Monday, September 27, 2010

The best hosting

My bestfriend Trisha who is now residing in the United States and was previously married to John, a businessman that is engaged in clothing, ladies accessories and jewelries asked me if I can make her a website that will showcase their items in one. They knew me already that I used to make websites before and all of them got a positive response and now happily doing their business successfully. As a website developer, I got no tricks nor unusual ideas to do the things, All I can say is that if you want to have the best website, simply you need also to have the best dedicated hosting to be your partner in making it; and looking for it is so simple because there is only one site that I used to visit everytime I need to buy one and that is the Webhostingrating site. This site got everything you need, as a matter of fact, for developers like me we called it a one stop shop. This site is so good because you can compare prices and its features plus you can also read product reviews and compare its ratings. I highly recommend this site to all website developers like me and I am pretty sure they will like it. So to all website developers , if you want the best hosting go straight to the webhostingrating site at

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It is her 42nd birthday of the big ears

Its 42nd birthday of my sister Altesse today. We were gathered here in my moms house to celebrate her birthday with the kids. We were all very happy inspite of the absence of the birthday celebrant. The food were very delicious courtesy of my moms specialty (hehehehehe)... Cakes and ice cream were all kids like. The kids were dressed in their party attire and they really love it. The picture above shows how kids and the rest of the gang successfully celebrated the 42ND birthday of my sister Altesse Shirallee A. Noel or sometimes called as Dakug Dungan (big ears).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The best business cards

I am a businessman by heart because everytime I went to shopping malls and attend seminars on entrepreneurship, I can always say to myself that one day I can learn to run my business successfully. After a couple of months, I started to set up my business. It is a food business wherein I deliver my food products to different restaurants in town. I know that it is really difficult at first since this is the time were we will established connections and present new business marketing strategies to be able to compete with the existing competitors. I know that as a neophyte in this kind of business I need to present the best that I can and be known to the market; and one of the strategies I think that is really applicable is by leaving the customers my business cards so they can contact me for their repeat orders. So I immediately look for a good site online that specializes in making business cards and luckily I found one named Prints Made Easy that provides personal contact cards to businessman like me. They offer different services such as postcards, envelopes, greeting cards, address labels, letterhead and many more... Their prices are very reasonable. So if you're looking for a site that will give you the best business cards, go straight to their site at

Friday, September 17, 2010

Im just taking a refreshing course!!!

Me and my buddy Jojo went to Wangan testing center of Tesda. We were assessed by one of the horticultural assesors for our NCII certificate (national competency) for we planned to apply for abroad as a horticulturist. As one of the requirements of the ETA agency, we are advised to get an NCII so we go straight to the said testing center which is located north of Davao City. During the assessment, we were instructed to perform a task such as replanting of seedling plants, weeding, sticking, planting the right size and how to handle the plants with care and even climbing up on a tree to cover the fruits with plastic sheets for insect and fungus prevention purposes. The whole day training was divided into two things , first is the actual gardening and second is the interview on the principles of handling , rules... of each task and the farm management, safety of the worker and many more..... We were very smart to answer and perform the task since the task given were all simple and we already knew it by heart since this is our work and our parents thought us everything since our childhood days until now that we have already our own gardening business. I can say that I am a horticulturist by heart. If this plan will push true, I just hope that all will be in place for a better future.