Friday, April 3, 2009

Summer job time

Merienda time
Excuse me I need to get one!!!

Where will I put my crate Kuya Richard?

Please don't take pictures on me I'm shy!!!

playing with the sand

It's summer time now and going to school is over that's why kids are doing summer jobs. my daughter Keisha and nephew Cykie is doing summer job in my garden. they both helped me in plant production. They were in charge of putting garden soil into a 2x2 plant liners for plant propagation. it is a very simple task, it is like playing in the sand. they like their job so much because it is like they are playing while learning and they get paid. I prepared delicious foods for them as well as their meriendas. since they were both kids, they used to play with their work but I don't matter with them because it is part of learning. I just let them play but deep inside I know that they learned. They were having fun together. On their break time they played PSP and games in my laptop.

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