Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Luxury Office Chairs

The office that I have been working for, for the past fifteen years has finally decided to renovate the interior as well as its exterior for the paint and the office furniture's and fixtures has depreciated over the years and it is very unbecoming to have an old office. Though global crisis has hit our company's sales, it is just prim and proper to take the necessary expenses to rebuild, repaint and to replace the worn and torn office furniture's. The company's management is planning to buy Luxury Office Chairs to compete and to belong with other twenty first century offices. This is a big leap for our company but it is worth it. A lot of prospect clients has invested time and money to start a business and it is an irony for the global financial crisis is still present. Thus, the renovation is just timely, in this way the company will have a positive impact to clients for they are visiting the office very often. I myself is very much proud together with my co employees with the endeavor that my company is taking into consideration, and this plan will take effect on the second week of July.

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Landscaping materials are here for you

I grow trees that is best for park landscaping and some of my trees are formed into several shapes which gardeners called "topiary". I really love to see them in shapes because it adds beauty and it also dictates higher prices than the ordinary one that is not shaped. I grow different varieties such as bottle brush, red palms, pine trees, variegated ficus benjaminas, and other flowering materials. i took some pictures of my plants yesterday morning for my frequent visitors here in my blog and to some hobbyist and landscape architech who are looking for park landscape materials. The above pictures show that actual size of my trees and plants.

If you want to contact me for pricing and placing orders just leave a message in my tagboard below and dont forget to type your email add.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Achieving a beautiful figure

"We are all created through the image and likeness of God", as the old cliche goes which means we are all good and most importantly beautiful. But there are some undesirable features that we as individuals don't like, like the presence of bulges in our bodies that is due to excessive fat as we grow old or most likely some are born fat. Thus, we become conscious of these undesirable excess luggage that we carry with our body everyday. Some people who are tired of carrying these luggage's would go and have it removed by lipo experts and is done in the hospital and not in any other place for this procedure is executed by doctors or cosmetic surgeons.

Daily exercise is good to trim down weight but would take months or even years to achieve the desirable figure, while lipo would take only a week to eliminate the fat and you could flaunt the new figure that you have with your friends. So, if you have problems regarding your humongous body size and would want to eliminate it through lipo, have the services of competent and experts in this field and acquire the figure that you've always wanted in just a snap of your fingers.

tea tree oil to fight head lice

It seems that at the beginning of every school year there is an outbreak of head lice among school children. The head lice, appearing as small grayish white specs, bite and puncture the scalp, causing pain and itching. The problem may persist due to the hatching of new eggs approximately every two weeks. Since head lice is contagious, it can be widespread. Head lice is often transmitted by combs, brushes, hats, bed linens, etc. I once spoke to a Dallas school nurse who voiced concern regarding the use of chemically-based shampoos the standard treatment for children's head lice. She expressed a great deal of interest in being able to offer tea tree oil as a natural substitute.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Searching your car in the net

A friend of mine named Justin who is also a professional auto-diesel mechanic just like me is looking for a surplus cars. He wants to buy one used jeep for his service. I immediately help him in looking for cars for sale in the internet. Hurplus care don't want to buy brand new cars because He knew he can save more money in buying used car and he also know how to fix it if there are things that needs to be fix specially on used cars. I found a site in the net named Lemonfree.com. It is a site where you could made your purchase easier. So if you are looking for your choice of car try to search by using the lemonfree.com where you can save time on searching your car.

A big Santol tree drops towards highway area

When I was in my garden in Maligaya Village, we experience heavy rain that's why we were not able to continue working with the installation of our new wooden gates as a replacement for the old one. At exactly 5:15 in the afternoon strong winds slaps the entire Catalunan area where most of the plants turned upside down and we saw the big Santol tree drops towards the highway side but it didn't totally touches the road because the whole tree branches lies on the main road electrical wires. I immediately warned gardeners in the area to stay away from the tree because it might get high voltage for it touches the live road wires. I will informed the Davao light electric company tomorrow about it because they are the one responsible for clearing the main electrical lines. I took some pictures of the Santol tree during the incident.

Treat your fence using the best sprayers

I am fixing my fence in my house because one of its wooden brackets got cracks. I immediately applied some wood glue to restore it back. One of my friends named Allan who is a chemical engineer said that it is best to apply fence treatment to last long. I immediately surf the net to look for a site that offers fence treatment and luckily I found a site named Ronseal that offers both a Ronseal Fence Sprayers and Ronseal One coat Fencelife. The Ronseal Power Sprayer is the quickest and easiest way to treat fence panels. The cordless battery operated unit can be taken anywhere in the garden and requires no pumping or charging, giving the user an instant power and the freedom to keep going for up to 40 fence panels. I am so impressed with item because I have tried a lot of sprayers but there's no one can surpass the new Ronseal Power Sprayer. I highly encourage all people out there who are looking for the best sprayer to use this Ronseal sprayer because it is so handy and very effective. For more information about the product just visit the Ronseal site at http://www.ronseal.co.uk/products/product.jsp?id=80.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson "The king of Pop" dies at 50

Michael Jackson, the moonwalking former child star who became known the world over as the "King of Pop" before his life and career deteriorated in a freakish series of scandals, died Thursday, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press. He was 50. The person said Jackson died in a Los Angeles hospital. The person was not authorized to speak publicly and requested anonymity.

The circumstances of his death were not immediately clear. Jackson was not breathing when Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call at his Los Angeles home about 12:30 p.m., Capt. Steve Ruda told the Los Angeles Times. The paramedics performed CPR and took him to UCLA Medical Center, Ruda told the newspaper.

Jackson's death brought a tragic end to a long, bizarre, sometimes farcical decline from his peak in the 1980s, when he was popular music's premier all-around performer, a uniter of black and white music who shattered the race barrier on MTV, dominated the charts and dazzled even more on stage.

He was perhaps the most exciting performer of his generation, known for his feverish, crotch-grabbing dance moves, his high-pitched voice punctuated with squeals and titters. His single sequined glove and tight, military-style jacket were trademarks second only to his ever-changing, surgically altered appearance.

I love to travelling

One of my friends named Jessica is getting married soon and she is still looking for a wedding place where she can invite her friends and special guests. I helped her in looking for the best place to spend her wedding day and I immediately surf the net to look for a site that offers the best place for caribbean weddings and luckily I found a site named SuperClubs Breezes Resorts that offers special discount vacation packages. Aside from wedding packages, this site offers a lot to travelers all inclusive travel deals. They have the best amenities for lovers and travelers as well. I can say that this is the perfect site for couples, lovers and travelers who want to discover new place to stay and to spend quality time. So to all travelers out there booked now to avail big discounts and special packages that SuperClubs Breezes Resorts offers. I am pretty sure you will love the place for they have all what you need as a traveler. Their hospitable attendants are ready to assist you. SuperClubs made it relaxing and completely stress-free! For more information about their good services and special discount offers, just visit their site at www.breezes.com or you may call them at number 877-273-3937.

Davao electric bill

Two weeks ago I received a bill from the Davao Light company stating my bills and this morning I checked all the details of my electric bills and their I found out that there are a lot of charges imposed that will bloat the figures. I also found out out the system loss charge that is also passed to the consumers. This is the reason why all of the consumption of the consumers are getting higher because of this thing. There is nothing we can do because this is a big institution that not anyone can dictate even government. this is the reason why most of the people migrate to other countries for they have fair and acceptable rules.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The best nurse guide

I have a lot of friends who is a nurse who works in different local hospitals. Whenever we have gatherings on special occasions, we always talked about their kind of work and opportunities for them abroad. It is always a topic about applying abroad because we all know that there are more opportunities abroad. Most of my nurse friends frequently visit a site called Scrubs, it is a nurse guide to good living. It is a site wherein you can read different interesting articles for nurses. You can also find here scrubs magazine, best cities to be a nurse, and colorful chic scrubs. This site in the net helps a lot of nurses in looking on how to fight stress, and be in good shape always. Their tips and stories page gives more idea to nurses who are planning to get better shifts. I highly encourage most nurses in town to visit this site frequently to be able to get the latest news and information for nurses. This is a one stop shop for nurses who needs information on all aspects of their life because it tackles everything from health. beauty, style, work , love, money, news and entertainment. It is really the best nurse guide to good living. so visit now their site for more information at http://www.scrubsmag.com.

Nurses are still in demand abroad

Nurses are still in demand courses now a days. There are thousand of nurse graduates every year but nurse list are getting longer than the previous years. This is just a simple indication that there are more nurse jobs abroad. Nurse abroad gets more pay than working here in local hospitals. This is the reason why some of our doctors here enrolled themselves to a nurse course just to apply for a job abroad. it is so sad to hear that most of these good doctors fly to land in a good paying job as a nurse but there's no other choice they also have families to feed and bills to pay. Philippine Education is so expensive most specially in private schools where they are offering quality education. I just hope that one day education here will be upgraded like a private one.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love watching TV

There is really a huge change in me after I got my Direct TV at home. I remembered before that my wife used to call me late at night informing me that I have a house where I can sleep and not to any body's place. It is because I used to stay at the house of my close friend just to watch Cable TV. But after I got my Direct Satellite TV at home, I never go to my friend's place again just to watch TV.

What I like about the Direct TV at home is that I have all the channels that I wanted. From sports to movies, its all there and I can access it with just a click of my remote control of my TV. There are also cool Direct TV Deals, this make having a direct TV more advantageous than just cable TV. For more information about the Direct TV, just visit directtv.com now.

Computer business is a profitable one

The computer box
The wirings

The finished product where plenty of users play online.

I am not a computer technician but since i have electrical background on Auto electrical, I was able to install a customized computer device wherein a user needs to drop a one peso coin in a coin slot for the computer to run. There are a lot of wires inside and its components. I also made the computer box and its paint. It cost around 25 thousand plus cheaper than the machines that are sold in the market now. This type of computer machines is limited in the market for most of the computer owners and operators used the regular one where owners who controls the servers will remind the user of its remaining time while this one is different a single drop of coin will run for 6 minutes and after you consume the time the whole device will automatically shut off. This will save more on energy because the whole thing is not working anymore unlike with the regular computers where they are in stand by mode. This is really a profitable one. I can say that I wanted to own a business like this but I don't have enough capital. I just hope that one day if I can save more funds. I will definitely run this kind of business where internet users will surely patronize it. I will show some pictures which I took a week ago during my visit in my friends internet shop which I am also a part owner.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Save more on your hotel expenses

We are planning to travel to different Asian countries this coming mid of September with my officemates as part of our Asian tour sponsored by our company for we have achieved our goal to be included in the top 5 companies that provide the highest income in sales in the region for the first quarter of the year. I was in-charge of the budget for the travel that's why I immediately look for a site in the net that offers big discount on hotels and luckily I found a site named Accorhotels.com that provides city super sales for Asian tours. We planned to visit China, Thailand and Hong Kong because this countries have a lot to discover. China is known for its great wall, and Thailand is known for its new plant varieties and hybrids while Hong Kong is for fashion apparels and large shopping malls. We are very lucky in booking our hotels online because we were able to avail big discounts. Accor Hotels is giving big discounts up to 60 percent if travellers book on-line between 23 - 29 June, for stays between July 10 and September 30, 2009. So if you are looking for a site in the net where you can avail big discounts, go straight to the Accor Hotels site where you can avail big discounts and offers corporate promotions, hot deals and special offers. For more information of their services just visit their site at www.accorhotels.com.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Internet shop in Panabo City

This afternoon I went to Panabo City to visit the internet business of my brothers officemate named Yongyong which I also is a partial owner. The internet business runs almost ten days already and it gives good results. There are a lot of online players that keeps on coming to play their favorite online games. My brother was the first one to reach the said place with his son Cykie Dodge. When we arrived the place, my daughter Keisha started to play online games but she was not so familiar with those online games that's why some of the players taught her how to play the game online. It was really fun watching them playing their favorite online games. This kind of business is very profitable and easy to manage because you only need the machines plus the buffer coins. It is like your making a piggy bank where other people will drop coins for your savings. I just hope that this business will grow bigger and bigger. I took some pictures during our visit to the internet cafe. The pictures above shows how plenty the online players were.

Billiard online

Every weekend I used to go to the mall with my friends to play billiard game. I love playing billiard because it enhances my sense of sight. I am not really a professional player when it comes to this game as a matter of fact, I just started to play when one of my friends introduced to me just a couple of weeks ago and since it gives so much fun to the group we play it regularly every weekends. After the game, we had a conversation with the group about playing the billiard game online and one of the member told us that he used to play it online in a site called 8c1.net. It is a site that offers a free multiplayer billiards game so after the discussion the group decided to play it online in an internet cafe and all are having fun. So if you want to play billiard game online just go straight to the site that offers multiplayer games,8c1.net.http://www.8c1.net.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Electrical works

This afternoon I pull out my CPU unit and cleaned it. I checked some parts and its wiring. I dismantled some of its parts and cleaned it outside by using a vacuum cleaner. I also repair its blue lamp and right now its all working. I thank my daughter Keisha for helping me fixing my desktop. I also taught her how to check broken wires by using my multi-tester device. I am not a computer technician but since I am so interested in those things I learned it by watching some of my friends who knows electronics but I have some electrical background as a professional auto-diesel mechanic.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kate Price is still my favorite sexy model

Kate Price, never one to let sunshine go to waste (or a tanning bed for that matter) hit the beach in Ibiza for a sexy photo shoot.
The former glamour model wore a revealing ripped sweater, that was probably used to catch lunch later that day, before changing into a more demure zebra-striped bikini.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are you still experiencing Global Financial Crisis?

Are companies still suffering from global financial crisis?

I have read several articles in the net stating that global financial crisis is over and most of the companies now are recovering from what bad economy destroys its business operation. There are companies that can't support the impact of the situation and finally closes its window to the consuming public but how really true is that, that global financial crisis is over? I can say that it is not yet over because most of the companies are still in bad condition brought about by the previous economic problem but one thing for sure is that most of these companies are recovering and i am really happy for that because there will be no slashing down of employees. Let us just pray for the best that all will be back to normal.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Keisha got perfect score on her second day of school

My daughter Keisha got a perfect score on their school exercises which the her teacher gave them exercises on their second day of school. I was very much surprised for the result. I am so proud of her and I hope that she will continue to perform satisfactorily. I teach her everyday on how to organize her books as well as her subject schedules. I want her to be like me when it comes to organizing because I am the type of person who wants to be very organize in any work I do.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kids at play

The whole gang is playing in my house. The 2 kids are building a house like while the smallest kid named Pinpin sits inside the building pile. They were so happy playing in my living room.
They are the best of friends. After playing they ate their favorite meriendas such as chocolates and candies.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pin-pin loves chocolate cake

My lovely niece visited me this morning and I gave her chocolate cake and drinks. She was very happy to received the cake when I was also busy fixing her brothers toy car. I was not able to see her eating the cake that's why she got really messy and all the icings were on her face. The pictures above show how messy she was but she's still cute. That's my lovely niece named Pin-pin.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Keisha's new pink trolley bag

Yesterday my wife Lyhra fix the lesson plan notebooks of my daughter Keisha. She covered it with a clear plastic sheets. Keisha has a lot of notebooks and books and when we both arranged it inside her trolley bag the books won't fit that's why we decided to buy a new trolley bag for her. We went to the nearest mall in town to look for a trolley bag that is bigger than the older one and we found one trolley bag that cost quite expensive but we have no choice because this is the most cheaper compared to other trolley bags. The pictures above shows the new trolley bag with my daughter Keisha.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The tens best places to live

We all know that the economy are not getting better due to global financial crisis but despite of the economic problems and uncertain economy that each nations encountered there are still best places to live and retire and to find work for they have a world class facilities and and theses are:
Here's our list of the 10 best places to live:

1. Albuquerque, N.M.

2. Auburn, Ala.

3. Austin, Texas

4. Boise, Idaho

5. Durham, N.C.

6. La Crosse, Wis.

7. Loveland, Colo.

8. San Luis Obispo, Calif.

9. St. Augustine, Fla.

10. Upper St. Clair, Pa.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


When my wife and I decided to have a new car, we were very eager to have it immediately. Our old car was with us since we were in college and until now it has the sentimental tough with us. Selling it was not in our option and we will not consider that option either. We just want a new car for our growing family. I went to different showrooms and car display areas to find the car that is right or us. We wanted a car that would fit to the city living, less maintenance and fuel efficient. That is what we are looking for the car that we wanted. I tried searching in an Automotive Marketing site and we found what we were looking for. Nowadays, automotive marketing sites are scattered in the internet and has been helping many people who, just like me, to find the car that they are looking for. After we contacted the automotive shop for the car, we decided to enlist ourselves and be part of the automotive marketing. We listed the cobra and the mustang in the garage. We acquired these cars several years ago and we think that they deserve a new owner that will use them often and take care of them. For people who are engaged in selling of cars, I suggest you join an automotive marketing site for the the possibilities of earning more is endless. Feel free to visit http://endlessresources.com now.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ride after dinner

We went to the NCCC mall awhile ago together with the rest of the gang for our dinner. We ate at Chowking food chain, one of my favorite restaurants in town. I always order my favorite Fish tausi and a cup of vegetable soup and iced tea. I really love the taste of their food for it is so delicious and the price are just reasonable compared to other restaurants. After our dinner my mom went to the atrium place where there are running mobile characters for rent so the kids tried to ride and they are very happy for they were having so much fun. I am pretty sure that if we will go out for dinner again the kids will ask to ride again.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Choose the best web hosting provider for your site

I always used my laptop computer everyday of my life because i always browse interesting site that could give me important ideas and news on website building. I am so interested when it comes to that matter. Why? because I am a website builder for about ten years now and I can say that I am successful with the kind of career that I have. There are a lot of companies that hires my expertise when it comes to website making. I have made several sites to different popular company products already and until now I still received a lot of calls from multi-national companies who needs my services. Creating a website is really so simple if you know the basics and there is one thing that a website builder like me needs to pair it with the reliable and trusted webhosting provider so that created sites will run smoothly. There is a site named Webhostinggeek that I used to visit frequently if I need to buy a web hosting services. I really like this site because it provides reviews and information on each web hosting providers and you can also read some of important information's through their blog section. This site really helps a lot of website builders like me. So If you're looking for the best web hosting providers, go straight to the webhostinggeek site at http://webhostinggeeks.com.

Hoping for the best

I already submitted the documents needed for my application abroad. I have completed all the documents and gathered all the necessary documents to support my declarations in written form. Vetassess is the one responsible for my application. I just hope that Iwill pass the expectations of the assessing agency so that I could also work abroad and earn good income for my family.

The house they dream of

Just recently I have noticed that a house is nothing without a good plan, foundation and most of all a good roof that would withstand any climate change, such as snow, hale and heavy rains. My sister got a new home for she got married to a British National who resides in the United States and work in the marines as a technical Sargent. Since my sister have ample savings for she is also a nurse, she decided together with her husband to build a house for their coming family. They have designed the house that they have dreamt of. I even actually saw the floor plan before its execution for I was their having my two week vacation in their apartelle. The house area was a 400 square meter and a two storey building with four bedrooms, a living room, dining, a garage, a spacious kitchen with a patio facing the sunrise and the best part is the entertainment room. They even had the services of Oklahoma City Roofing for their roof to safe guard them from heavy rains and snows for according to them the weather is sometimes unpredictable and cruel. It could be sunny in the morning and could turn into a storm in the later part of the evening. I am so amazed of the plan they both have. How I wish next time I visit them the house that they have dreamt of is complete and livable.

10 house cleaning tips

If your house is a mess... again, here are ten (10) house cleaning tips to help you out.

1.Make a house cleaning schedule.

2.Survey each room in your home, look for the trouble spots and decide on how you're going to get them cleaned up. Here you can decide what tools you'll need, what can be thrown away or better yet, who you can assign the task to.

3.Get help. Rome was not built in a day and I'm certain it wasn't built by one Roman. If there are others living and breathing in the house with you, get them to help.

4.Gather your cleaning supplies. A big time waster and distraction when cleaning is running up and down getting a broom or cleaners or whatever you need to complete the task that you're doing. So before you get started make sure you have what you need.

5.Use natural cleaning products. House Cleaning is not just about cleanliness, it's also about safety in the home. Using natural cleaning products can protect you and your family from the harmful elements of synthetic cleaning products.

6.Get clutter free. Hey, I'm sure you've got those stacks of old magazines somewhere in the house. They're gathering dust because there is one article about child rearing that you need to read or a recipe that you have to clip. Or is your linen closet a mess because you refuse to throw out old sheets and cases.

7.When you are about to embark on a housecleaning task, do yourself a favor and turn down the ringer on your phones. Phone conversation can cause you to forget the task at hand.

8.Get housecleaning music. Don't choose those slow love songs. Get some lively music, stuff that gets you in the cleaning mood (if such a mood exists).

9.Make a housecleaning maintenance plan for each room of the house.

10.Hire a house cleaning service. At least once a year treat yourself. Hire professionals to do the house cleaning for you. What do you think about making an appointment for a day in December, somewhere in the teens of the month?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Remodeling a house

Having a home does not end in just having one, continuous cleaning and pampering is needed to keep it in tip tap shape and good condition. A few years back, I can remember vividly the time my aunt got her new dream house when she finally decided to retire from her work as a travelling nurse. The house was a dream come true and has become not only a shelter but a property for a family to congregate as one and a place for the kids to snuggle with their parents. As years pass and considering the rough and cold weather that they have during the winter months, it is a fact that wear and tear is eminent. Thus, needing the help of Los Angeles Remodeling , to fix damage and worn parts such as window sill, rotten roofing, damage garage doors, problems in plumbing as well as electrical works and painting jobs. By the year 2006, my brother and I visited my aunt and our cousins in Los Angeles and have our vacation for two months. The stay was a rewarding one for we got a job in a local bread store where one of our cousin is a manager. We got paid for our vacation and the accommodation that we got in the house of our aunt was superb. It feels like we are staying in a five star hotel for it was the time that the remodeling has just finished.

Kobe Bryant's trivia

Kobe Bryant, born in 1978, American basketball player who became the youngest National Basketball Association (NBA) player in history in 1996. He entered the NBA straight from high school at the age of 18. The 6-ft 7-in (201-cm) shooting guard soon became a star and helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to league titles in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of former NBA player Joe “Jelly Bean” Bryant. His parents took the name Kobe from a local steakhouse. When Kobe was six years old his family moved to Italy. For the next eight years Kobe learned to speak fluent Italian and played basketball, often competing against his father and other players in the Italian pro leagues. During this period the younger Bryant watched videotapes of NBA games, especially of Los Angeles Lakers guard Magic Johnson, his favorite player.

The Bryant family moved back to the United States in 1991 and Kobe attended Lower Merion High School in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia. He became a basketball star, averaging 30.8 points and 12 rebounds per game in his senior year and leading the school to the 1996 state title. Recruited by every top college program in the country, Bryant decided to enter the NBA draft instead, where he was selected 13th overall by the Charlotte Hornets. The Lakers badly wanted Bryant, however, and quickly traded center Vlade Divac to the Hornets for the young guard.

When the 18-year-old Bryant debuted for Los Angeles in November 1996 he became the youngest player in NBA history. Though showing flashes of brilliance, he was primarily a reserve during his rookie season, averaging 7.6 points and 1.9 rebounds per game. In his second year, the 1998-1999 season, he averaged 15.4 points per game and became the youngest NBA All-Star ever. Bryant upped his averages to 22.5 points and 6.3 rebounds per game during the 1999-2000 campaign, and along with center Shaquille O’Neal led the Lakers to the NBA title.

Best rates

Monitoring interest rates are essential to the business. Looking for the best interest rate brings my business runs smoothly. At monitorbankrates.com gives you an updated and best rates. Investing your cash in a good interest rates could make your money big. You should invest your money to an institution that is offering best CD rates and speaking of the best rates, there is a site named Monitor bank rates that finds the best rates for you. So if you are looking for a bank that will give you good rates, just visit the monitor bank rates site at www.monitorbankrates.com.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Keisha needs more protein intake in her body

This evening my wife prepared a delicious food. She prepared a fried Lapu-Lapu fish with a sauce. My daughter Keisha loves it so much. A few weeks ago when we were in the mall, we avail the Anchor Milk free check up for kids to determine which elements she needs to stay healthy and strong. After a couple of minutes, the dietitian gave us and explain the results. Keisha results shows that she needs to take more protein in her body and we were advice to give her food that has a good protein content such as fish and other white meat. This is the result why her mom now cooked delicious fried fish.