Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nose Job

A celebrity friend of mine named Jessica has a good career for the past three consecutive years. she has a lot of projects in the movie industry plus alot of commercial endorsements. She got a lot of fans out there because she has a very pretty face. Most of the guys admired her and courted her for she was a very promising star today. We all know that in show business we need to stay pretty and look good so that people will like more and admire more on our pretty faces and we also know that beauty enhancements clinics are like mushrooms sprouting everywhere to serve the demand of the market. My friend Jessica admits that she made beauty enhancements on some parts of her body and she revealed to us that she made some adjustments particularly on her nose. She undergo a Rhinoplasty surgery last year. A Nose job or phinoplasty surgery is one of the most common but technically the most difficult plastic surgery procedures. She said to me that I want the best when it comes to this thing. I learned a lot of things in one of the sites that I frequently browse if I need some explanations and information about Rhinoplasty surgery because they have also the experts to perform the job. for more information about their good services at a cheaper price visit the cosmetic plastic surgery info site at www.cosmetic-plastic-surgery.info/procedures/nose/-surgery-rhinoplasty .

Friday, September 25, 2009

The painter that you can trust

My moms old house is now being painted on its original color. Actually it should be painted a month before since the budget for painting was already received from my sisters account abroad unfortunately the painter who will do the job seems to be at large. I really don't know where to find him because I don't have any contact number nor his residence address until one day a guy named Rodel who is a welder by profession came to me and told me that the said painter was their neighbor. I immediately asked him a favor to tell the painter that I was looking for him for so long. Right now they are doing the job with his son. I trust these person so much because aside from their quality services as a painter they also do other jobs like masonry and carpentry.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Know the information of your callers

I was a telephone operator for the past 5 years in one of the government agencies . I handle the information from the callers securely. Most of my callers are government officials and businessmen from different sectors that's why i need to get the information very well to avoid conflict between government transactions and communication failure. There were times that I received threats from the callers and prank callers as well as annoying callers but right now, since Phone info source site gives the best services for finding the owner of any phone number unlisted and cellphone numbers included, there was a decreasing level of annoying callers because these caller knew that they can be easily track with the Phone info source service. This site helps a lot to people like me who received calls everyday. One good thing about their services is that you could post your complaint that you received from annoying callers and prank callers, telemarketers and bill collectors. so if you need to trace your caller, go immediately to a reliable site where you can get the Phone Number Information of the caller you want to know. For more information about the Phone Info Source visit http://www.phoneinfosource.com/

It's my sister Altesse 41st birthday!!!

It is my sister Altesse 41st birthday today and even she's not with us we are still celebrating her birthday with the little kids namely Keisha, Cykie dodge and Pinpin. We bought birthday cake and balloons this morning and prepared to cook delicious foods. I am sure the kids will love it and they will be surprised because they all didn't know about the plan. It is a surprised celebration for the kids and since the celebrant is not with us, all she has to do is to browse the net for my site for her to appreciate the effort that we will do this dinner time. To you "Sis", all I can say is Happy 41st birthday and I hope that you will have more birthdays to come and good health. I promised to post all the pictures after dinner.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Are they present in your neighborhood?

My friend named Henry is moving to another place where he was assigned as a new area manger of the medical company where he is working. This is the third promotion he got for the last five years. He was very happy to be promoted but he told me that behind the happiness that he felt he also have fear in looking in choosing for another place to reside especially with her family and three daughters who's in their teen stage. He wants to make sure that there's no sex offenders to the place where he chooses to relocate her family and I am the one who told him that in order to make sure if there are sex offenders, you can tract them by using the tract sex offenders site service. They are the number site for finding sex offenders and by using their Sex Offender Lookup service you will be able to know the data and you will be able to decide where to relocate your family for security reasons. it is so easy to use their service; all you have to do is to enter your zip code and they will give you the accurate results. You can view predator detailed reports, view photos of nearby offenders, obtain names and addresses. So if you need to tract them, go immediately to the webs number one destination for finding local sex offenders at http://www.tracksexoffenders.net/

Crisanto "Cris" Sapaula died at 70

Earlier, I went to the wake of the former TV anchor Criasanto Sapaula. He was a known TV personality of the late 80's because he was the only anchor person of the midnight news then. I am not a relative nor a friend of his but since my business is located in Maligaya Subdivision where he was a neighbor, I pay respect to the late Cris Sapaula. It was attended by neighbors and friends and relatives and people from the media where he was once a media man. The plant nursery group where I belong to also attended. I view some of their pictures that were posted upon entering the place and it reminds me of the past. He was 70 years old and was bed ridden for the past 8 years due to heart problem and later he was diagnosed to have a tumor in his lungs after flushing the fluids due to pneumonia.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I know who's calling

I always received different calls from different customers and friends. I worked in a call center for 5 years now and i can say that I make good money out of my career as a call center agent. I can say that it is a very tiring job since I was assigned in a graveyard shift but the compensation that I received is very rewarding. Calls are very important because it is where customers and sellers meet. I always make a list of phone numbers and transfer it to my phone memory list of callers but there are times that I received calls that were not listed in my phone. I really don't worry too much because I know that I can still locate that caller by using the Whosthiscaller site free phone lookups services. I have tried there services and it give good and accurate results. It is so easy to use; all you have to do is to enter a full number in one of their search bars and immediately they will give you fantastic results or you may choose to use their advanced phone report search box that includes owners name , address and many more... so if you need to locate callers, you now have the ultimate site for searching and to know Who's This Caller. For more information about their free phone lookup services just visit their site at http://www.whosthiscaller.com/.

Watching Floyd and Marquez

Early this morning I was very excited to watch the boxing match of the big champions of the industry between Floyd Mayweather and Marquez. Their under card fighters were also great boxers but I am much eager to view the match of the big event. I like Marquez over Floyd because Floyd was so sarcastic and many of the viewers voted for Marquez to win the game but unfortunately Floyd won the match. Floyd is much stronger than Marquez and he knew where to punch and wave when Marquez threw its fist. If floyd defeated Marquez, i really want to watch the match between Floyd and Pacman. I hope that this will happen soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

led lights

I visited two of my friends in town named Gerald and Dave. We were classmates during college years and until now we were bonding during weekends with our families. We used to spend the day fishing, diving and exploring the crystal clear water of the sea. We have the same interest because the three of us graduated taking up marine engineering course and became a license marine engineer. Gerald works in a luxury boat as a boat mechanic and Dave works in a tanker vessel as a chief mate while I make good profit in my small engineering business. When we went fishing a week ago, I have noticed that the yacht needs led boat lights so I informed my friends to look in the net. I immediately surf the net to look for a site that offers led spreader lights and luckily I found a site named Magnalight that offers different varieties of led spreader lights for boats and marine application. Their products are very durable and the prices are just reasonable enough. So to all people who needs led spreader lights for their marine transportation go immediately to the site where you choose a variety of durable led spreader lights. For more information about their products just visit www.magnalight.com/c-274-led-spreader-lights.aspx.

Fine dining at the torquoise restaurant

We tried to eat different viands in a restaurant when we go outside and there is a time that we were amaze with the presentation on one of the restaurants in town named Turquoise. Everytime we walk along this cozy restaurant, we noticed that there were few customers dining and I am sure that this is the result of expensive prices of their menus. We tried to dine at turquoise so that we can also experience dining at a very cozy restaurant in town. Their foods are very delicious and its really different to what regular restaurants are offering. We love dining here but of course not too frequent because it might end up an empty pocket hehheheheh............ If you're in Davao city don't miss to dine at the Turquoise restaurant so that you will also experience what I'm telling here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Trace that call

I am a very busy person and normally everyday I got a lot of phone calls coming from my business associates and some are from my customers and friends. All of my friends phone numbers are listed under my phone memory but there are times that I got phone calls that were not registered in my cellphone memory but I still manage to Trace Phone Numbers by using the Trace that Number sites services. It is so easy to trace unregistered calls, all you have to do is to enter a number in one of their search bars and browse the list of area codes to start your search or use their advance phone report for a detailed results. Their services helps me a lot especially in my business because I was able to contact a lot of customer callers and friends that are not listed under my phone memory. There was a time when one of the unlisted callers calls me and i was not able to answer him because I left my mobile phone at home. I tried to trace his call by using the Trace That Number site services and I was able to locate his address and his name and ended a successful transaction deal. So to all people out there if you need to trace somebody's call go immediately to the Trace that number site. For more information about their good services visit their site at http://www.tracethatnumber.com/

See the difference, Am I brilliant?



At last for these past few days i already understand how to navigate the trial version of the Realtime landscaping software. I was able to pattern and plot all my imaginations. It is a great and amazing landscaping software because you can do anything you want to the images and you can also see the perspective view using the images taken from your cellphone, digital camera or even a plain scan and in the internet images. This is the kind of software that I am looking for a very long time. I am posting the pictures so that all viewers can differentiate the before and after images.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Learning images resolutions and its memory capacity

This is Keisha's picture at a higher pixel rate of the pocket size camera. I was able to learned this thing of moving images from Small to bigger pixels and it shows that higher pixels provides good resolution than the lower version but the only disadvantage is that you can only store lesser images for large pixels have larger capacity in terms of kilobytes.

Keishas 7th birthday

These are the wacky pictures taken during the 7th birthday of my lovely daughter Keisha Nicole. Enjoy viewing!!!! cheers !!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The bikers

A friend of mine named Joshua who is now 35 years old and still single is looking for a date. She wants a pretty lady who is a sport minded person. Joshua wants a person who is a biker so that they both share common interest. My friend Joshua is a biker for ten years now and he always participates in every biking competition in town. As a matter of fact, he became a champion in one of the national biking competitions. Everytime we always go on biking, he always asked me where can he meet his soul mate, a person where he can share with; in short he is looking for his perfect match. I immediately answered him that there is a site in the net named biker personals, a site where you can meet your perfect biker match and it is proven and tested because most of my Biker Singles friends have an account on this site and they have found their perfect match. in just few days of searching. It is so easy to participate. So it would be better if you join now for free and start searching your perfect biker match and dont forget to upload your photo for other participants to appreciate. For more information about the biker personals services just visit the Biker personals site at http://www.bikerpersonals.org/

Happy 7th birthday Keisha Nicol

today is my lovely daughters seventh birthday. It was attended by my distant relatives and immediate family and friends from Tacurong city where my wife came from. The grandparents were present joining the celebration of Keishas birthday. this early morning we both decorated the dining area full of balloons and some visuals pertaining to her birthday. I bought cakes and ice ice cream while some of the family members donated delicious foods and one whole lechon. It was very successful and the kids love the food so much especially the cakes and ice cream and some sweets. It was really fun and the celebrant was very happy with the result of the event. As a father I wish her more power to her studies since she was making good in school getting good grades and was included in the honorable mentioned and good health. Keep up the good work Keisha and may you have more birthdays to come.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The birth of the Internet in the twenty first century has pave way to things that we could only imagine off in the 80's, things that we dreamt has come to life and reality. Some of these innovations are conducting business online or doing business in the virtual world, others are making a living by being a virtual hired help from companies and not seeing your boss, others are uploading and downloading songs, pictures, data's even personal write ups like blogging for friends and surfers alike to read. Isn't it that the birth of the Internet has made the world so small and reaching far flank areas in just a click of the mouse? Well, this is the future as they would say, but these innovations like web sites, blogs, etc.... could not survive in the vast world of the virtual world without web hosting. Thus web hosting is very important to any site, it provides extra space to accommodate traffic to a site making it accessible to all visitors who happens to drop by by chance or purpose. So if you want to have the best web hosting in the planet, please feel free to read forums and web hosting reviews


Let's talk money! Mammon's earthly incarnation. Satan's weapon of temptation. Capitalism's rightful expression. We are talking about a piece of paper, right? A scrap created from wooden goo that wouldn't even fetch a glass of water if used for trade on the basis of its actual worth.

So what makes money tick? We love it, we condemn it. We go all out to get as much of it as we can, then we berate it for being a temptation! We live with it and realize our dreams through it, yet are the first to say 'money can't buy everything'.

The best plumbing contractor

I am a real estate developer for a couple of years now and I can say that the business is still going strong in spite of the global financial crisis that each of us is experiencing. actually I slashed down 30 percent of my labor force to be able to support the companies life. I have three projects now that consist of 40 houses in one hectare property. All of my workforce are efficient and good because all of them are working with me since the beginning and i am so satisfied with their performance but when it comes to plumbing services I hired the services of the JC plumbing. They are the veterans in both commercial plumbing and residential plumbing. I trust them so much because they have the proper knowledge when it comes to plumbing and Plumbing Repair Service and their pricing are just reasonable enough for the quality of work that they performed. JC plumbing provides quality service to a lot of places such as Temecula, Murrieta, for they have also a team of Temecula plumber and JC plumbing is the Murrieta Plumbing Contractor
known for total satisfaction every time. so whenever you need the services of a reliable plumber, just go straight to the name you can trust the JC plumbing. For more information of their services visit their site atwww.jcplumbing.us

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keisha strikes again in her academic subjects

My daughter got an honor award last week and I promised to pose a picture taken during their recogition. The picture above is the picture taken during their first call to honor awards. Keisha holds her certificate of award with the rest of the Philippine Women's College of Davao awardees.

I found the landscaping software that I need

This is the kind of pond landscape that I am going to make in one of my projects here in my local town.
Actually, I made some alterations on this thing. I edited some of the points here by using a photo paint software but using this kind of software doesn't have heavy features that's why I need to search and look for the landscaping software that could enhance my pond design. a friend of mine from Georgia USA named Lutchi who is also an expert on digital scrapping informed me and explained to me the importance of the landscaping software. She was the one who encourage me to use it and I really like the results of it. landscaping software is the one I am looking for. I am very much excited of this software which I asked my sister who's working abroad to send me because this is what i wanted since then to be able to express my knowledge in landscaping.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Global recession is a world wide concern. A lot or most of the countries are affected by its effects as well as small, medium and large scale businesses. But this does not hamper all business establishments. Some businesses Thrive on this phenomenon and are doing well. A typical example of this business is a business owned by my uncle. My uncle who has been in the gold industry is doing fine. His business started way back in the 90's buy collecting gold coins and buying gold. For him it is a good investment for one reason, gold and rare items does not depreciate and the value would keep on rising.

So if you want to start a business try looking into the buy gold, buy gold coin, buy bullion. Who knows this could be a break that you've been waiting for and start earning big. As for me, who is a neophyte I have started the buy gold coins and the buy gold bullion and dreaming to make it big someday just like my uncle.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keisha got an honor award again

My lovely daughter got an award yesterday. I am so proud of her for she was an honor student. I used to go on stage every year since from the start because she always get good grades. I just wish that her study habit will continue and will become her continous habit because I believe that a succesful student that has good grades will rely on the students good study habit. To you Keisha keep up the good work because your parents are very proud of you.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A challenge to my capacity as a gardener

Yesterday I immediately make a sketch and costing of my landscaping project. I finished it late in the evening and I cant really get good ideas for I am so tired of the days activity. I finished it and submitted to one of my famous customers her in my town for her water scape desires. I know that I gave her the less quality of my work but I still submit it to get her reactions on the matter. My purpose is to know what are her likes and dislikes for a water scape. This morning she asked me if I can go to her house and talked about the matter. she told me that she doesn't like the sketch that i have submitted and make a negative comment but inspite of results, she asked me to make another sketch based on her preferences and this time I already know what are her ideas. I was really challenge because i know that i can do better than other. I will give her the best shot that I have since i was instructed to start the project this coming September 26, 2009. right now i will be making new designs for her and I am sure that she will love it.


I love the woods. most of the times when we take a break from the monotony of office work that we had, me and my friends would usually go out and camp in a park. We usually prepare food for our dinner and most often it is bar-b-que that we cooked. After a sumptuous dinner we would have stories to share and when its time to sleep we have our air beds with us. An air bed
is the best companion of any camper.