playing is through. One day, a friend introduced me to a new gaming casino, actually it is the same casino game less the tiring time of standing and sitting. This time you get to play on your comfort of your home, via online casino. Online casinos are very popular today. Many of my friends, who are casino goers, are now playing the online casinos. The USA online casinos are very known for their being user friendly and the instructions and mechanics of the game are all the same with the actual casino arena. What I like about playing casinos online is that I get to stay at the comfort of my home less the smoke and the noise of the other people who are playing in an actual casino gaming area. For those who are interested in playing the games online, do it, it is definitely a wonderful experience to play online casino games.

A Balino clan reunion in Tacurong City

Last December 23 me and my family went to Tacurong City to spent Christmas with my in-laws. I really enjoyed spending Christmas day with them because that was my first time to attend a clan reunion and at the same time a Christmas party for the whole clan. It was presented very well, the venue was good, the food was just perfect for the whole participants. but there's one thing that I love most, the presentation of my daughter which I really don't expect it that all of the reunion participants was very much happy on her Hawaiian dance presentation. They admired it very well. It was said and agreed by the whole clan in Mindanao that they will be having a clan reunion every year so that all relatives will be more closer in terms of relationship. I hope that next time it would be more fantastic and more successful. I am looking forward to that event.

Playing my favorite game online

Me and my friends are real casino players. We would meet four times a week and the venue would be the playing area of our favorite casino. We would play for 3 to 5 hour. It is a form of bonding moment with my buddies. I have heard about the online casinos. But I just don't know how to play the game, especially it is online. It said that the rules of playing casino online is just the same with the real casinos around. I searched for a good site that would give me the right information on how to play the game online. There are so many sites that offer information about online casinos and is just one of them. I have already invited my casino buddies to play online casino and all of them are very excited to play. As I was going through their site, there are so many online casinos right now, depending on your game preferences. All players and would be players are all welcomed to play the exciting casino games online. To get the right information about the casino games, feel free to visit now. You will surely have a wonderful time as you start playing online.

My new Omni multi-outlets surge suppressor

This morning, I went to the mall to buy a series of universal adapter. There were a lot of adapter brands but I chose the heavy duty one to support all my electrical and computer connections. I don't want to buy the cheaper one because it is prone to faulty wirings due to loose connections. Most of them are China products. I love my new Omni adapter because it has an individual switch with a light indicator if you put on the connections. This is the safest adapter in the market right now for it has all the pre-cautionary thing. Aside from its good features it cost only 799.75 pesos.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm going to be a chiropractor someday

I was told by my auntie in Australia who spent Christmas vacation here in the Philippines that Chiropractor has a great demand job abroad. Chiropractic medicine provides a hands-on approach while avoiding drugs and surgeries. While best known for spinal adjustments.

I was very interested to apply to get a full course so that I can be a chiropractic one day. I browse the internet to look for an information of what chiropractic is all about. I found the San Antonio Chiropractor site and by reading all the information given, I already have a full understanding of what a chiropractic is all about. For more information about the chiropractor visit them at .

A close relatives of mine visit me for a chat

A relative of mine visited us here in my house. They were seldom to visit us here and since we're celebrating Christmas on this holiday season they visited us here. There were a lot of interesting topics both raised by them mostly family issues. The 2 relatives of mine named Uncle Doming and auntie leleng were foresters by profession while Auntie Stella Tomboc Mantilla was a medical technologist and my cousin Linlin was a doctor that specializes in pediatrics both were working in the same hospital in Tagum City. We were very happy to see them and I hope that one day they could visit us again for an interesting chat.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The best solution for your cash needs

My cousin Rene needs cash. He was hospitalized in a private hospital and was charged with expensive bill. He was a businessman here in my town. The payable in the said hospital was quite expensive compared to private hospitals in the big cities of Mindanao. I was able to talk to him and gave advises where to get cash so that he could be discharge in the hospital right away. I let him browse the Internet because there is a site that I knew named Yellow Leaf financial. It is a site that offers that offers cash advance. Yellow Leaf financial site requires list of simple requirements to be able to qualify payday loans. This site helps a lot of people who needs immediate cash. The best thing of their services is that you can still avail of a payday loan even if you have bad credit or no credit because payday loan lenders will often extend loans even if you have bad credit, slow credit or no credit. This is one of the best solutions if you need an immediate cash. So to all people out there, if you need an immediate cash go straight to the Yellow Leaf financial site and apply for a quick payday loans. For more information about their good services visit their site at .

Firecrackers are allowed in Tacurong City

Normally Christmas here in the Philippines is celebrated and welcomed by a lot of fireworks in the air that scatters flush of colors in a matter of seconds. All of the homeowners here were very much excited to witnessed the fireworks. This morning, me and my wife had a walk along the national highway here in Tacurong City. I have noticed that there were a lot of firecracker stores. There items came from the Luzon area particularly in Bulacan known as the firecracker capital of the Philippines.

Playing online games during my freetiime

My brother is a good casino player. He makes it sure in a week, he will be able to play his favorite casino game. One day, I went with him for his scheduled play. I never imagined that my brother was this popular in the casino where he regularly plays. The manager and owner of the casino immediately approached my brother as we enter the entrance area. My brother presented his VIP card and he was immediately given cash capital to play the game. I want my brother to experience another form of casino. But this time he has to play it online. I know that he would definitely like the online casino since the rules of a physical casinos are also the same with the online casino. There are so many online casinos right now and the best way to play is to select the best casino among the casinos that are around the virtual world. For those interested to pay online casino. Feel free to visit and the game can be played immediately. After introduced my brother to this online casino, he rarely visits the casino that he regularly visits. According to my brother, playing online is much fun and exciting.

The best Filipino culture

This morning we went to the church with the rest of the family members. There were a lot of parishioners who attended the mass. The mass was followed by the baptism ceremony that is why there were lots of kids and moms plus the Ninang and Ninong who attended the ceremony. People here were very busy preparing their stuff for the parties. Every family prepared food and make their special dishes for the whole family and to their visitors. This is one of the Filipino cultures that I like most because parties are expected everywhere.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bike Lovers perfect place

I love biking and I use to bike a lot during my free time. I sometimes do bike customization and I always ask opinions and sometimes barrow bike parts with my fellow bike enthusiast. I have a lot of biker friends. I also participate bike forums online. There is a site named Biker Chat City. It is a site that is geared toward bringing bikers and bike lover together to meet and chat in their online forums. So if you want to meet and chat with bikers online, this is the perfect site for you because this is a Biker Chat site where tons of biker and bike lovers to meet and chat. For more information about the biker chat city visit their site at

Photo editing

This afternoon, I kept on experimenting with my underwater Olympus camera. There were a lot of features but I really don't know how to use it for I didn't tried to used any of its useful features but this afternoon I tried to do experimentation about its feature and there I found out that it has a lot of useful features. Aside from being a waterproof camera you can also make video and photo editing. The photo above shows the finished product of my frame editing.

Make friends online with BBW people

I am the type of person who loves to mingle with my new friends and want more friends. During my free time, I always make friends online. There is a site that I used to visit frequently to win more friends. BBW Chat city is what I am referring for. It is a new site that is dedicated to providing the perfect forum for BBWs to meet and chat. So if you are looking for BBW people to chat with, try checking the BBW Chat site at and win more friends.

A very succesful Balino clan reunion in Mindanao

We have a very succesful family reunion yesterday nioght. It was participated by the whole Mindanao Balino clan. We also have a presentation of the old pictures. most of the members didn't recognized who's in the pictures for they look very different at present. The senior members of the family are very much surprised for they didn't know about the reunion. They were just invited and informed during the celebration. The senior members gave their

Trace the call

We received calls everyday from different persons. Some calls comes from the company that we're working to while other comes from our love ones. Normally, we know callers prior to their calls because most of the telephone service provider has a caller ID service but there are still some phones that doesn't support this kind of service. On the other hand, cellphones has a list of callers known as phonebook as one of its features. It determines callers from different phones as long as the numbers are listed on its phone memory but the information stored in the phone memory are limited due to memory capacity but don't worry about that because if you need more information about your caller or callers there is a site named Reverse Phone Number Trace where in you can trace the owner of any phone. Users have the ability to Trace Phone Numbers whether its listed or unlisted and helps avoid harassing callers. So if you want more information of your callers use the Reverse Phone Number Trace service. For more information visit their site at .

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Balino Clan presentation

Me and my family are spending Christmas in Tacurong South Cotabato. We arrived here at exactly 4 in the afternoon. A reunion will be held at the house of Nonoy Delgado. It is a Balino clan reunion. A friend of mine named Janiz Arzagon is in charge of everything. She was really busy right now scanning old pictures for the events presentation. I know that this evenings presentation will be a successful one because I do trust of the capacity of the designer. Go. Go Go. Janiz for the perfect reunion presentation.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I finally received my dream gift

Christmas is gift giving, sharing, expressing love to one another. For me, I can say that Christmas is the happiest day in a year because it is where people expresses their feelings to their love ones by giving gifts. Some people share their blessing to the less fortunate people. It is the time of joy and the time of laughter. This Christmas I received gifts and one of the gifts that I received is a Wave rider Pro TIDE. It is a 200 meter water resistant watch for divers. I really love my gift so much because I am a person who loves watches.

The gift giving

We were going to Tacurong South Cotabato to spend Christmas with my in-laws. Since we are leaving tomorrow, my sister Altesse decided to distribute the gifts this evening. We have our programme and a little bit of introduction to start with. There were also a small competition for dancing and singing for the kids. We have so much fun. Keisha dances very well and so with Cykie dodge and her little cousin Pinpin. Keisha won the first prize. After the competition the gifts were distributed to all of us. I received a short pants and a divers watch from Australia. After the gift distribution, we sang using the Magic sing mic that was bought earlier by my sister
Altesse in the SM mall of Davao. My daughter Keisha received a lot of gifts. She received Hannah Montana books, dresses, swimsuits, and a lot more.. She was very thankful to her Auntie Altesse for the gifts she received.


This is a great opportunity for all. Canada needs you. For those people who are interested to be a nanny, get the most reliable information and training to be a Caregiver for Canada. This is the first choice for many Au Pairs who want to try working as caregivers. Nannies and Caregivers interested in Canada can try visiting to get and be informed with the opportunity ahead. I have a friend who is now working as a caregiver and based on what she said to me, being a nanny is very interesting and worth doing. Many nannies are now giving the great opportunity to work as nanny in Canada. Many of my friends are now taking the nanny course so that they can work as nannies for Canada. My friend encourages me to try the course. I guess with the situation that is there, I believe it's worth the time and effort. For those who are interested to work as nanny, feel free to visit now.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Health condition

This past three days, I was not in good condition. I am not feeling well because I experienced pain all over my body and I have diarrhea. I really don't know whats the cause of the diarrhea. I kept on taking medicines but it won't stop. There were a lot of invitations that I was not able to attend due to my present health condition. Right now, I am already fine but I still need to continue my soft diet for a better digestion. I think IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is what I am experiencing few days ago. I took pain reliever capsule named Panadol and it is really effective because I felt "OK already" after a few hours of taking the medicine.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Buy your tickets online

I am fan of many international singers and Hollywood celebrities. I collect some of their pictures and displayed it inside my room. I always read their articles and news regarding their whereabouts in the net. I am always present during their concerts and gigs even though buying tickets is a little bit hustle to do because of long lines to the ticket booth. There were times that I was present in the concert area but I was not able to witnessed the event because I was not able to buy one concert ticket for it was all sold out. A friend of mine named Erwin who is also a party goer informed me of a site named Stubb Pass Tickets. it is a site that offers a wide range of concert tickets, theater tickets and sporting tickets as well. He said that every time he needs a tickets, he always get his tickets in this site for it is hustle free getting tickets online and cheaper than the other ticket sites. They were prompt on delivery that's why when I need for a concert tickets I always go directly to the Stubb Pass ticket site. Right now, I am buying my Britney Spears Tickets and I am very much excited to see my favorite singer to perform up in the stage. So to all party goers out there and to all people who want to buy tickets online, visit their site now at

What a busy day!!!

Yesterday was a very busy day because I have a lot of work to do for today's activities. I cleaned the van, work on the tiles, perform cutting on tiles with my new edger or angle grinder and many more.. Right now, I am preparing to fetch my sister-in-law at the airport at 8:30 in the morning. and on 9 in the evening again I have another activity to do and that is to fetch my sister Altesse who's arriving from Australia to spend Christmas with the whole family.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Reinforced concrete products

I am into house building business for three years now and every building that I made is really durable and will last forever. I always use a solid concrete in all of my building projects because I know that concrete will last longer than the wooden materials most especially if it is reinforced by the specific round bars. In every building that I construct, I always used the sparks precast concrete and with the drainage system, I also use the precast reinforced concrete pipe because I find it so easy and time saving because I don't have to make it manually. I can save more time and sure enough to meet the deadline of the project. All of my precast materials used in my projects were from the Jensen Precast. Jensen Precast design and manufacture standard and custom precast concrete products to meet large-scale infrastructure demands for highway construction, retaining walls, electric and gas utility, telecommunications, water, on-site wastewater, and sewage applications such as precast septic tanks. They got what you need when it comes to reinforced concrete products. They have the best product in town for any application. Jensen helps a lot of builders because Jensen becomes a partner every building projects for they have the best reinforced concrete products at a reasonable price.

My favorite Durian float

This coming Christmas I am planning to cook my specialty desert a Durian float. This is one of my favorite deserts when it comes to sweets. It is so simple to prepare. All you have to do is buy all the ingredients namely: the powdered graham biscuits, sugar, nestle cream, butter, milkmaid condensed milk and of course the Durian fruit. Just put the Durian pulp together with the milk into a blender plus the nestle cream and a little bit of butter and blend it for 5 minutes. then, on the other side fill it up the tray with powdered graham biscuits and arranged it alternately with the blended solution and your done, you can top it with your favorite mallows to add beauty to the presentation.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Massage is one of the best ways to relieve aches and pains

Me and my friend have decided to start our own business. We have decided to open a massage parlor. This is because in where we live, there is no entity that is engage in this kind of business. We also made a survey about our new planned business and we got a very positive response. That is why we took up a massage therapy lessons. being a massage therapist is really very challenging. I thought before that it was easy but it really needs a careful study before performing a massage. according to our instructor in the massage school, there were several cases that an untrained massage therapist injured his patient because of wrong method of massage. Injury can happen if you don't do it right. That is why we decided to have a formal lessons in massage therapist school. the massage parlor building construction is already complete. By next week, we will formally open the massage shop. The massage therapy career that we took was really very educational and worth the study. I would personally recommend it to all. I am very much excited to accommodate my first customer . I am the one who will be specializing in Aroma Therapy while my companions also specializes in other types of massage. The mayor of our town visited us the other day and congratulated us for our business. He was very confident that our business will be a success once we start to operate. He even told us that he will be the first customer of our shop once it opens. Some of our close friends have called us and told us that they will support our business and it is really good to hear that from our friends. Me and my friend are very excited. For those who are interested to have a formal lessons in massage schools, feel free to visit for a formal lesson and study about the massage. we have also hired 10 employees that will be helping us in the parlor. We also let them have the massage lessons for they will also perform massage to our customers when we are not around. We have already set up the rooms for the parlor and made some adjustments in our lightings to have a good ambiance to all our soon customers. we already preparing everything before we open our business.

Parties, parties and parties...

I just received a text message coming from my high school classmate Teena. She is informing me that this evening is Leo's mom birthday and we are invited to the said party. It will be held at the Crown regency hotel along Cabaguio avenue Davao City. I have been in the place twice already and I can say that it's really a perfect place for family gathering because aside form their luxurious rooms they also have swimming pools and jacuzzi. So this place is a perfect space to relax.

Finding an easy way to stay

Me and my wife have decided to move-out from our parents home and have our house of our own. This was really our plan after our wedding and our parents understand our point and gave us their blessings. I think it was really a good move for the both us since we really wanted to be independent and make decisions on our own. we have decided to move to New Jersey. There are many big cities in new Jersey and besides this will be my area where I will be assign. Before we move to New jersey we decided to look for a Real Estate New Jersey Firm to help us find the right home for us. This is my first time to move to another place and I am very much excited and my wife also. New Jersey is our ideal place to start our family. We have already bought some of furnitures and electronic equipments for our place. I personally painted the interior part of the house that we got and decorated the rooms of the house. My wife was the one putting all the furnitures in the right place with my assistance. We are very excited in our new home. By next month, my parents will be visiting our new home. That is why we really have to make the place look good and presentable. So if you want to find properties easily visit the Real site now at

The exploration begins at Edens Nature Park

Everybody faces the camera except one.

The gang at the Hydrophonics Lettuce garden.(Faye mamaril, Loressa, Gaudencio,Maritess,Tina)

I finished the trail yehey!!!

The group in action a smaller version of an Outland zipline adventure.

It's too cold in here. A swimming pool up in a 3000 feet above sea level.

The journey begins...

Last week , we have a very successful escapade with my high school batch mates. It was attended by 6 persons including myself. We went to Outland adventure on our first joy ride but unfortunately we were not able to ride the Zipline because all of us wanted a shorted version of it. Instead, we moved on to other resort that could give us more thrill and excitement the Eden Nature park located at Eden Toril. It was an hour and a half ride from Maa road. We have so much fun in the said resort because we trekked, explored, discovered and captured every beautiful sceneries up in the hill. The pictures above shows how beautiful the place it was and how happy we were during the exploration.