Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy and Tired

I was so tired this past few days for I am so busy with all the things that needs my expertise. Few days ago, I was busy making a computer table and do the canvassing for the materials needed for the internet cafe. I do the computation and the budgeting and since I am like a one man band in performing the box, I ended up almost 1 in the morning just to finish the job but unfortunately I was not able to fix the whole thing that's why after two hours of sleep I immediately get started again to get the job done. I started at exactly 4 in the morning. After the box making, I need to drive 50 kilometers to reach Panabo City where my friends were waiting. The programmer/installer named Bong arrived in Panabo at exactly 7:30 in the evening then immediately started the installation. We ended up almost 11:30 in the evening then I went back home and arrived at exactly 12:10 in the morning. I am really so tired and until now I still need rest because I have headache. I just hope that I can finished all the job and my responsibilities to have a smooth business operation soon.

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