Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The best LOGO

Today is December 29, 2010 and 2 days more will be new year already. A new 2011 is known to be the year of the metallic rabbit and fung shui experts told us that next year will be good for the business especially if your business is all about electronics, computers, cars as long as it has something to do with hard metals or objects. I also told him that a good business has also a strong foundation and has a good marketing strategy that is why most business that has everything and followed every basics of the business always stay on top no matter what happens. Next year, I am sure that the business center here in my town will be full of business applicants while some are preparing for their business strategies. There are a lot of business strategies one is getting the products at a very low price so that you can compete it to other business proprietors, another one is making a good business name so that people can identify what kind of stores they are going to buy a certain product. A good business name needs also an attractive business logo and speaking of logo, There is no problem in creating one because there is one site in the net that offers a very attractive plan. I am referring to the LogoMojo site that offers great logo designs that will give a big impact to your business. Making logo is their expertise and all of their customers were very much satisfied of the outcome so why go to the hard way if you can get it from the professional Logo Designers. Visit the LogoMojo site now and be one of their satisfied customers. For more information about their best services just visit

Deep freeze for internet cafe as file protection

My collections of software has increase again to another important softwares that I will be using it for my file protection and this is the Deep freeze version 6.53. This kind of software is a must to people who are operating an internet cafe because this will protect their files and programs against users who are trying to steal an application/softwares most specially in "games". I am so happy that I just bought it for only 100 pesos and it is like an original thing because it has a CD key but this is not the original one. It is just a copy of the original and distributed to other users. There is another software that I kept on looking for and that is the Professional Autoshutdown software. This software is also a need to internet cafe operators because this thing will control the user of his or her time. This kind of software is also programmed to jive with the timers signal so that computer administrator can have a full control of his/her units. I hope that I can have one autoshutdown since the last application that I have was accidentally deleted during installation.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

budget host

I am making websites for the past seven years now and my sites are getting more targets and more comment that gained positive results. I used to create websites for big companies and most of them are coming back for another job again for their new products to be introduced to the market. Company owners like that way I build their site because they find it very user friendly and very effective in promoting their products and services. I also teach people who wants to learn how to make powerful websites. I told them that making a website should be very careful in linking and its navigation so that users can easily communicate and respond to the sites presentation. A website builder can start at a very reasonable cost by choosing the budget host and yet has the very good features in it. Their is one site that I always visit whenever I look for budget hosting and this the webhostinggeek site. This site has everything you need when it comes to hosting plus you can read their product reviews and compare the features of every host services. I started from here also, that's why I highly encourage the neopyhte in building a good website to first choose your hosting needs here before proceeding to in making a powerful website. For more information on budget hosting just visit

Customs duties and taxes

I went to the post office here in my town to claim for the package sent by my sister from Australia. The package is all about books, shirts and a little bit of toys. I knew that the post office usually charge 40 pesos per box claimed and that is with official receipts; when I presented my Identification card (Drivers license) along with the post office claim papers, a guy who is from custom computed that amount and he said that one of the cartons is taxable because it contains toys and he kept on computing until her derived from a four digit figure amounting to 4,456.00 pesos. I asked him if that's the final amount because before when my sister sent some packages, I never experienced the way that I experienced this time. The guy ask e if I can pay the amount but with added offer saying that if you can't pay the amount we can always go down to a better offer asking me if how much can I provide for the taxes but with no receipts. It sounded too bad for me since I always want to transact cleanly but this time i grab the opportunity and offered the guy one thousand pesos only and luckily he accepted my offer. I am quite surprised because how can he lower the cost if that computation he made was the exact and the right amount for my package. This time, I proved it right that's why most of the people said that the most corrupt agency of the government is the customs followed by the LTO (land transportation organization.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rustic furnitures

Yesterday, I went to one of the resorts here in my town that offers horse backriding, trekking, golf cart riding and the famous extreme sports the zipline adventure. There were a lot of people who visited the place for they have a very good amenities and world class accommodations at a very reasonable price. I was amaze withe their rooms because all of their rooms were made up of hard wood including their furniture such as cabinets, lampshades, dining table, chairs and beautiful log beds. I really love the way it was arranged for it looks like very elegant and classy thing. After arriving home for about 1 and a half hour ride to my residence, I started thinking of changing my furniture and make it sound like the resorts furniture. I want my bed be change to log bed type that is why I surf the net immediately and look for a bedroom set and luckily i found a site named scenic furniture that offers a wide range of rustic dining, living and bedroom furniture. All of their products are of great design and made up of high quality materials. They have everything you need when it comes to rustic furniture. So I highly recommend this site to my friends out there; if you need to buy a rustic furniture go straight to the leader in the rustic furniture industry. For more information about their good products just visit their site at

My customize magnetic stirrer

for the past few days, I have been busy with my little project entitled "magnetic stirrer" that will be very efficient in handling chemicals specially in its stirring capability. Magnetic stirrer in the market is quite very expensive. Based on my knowledge it cost around 31, 000 pesos for one and since I really need one , I decided to make my own magnetic stirrer. I gathered all the materials and start customizing my stirrer and luckily I made it by myself but I have to order from Manila the Magnetic stirrer bar. i will just update you the finished product of my magnetic stirrer next week.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crowd control

Yesterday, all gardeners and plant enthusiast were gathered in one of the restaurants here in my town to discuss about the Christmas bazaar event to be held in the mall ground which every gardeners can display and exhibit their own produce and some collection plant items. We were inviting guest and plant hobbyist, horticulturist both local and international that's why we were planning on how to control the crowd during that three day event to be held this coming holiday season. I was assigned on the crowd control and security committee that is why I am also planning on how to be very organize and systemic. I search the net and look for the stanchions, barricades and Velvet rope to match with the events motif and luckily I found a site named Camelback Displays that offers a wide range of security & traffic barricades, velvet ropes, safety & crowd barriers. All of their products are made up of high quality materials at a very reasonable price. They have everything you need when it comes to crowd control products. So I strongly advised some event organizers out there, if you want your event to be very organize and presentable just go straight to Camelback Displays site at

My Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) visit

Yesterday, me and my wife Lyhra keep on seeking on how to make Laminar flows for banana and orchid production that can also be used on other ornamental plants such as aroids and , diffeinbachias, anthuriums, and other flowering plants that are in demand; until we ended up calling some of our friends in the garden club asking for some other resources and luckily we were advised to visit the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) located in Mintal Davao City which one of our friends named Vencio Gallego who is also one of members of the Mindanao Federation of the gardeners of Davao and the president of the said club which I am also a member. We asked permission if we can enter the laboratory premises and luckily we were permitted to and took pictures. The laminar flow is a very simple thing to do. it is just a concept of an air coming from outside that will enter the laminar box through an exhaust ventilator that has a filter on it and will keep on pushing pressure down to the second filter and passes to the working area. You can easily customize such laminar flow and regulate the air that you want to pass. I will be planning this day my own customize laminar flow. so just watch out for my next post because I will be posting pics!!!.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

online tickets

I have a friend named Justine who is a very sports minded man. During our high school days, I remembered that he used to college pictures of different star sport athletes and have it posted in his notebooks and books page and labeled them with his or her achievements. When we were in college already; he started to watch live in the grandstand and cheers with his favorite sport idol and from then on he always watch whenever there is a sport league. I advised him that whenever you need to buy tickets make it online because you will spend more time and drive longer hours just to reach the ticketing area. it would be comfortable and very convenient if you purchase it online because there is a website named that is a professional ticket broker with access to many events across the country and he answered me with a smile because he knew that he can save more. After my explanation to him i, he immediately went to his room and surf the net and look for the said website and purchase three tickets namely Oklahoma Memorial Stadium Tickets, ROSE BOWL TICKETS and Beaver Stadium Tickets. so to people out there who want to buy ticket, I strongly advised you to buy your tickets online to avoid the line. For more information about their website just visit

Mango farm "thumbs Up!!!

Mango farm business is a very promising thing. We went to the mango farm yesterday as scheduled by the mango contractor named Nick Zabate for harvest time. We see to it that the whole system is in order since we deal with large number of people that includes the harvester, haulers, buyers, and the cook and of course the classifiers. We finished harvesting mangoes for two days for the 19 tons. The price of mango commands a good price for 33 "all in" per kilo. Most of the mangoes were classified "good quality, local and dried". We were given 1/3rd share as agreed. it would be better if we will be the one taking care of the mangoes for inducing it down to harvesting, we could have all the amount after all but we have decided to get a contractor and receive a 30 percent share without spending a single centavo since we also have other things to consider. I just hope that we will get a quality next flower induction and a good amount of harvest next year.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Elegant bathroom items at a very reasonable cost

I have been in the construction industry for the past ten years now and still continues to build elegant houses and accepts projects for construction. I have build a lot of houses already and all got an "A" feedback from the customers who became my friends eventually. All of them love the way I design their houses because most of them commented that they have a very elegant looking not only in the house facade but also inside including their bathroom. I told them during one of the gatherings last week that there is only one secret of mine that I used to perform during construction and that is by getting and purchasing the best items for bathroom in order to give a good ambiance and elegant looking. There is only one company that I used to buy bathroom items since from the start and that is from the site. This site has a wide range of bathroom items to choose from and all of their items are made of high quality materials. So to all builders out there, I would highly recommend this site if you want to have the best bathroom materials and items for your customers. For more information of their best items that comes in a very affordable prices just visit their site at

Kesha Nicole Noel is an awardee again in Philippine Women's College of Davao

I consider myself as a person with a lot of achievements in life not only in myself but as a whole that includes my family. I may be not too successful compared to other persons outthere but can compete with them in some other way particularly to techniques in my field of expertise which most people doesn't have. I am so proud AGAIN ........ because my little daughter Keisha Nicole Noel is an academic awardee. She is a consistent awardee student since from the start of her school days. I just hope that she will continue being an awardee for the succeeding school years to come. Congratulations to you KEISHA!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get the best defense lawyers in town

Yesterday night, my friend Alex called me because he was having a problem with the police. He was caught along the red light district of L.A. for a simple traffic violation. He admitted that he really committed a violation, there's no problem with that, but the problem is a police charge him of drunk driving; which is an additional violation from his previous violation since the police officer saw a bottle of beer inside his car. My friend Alex argued with the said officer why he will be charge of drunk driving even if he is not drunk. The bottle of beer was there for almost a week, he remembers when he and his friend John bought a bottle of beer and softdrinks during his 27Th birthday last week. He is asking now in my opinion and I straightly told him that in that case you need a good DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles to fight for your right and I immediately browse the net and look for the best defense lawyers in town and luckily I encountered one of the websites named Kestenbaum, Eisner and Gorin,LLP site that has the best defense lawyers when it comes to drunk driving case. I am pretty sure that with their good services as defense lawyers my friend Alex will win the case against those police officers. For more information about their good services you may call them at 877-781-1570 for their immediate response 24/7.

Monday, November 8, 2010

These are the plants that I have in my garden now, take a look Mr. Teddy of Butuan and Arnuld Matsuda Gadiano

drum size phuducarpus

the author posing with his cone type eugenias

drum size eugenias

topiary boxwood na green

drum size auracaria

variegated ficus benjamina

A new variety of creeping cypress

drum size golden miagos

assorted hybrid gumamelas or hybiscus

drum size creeping cypress

different colors of papuas for landscaping

my pandakaki

new san francisco dwarf ( it turns golden yellow under the sun) new variety of snap dragon

yellow shrimp plant


for ground covers lantanas violet and white

my japanese yews

This is the variegated type of golden papuas

my golden papuas

african santan large

boxwood still teddy

my boxwood topiaries teddy boy

scented soylan ideal for landscaping

golden papua
variegated cypress

blue cypress

needle pine cypress

eugenias silver pandakaki

cone type topiary still eugenias

my burgandies topiary

my sinisyo topiaries

my topiaries eugenias

large golden miagos

new variety of scented kamuning

lolipop or golden queen plant

red shrimpplant

chichirika vincas

Variegated ficus benjamina

creeping cypres

large plumbago

large pandakaki

assorted star clusters

flowering melendrez for landscaping borders

large red catchura plant

hustisya plant

sunkist santan new variety