Friday, April 10, 2009

Get your masters degree now

I have been working for the past eight hours in a multi-national company. I was told the other day that I am one of those being selected to hold a key position in the company. It will be the finance department. It is a big position that only the ones trusted will be given the chance and opportunity to hold such position in the company. The position is the third most powerful in the company. I just finished my masters degree in business in a school mba where I was trained and informed well. I am very confident that I will be the one who will take the position and become the Vice President for finance of our company. For those who want to have an MBA degree, just visit the Capella University site that offers respected degree programs in a rich, online learning environment so you can move forward without leaving the rest of your life behind. Your degree is just clicks away from you.

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