Saturday, May 31, 2008

Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane are the names chosen by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for their twins

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named their twin daughters Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane, Entertainment Tonight reports. Their will be another big names to be added in the world of entertainment. Since this twins comes from a very dignified actor and actress. They will be also followed by the paparazzi as soon as their mother Angelina will give biirth.

Lighting gives a different ambiance in our home

Before I got married, I have built my own house. I draft my architectural plan in an engineering paper and labeled all the points according to its sizes. Architectural engineering is one of the many courses that I want to get in college but unfortunately that course is not offered in the school where I was enrolled. After I finished the house plan, I look for a friend who is an engineer to help me in getting permits for my house plan since I have no license to make a plan and luckily the plan which I made was approved by the city engineering office. I manage all the work during construction from structural implementation, choosing the right materials until it was finished. After a couple of months the house was already finished and I need to perform my ability in interior designing now. What I did is that, I made a list for all accessories that I needed. The first in line was the ceiling fans and the lighting. I immediately browse the internet to look for the right and perfect lightings. I have found a site named Littman Bros a site that offers a wide range of high quality ceiling fans and lighting fixtures such as forecast lighting. There a lot of lighting styles available in this site. They are offering chandeliers, lamps, under cabinet lighting, and more... I found it so elegant after I finished installing my under cabinet lighting. It gives a different ambiance in my space and every time my wife and friends see it, they always give a positive comments and ask me where did I bought that cabinet lighting. So, to all household owners out there if you want to have a cozy ambiance brought about by lighting effects visit their site now at for they have all the house accessories that you need.

Demi Moore with Ashton Kutcher at LAX airport

Doing their best to stay incognito while heading out to an awaiting limousine, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were spotted post-landing at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on Thursday (May 29).
The 45-year-old Ghost actress appeared quite casual with her hair down and strange tattoo-like markings on both wrists. Ashton, meanwhile, looked a bit unkempt in a tan jacket with a Red Sox cap.

Jessica Simpson on her cowboy hat

Expressing her southern roots with a suede cowboy hat, Jessica Simpson made a grand arrival to LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on Thursday (May 29).
The Dukes of Hazzard actress was accompanied by best friend and personal hair stylist Ken Paves - as the two were returning from a trip to Dallas, Texas.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Weight Loss Programs and Diet Plans

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Victoria Beckham in yellow dress for lunch

With her husband out of town for an International Friendly Match in London, Victoria Beckham has been doing her best to keep busy back home in Los Angeles.
Sporting a bright yellow dress and handbag, the 34-year-old Spice Girl was spotted arriving to Shutter’s on the Beach in Santa Monica for lunch on Thursday (May 29).

Save more on inks

Computers plays a big role in making company transactions fast and easy. It provides immediate response whether it is used for communication or making document files. In every transactions that we make , we make sure that we have a copy of it. Printers are also very important in running a business because it is where we print the documents but what if our printers run out of ink, we can replace it for an alternative ink to cut the cost of ink expenses. Branded original inks are very expensive compared to the alternative one and they still have the same results so why not choose the generic one to save more on ink cost. There is a site named Inkers that offers a high quality, compatible (generic) ink and toner cartridges for a cost effective alternative to the otherwise higher cost of brand name toner and inkjet cartridges. Toner cartridges are also available in Inkers site. So to all companies out there if you want to save more on your printing cost visit their site now at and place now your order. This site is giving you the best deal on printing because they can give you the best price since they get their stocks in volume and direct from the manufacturer, they can offer you some very aggressive prices for your toner, inkjet, & fax cartridge.

Christina Aguilera in her colorful outfit

She’s quickly becoming the party animal mommy of Tinseltown, and Tuesday night/Wednesday morning Christina Aguilera was spotted living it up.
Paparazzi caught up to the “Ain’t No Other Man” songstress outside the celebrity-popular Villa Lounge, looking cute in a blue black and white striped scoopneck sweater overtop a casual grey dress with black stockings and some Smurf blue shoes.

Blake lively in her hoodie attire

Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively keeps a low profile and underneath her hoodie as she reviews her script on the set of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee in Fairfield, Connecticut on Wednesday.
Redheaded beauty Julianne Moore was also seen on set, chatting with Blake.
Blake’s costar and real-life boyfriend Penn Badgley is featured at InStyle. He talks about what “gets him in the mood”, which includes slow, sultry music, sweat and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Finding the best fathers gift this coming June 15

We will be celebrating fathers day this coming June 15 and we want to show to our fathers how much we love them. Fathers are the one who take good care of us during our younger years and until now that we're grown up they still continue supporting us in every journey of our lives. We also have our duty as their sons and daughters to give them the best we can do on fathers day. This is the time where we can express our love and give thanks to what they did for what we are right now. We can express our love in giving bouquet of flowers and gifts to our father. There is a site named 1-800 that provides Fathers day gift basket. There are a lot of flower designs and gift that you can choose from. You can also put your choices form their drop down menu. We are so sure that this coming fathers day, they will be so happy because we are giving gifts to our father. So to all people out there if you want to give happiness this coming fathers day visit this site at and choose the perfect fathers day gift. Father's day happens only once in a year so let us give them the best that we can do on their special day.

Ashlee Simpson is now pregnant

Ashlee is pregnant!
Newlyweds ASHLEE and PETE WENTZ have confirmed that they are expecting a baby in a statement on Pete's web site.
The statement reads: "While many have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child. This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family." The news is signed by Pete and Ashlee Wentz.
Ashlee, 23, and Pete, 28, got married almost two weeks ago on May 17 in a ceremony at Ashlee's family's home. The pair officially started dating in 2006 and last month announced their plan to wed.

Kobe Bryant extra marital affair is not true

Los Angeles Lakers star player KOBE BRYANT tells ET's KEVIN FRAZIER that the rumors surrounding his alleged extra-marital affair with a Lakers cheerleader are 100 percent untrue, and unfair to his family.
Setting the record straight, Bryant also denies even knowing the alleged cheerleader.
Bryant is married to wife VANESSA, and the couple has two young daughters together. Rumors will rapidly move to every one since the one who were rumored is an NBA basketball star.

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Mariah Carey visits The Giants in their Tokyo game

Enjoying her time overseas in Japan, Mariah Carey was busy tossing out the first pitch at a baseball game at the Tokyo Dome on Wednesday (May 28).
Wearing a pair of heels for her mound duties, Mimi was all smiles as she posed with the players before the Yomiuri Giants took on the Rakuten Golden Eagles.

Magnetic sign is one form of advertisements

Advertisement plays a very special role in making your products popular to every consumers in town. It is where you create buzz about the new products. Advertisements can be done in print media, through a television and through radio and the most popular now a days is through signage. Most of the advertisers make their own magnetic signs because there is a site named Build A Sign where in you can customize your design in choosing online to fit with your target. You can purchase your customize chosen design in less that 5 minutes because of its most advance printing equipment. So, if you need a quality signs whether it is a customize banners, car magnets, real estate signs, parking, political, or plywood signs visit their site now at to have a full information about the different types of signs that they offer.

Kim Kardashian will be launching an auction on E Bay for a good cause

Bid on Kim's clothes on E Bay!
Ever dream of having a wardrobe like the lovely KIM KARDASHIAN? Now is your chance! Kim will be launching an auction on E Bay, May 29th. You can now get your hands on some of her favorite's right from her very own closet. Items include: Jimmy Choo boots, Chanel bags, a Cartier watch and a Missoni dress.
A percentage of all the proceeds will be given to Kim's favorite charity the Dream Foundation -- which grants special wishes of terminally ill adults. You can own it and at the same time you can help other people because the money that you pay for the item will be used for the sick adults.

New site for hip hop and rap music lovers

Good news to all music lovers. There is a site named Rap Artist where in you can find all of your favorite artist and search your favorite musics from hip hop to Rap Music Lyrics . They also provide top 10s' and new music album releases, artist listings and forums that you can join. They also provide you with new ringtones. So to all music lovers out there, if you want to be updated in the world of hip hop and rap musics, this site would be the best site for you. Check this site always at because this is your number one rap resource on the net.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ashley Tisdale was deeply in love

These days it seems like most Hollywood relationships are here one day, and gone the next. But Ashley Tisdale isn’t about to get thrown into that category.
The “High School Musical” hottie was spotted yesterday dispelling rumors that she and her boyfriend Jared Murillo had split up.

Patrick Swayze is suffering from pancreatic cancer

The entertainment world was dealt a serious blow back in March when Patrick Swayze announced that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer. But it seems like the tables have turned for the “Dirty Dancing” actor.
Per a recent press update, Patrick says that he’s been living a full life, unencumbered by his illness. And the best part is, he’s responding extremely well to the treatment he’s been receiving.


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David Banda is Madonna's new adopted son

In what has been quite the lengthy process, Madonna has officially obtained permanent guardianship of son David Banda, who she adopted from Malawi.
“A judge in Malawi has given final approval to Madonna’s adoption of the 2-year-old boy she discovered in an orphanage in 2006,” the Associated Press reports.

Lindsay Lohans father denies that her daughter is a lesbian

Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan denies confirming that his daughter is in a lesbian relationship with her best friend, DJ Samantha Ronson. that's what I am talking about. As I heard the news about Lindsay being a lesbian at first, I really disagree because Lindsay has really a feminine actions in every aspects. I think they were just close friends with Samantha like anybody elese in the world of entertainment.

Victoria Beckham bonding together with her son Cruz

Victoria Beckham spends some more time with her youngest son, Cruz, 3, and grabs lunch together on Tuesday at Pink Taco in Century City, Calif.
Does Cruz have a fish or a tidal wave on his shirt??
Hermes Ostrich Birkin Bag in Pink.

Stuff TV your ultimate guide in choosing the right gadgets

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Cyndi Lauper has a new album

CYNDI LAUPER may be 54 but she still just wants to have fun, and she's got a new dance track, "Into the Nightlife," to prove it. We caught up with her as she shot the cover art for her new album, Bring Ya to the Brink, and talked about going on the road with the B-52s, JOAN JETT and the BLACKHEARTS, REGINA SPEKTOR, THE CLIKS and more bands on her "True Colors Tour," kicking off Saturday in Boston. I am really excited to see Cyndi back again because eventhough she's 54 she still have the striking voice. Go Go Go... Cyndi..... because there are a lot of your fans waiting to see you back on stage .

Lindsay lohans father says her daughter is a lesbian

Michael Lohan says his daughter Lindsay's close relationship with deejay Samantha Ronson "is evident to anyone with half a brain." He confirms that her daughter Lindsay is a lesbian. Lindsay Lohan has a great body and cute face. I hope that she will never turned to be a lesbian because there were lot of guys out there who always admire on her. to you Lindsay all I can say Is that be a good girl and stay away from drugs because drugs can kill you and destroys every one's life.

My internet connection PLDT My Dsl is down

Yesterday, after 9 O'clock in the morning after I finished posting my article The internet service provider was down and I kept on calling their hotline service but there was no one their to accomodate my call. I called some of my friends who were also using PLDT MY DSL internet connection and they all said that PLDT My DSL is having a problem all over Visayas and Mindanao regions. I was not able to contininue some of my task in the internet instead I went to Maligaya garden to propagate some of my plants and clean my space.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tutorials on how to choose cheap but reliable web hosting provider

Starting a business online needs a good web hosting services. There are a lot of sites that offers a cheap web hosting but not all has good features and benefits and there are also some sites that offers an expensive web hosting but at the end of your subscription you find a bad web hosting services. Choosing a web hosting needs you to have a little knowledge about it. There is a site named Web Hosting Articles and Tutorials that provides you with web hosting tutorials. In this site you can see how to choose the best and cheap web hosting provider. You can also weigh things out between the cheap and the expensive web hosting providers. So, to all people out there who are looking for a cheap web hosting provider visit this site first at so that you will have a full knowledge in choosing your web hosting services.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Molly Goodson is now married

You all may have noticed Molly's been a bit MIA for the past few days. She'll be off for another week enjoying her honeymoon like the rich and the famous. Sunday night she tied the knot with her fabulous man Kjell in Sonoma, CA with friends and family by her side. Molly looked amazing in her Vera Wang gown and big grin. Congrats to the other half of PopSugar — we're all so excited for you!!!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought a $60 million property

Expectant parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have paid $60 million on a 1,000-acre estate in the south of France, E! reports. They can really afford it because they are one of the most highest paid actors and actress in the world of entertainment in the hollywood.

"Vacuum type" is the one use for plant reproduction

Plant inside the transparent plastic.
Different types of plants propagated through Vacuum type of production

Me and my daughter Keisha worked in our production area the whole day. We propagate our different kinds of plants through vacuum type of production. I chose this type of production over the other because it gives us more produce and has a less mortality rates when we compared it to other types of production such as marcot and cuttings and the so called grafting. We bought the largest transparent plastics for the vacuum production. It cost 240 pesos per 25 transparent plastics. I also build a shade that is made up of coconut leaves to prevent the hot glaring sun rays. There are still vacant spaces in the propagation area so, by tomorrow, I will buy another set of plastics to cover the whole area and to maximize the production period.

My essay writing solution

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Lindsay Lohans Lesbian issue

Controversial actress Lindsay Lohan was seen with a new ring on her engagement finger just days after she was spotted getting intimate in public with her DJ friend Samantha Ronson.Lohan was wearing a ring to the Dolce and Gabanna party in Cannes, reports. Though there are speculations that the relationship might be lesbian, Lohan has vehemently claimed that the two are just good friends.Ronson has been friends with Lohan for quite some time now and was near her even as Lohan went to rehabilitation thrice last year.Lohan's mom Dina believes Ronson is a good influence on Lohan and says that they are just friends. I hope this rumored about her lesbian relationship is not true because if this is true. It can ruin here career and image in the public. She had put stain on her images three times last year because of her prohibited drug issues. I hope this time she can clear her name on this lesbian relationship issue. Lindsay Lohan is a good actress. She has really a talent and a potential in making good movies in Hollywood.

Lindsay lohan with her rumored girlfriend Samantha Ronson in NY

Amidst speculation that she and her rumored girlfriend, Samantha Ronson are engaged…
The New York Post is reporting that Lindsay Lohan and the DJ have moved in together.
And, adding more fire to the Firecrotch flames, sources tell us that several of the celeb weeklies are said to be offering Lohan a lot of money if she will come out as a lesbian exclusively with them.

Hilary Duff continued her philanthropic actions

Hilary Duff continued her philanthropic "Blessings in a Backpack" program that she helped start three years ago with a visit to Boca Raton Elementary School Thursday. She said it was an honor to meet the kids and hand out backpacks of food, while the children showed their appreciation with flowers and huge homemade thank you cards. At the event, May 22nd was even officially declared as Boca Blessings in a Backpack Day, which just goes to show Hil is still the sweetheart you thought she was.

The List Provider

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Josh Duhamel is busy filming after his beach vacation with Fergie

Josh Duhamel was having a grand old time between takes while filming When in Rome on Thursday. Josh and his lady love Fergie have been in NYC for the last few weeks since their Bahamian beach vacation. Fergie has been busy performing and partying while Josh has been hard at work on set. They are clearly smitten with each other — and if you're a big fan of Josh and Fergie, show them some love on the PopSugar 100.
In order to help move the needle, make sure to check out the celebrity profile pages and become a fan and vote on the 5 factors: likability, talent, looks, class and style. Then stay tuned to see where they land on the 2nd Annual PopSugar 100!

Ben Barnes and William Moseley are in Australia for the premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia

Pretty boys Ben Barnes and William Moseley suit up and attend the premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian at the State Theatre on Sunday in Sydney, Australia.
The pair joined by director Andrew Adamson and producer Mark Johnson.
Prince Caspian slipped to No. 2 at this box office this weekend with $23 million for the Friday-to-Sunday period. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull unearthed a massive $126 million during its first four days of release in North American theaters. Including the Memorial Day holiday, the total should reach $151 million.

Penelope Cruz is in Canary for her new movie, Los Abrazos rotos (Broken Embraces).

Accompanied by director Pedro Almodovar, Penelope Cruz was resonant in red as she made a Sunday afternoon arrival in Lanzarote, the easternmost of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
Penelope and Pedro are there to scout out locations and prepare for the filming of Pedro’s new movie, Los Abrazos rotos (Broken Embraces).

Looking for a classic furniture to match with my house design

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The perfect pouch for my Olympus underwater camera

A couple of hours ago I went to the mall to look for the right camera pouch. It has been two weeks since we both looking for that pouch because everytime we look for a camera pouch, there are no available sizes that will perfectly fit for the size of my Olympus underwater camera. We went to shoe mart mall to look for a store who is selling a camera pouch and luckily I found the right pouch for my camera at the CDR king store that is located at the third level of the SM Mall. the price of the pouch was so cheap compared to other stores. I bought it for only 100 pesos or 2.32 dollars only while others were selling at 500 pesos or 11.62 dollars. The materials of the pouch were pack cloth which is designed to protect the camera lens.

Lindsay Lohan in green fashion

Lindsay Lohan goes green at the Dolce and Gabanna party at Baoli, Port Canto during the 2008 International Cannes Film Festival on Friday in Cannes, France.
LiLo, 21, has been getting attention for her recent PDA with BFF Samantha Ronson. The pair were seen cuddling, kissing and holding hands on Sean Combs‘ yacht on Wednesday. They have denied that they’re an item.


Her relationship graduates to the next level of commitment.
KAYCEE STROH, who is busy reprising her character Martha Cox on the set of 'High School Musical 3,' tells People magazine she got engaged to her boyfriend BEN HIGGINSON on Saturday morning.
"We shot from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m., and Ben was waiting for me in my trailer," KayCee tells the mag. "He was waiting for me with a single red rose. Then he took me up to the H Rock, a place at the top of a little mountain that overlooks Salt Lake City, and we watched the sunrise. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him."
He also gave her "the most amazing ring," KayCee says, adding: "It's a princess cut solitaire diamond surrounded by pave set diamonds. I don't ever want to take it off!"

Looking for the latest clothing for women

Me and my friend Lynel is discussing all about the latest trends this summer because she is so interested to buy for the latest summer clothing. There are a lot of summer clothing's that she discussed and believe that those fashion designs are the latest fashion for this summer. I said to her if you want to check the latest trend for this summer why not browse the internet and check to see for the exact results. I gave her the site named shopwiki where she can find and buy online the latest clothing for women. She was so satisfied with the site because it has everything that she needs from shoes , bags, swimsuits, denim skirts, suits, bras, blazers, sleepwear, tops and more... You can also find here the women's spring style guide and women's clothing designers. So, if you are looking for a new fashion for this summer check this site out at This store has everything that you need. It is a one stop shop for online shoppers like my friend Lynel. They have a lot of products for you to choose from that comes in good quality and don't worry about the prices because they are giving you the best prices in town.

Madonna Feels very attractive at 50

Pop superstar Madonna is happy getting older because she believes she is becoming more attractive with each passing reports that the singer, who will be 50 in August this year, feels more fit, toned and more attractive than she has ever been. She said: 'I like the way I look better now. My thighs aren't as chubby. I'm not kidding. I'm being perfectly honest.'Madonna admits she never thought of herself as a natural beauty saying, 'I see myself as practical and handsome and useful. I don't think of myself as a great beauty. But I think of myself as stylish.'She also doesn't reminisce too much about her past looks and said, 'I don't look at old pictures of myself. I don't look at pictures of myself from last week. Once I've approved of them, they're gone.'

Making my mango float dessert

My wife Lyhra and daughter Keisha set aside some of our mango produce. This morning my wife and my daughter Keisha made a mango float dessert. They were busy slicing the mangoes into strips. They also bought some marsh mallows to add as toppings on their mango float. I prepared also a little mango float for this afternoons party. It is the 35th birthday of my brother Junix. I hope they will appreciate the dessert that I prepared because I made it in my own special way.

Dita Von Teese has a classic look

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese attends the big bash thrown by party aficionados Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana at Baoli, Port Canto during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival on Friday in Cannes, France.
Loving the high-waisted skirt with the lace-up stitching!

Gold investments

We all now that there are a lot of precious metals in this world and there is one of these precious metals which is gold that every countries depends on how powerful they are if they have more gold reserves. All of us want gold but not all can invest becuase of its price value but if you have the capacity to purchase why not invest. There is a site named Monex Precious Metals makers of the finest investment-grade gold bullion bars wherein you can invest. so, if you have plan to invest in gold you can contact Monex Precious Metals at number 1-800-444-8317. This site is the name you can trust when it comes to gold investments because Monex has been America's trusted name in coin and bullion trading...for over 40 years.

Jessica Simpson is going home from a vacation in Mexico

She’s been sunning herself in the Mexican sun over the past week, and yesterday Jessica Simpson was spotted boarding a plane to head home.
The “With You” singer was joined by mother and father Tina and Joe Simpson as well as a few friends as she boarded a private plane.

My wife bought a wardrobe on her blogs first earning

Blogging is a great way to express your feeling towards a certain products or events wherein you can share it to all of your readers. Blogging is also a good source of income if you monetize your blogs from different paying sites. There are a lot of blogger all over the world who continuously sharing their thoughts and ideas to everyone in the blogosphere. Through blogging you can win friends online and meet different kinds of people of different cultures and there are also some blogger who invest their blog earnings. My wife Lyhra is a blogger. She started blogging four months ago just to put her expressions in writings and I said to her that if you want to start blogging why not monetize your blog like anybody else so that you will earn money. At first you will not earn that much but as time goes by when you save more of your blog earnings you can buy what you want and pay the cost of other household expenses such as electric and water bills, telephone and others... Two weeks ago when she transferred her first earnings from paypal to her personal savings account, she was very happy because she can't believe it that she was earnings money out of her blog. She decided to withdraw some of her funds to buy a wardrobe for her daughter Keisha. She went to Makro mall on that day and choose the perfect wardrobe. She bought a 16" x 48" x 48' wardrobe size at the price of P2,856.25 . when the wardrobe is already in the house she and her daughter Keisha were very busy arranging everything in the room to give space for the new wardrobe. I said to them, you know what this thing made possible because of blog writing. It would be very nice if you monetize your blog because you will earn money and you can use your earnings on buying something that you need.

Saving your earnings online

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Selling mangoes in the village

Yesterday, My wife Lyhra prepared all the sweet mangoes in front of my parents house just near the gate to sell those sweet mangoes. At exactly 4:00 O'clock in the afternoon when the glaring heat of the sun starts to regulate, they immediately arrange all the available mangoes on top of the wooden table. After arranging those mangoes, there were a lot of neighbors who bought. They were selling like hotcakes. I never knew that selling mangoes is like a "blockbuster". They were selling at the price of 35 per kilo and after 2 hours they were all sold and the neighbors are still keep on coming asking if there were still mangoes available. The kids Keisha and Cykie helped in selling those mangoes. If there were customers to come to buy for mangoes, the two kids were always in a hurry to get some plastic bags for the mangoes.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Charlotte Mears and Bianca Gascoigne have sexy bodies

Charlotte Mears and Bianca Gascoigne bikini pics! (Marbella, Spain - 5/22)
If you squint your eyes really tight, these two almost look like Lindsay and Sam. Of course, by “really tight” I mean close them completely.

Kim Kardashian has a great body figure

Since yesterday’s video of Kim Kardashian flashing her booty at the camera just wasn’t enough for me, I thought I’d share with you these smoking hot photos of Kim at a bikini/lingerie/cleavage photoshoot for Ralph magazine. Oh, and if you haven’t guessed by now, yes, I totally dig Kim and her roller coaster curves. Enjoy the pictures.

Sandler clan is getting bigger because there is another one coming soon

Adam Sandler announced last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that he and his wife Jackie are expecting their second child sometime in October.
The You Don’t Mess with Zohan star is 41 and his wife Jackie is 33.
The couple have a two-year-old daughter Sadie who is always worried about her “sick” mom. “She’s very sick. She’s going through a lot. My wife gets it very bad, she vomits a lot — morning, afternoon, the whole deal. My little daughter is always looking at her and is nervous to see her mom sick like that,” said Adam.
In case you missed it, check out Sadie the Strawberry Sweetheart!
Congrats to the Sandler clan!

Looking for the best holiday accomodation

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Mel B got a weird ride

Mel B has very unusual taste. It would seem that she has a preference for the “wild kingdom” flair (have you seen her clothing line??). Check out pics of her pimped out limo below. Word is she rides all over LA in that tacky-mobile.

Shopping online at black friday

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Bar Refaeli in bridal fashion show

Bar Refaeli looked stunning as part of a bridal fashion show yesterday and when will her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio ever gets up the nerve to propose! . She looks gorgeous and beautiful walking down the runway. She has the perfect face and body!
The Israeli-born supermodel was spotted burning up the runway at the Puerta De Europa Bridal Fashion Show at IFEMA in Madrid, Spain.