Saturday, April 18, 2009


My niece is now in her kindergarten stage. Her teacher assigned to their class to draw as many world flags as they can. My niece approached me and asked for my help. As a responsible uncle to her, I am very much willing to help her. I recalled my kindergarten years before. I also had an assignment such as this. In my time, I was required to draw the flag and not just cut it from the magazines or text books. I would admit that I had a hard time back then because no one was there to help me do the assignment. I had to use some sketching paper so that I can copy the flags correctly. My niece also told me that she also have to draw some historical flags of the past. I have to make a research on those flags because the flags that are in the magazines are the current flags not the historical flags. As I was helping my niece in her assignment, I was also learning in a way. it is because I get to recall the flags of several countries and their history. The materials that I used to copy the flags was very limited so I had to make an online search at and verified the flag that I wanted to see. My niece was also very resourceful in finding the other flags and I assisted her in drawing it one by one.The assignment was ready to be submitted by Monday as she reports back to her school.

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