Thursday, August 30, 2007

I met an Angel!

Me and my friends met an angel. She was in her mid 20's with braces on her teeth that shines in the night. She visited my flower garden and took pictures of my flowering plants that caught her attention. I went to her, ask her if she had a blog to post her pictures on, and she replied with a smile and said"yes i do have".

We had a very nice conversation that took for several minutes..............................

I found out that we share the same interest in making blogs, and made querries on how to increase my traffic to my site..

The following day I invited her to have a lunch in "dencios sa hill top". She accepted it and discussed thoroughly on how to make articles for advertisers. She is really well versed in explaining the topic.

We are very thankful to this angel that helped us in answering our long time unanswered questions that lingers even in our sleep....

This first blog is dedicated to her. Our angels name is Cherry Rose Cua, The owner of the cuttiest blogger award.