Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints Buhangin church Davao City

I was working with the Mormons church beautification project for the past three months already and I was challenge to give my best performance and ability on its presentation. In every project has its specifications and they have also their standards to follow and rules. There are also ratings for the project to see to it if the project outcome passed or failed based on standards rating given by the facility managers and their members. I hope that this good service that we performed wont fail and will give good ratings. For me, based on my experienced in landscaping; I can say that a landscaping project will stay in good condition as long as the person who performs has the proper knowledge in dealing with plants and has the love in doing it and of course immediate action on plant care. So to all guys out there who follows my blog and who made my blog possible to give good page rank from Google; thank you so much and I highly encourage to post your comments whether its negative or positive. The above video shows not so defined due to low image pixels. I am just using my cellphone to capture those images. Anyways, hehehe happy watching......