Friday, April 17, 2009

The best plumber in town

I am a mechanic by profession and a plant hobbyist. I have a lot o f knowledge in the said field and also a little bit of everything. Most of my frineds called me the Jack of all trade for I always fix the job on my own. I don't hire the services of the expert because I know that I can do it with the tools that I have. I gained this experience when I am working in a third world country as a mechanic where there was limited tools for a proper operation. It is a matter of survival as I described because you need to fix things based on available materials only. It was hard at first but despite of the negative situation, I thank my boss for sending me to that area because it is where my knowledge becomes more brilliant. I used to fix on my own such as the installation of water pipes in the house, electrical, roofing and other house maintenance. After 5 years of staying in that area, I finally transferred to my new place of assignment and right now I am residing at Brooklyn Park, a place where there are companies to do or to fix the job for you. I dont do the plumbing anymore since I have a very hectic schedule now , If one of my household equipments need to be fix like the water heaters, water filters and many more plumbing items, I just call the Brooklyn Park plumber for they are the expert in plumbing. So if you need the plumber services, go straight to the Artistic Plumbing Inc. site at

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