Monday, March 31, 2008

Prices of rice goes up in the Philippines followed by bread

After rice, prices of bread are expected to increase too, with some small bakeries already implementing the increase by as much as P5. Some small bakeries in Sta. Rosa town had already jacked up the price of loaf bread from P35 to P40 Saturday. The owners of the small bakeries attributed this to the high price of wheat, a prime ingredient in bread-making, in the market. A group of bakery owners, however, said they are yet to increase the price of their bread, but said such is inevitable if the price of wheat continues to rise. At present, a sack of wheat costs from P920 to P940. The baking industry will be left with no choice but to put a 5 percent increase in the price of their products once the price of a sack of wheat reaches P980.If this pushes through, there will be a P2.50 increase in the price of bread loaf, and P0.25 in pandesal, which is a common Filipino breakfast. We are now experiencing again inflation rates and we Filipinos are always suffering this kind of problem. I hope that one day the economy of the Philippines will get stronger and stable.

Controlling house termites

Termites can damage your house quickly. Even if you have a good quality material lumbers that you use in your construction, termites can still destroy your home. There are a lot of varieties of termites namely flying termites, dry wood termites, Subterranean Termites and the most damaging to property that can destroy your home quickly is the formosan termite. But don't worry because there is a site that gives information and guides to how to get rid of termites. You can visit this site at to have a full informationabout dealing with termites.

Giving the specified valve clearance

Early morning this day, I tune-up my Toyota pick-up because I noticed a couple of weeks ago that its performance is not so efficient. I hear engine knockings that is why I check all the parts inside to see what is really the cause of that knockings. I opened the rocker arm cover and check its proper valve clearance. I found out that its valve clearance is bigger than the specified clearance so I immediately perform engine tune up to meet the desired specifications.

I also check the spark plugs and I found out that the three spark plugs are experiencing oil fouled. The carburetor gives a rough idling sound, I turned the idle adjusting screw and the speed adjusting screw to have a correct balance. I also check the distributor if it has the correct timing. after 30 minutes of performing engine tune up, the engine is now back to its standard specifications and has a perfect settings. You can easily fix trouble to your car engine as long as you have the correct procedure in doing it and give a little of your technique.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Looking for the best Nebulizer Unit for My Dad

Yesterday, I look for a nebulizer unit because the doctor instructed me to buy one for my fathers personal use. I visited a couple of medical stores to look for a better brand that is durable. There are a lot of models that are available in the market some are made from china and others are from Taiwan and United states. Most of the medical attendant recommends tha Omron brand because they said that this type of nebulizer unit is proven and tested. It is a portable type of unit white in color and very much handy. The price of nebulizers ranges from 2500 pesos the Taiwan brand, to 3300 pesos for the Omron brand and the high end brand cost 7800. I chose the Omron brand, it is so easy to operate for it has all the guides and instructions. I hope and pray that this could help a lot to my fathers medication.

Online casino games

Playing online casinos is very fun and exciting. There is an American online casinos site featuring online casinos that accept USA players from all American states with No Restrictions. There are plenty of list of USA online casino games that you can choose from namely Rushmore, Arthurian casino, crazy poker, crazy vegas casino and many more. so, what are you waiting for join the fun now and nobody knows you can be the next big winner.

Mist away Tough Breathing System Infections

A nebulizer that delivers a mist of antibiotics and anti fungal drugs directly into sinus cavities could help relieve chronic sinusitis that doesn't respond to oral antibiotics. since the medication isn't absorbed into your system, there are fewer antibiotic side effects such as skin rashes and joint pains. I bought the nebulizer unit and Duavent solution for my dad because he is having trouble in his breathing system. The doctor said that he has a lot of phlegm in his lungs that needs to loosen to clear the air passage. I use the pipe type device of nebulizer because my dad finds it more comfortable in using it. After the treatment, I noticed that he can breath normally. Treatment time is usually 2 weeks.

Cash Advance

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Smells like hell, taste like heaven

Most of the people of Davao City loves durian so much. It looks like very thorny with a thick layer of skin but very abundant in protein content. They come in many varieties such as Chanee, Arroncillo, Montong , Cob, Puyat, and the native Davao variety. Durian weighs from 4 kilos and some will reach up to 9 kilos per fruit. The price per kilo depends on the availability of the fruit because durian fruit is seasonal. Most durian planters harvest their produce at the month of august where they are also celebrating the Kadayawan festival. Durian fruit during that time can be seen in almost all of the fruit stand in Davao. Tourist visitors used to feature them in their story. Most of the tourist visitors tried to taste the Durian fruit but most of them said that it has a very bad smell but after tasting it, they give positive comment on it for they like the taste of the fruit so much.

Design your own Tshirt

Looking for personalized shirt is now made easy because there is a site that provides cheap TShirt online printing and embroidery where you can choose your Tshirt style , color and size at a very reasonable price. They will make it for you or you can also make a design of your own through their design software and they will print it for you. Designing your own Tshirt is so fun and exciting. Visit their site now at

Philippine Idol Is Now In U.S.

FremantleMedia has given the right for GMA-7 to telecast Pinoy Idol even in its US cable channels. Fremantle is the franchise owner of the Idol show.Wednesday night, March 26, right inside the enclave of GMA Films department sa 7th floor ng GMA Network Center, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) got news that Pinoy Idol will also be shown in the US. Magpa-pilot ang Pinoy Idol sa GMA this April 4 hosted by Raymond Gutierrez with Jolina Magdangal, Wyngard Tracy, and Ogie Alcasid as judges.With a franchise show, hindi pinapayagan ang franchise holder na maipalabas ang local version of a show outside the country. Mabilis naming pinakumpirma ito with the GMA people we were with that time."Ang bilis mo!" sabi ng sumagot sa amin. "Kanina lang ito na-confirm, nakuha n'yo na."Yes, it is true that Fremantle has given the go signal for GMA Pinoy TV US cable channel to air Pinoy Idol. Humihingi na nga raw sila ng materials for advanced viewing. Hindi pa nga lang malinaw kung isasabay ang Philippine telecast ng Pinoy Idol sa US.For sure, though, hindi maipalalabas ang Pinoy Idol sa Pinoy TV Asia Pacific region. Sa US lang sila binigyan ng right ng Fremantle to telecast.
At last the filipino community in the United States can now view the Philippine Idol just like filipinos are viewing American Idol in Philippines.

Discount Shopping

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Unusual Fashion for Winter

Last night, there was a heavy rainfall and the temperature begins to drop resulting to a high degree of humidity. Most of the family members wear their jackets and winter clothing to protect their body from chilling. I noticed that there is really unusual in one of the family members who wears an extra ordinary outfit and that girl is my daughter Keisha Nicole. She wears too much pieces of clothing with shocking colors that you can compare it to a bunch of cotton candy or its like a cute little cub. She likes her outfit very much and she said she is very much comfortable using it.

I want to ask the viewers to rate the picture shown above. Do it looks like a tiger, a leopard, a cub? Please leave your comments.

Live TV

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Preparing for an overhauling activity

Overhauling your engine needs to have a clean workplace. I myself starts my overhauling procedure through cleaning the engine. I mix 1 liter of diesel fuel and 3 liters of premium gasoline with 1 sachet of detergent powder. It gives a super cleaning effect to those greasy areas most especially to the parts that has an oil leaks because it accumulates dirt easily. Most oil leaks occurs in the rocker arm cover down to the engine block. there are also leaks that occurs in the oil pipe ends and its oil return. So, the best thing to do to have a clean workplace is that clean all the greasy parts then proceed with the engine overhauling thing. you also have to prepare all the necessary tools like torque wrench, calipers, back wrenches and open wrenches. Don't forget to prepare also the sockets wrenches, sealing gaskets, piston ring compressor, file, vernier caliper and lastly the waste cotton for wiping out dirt. Just follow the correct procedure in overhauling and give the right engine specifications and clearances to obtain the right performance of an engine.

Technology transfer

We are living in a world with full of resources and some are waiting to be discovered. there are aloso a lot of researchers and inventors to dig all the resources, make researches, inventions to come up to a new product that is for society’s use and benefit. There is a site named Yissum, a technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU). It is responsible for marketing the inventions and know-how generated by the University's renowned researchers and students. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem analyzes and studies thoroughly every single data of the products. They see to it that every technology transfer opportunities had passed all the necessary test and queries. Yissum has granted more than 400 technology licenses worldwide. University technology transfer begins with an initial evaluation then determines the best commercialization strategy for the invention or technology. They also offer marketing, patenting and legal services. So, if your looking for the right technology transfer visit their site at .

Car electrical trouble shooting

Yesterday afternoon, I check all the fuses inside the fuse box of my Toyota Pick-up because the tail lights are not functioning well. I look for the tail light fuse because there are no fuse indicators with in the fuse box. I found out that there are no busted fuse in the fuse box so, I immediately open the tail light casing and look for loose wires or loose contacts and corroded materials that needs for replacements. At last I found the defects. It is the busted bulb that needs for new replacements. The bulb that is busted is responsible for its brake signal. It has two filaments wires one for the brake light and the other is for the tail light. It is a double contact light bulb. After a couple of hours of trouble shooting, I have already done fixing it and my Pick-up is now back to "road worthy" again to touch the road.

Protect Your Identity Through LifeLock

Identity protection now a days is really important. It woul be better if you will get an identity theft protection and there this is a site named LifeLock that provides an Identity theft protection services. LifeLock gives discount through their LifeLock promotion code. You can also visit this site named LifeLock Blog to be able to know how important is LifeLock services to our life.

Adding music to Applle I-Pod

A friend of mine named Marlynor went to my house this morning asking for help on how to transfer Ipod music to its new Ipod unit. It was capable of videos in its new Apple MP4 Ipod device. But the problem is she doesn't know how to deal with it. so, she ask me to do the transfer. I have already an Ipod library in my personal computer but the problem is, it has a different version compared to her new now. I download first the new Ipod version to be able to read the new Ipod unit of Marlynor and successfully after a couple of minutes they were both compatible the I-tunes library and her new Ipod unit. I transferred 414 music in her Apple MP4 Ipod device. There are classical musics, hip hop, (OPM) original Pilipino music, reggae, disco and some latest musics. She is so thankful to me because her Ipod now has full of music items and she can now use her Apple Ipod efficiently.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Best plan for your weight management

Health is really important to us. We have to eat healthy foods, like vegetable, cereals, oatmeal, take our vitamins and most of all a healthy diet. It is so easy to achieve good body structure as long as you follow the right nutrition and the right food. Eat food the are rich in fibers and cholesterol free, sugar free to prevent high intake of sugar in our body that could trigger to diabetes. Talking about "diets", there are a lot of online sites that provides good diet plan. You can find the best plan for your needs whether you are looking for help with weight management, healthy living, cholesterol lowering or hypoglycemia in this site named weight loss diet help. This site has a lot of diet plans for you to offer namely the medifast, the nutrisystem, weight watchers. These plans are really effective in dealing with weight loss. They offer coupons to online weight loss programs discount promotions and special offers. Nice body figure, your desired weight and a healthy lifestyle can easily be obtain by following the weight loss program and diet plans through this site. So, visit their site at and I'm sure this could be a new beginning to a new you.

New WBC super featherweight king Manny Pacquiao

The peoples champ Manny Pacquiao arrived in mManila after defeating Juan Miguel Marquea in the world boxing arena. He has a lot of activities to attend to from guestings to advertising big products.
New WBC super featherweight king Manny Pacquiao was inducted into the Elorde Hall of Fame after being honored with the Boxing of the Year award for seven years, ABS-CBN News reported.President Arroyo handed the Hall of Fame Award to Pacquiao during Tuesday night’s awarding ceremonies at the Manila Hotel.Also awarded were former world champion Luisito Espinosa and IBF minimum weight champion Florante Condes.Along with Pacquiao and Condes, Gerry Peñalosa, Donnie Nietes, and Nonito Donaire, were all named Boxers of the Year.Peñalosa holds the WBO bantamweight title while Nietes is the WBO minimum weight king. Donaire is the IBF/IBO flyweight champion.Late Flash Elorde extolledMrs. Arroyo, meanwhile, praised the role of the late Gabriel “Flash” Elorde at the Philippines’ stature in professional boxing.The President said that before the Pacquiao phenomenon there was “Flash Elorde.”"Si Flash Elorde 'yung idolo noong ako ay isang teenager pa," said Mrs. Arroyo.Elorde was the longest reigning super featherweight champion, holding the WBC title for seven years. He was named the greatest super featherweight champion in WBC history and was the first Asian to be inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame.People's Champ honoredPacquiao said he is honored to be compared to the “Flash” as he himself trained during his early days at the Elorde stable. "Hindi ko makalimutan sa buong buhay ko. Dagdag karangalan sa pamilya namin," said Pacquiao.Elorde's widow, Laura, also expressed thanks to those who acknowledged her husband's influence to the current crop of filipino boxers."Nasisiyahan kami dahil naalala siya ng mga tao at nagiging halimbawa siya ng ibang boksingero," said Laura.Promoted to master sergeantPacquiao, meanwhile, received another accolade aside from his new title belt after being promoted by the Philippine Army to master sergeant reserve.The boxer was given his promotion during his visit at the Fort Bonifacio after his motorcade.Pacquiao said thanked the Army for the promotion.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Best web hosting

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Corazon Aquino Has a colon cancer

Political affiliations were temporarily forgotten when people from across the political spectrum expressed their sadness - and hope - after news came out Monday that former president Corazon Aquino has been diagnosed with colon cancer.Aquino's condition was made public in a statement made by her youngest daughter, TV host Kris Aquino-Yap.Although Aquino has been a critic of the Arroyo administration for some time now, officials and other personalities affiliated with the administration expressed their solidarity with the former president.In a statement, Malacañang said it is "deeply saddened" upon hearing the news, which reached them during boxing star Manny Pacquiao's courtesy call with President Arroyo."We know that with her strength and total trust in God, as well as the love and support of everyone around her, she will be able to surmount this as she has conquered all the other trials in her life," the Palace statement read.After the courtesy call, Pacquiao said that people should pray for Aquino's recovery."Idasal natin na sana gumaling," Pacquiao said.For his part, Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said: "In times of adversity we will pray for her speedy recovery. I'm sure the President would be one in praying for her speedy recovery."

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bonding time with my daughter

Awhile ago Me and my daughter Keisha talks about poems and their previous lessons. She keeps on talking about their previous recitations and showed me her awards during her citations. She is very proud that she can memorize all her poems. She even stand in front of me and delivers some of her poems entitled "over in the meadow". I as her father is so much proud that she delivered her speech in a perfect way. She has a very good study habit because every night she open her book and do her assignments all by herself. She also seek for our assistance if she doesnt understand the words well. She said to me that she want to follow the footstep of her dad as an auto mechanic but I said to her you dont have to follow my work, just choose what do you like to do and someday you will find the right course for you.

Here are some of her poems.

The best bad credit offers

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Special tools for auto-mechanics

I keep on arranging all my automotive tools in my workplace that includes my special tools for engine overhauling and I found my favorite tools the clock type Vernier Caliper. This type of tool is very use full in getting the exact distance of a cylindrical, the height and the inner measurement in millimeters. It is very accurate because it has its clock reading in it. I bought this Vernier Caliper tool 2 years ago during my schooling in a technical auto diesel mechanic school. I have also my multi tester, this type of tool is best for identifying which wires has electricity supply and which one is not. It is also good in identifying good and busted fuses. Every auto diesel mechanic should have this one to have an easy and effective working performance.

Choosing the best private plates for your ride

Do you want your car to have a personalized private plates? If so, there is a site named Northumbria Numbers where they provides cherished number plates from their own stock. This site allows you to search their massive selection of private number plates in their search box. I myself look for the best private plate for my own car. What are you waiting for, lets go check this site and look for the best private plates for our ride.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Working Day

Today is my free day. I will work on my daughters toy stuff, I will arrange all her toys because she just dump it in her cabinet and it looks like very chaotic in the said place. My daughter went to South Cotabato in my in-laws to spend their holy week. She was accompanied with her mom Lyhra. I chose to stay here so that I can also fix all the items that needs repair. I will start in the first room because that room is the most topsyturvy among all. There are three rooms in this house. The first room is the TV room and the second room is the toy room where keishas toys are scattered everywhere( I will fix that after this thing). The third room is the masters bedroom, still needs to be organized. I have all the time to arrange the things because they were not here, they will be back this coming Monday morning. I hope that I can finished this all by afternoon.

Go Go Go..... Working day for myself now!!!!...........

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Drug Rehab Informations

Drug addiction now a days is very rampant. there are lot of drug addicts in our community, most of them are teens because they try it out of their curiosity. Drugs can damage each and every ones future but if you have love one that is an addict, there is still hope for him or her because there are a lot of drug rehabilitation centers worldwide and there is also a site named Rehab Info a site that is unbiased, non-profit information on drug rehab. This site provides latest techniques of drug and alcohol rehab, this site can help more people to understand more about drug addiction. This site has pages in alcohol rehab, drug rehab, oxycontin rehab, opiate addiction rehab. As you notice there are a lot of types of rehab because there are multiple addictive drugs, and drug rehab varies per drug. Rehab also varies per the type of patient. there are also topics about the substance abuse treatment, and prescription drug addiction where you are given programs and therapies. It is so important for a person to know the bad effects of drugs in the body so that they will not use it and drugs can't give you good life.

The best figure of J'Lo after giving birth

Before and After

New mom Jennifer Lopez went out for a night on the town with husband Marc Anthony this week, allowing photographers to snap the first shots of the singer since she gave birth to twins Feb. 28, 2008. Lopez didn't let her pregnancy slow her down . At New York Fashion Week in early February, she was showing off her massive baby bump. Even though she was less than a month away from giving birth, Lopez, pictured at left Feb. 6, 2008, strutted the red carpet in sky-high heels. Her body really fits in a sexy mood again. Most of her fans notice it that she looks like not giving birth to her new child.

The Best Place To Get Memory Upgrade

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Watch Your Back

As I grow older I experience back pain due to overwork. I always buy mefenamic acids to control my back pains. I sometimes think if am experiencing an early arthritis because my joints gave me a banging feeling and it bothers me a lot. I follow some extra care to avoid pain in my back like holding my head up, craning my neck in front of the computer or slouching in front of the TV for hours on end can lead to severe neck stiffness and pain that is why, I roll my neck around to work out the stiffness in my neck and upper shoulder, gently I stretch my neck in each direction forward looking up, looking over each shoulder and leaning my head towards each shoulder. This simple exercise really helps a lot to me. I also stand tall because poor posture can lead to stiffness, which can lead to pain and a cycle of disuse as I avoid certain movements causing even more stiffness and pain. More important is changing postures even if your sitting exactly as you should.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Welcome Home Dad!!!

Awhile ago I received text message from the hospital telling me that my father can now go home. The doctor instructed Giselle (Amys cousin) to tell me that I can now pay the hospital bills in preparation of my fathers release clearance. At exactly 4 in the afternoon me and my brother jun fetch my father from the hospital. We go straight directly to the pharmacy (Mercury drug Matina Branch) to buy all the medications set for one week. I bought Clindamycin 300mg. and Sulbactam 750 mg. then, went straight to our residence. Everyone noticed that my father gets a little bit chubby than before maybe due to its medicines and anti-biotic reactions. Everyone now is back to normal, that's life so, I'm trying to move on now and thanks to all the nurses and staff of the Davao Sanitarium Hospital located along Mc. Arthur Highway Bangkal, Davao City, because they give their very best for my fathers early recovery.

Life in the Hospital

During my stay in the hospital, I noticed that it it so hard for a regular family to avail hospital services due to expensive medicines and and medical apparatus that is needed during patients confinement. The room rates are quite expensive even if your staying in a standard accommodation. I also found out that if you choose to stay in an upper bracket of accommodation like suite room or a private room, the prices of all medicines that is intended for a patients in that room also differs from the patients that are only staying in the ward room. There are also big differences in getting medicines in the pharmacy because if you choose to charge your medicine bills, there is a certain increase of price rather than paying it in cold cash. that is why ordinary Filipino families choose to stay and have their self medication at home. I think the Philippine government has to look in this matters so that they can provide better hospitalization laws. The existing government can make a difference if they just wanted too. Anyway, The doctor said yesterday that my father can go home today. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!! I just received a text message from the hospital telling me that my father can now go home . Thank God.............. Bye for now because I have to go now to the Davao Sanitarium Hospital to pay my hospital bills .

Your Total Telecommunication Solution

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The Next American Idol

The hottest American competition right now is the American Idol. There are only few left in the competition. Each and everyone has its own bet to become the new American Idol. Is it from the guys corner or from the ladies side?. I myself voted from the ladies side for I believe one of those girls will lead up among the others. I voted for Ramiele Malubay because she has a nice voice pitch, charming, cute, and very much presentable to be the next American Idol. I admire so much of her voice even though Simon always criticized her after giving her best in the stage. Not surprised, because almost all of them are being criticized by Simon. I hope and pray that Ramiele will conquer all the hearts of every Americans so that she could be the next American Idol

Go Go Go.......Ramiele go for the best girl.....

Choosing the right trade show displays

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The New Celebrity Designer

It first started with moguls like Diddy and J. Lo, who were nabbing coveted spots at the Bryant Park tents during New York Fashion Week. But now it seems as if almost every celebrity is trying his or her hand at designing these days. The recent wave of celebrity designers isn't pretending to be quite so Fashion Week-worthy. From Matthew McConnaughey's upcoming swimwear line to Natalie Portman's vegan footwear, these celebrity is focusing on the fashions they know.
Rehabbed starlet Lindsay Lohan sure loves her leggings, so much so that the actress plans to release her own line of leggings. Lohan told Life & Style magazine that the collection will include leggings with prints and patterns. It would be nice to follow their lines of clothing because they become icons in the field of entertainment and all they dress becomes a fashion clothing for others but not all can afford all the styles of dresses that they push in the market because of its high prices.

Excellent Quality Call

Communication is really important whether in business or to your love ones. It makes us feel more in touch with them no matter how far they are. Calling overseas is made easy through this site named Mrlongdistance because you only pay for the actual minutes used. I call Australia frequently since my sister is presently residing there and I save more money by using this site. Likewise she also saves money when she call Philippines. It gives you the lowest interest rates, with no taxes, and no gimmicks. Visit their site now at , I am pretty sure this can help a lot in saving long distance calls.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Britneys car is for sale

Britney Spears has been ordered to pay $375,000 of ex-husband Kevin Federline's legal bills. The troubled singer - who has been fighting Kevin for custody of two-year-old Sean Preston and 18-month-old Jayden James since last year - was given the staggering legal bill by Los Angeles Court Commissioner Scott Gordon who says it is "reasonable in light of the actions of Ms. Spears causing the great majority of litigation". Last week, Britney's lawyer Stacy Phillips complained Kevin's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, had overcharged the 26-year-old 'Toxic' star. Phillips said Kevin should contribute to his own legal fees after leaving a $2,000 tip on a $365 restaurant bill recently. While Kevin previously insisted he has no regular income, Phillips argued the 29-year-old rapper should pay part of his legal bills as he appears financially capable of leaving such an extortionate tip. Meanwhile, Andrew Wallet - who, along with Britney's father Jamie, is co-conservator of her estate - was authorized to put some of Britney's cars up for sale by Commissioner Gordon yesterday. After hearing Wallet's request, Britney's court appointed attorney, Sam Ingham replied: "I have no objection to that." It would be nice to sell valuable objects just to cope up with the existing obligations.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Automotive Electrical Wire Connectors

Car modification is my hobby. As a professional mechanic, I used to overhaul car engines and other engines that needs repair. I have a Toyota 12R engine, an old engine but still in good condition. I overhauled it and I am setting all the clearances based in its standard specifications. I removed all the old wiring and bought a new set of wires for its new electrical wiring system. I make sure that the wires are in different colors so that I could easily trace their connections. I used different sizes of wires from 12mm , 14mm and the main line from starter to its battery is 8mm. to avoid short circuit. I also use the conventional type of rewiring for it is so easy to install and to locate. there are a lot of style of rewiring from conventional types to electronic types and there are also automotive wiring with fuse box and fusible links. Most of the wiring system of the car uses automotive wire connectors because it so easy to install if you're using connectors. The connectors comes in two forms the metal and the plastic type of connectors, both are useful in doing automotive wiring. I found a new site named Econnek that provides a different types of push and pull connectors. this site offers a wide range of both plastic and metal connectors at a reasonable price. Their replacement parts work with your electrical interconnect system design to provide a cost-effective alternative to high-priced brand name components. This site helps a lot to people who are in need of wire connectors because through this site you can browse all their products to fit your design and your schedule. I am recommending this site to all my friends in the motor industry for this site gives them enough information about the materials they need. you get the quality of the original, but at a more economical price with unmatched service and you get the quality of the original, but at a more economical price with unmatched service.

Im Happy For My Dad's Health Recovery

Today is the fourth day where my dad is in the Sanitarium Hospital. He was still given shots of high dose of antibiotics and insulin but the doctor said that my dad is giving good response to the medicines. He said that by tomorrow, we can go back to our house already. I am really happy to hear that because I don't like the ambiance of the hospital and I don't want him to experience that "shaking" thing again. My father is now back to his normal condition. He is now 69 years old and turning 70 this coming December 3. I hope and pray that God will give him good health. Welcome back Dad in advance hahahahah...................

crowning glory

I’ll never forget the day me and a friend where walking down the street when he glanced over and noticed me fidgeting with my hair and said…
“If you comb your hair to the side, it will make it look fuller.”
That little remark thrust a sword right through my already weakened hair ego and being just twenty-two, I had enough issues to deal with already without having to worry about going bald.
I mean bald is beautiful on many guys but if I want to be bald I want the choice whether to shave my head or not.
I researched as much as I could find online about hair loss and have understood the one thing. Hair loss is very eminent to most men than women. It is the men who gets a greater percentage of getting hair loss, and often times hair loss is the result of our lifestyle most especially on the food that we eat.

Hair loss is really not a problem and it is can be cured through hair transplant which is the most effective way to regain your crowning glory.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3 days of sleepless nights

Its early in the morning When I wake up to go to my parents house to assist my father to take his bath and the situation is very normal. It is an ordinary routine day for my fathers activity, by the way my father is a diabetic and a disabled person. He lost his right leg just below the knee due to severe cangrene as a result of high blood sugar and his pancreas is not giving enough insulin to regulate his blood sugar in his body. After he was finished with his morning bath,I push his wheelchair into the dining area to take his breakfast meal and suddenly after 5 minutes he chilled, a very extraordinary chill, then I run immediately to help him and ask him, what happened with you? and he answered I'm so cold so, I immediately run in front of the house where our neighbor doctor is residing, I called for help and the doctor immediately prepared his medical apparatus and went straight to my fathers house. My father is still chilling and the doctor said to me that his body temperature is normal and his heartbeat is also normal it would be better if you could bring him immediately into the nearest hospital so, I bring him to Sanitarium hospital. After arriving in the hospital, the nurses took care of him and immediately gave a couple of injectable shots, one is insulin and the other one is paracetamol. Hes condition is back to normal, he stops shaking after a couple of minutes. After that, he was admitted and brought him to a private room where he will stay for his medical treatment. He got a lot of medical test from chest x-ray, skull x-ray, blood test, blood pressure, urinal test and many more.... It seems that all is normal because he can talk, very much awake and conscious and suddenly after4 hours lying in the bedroom, he is chilling again just like what happened before so I immediately go straight to the nurse station and ask for help. I am asking a lot of questions in how to make him calm. That was really terrible because it was a long unusual chill. There are only nurses and no doctors during that time because most the people are busy with the araw ng Davao celebration plus it was the fight schedule of The peoples champ of the Philippines Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico. I felt that we were all helpless. I taught that day will be the end of everything. I see him in pain and his face is struggling for his life. His mouth keeps on opening seeking for an air to breath. Me and my brother are the ones who took care of him but I said to myself, all seems to have a beginning and an end. fortunately the struggle subsides and came back to normal. After a couple of hours, the doctor arrived to check him up, thank God..... Dr. Escalante check him up all possible symptoms that could lead him to chilling and the results are all normal excluding for one unfinished examination, the urinary tract examination. He said it is possible that my father has a urinary tract infection so the doctor instructed the nurse to get some urine samples of my fathers urine. The result came after a day and his urine has a lot of pus that is why he keeps on chilling and the doctor also said that there are a lot of possibilities where his chilling occurs because my dad has a complicated situation but don't worry let's all pray for the best. He was given a series of high dose of antibiotics and insulins, nebolizers and other medicines that is necessary for the treatment. right now, he's doing well, he is back to normal, no chilling anymore but the doctor is still giving regular shots of medicines and also the nurses keep on monitoring from time to time. I hope this will be OK and we can go home as soon as possible.

blood pressure monitors

My brother is a health buff and he sees to it that he hits the gym four time a week. He is young and twenty three years of age. He likes cardio vascular exercises, which means pumping his heart more than its normal phase. With this, he has a blood pressure monitors, a gadget that keeps track of the movement of your heart.

This is a very useful gadget and is very handy. He just wares this on his wrist.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Slowly beginning to make their way back into the spotlight, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were spotted making an appearance at NBC Studios over the weekend.
Dressed to the nines, the couple looked to be in high spirits, although a little bit tired, after welcoming twin daughters Max and Emme last month.

shop with ease

I am a consumer and most of the time I would prowl the internet to look for low prices and discounts to items so I can save money. With this, it saves me ample time and effort in going to stores for I have searched the things I want to buy and have a list so I can just pick up the item in the shelves.

With this technique, I could have more selection of items and have a comparison on what to buy and acquire.

quote to inspire us

Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth

my wife and her dishes

As the old cliche goes "The best way to a mans heart is through his stomach". I would personally go for this statement and I believe this is true. I have been married for more than ten years now and I have two kids and up to this point I am very much in love with my wife. It is a fact that there are beautiful women more beautiful than my wife but none of them can level nor surpass my wifes beauty. This is because beauty from the outside is not long lasting what is important is the beauty that radiates from within and the talent that she possess which is cooking.

She is a chef in a prestigious hotel and she knows almost all recipes be it from Mediterranean, western and Asian cuisine. She got her training in a culinary school and enhances her talent by reading and joining This is a site that caters to all your cooking needs. In this site you get to interact with food enthusiast and share your talent to other food lovers as well. Aside from this, you can browse food recipes that ranges from, a simple breads & pizzas to "food for the gods". To tap it all, this is a site that is very informative and has help a lot of women even men in the field of cooking, and it has even helped my wife venture more in the field of cooking.

man eater "piranha"

A piranha or piraña is a member of a family of omnivorous freshwater fish which live in South American rivers. In Venezuelan rivers they are called caribes. They are known for their sharp teeth and an aggressive appetite for meat.

protection from theft

The present age that we are living is an age that I can call the grandeur and glory of the twenty first century. This is due to the fact that we are living with ease and every thing is some what automated. Take for example buying items: before, we have to go to the grocery or mall and pick the goods that we want to buy and pay for it cash. Now, what we do is surf the web for online stores and look for items that we want to acquire, after which we get our credit card and key in our numbers and that's it. The goods will be delivered right at your doorstep.

The funny thing is that we lived in the twenty first century with all the high-tech gadgets and gizmo's but we are not safe from cyber criminals. This criminals are opportunistic and are just prowling the virtual world to victimized us the consumers.

This scenario can be eliminated with LoudSiren. Loud Siren is the best protection that we can have from this cyber criminals. is the leader in this field of business which is theft protection and you can enroll yourself at Security is the there priority.

thought for the day

How much money do you have to have, to be considered rich in today’s society ? Some say about $1.3 million per family member. Others say about $5 million per family member. Some individuals have told me, you should have unearned income of about $500,000 per year, to be considered rich.But I keep thinking of how many people I know with far more than that who do not seem happy. On the other hand, I know many people who have trouble paying their bills, yet are really well-off.If you can share any problem with your wife, you’re rich. If you can face your parents and believe you have given back to them even a hint of what they gave you, you're rich. If you can take an afternoon off to go boating with your pal, you’re rich. If you can honestly say, you have nothing to hide, you are really, really rich.

home sweet home

My friend is a travelling nurse in the United States of America for three years now. She has been travelling ever since she got there, which means she doesn't have a permanent place to settle. Every two to three month she would travel from one state to another depending on the assignment that her agency would give her. Though the salary was big and more than enough to sustain her and her family, just last year she called and said to me that she would give up the profession of being a nurse. She wants to settle down and have a business of her own.

The first thing that she mentioned and her priority before putting and end to her contract was to get herself and her family a house that they could lived in. She surf the web and looked for available homes. Luck was on her side and found the dream home, it was a two storey villa and fully furnished. She got the house through a mortgage loan at the term was affordable and easy on the budget. Presently, my friend is enjoying her life with the her family in the comfort of their new found home.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Araw ng Davao celebration

Tomorrow will the big day of Davao City because tomorrow is the Araw ng Davao. There will be more celebrities tomorrows in the street participating in the street dancing. all students of the schools that will participate in the street dancing are ready to give their best performance for tomorrows activity. There are also big companies that will participate in the street parade and the floral float parade. The International pharmaceuticals Inc. is one of the companies who will showcase their products for Davaoenos. They have their entry for the floral float parade. Tomorrow also is the fight of the Philippine Pambansang Kamao boxer Manny Pacquiao against Juan Manuel Marquez that is why the Davao City government is preparing the wide screen TV in front of the City Hall of Davao for the Davaoenos to witness their rematch entitled Unfinished Business.

cover bind

To all business establishments, every office departments needs its office supplies like staplers, typewriters for government agencies, sharpeners, pens, ballpens, fastener, puncher, stamp pads, computers and other office supplies thatan office needs. Some agencies and offices buy for a xerox machines so that every employees with in the departments could easily provide copies of their documents and saves more time because they don't have to go outside to have their documents copied. but most of them have no Bookbinding machines which is the most important in organizing document files and transaction receipts. There are a lot of bookbinding machines available in the market today and there is a site in the net named Coverbind that offers a bookbinding machines. You can find in this site different types of bookbinding like Bindomatic 5000, Personal binder, 101DFS, and the 301DFS bookbinding machine at a reasonable price. They have also hard covers available for bookbinding cover materials. Coverbind has also a variety of covers that would fit the companys image and design. If you choose the hard covers to bind they are like carpet binding materials because it is thick and it is made of good quality materials that would definitely last long. for me coverbind binding machines is a necessity to every office in the entire world so that all documents can be files easily and can be located in an organized manner. Their is also a big advantage if this binding machines are available in an office because you don't have to go outside and look for a store who offer bookbinding. So, to all government and private agencies out there visit their site now at and buy one of your chosen bookbinding machines.

Window shopping at SM Mall of Davao

We visited the SM mall of Davao awhile ago to look for some interesting events because there are a lot of celebrities like Roxanne Guinoo and Joey Ayala and some local bands performing in their entertainment area and they are having a midnight sale today. The mall is full of shoppers taking advantage of the sale items for tomorrow is the big event (Araw ng Davao). we keep on walking around, doing window shopping then we decided to have a cup of coffee. We end up seating in a Bo's coffee shop. I ordered Cafe latte with cream toppings. It looks like an ice cream but its a coffee item. The taste is so delicious and the presentation is so elegant, no wonder there are more people that keep on coming back to have their cup of coffee. The prices of their coffee beverages are just reasonable enough for their quality of service and the taste itself. The next time I have my cup of coffee, I make sure that it would be from the Bo's coffee shop because I love the taste of their coffee beverages. They are also serving cappuccino, espresso, brewed coffee and some other cold beverages.

Looking for the best camera online

Pictures are so important because it is where we can remember the best memories that we shared to our love one. You can take the best pictures if you have a good camera. A camera that has a good and clear resolution. You can look for a digital cameras online and compare their individual specification. it is so easy to find now because there is a site that provide listings on all best digital cameras online with prices and specification. The sites name is WIZE wherein they give the listings of the best products with ranks so that you could compare and decide every individual products that are displayed. Wize makes finding the right product easier and faster by gathering all the information and opinions on the Web and making sense of it for you. My sister bought his Vivitar digital camera through this site and she got the best price that other online site are offering. so, to all picture lovers out there, If you plan to get the best camera, you should visit this site at!Vivitar and choose the model that fits you.

Eat lite meals for breakfast

During my childhood days I am not fat nor thin. I have a regular body structure. As I grow older I look bigger than before became chubby and I don't want to get bigger more for I know that it is difficult to manage chubby structures. I enrolled myself in a body weight loss programme. I followed all the requirement to that programme in order to achieve good results. I really loss weight during that time from 94 kilos down to 72 kilos as a matter of fact, I was awarded as one of the members who got the highest number of kilos loss in my weight. I only ate fish and just 1 cup of rice and no soft drinks at all. At first I found it so difficult to manage for I am not use to it but I did follow all the procedures in their weight loss programme. After a couple of years , I don't follow anymore their regular procedure. I ate more and drink more that is why I gain weight but right now, I am working on it again to meet my desirable weight and body structure. I only ate light meals for my breakfast, a plain loaf bread and a cup of coffee. I hope that this time I could manage my own weight loss programme.

Online Backgammon Games

In my free time I used to go to the mall and look for some interesting things like shirts, toys for my daughter and gadgets like computer laptops, desktops, and cellphones. I also watch movies of my favorite actors in the big screen. but when I'm home, I just play online games over the net. I play backgammon games, I find their online game very fun and exciting. This site offers a variety of online game like poker and blackjack. This site is committed to offering you superior service so that you can enjoy backgammon at its absolute best. You can also play backgammon for money to challenge any other player online. BackgammonMasters has attracted one of the largest community base of players online at any particular time interacting via real-time chat and simultaneously participating in their popular online games. It is so easy to play, all you have to do is to start by downloading the software. Don't worry about Viruses because this site is a 100 percent virus free and it is a McAfee tested and approved. When you're finished downloading's easy to use software, simply double click your BackgammonMasters icon to get ready to enter a whole new dimension of you’re favorite games. so, if you want to experienced the fun and excitement playing the games online visit their site at now and you'll never know you will be the next big winner.

Manny Pacquiaq versus Juan Manuel Marquez

Sprawled on the canvas while being given a rub-down massage, Manny Pacquiao suddenly raised his head and told bosom buddy Buboy Fernandez:
“Lakasan mo. Para kang hindi assistant trainer ng world champion. [Make it firmer. You do it as if you’re not the assistant trainer of a world champion].”
Of course, while Pacquiao is a two-time world champion, technically, he isn’t right now.
He needs to beat Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez in their March 15 rematch to become the first Filipino—and Asian, in fact—to hold world titles in three divisions.
Pacquiao, in high spirits after ending his preparations for the bout, dubbed “Unfinished Business,” at the IBA Gym here, then changed into a T-shirt and accommodated the GMA Network television crew, photographers, friends and autograph-seekers.
He promised to show the best of Manny Pacquiao on Saturday.
“I’ve trained long and hard, sacrificed not seeing my family to prepare for this fight,” said Pacquiao. “I’m dedicating this to the Filipino people.”
Freddie Roach, who supervised Pacquiao’s training at his Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, believes he and Pacquiao have done everything to snare the crown from Marquez.
“Manny is in great shape and is ready to prove that he did beat Marquez in their first encounter in 2004,” said Roach.
Marquez recovered from three first round knockdowns in that fight to salvage a draw.
“When Manny hits him this time, he’ll stay down,” said Roach, noting the power Pacquiao now packs in both hands.
Though Pacquiao, his cheek bones very eminent, appears certain to hit 130-lb during weigh-in on Friday, Roach said he’ll still bring the scale Thursday night.
“Just to make sure, ” he said.
Go Go Go Manny ............................Filipininos are always at your back to support you all the way in your goals. Mabuhay Ka Manny!!!

Online Poker Game for Macs

If your fun of playing Online poker games and online casino games, your now very lucky to know this site because there is now a site named Mac Poker Online that provides an online poker games for Macintosh like Party Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Vegas Red, Casino Tropez, Euro poker ,Jackpotjoy and other interesting online exciting games. This site has all the best list to play online Poker for Mac. They also provide you with index of mac online casino sites and where to play online casino games for Macintosh OS. The biggest advantage that this site has to offer is that players will have the easy access to all Mac Poker online games and also online casino games. This is a one stop shop for players. There are also Poker and casino bonuses given to all players who sign up for an online casino account. So, to all players who want to experience the fun and excitement in playing online Mac poker and casino online games this is the best site for you. Visit their site now at and be one of the jackpot winners.

My computer is now back to normal

Last night, the computer technician arrived in my house to fix my computer. The motherboard that I bought was placed in its ports and have it connected to different wire sockets parts of the computer. We install anti virus software named MacAfree to guard all the possible virus to destroy my files. My computer now is free from all virus and its fast. Hector, the computer technician teaches me also how to operate properly my newly bought DVD player because I installed it by myself and I chose the wrong software during the installation that is why the DVD unit will not play and has no screen display. I am very much happy today because I can now post interesting articles and share it to my friends in blogosphere and also to my relatives who are always online to see my blogs.

Just click on the ARROW to view video.

This is the actual computer repair made by Hector.

Giving your partner romance

Do you want to make your partner feel very romantic everyday? If so, give her a romantic move that could make your relationship a very romantic one. You can take her into a restaurant for a romantic date. Hold her hands, show public affection so that she will feel that she is the most important person in the whole world that no one can surpass your love to her. Forget about your prevous arguments that results to your break up , just push your desire to the limit to make your rebound relationship more sweeter, very exciting and more secured.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My new Intel motherboard

My New Intel Motherboard 478b Socket Type

My computer is down for a couple of days now and I brought the CPU to a technician who can analyze about the problem. After a day, the technician called me over the phone and told me that the problem of my computer is the motherboard. He said that I have to look for a motherboard that is similar to the motherboard that was damaged. The mother boards brand is motherboard 478b socket type of ASUS but you can also buy from Intel. I chose to buy Motherboard 478b socket type from Intel because the technician said that Intel boards is design for hot climates like Philippines. I visited different computer stores to find out if they have this kind of boards but only two stores are selling it because this type of board is already obsolete and they are now selling the pin less type of boards which is more an upgrade version of the old one. It cost 3 thousand pesos at the Columbia Computer Center and has a 6 months warranty. I hope that my computer will be back to normal after the repair so that I can continue to post interesting articles in my blogs.

Air Ambulance

Life is really important to everyone. We value life so much, that is why when it comes to saving ones life, we immediately call for help or call an ambulance that could transport the patient to the nearest hospital as early as possible. Ambulance are always ready 24/7 to give assistance to patients that has a critical condition. We are so much familiar with the word ambulance but there are also a group of medical people on board who also give ambulatory assistance to patients that needs to be transported via an airline. There is a site named Air Ambulance that provides an air ambulance charter to patients. There are group of air ambulance specialist on board to give the same attention and support to all patients, from basic to critical care. The medical team are well trained in flight physiology. There are Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and Registered Flight Paramedics on board to give you proper medical assistance. Patients are really secured because all the medical equipments are also on board. So, If you need an air ambulance visit their site at or call them at their air ambulance dispatch! 1-800-827-0745 or International (USA country code)+305.868.5378.

Mango fruit setting

Yesterday, Me and my brother Junix of ( went to the farm to conduct mango spraying. We started as early as 7 O'clock in the morning. It is the 36Th days after flower induction and it is the stage where the flower will swell and get dried to give way for its new fruit setting. The entire 144 mango trees that we are working on, provides a good fruit setting. It surpass the most delicate stage during its full anthesis inspite of heavy rainfalls that could damage its flowers. Right now, the mango flowers is turning into a mongo bean size. We keep on monitoring everyday and we have to spray every 4 days to prevent insects and pest from entering the mango farm. The mango products that this trees provide will be delivered to the exporters of mango products. They are going to classify the products in three categories namely Quality mango, the local type mango and the dried classification of mangoes. The quality mango are ship immediately to different countries like Japan, Australia, United States, but the biggest percentage of the total quality mango is exported to Hongkong. I hope that this time our mango trees will produce good quality products because quality mangoes demands for a higher price.

Online Storage provider

Enterprise-class protection is really important in our business files in order to have a full security protection. There is now a website named IBackup that offers an online storage service wherein you can retrieve your files easily and work on it. IBackup's desktop applications provide for easy drag-n-drop and familiar explorer interface to work with online data. There are a lot of business corporations and individuals who uses IBack online storage service because this site is the most recommended to give superior performance at a reasonable price and they are very much satisfied with their services. So, if your looking for a secure online storage, Visit this site now at

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Regine Velasquez preparing to enter married life


Regine is very happy with her relationship right now with Ogie Alcasid because they both share similar wants and interest. They are really compatible to each other. She might be jobless right now but singer Regine Velasquez is nevertheless quite happy and even looking forward to eventually--although she said it won't be any time soon--becoming the mother of fellow singer and current romantic partner Ogie Alcasid's child.Velasquez, who's been dubbed "Asia's Songbird" by the entertainment press, admitted that she’s not ready to be a mother right now but she's already starting to prepare herself physically and emotionally for that milestone. I hope that their relationship will grow and will become stronger as time goes by.

More power to your relationship with Ogie, Regs.

Finding your perfect match

The world is a vast and open space where people abounds with distinct personality, diverse religion and with different heritage. Looking for friends, companions or wanting a serious relationship across the continent is free and open with the use of dating sites through the internet. These sites provides wide choices of singles personals and dating services for searchees that are looking for match. Thus, they are provided with the personal background of singles member to the dating site.

I would like to share a story that has happened to one of my cousins who tried her luck in looking for Mr. Right. Alissa, my cousin, a 34 year old Morena and single, haven't had any serious relationship though she had boy friends during the past its seems that the relationship is short lived and would somehow look like a whirlwind scenario. Desperate of finding the perfert match person to be with her for she is not getting any younger, she eventually turned to a dating site and become one of the singles wanting to have friends abroad or within the locality. Luckily, after two weeks of becoming a member, she received an email from Larry, a Frenchman also single wanting to have someone to have and to love just like my cousins longing. They have chat through the internet and six months came Larry visited my cousin and proposed for a marriage.

It has been three years now and their relationship grew even stronger. They were blessed with two kids and residing in California.

Gaby dela Merced is A New Host

Filipina racer and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 third placer Gaby dela Merced is set to host ABS-CBN’s upcoming trivia and educational show entitled "Gaby’s Xtraordinary Files".Nang magawan ng konsepto ng ABS-CBN Management at Creative Team ang bagong progamang ito, wala na silang ibang naisip na host kundi ang extraordinary na si Gaby.It will showcase interesting facts and amazing features on science, history, travel, food, culture, technology, civilization and a lot more which everybody will surely and enjoy and will learn from.Tinatawag na Gaby’s Xtraordinary Files, ang 45-Minute trivia show na ito ang magdadala ng xtraordinary videos at impormasyong mula sa kilalang Discovery Channel.De la Merced, who is known to be outspoken, is into a man’s sport but remains every inch a lady. She conveys a good balance of power, brain and beauty.She’s one of the few Filipinas to dominate the Asian Formula 3 circuit."Gaby’s Xtraordinary Files" is said to be a perfect family-bonding activity since the show is definitely kid-friendly and very easy to understand. The show uses ‘Tagalog’ as the primary language in most of its features. I am sure that this upcoming show of her will big a big hit because almost all of the TV shows of ABS-CBN has really a space and captures the hears of every filipino people.
Go go go go GABY.......... race your new tv show straight to the edge.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The best credit card offer

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Lie detector test is what we need

Who's lying? Who's telling the truth?
This is the quandary that the senators are facing after surprise witness Leo San Miguel revealed that he knew nothing about alleged multimillion-dollar kickbacks in the $329 million broadband deal with China's ZTE Corp.San Miguel, who was dubbed by his own employee Dante Madriaga as a member of the "Greedy Group++", contradicted earlier testimonies of Senate witnesses Joey de Venecia III, Rodolfo Noel "Jun" Lozada and Madriaga.Describing himself as a technical consultant, San Miguel said he had no direct knowledge of any advanced commissions being given out by ZTE officials including an alleged $41 million bribe given to the First Couple and other officials involved in the deal.Sen. Mar Roxas, chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade and Commerce, said he will look for a foreign expert who will credibly administer lie detector tests on San Miguel and the three Senate witnesses. He said this will show who is lying about the alleged kickbacks in the deal."One said it’s red; the other one said it's black. It would be better to subject them to lie detector tests," Roxas said.Madriaga told senators during Tuesday's hearing that San Miguel emailed him about the "tong-pats," a jargon for commission, in the NBN deal, which the cable TV guy denied.San Miguel denied that he discussed kickbacks with former election commission chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr. and businessman Ruben Reyes, the two other alleged members of the so-called Greedy Group.He added, however, that kickbacks in the national broadband deal was logical. "I'm not trying to be difficult. I'm just saying I don't know. I don't have direct knowledge but logic states maybe there is, I just don't know," San Miguel told senators.De Venecia and Lozada separately told reporters at the Senate that San Miguel was lying about the kickbacks."Leo knows about the advances. Is he lying? Yes!" De Venecia said.Lozada, meanwhile, said, "The technical part of the project was not discussed [during the meetings], it was money."San Miguel said he saw De Venecia and Lozada in some of the meetings that he attended with the Chinese executives of ZTE Corp. He said he attended the meetings as a technical expert but denied any involvement in the transactions..I would like them to have a lie detector test to see who is telling the truth and who is protecting something. this issue that the whole nation is seeking for the truth should have an honest answers. 'so that we can decide whether this government should continue to 2010 or or peoplel immediately will put an end.

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Bb. Pilipina world winner Janina San Miguel was criticized by Ruffa and Melenie

Miss World 1993 Second Princess Ruffa Gutierrez had quite a mouthful of advice and encouragement for Janina San Miguel, the Bb. Pilipinas-World winner who sparked an outrage after she won.San Miguel, who seemed to cave in to the pressure during the question-and-answer portion of the pageant, had a verbal breakdown and started speaking in atrocious English. This turn of events is still being discussed over the Internet, most savagely over YouTube, where her gaffes are viewed repeatedly, sometimes with sympathy but mostly as an object of ridicule.San Miguel won the Bb. Pilipinas-World title and is set to represent the country in the coming Miss World beauty pageant.In reaction to the outrage against the Bb. Pilipinas judges and San Miguel, Gutierrez proved herself a Miss Congeniality to the end. Speaking with ABS-CBN's Mario Dumaual, she explained why it's important for a beauty queen to show competence in her speech and thought processes."I believe that a beauty pageant should be judged not only for the beauty but for the brains. Kasi you're representing your country in an international competition. You're gonna be with different delegates from different countries so you have to represent the Philippines in the best way you possibly can.So that's not just your... physical beauty and also the way you speak, the way you carry yourself. I mean, pangit naman sabihin ang mga Pilipinang, you know, hindi marunong sumagot, 'di ba? Hindi marunong mag-English. To think na 98 percent of our population ay nag-i-English," she said.The former Miss World winner then added that San Miguel should not get discouraged by all the ridicule coming her way, and instead gather the strength and will to better herself."Binibining Pilipinas World has seven months. So dapat gamitin niya yung seven months na 'yon para i-challenge yung sarili niya. Mag-aral siya, mag-aral siya ng speech lessons; mag-aral siya how to have confidence, how to carry herself, at ipakita niya sa mga taong nagri-ridicule sa kanya, 'Aba, kaya ko 'to. Magsa-shine ako sa Miss World at gagalingan ko the next time," she said.(She should use the seven months interim between now and the Miss World pageant to take speech lessons and learn to have more confidence and prove all her critics wrong.)"But always remember, beauty with a purpose and beauty with brains," was Gutierrez final piece of advice.Quotable queenStill, another former beauty queen, 1979 Miss International Melanie Marquez could not help but offer her own advice to San Miguel. San Miguel has been compared to Marquez, who also has difficulty speaking correct English.Marquez's own brand of mangled English has, in fact, become her trademark. So much so that she has authored a book, titled "Don't Judge Me, I'm Not A Book".The book collects her most famous and hilarious malapropisms. Here's a sampling of those quotes:"My brother is not a girl; he’s a gentleman.""Don’t judge my brother; he’s not a book.""I won’t stoop down to my level.""I don’t eat meat. I’m not a carnival."And of course, who could forget the message she gave to former husband Derek Dee at a showbiz talk show? She looked straight at the camera, and told her husband on national television:“And to you, Mrs. Dee, I have two words for you: Ang labo mo!”Now that San Miguel has captured the limelight because of her English, Marquez made this comment, which, unfortunately, is in Filipino:"May karapatan siyang magkamali sa Ingles kung maganda siya (She has the right to make mistakes in English if she's beautiful)."