Thursday, July 31, 2008

Use child alert system for your kids protection

I was walking at the park today when I noticed parents looking for a missing boy. The child is only 5 years old and was last seen eating ice cream. The parents were very nervous and tense. They keep shouting the name of the boy and yet no response for their son. Since January this year there have been 25 cases of missing children and still increasing. Child safety is the priority of Child Alert System. They have been helping many parents in finding and locating the missing child. There is a child locator device that you can acquire to protect your child from being lost. You can immediately locate your missing child. Other parents would let their child wear a child id for immediate recognition. These are just some of the things that you can do to prevent your child from being lost when you go to the park or any crowded places. Let us think of child's security first before proceeding to a crowded places. It is really difficult for a parent if someone is lost. thanks to this sophisticated technology from child alert system because we will now have a complete control to our kids. For more information about the devices, visit

Keisha got a talent

My daughter Keisha loves music so much and She really want to make a song video of her favorite high school musical song. She really loves the tandem of the two lovers from the high school musical Zac Efron and girlfriend co-star Vanessa Hudgens. I as a father supports her very much in her wants since I am also a music lover and also a member of the college chapel choir during my college years. I assist her in making her music video. She chose the "Everyday" song from the high school musical. I also teach her to make gestures infront of the camera but this video is not edited. This is her raw video and she moves according to her feelings hehehe......... She really love music specially when it comes from her favorite singers Zac and Vanessa. I just let her discover her hidden talent. I hope and pray that time will come she will enhance more of her discovered talent hehehe............ keep it up girl and express yourself and let others know that you've got a talent in singing and acting.

I keep building my dreams

I have been browsing all my pictures in my personal computer and I remember the days when I was still building my dream and until now I still keep on building my dreams. It is so hard to build your dreams especially when you are residing in a country where the economy is poor. You have to think what is the best thing to do to earn a living. As I browse my computer files, this is one of the pictures that strikes me most. This is my house and I have built this house when I was still 23 years of age, single and available hehehe........... I built this house last 2000 and I am the author of the whole idea. I am not an engineer by profession but I have been working before in a "bigtime" construction firm named Megaworld Properties and Holdings Incorporated the maker of high rise condominiums and hotels in Makati area in the central business district of Manila area. Since all materials were purchased by myself, there is a big advantage in the cost of the construction for there were no middlemen in acquiring building materials. At the age of 25 I decided to get married. Life is really full of mystery, all I can say is based in my experienced is that I am lucky enough for we were so much compatible with my partner. We never quarrel and we're always happy. I see to it that I can provide her everything she needs in my own little way together with my beautiful daughter Keisha who is so smart and will remain as a good provider.

Adriana Lima perfectly poses with her favorite Victoris secrets collection

Showing off her million-dollar smile, Adriana Lima was hard at work on Tuesday (July 29), taking care of the unveiling duties for the new Biofit Uplift Collection from Victoria’s Secret.
With the autograph signing celebration taking place at the Victoria’s Secret store inside of the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, NY, Adriana playfully posed with lingerie in-hand before taking a seat to greet a few lucky customers.

My New Subaru Car

I just moved in here in Washington DC. I will be studying here for my Law proper and hopefully work here as a district attorney. Moving to Washington DC is a new challenge for me. I have no relatives and friends here but I know I will be having soon as I moved around the state. I have rented a condominium unit near the main district area. I have acquired some appliances, furnitures and fixtures and other things that I need. I am using the subway to get to my school but this is just temporary. My mother has suggested me in buying a car so that I don't have to race with time just to reach my school. As I moved around the state, I noticed a New Subaru DC . This is a place where you can acquire a Subaru Vehicle. In our family, Subaru is considered a family car. My father used to drive one when he went to school. I told my parents immediately about the New Subaru DC in my state and they told me immediately to choose the car that I want. The New Subaru DC is a good place to acquire a Subaru automobile for they have many units available. You can have a price quote of the model of the Subaru car that you like. Having a Subaru car is really a good way to move around. I am now driving my own Subaru car and I feel good about it. For more information about the Subaru, visit now.

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson waiting at the airport

Following a trip out east to film scenes for “Ugly Betty”, actress Lindsay Lohan and rumored squeeze, DJ Samantha Ronson, have returned to Los Angeles - arriving at LAX Airport on Tuesday (July 29).
After grabbing their luggage, the duo sat side-by-side as they enjoyed a smoke outside before heading off to an awaiting car. These two hot personalities are so in demand with the paparazzi around because they have rumored relationship which they don't tell officially to the public. As a result paparazzi keeps on following them.

Zac Efron passed the loyalty test

High School Musical cutie Vanessa Hudgens recently tested her on-and-off-screen boyfriend Zac Efron. Egged on by her gal pals to gauge her man’s loyalty, Vanessa, 19, sent “a really hot friend” to chat him up at the gym where he works out.
“He had no idea she was a friend of Vanessa’s,” says an insider involved in the scheme. “The hottie started talking to him, but Zac didn’t flirt back — and she’s gorgeous!”
Apparently Zac, 20, passed the test!
Added the insider, “He’s only got eyes for Vanessa. there is no doubt zac really is deeply in love with his GF muical partner.

Chat software helps a lot in improving my business online

My friend is my teacher in creating a website. He taught me everything I need to know especially doing business online. After I was given the lesson about doing business online, I immediately created my first business website. The products that I am selling on my website are making waves online. I have attracted many potential customers to my website and has managed to generate dozens of orders online. I never thought that doing business online is very exciting. But even though I have already attracted many customers to my website, I still feel that there is still much room for improvement. I am thinking of more personalized approached to my customers. I have installed a chat room for my customers and me. The chat room is a nice way to talk to my customers and interact with them. Installing a chat room is so easy. A chat software is available that will able to install a chat room for you and your customers. In this way, you can get in touch more with them personally and communicate with your customers. After I have installed the chat room in my website, I was able to accommodate more clients online and my sales per day increased by 20%, a good sign of improvement. I also noticed that customers keep coming back again to my online store. The chat room has really improved my website visitors-clients that are very eager to buy my products online. For more information about the software download, visit now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park is FHM's favorite

Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park is back with yet another sexy photoshoot, this time for FHM magazine. I don’t know what has gotten into the Canadian cutie lately, but she has been whipping out the steamy photoshoots as if she were on a mission to give every fanboy on the planet an aneurysm. Whatever the case, I can definitely get used to this. Enjoy!is back with yet another sexy photoshoot, this time for FHM magazine. I don’t know what has gotten into the Canadian cutie lately, but she has been whipping out the steamy photoshoots as if she were on a mission to give every fanboy on the planet an aneurysm. Whatever the case, I can definitely get used to this. Enjoy!

Kelly Brook showed off her perfect shape legs

British uber-babe Kelly Brook showed up at some shindig called “Chinawhite Rock The Polo Party” and spiced it up by wearing a dress that showed off her most perfect legs. Unfortunately, that annoying red mitten got in the way of us enjoying the pictures a little more. Why the hell is she wearing mittens anyways? The only time she should be allowed to wear stupid red mittens is if she’s in a bikini. Only then would stupid red mittens be permitted

A clear communication

In this generation, people must always be connected in terms of communication. Communicating to family, friends and special someone is the vital key in having a good relationship with them. Last week, my mother gave me a new cell phone. It's not just an ordinary cell phone but one of the push to talk phones that she availed. She wanted our family to stay connected always that is why she signed up for a family cell phone plans to acquire several cell phone units and distributed to all of us. She always wanted to stay connected with us and that is the main reason why she signed up for that plans. I thought using the new phone my mother gave was hard. As I navigate through the cell phone unit, it is very user friendly and communicating to one person is very clear.To try the phone, we decided to use the phone inside Lake Tahoe Casinos. Since casinos are very busy with people, I thought we would be having some network problems. As we entered the casino, my brother positioned himself at the ground floor and I, on the seventh floor of the casino. As I started the push to talk phone, I was amazed by the result. I could hear my brother very loud and clear. We can talk one on one or even in a group. As we were talking I just can't help but noticed several people looking at us. One of them approached me and asked me about the cell phone that I am using. I gave him the details about the cell phone's push to talk talking system. For more information visit their website at

Britney Spears in her best two piece suit

Continuing on her weekend of rest and relaxation, Britney Spears was spotted frolicking in the pool outside of her luxurious Cabo San Lucas, Mexico hold-up yesterday afternoon (July 27th).
The “Gimme More” babe looked summertime sexy in a white halter-style two-piece bathing suit as she spent time chatting and flirting with Palms Resort and Casino owner George Maloof.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keep your pet away from Fleas

Dogs are man's best friend. We need to take good care of them specially on their health. We have to keep them clean and free from unwanted diseases such as having fleas in their body. Flees are not difficult to handle as long as you have the proper knowledge on how to get rid of them and speaking of flees, there is a site named Flee Control Guide that provides a wide information for getting rid of that pesky annoyance. They are giving tips on how to combat them and they are also giving information on what you need to know before you buy medicines for fleas . It is best to know first the basic information on fleas so that we know how to get rid of them perfectly. So to all pet lovers out there, visit their site for more information at

Kim Kardashian attends the 40th Mc donald anniversary celebration

She’s no stranger to beach parties, and yesterday Kim Kardashian was all about celebrating the 40th Anniversary of McDonald’s Big Mac in Malibu, California.
The “Disaster Movie” cutie was shaking what her mama gave her at the Project Beach House shindig, looking sexy in a skimpy halter-style bikini top underneath a pair of khaki overall shorts.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker having their quality time as couple

Continuing their relaxing weekend in the beach community of Malibu, California, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker were spotted spending some quality time together at Cross Creek yesterday (July 27).
The “Desperate Housewives” cutie and her NBA stud hubby (who celebrated their 1-year wedding anniversary earlier this month) did their best to avoid the paparazzi, with Longoria even shielding her shirt from the shutterbugs.

Presidents State Of The Nation's Address 2008

Yesterday, I watched the (SONA) State of the Nation Address of the president of the Philippines Madamme Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. It was just the same old "sona" where in she gave promises to the Filipino people. In the evening of that same day, I also watched the "Harapan" episode that is anchored by the two popular Philippine broadcasters from ABS-CBN broadcasting network Mr. Ted Failon and Ms. Korina Sanchez. They have several government officials guest that came from the different government agencies. It was said that the rating of the president went down to negative 21 because all of the promises that were given on the previous SONA were not implemented. They compared the SONA individually starting from her first year where she became a president of the republic. They tackle education, infrastructures, increase in salaries, create more jobs, sufficient food for every Filipino family and more... but if you see the reality inspite of her claims that Filipinos were still lucky enough compared to the neighboring countries. Filipinos were already suffering from hunger. Most of the regular families who eat meals three times a day before now skipped meals due to lack of budget. It is really difficult to believe the presidents "SONA" because we are not experiencing the life that she is explaining in her SONA. You can't blame people who gave negative reactions to her, because they don't see any difference from her previous SONA. The two broadcasters ask the gentlemen regarding the rice shortage. They said that, If you ask Mr. Arthur Yap of the Department of Agriculture you will hear good results stating that we don't have a rice shortage but what is the reality. You can see people falling in line in NFA (National Food Authority) market outlet just to get three kilos of rice. I have read that the government had a 30 billion pesos rice subsidy for this year. This is a large amount of money. The amount will help fund the rice distribution activities of the state-owned grains trader and distributor, National Food Authority. Right now, there are already prices of rice that you can buy less than 40 pesos for the commercial one. I hope the rice problem in our country will be settled as soon as possible so that every Filipino family will have a sufficient food supply.

I love my musical instrument

I am a music lover. I play guitar, piano, and an electronic organ. I started playing musical instruments when I was 8 years old. I was enrolled in one of the prestigious music school in our town. I really love to hear music and sometimes I create my own tune in my early age. On my high school days, I learned how to play the guitar, I became the guitarist in my class. Everytime the school has a singing competition, I was always sent together with the singer to compete with the other schools. I have played a lot of instruments and all I can say is that instruments plays a very special role in every singing competition because If you have the best musical instrument, it also gives you the best results. High quality made instruments produces best sound compared to the ordinary one. I always buy musical instrument that is of good quality standard and speaking of "buying musical instruments", there is a site that offers instant discounts, promotional specials, clearance sale bargains and other special promotions to musical instruments. #1Coupon site provides massive savings at online stores by listing online coupon codes. You can save on musical instruments at clearance center. They are offering a wide range of musical instruments that you can choose from. You don't need to travel and look for the best musical instruments because you can now buy online. #1 coupon site is not limited only to a few number of products. They are also offering more discount coupons from shops such as Dollar Car Rental, San Francisco Music Box, Smart Bargains and many more... so if you want to save more on your shopping, shop now at #1coupon site.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Popular hollywood celebrities shops frequently

Taking time away from her new found motherhood, Jessica Alba was spotted doing some shopping in Beverly Hills, California yesterday afternoon.
And the “Good Luck Chuck” babe seemed none too happy that the paparazzi caught up with her as she held her head down and tried to avoid the shutterbugs. I have notice that every famous and very popular Hollywood celebrities almost shops every week because they don't want to be out of style. They wanted to be always in style of fashion. Paris and Jessica and the rest of the stars are always seen shopping for a new dress. Anyway, there's nothing to avoid shopping for they have all the capacity to buy anything they want to look good. hehehehe.......... happy shopping to both of you ...

Paris Hilton shops everything she wants

Giving her famous Chihuahua Tinkerbell a break, Paris Hilton scooped up her pet Pomeranian Marilyn Monroe and headed off on a shopping spree yesterday (July 25).
The “Hottie and the Nottie” babe was spotted spending money like it was going out of style on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, stopping into Diavolina boutique for a few bags’ worth of clothing.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shop for a men's clothing online

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Shopping is easy with

Ashlee Simpson and husband Pete Wentz taking breakfast

It was an early morning wakeup for Ashlee Simpson and husband Pete Wentz, as the newlyweds were spotted out for breakfast in Los Angeles on Friday (July 25).
After ordering up donuts and juice, the Fall Out Boy bassist switched things up from the norm - letting his pregnant “Outta My Head” singing wife shield him from paparazzi rather than the other way around.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Monitor your blood glucose level

There are two types of diabetic patients, one is acquired and the other is inherited from the person who already had a problem of high blood sugar. The number of people who suffer from diabetes is increasing. This is due to some families who prepared their food that is rich in sugar content. Everyone of us needs sugar in our body but it should be minimal. Pancreas plays a very vital role in regulating the blood sugar in our body because pancreas is the one regulating the blood sugar content, it produces enough insulin to regulate blood sugar but when pancreas produces less insulin , it can no longer regulate the blood sugar in our body and as a result it will lead to Diabetes. One you are diagnose as a diabetic person, you cant get away with it but you can control it. One way of controlling diabetes is to monitor your blood sugar. You can monitor your blood sugar level through a blood glucose meter. there is a site named that offers a wide range of diabetic supplies. You will get a free blood glucose meter with the purchase of blood glucose test strips. Their diabetic supplies are priced very competitively in the marketplace and people can get a Free glucose meter with the purchase of most blood glucose test strips. For more information about diabetic supplies visit their site at

Kids at play

Our morning hug!!!

Keisha, Phoenix and Cykie dodge

The Nosey cousins

Excuse me!!! Give me space!

Mika's in the mood for dancing

Kids really want to play wherever they are. They don't mind people who are guarding them to avoid unwanted falls. They just continue on playing until they discover something new to them. As a parent I just "let the kids be Kids" because I want them to explore their talents. Parents are like guardians who are always present when kids need them for some simple inquiries. There are kids who like to watch TV and kids who has a favorite toys. Kids are really unique and unpredictable for they frequently change their wants. Kids really need parents guidance so that they will learn and understand life to the fullest. Parents should be patient enough to teach them because kids won't understand things in one straight explanation. It is our duties and responsibilities as parent to guide them and provide them the right information and support them in everything they do to become a good citizen of the country.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Penn Badgley is featured in GQ cmagazine

Gossip Girl hunk Penn Badgley strikes his sexiest pose at a photo shoot for the in-house agency GQ Design Group (GQDQ), which is featured in the issue of GQ magazine now on newsstands (Seth Rogen is on the cover).
ET has the first sneak peek of the layout, which also features Mekhi Phifer and Ron Livingston. The shoot took place at the modernist styled Stahl House in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles

Playing online games

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Fergie Rocks the stage

Fergie got down and dirty last night as she helped to celebrate former Guns N’ Roses and current Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash’s 43rd birthday.
Dragging her actor/fiance Josh Duhamel along for the evening in Las Vegas, the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman took to the stage alongside the guitar legend at a concert at Bare Pool & Lounge outside of The Mirage Hotel and Casino.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers

My cousin is one of those who are considered as drug dependent. We were really surprised to hear about it. My cousin is one of my closes friends and I don't want to see his future go down the drain because of these unhealthy substances. Aside from drugs, he has also developed an addiction to alcohol and liquors. My aunt has contacted me and ask for my help. I want to help my cousin and the best way to help is to find a good rehabilitation place so that my cousin will be away from his habits that are causing bad habits to himself. One day a friend of mine told me about Orange county drug rehab facility. According to my friend the Orange county drug abuse treatment center is where his brother was confined because of drug abuse and alcohol abuse, a case similar to my cousin. The Orange county drug abuse programs are very effective and the facilities are clean and conducive to a fast recovery to all of its patients. There is a video that you can view about the drug rehab facility. I care for my cousin so much and I want the best for him. I want him to get well immediately so that he can go back to his school again. with the rehab facility that I found, I am sure that my cousin will be back in his old self once again. I have already informed my aunt about the facility and she agreed that it is the best for his son.

Kim Kardashian accepts pussycat dolls invitation

It’s the in-thing to do these days for young Hollywood hotties, and the latest gal to take a turn with the Pussycat Dolls is none other than Kim Kardashian.
That’s right, the “Disaster Movie” actress, who was spotted out in LA yesterday (July 23) checking out some bridal magazines, has accepted the Dolls’ invitation to join them in their Las Vegas burlesque show.

Express your opinion through Talk Reviews

Every websites that we browse over the net has an individual ranks. Advertisers and other readers check the websites performance through a site that provides website checker. It is so important for the online advertisers to check the blogger websites because it is where they will know how popular is the website and its pagerank. There is a site named Talk Reviews wherein they provide an instant statistics including, traffic stats, page rank, alexa rank, link stats, and much more to top websites. It is also a site where you as a reader can give comments and express your opinions whether it is positive or negative. Giving Site Reviews can somewhat reflect the popularity of the websites. So, if you want to check the right popularity of a site and express an opinion, this is the right site for you where you can be heard.

Ashlee Simpson shops for a new apparels

Taking advantage of the warm, sunny summer weather, Ashlee Simpson and a gal pal headed out for shopping and a coffee in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (July 23).
Showing off her growing baby bump, the “Outta My Head” singer and her friend dropped by American Apparel, browsing the store’s selections before making a few purchases and heading off to grab a iced coffee.

Looking for the perfect nest

With plans for a rich future together, “The Hills” co-star/lovers Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are looking to move up in the world with the purchase of a new place to call home.
The reality star duo spent Wednesday afternoon (July 23) looking at multi-million dollar properties in Malibu, California - being escorted through the luxurious spreads by a personal realtor. This couple are really secured with each other , they really knew that one day when they got married they will have already their new home. A place to call their own and to raised their family. I really admire their way of planning because they want to be secured when the time comes. I hope you could find the perfect place for you to live in.

Lil Waynes ringtones are so nice to hear

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Gweneth Palthrow got a new Look

As she readies for her upcoming role as Regan in the new movie “King Lear”, Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted showing off a new haircut after a visit to a beauty salon in New York on Wednesday (July 23).
With her straight locks blowing in the wind, the Oscar-winning “Shakespeare In Love” actress gave a glance at the paparazzi before hopping into her ride with a few purchases in hand.

PDA Medical Software helps a lot to doctors

Health is very important in every one of us. We really take care of our body condition that is why when we feel something very unusual in our body , we immediately see our doctor or immediately rush to the hospital for check up. On the other hand, the doctors play a vital role in diagnosing our health condition. Since they are the one responsible for prescribing the necessary medicines. Doctors need not to get mistake in dealing and prescribing medicines to their patients that is why physicians browse their medical books sometimes to get references. But now a days, since we are living in the modern world where highly sophisticated gadgets are created for the convenience of everybody. There is now a gadget named PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) where most of the doctors owned already. This PDA pocket size gadget can be downloaded with a PDA Medical reference Softwares by companies, such as Epocrates, Inc., With the Epocrates’ drug guide loaded in their PDA or smartphone, clinicians can immediately access the information needed to make prescribing decisions such as drug dosing, side effects and health plan coverage. Doctors or clinicians feel so much comfortable with it because they can now browse their PDA that is dowloaded with PDA medical software for an exact information without finding a large number of books.

Lilo and her rumored same sex lover Samantha Ranson off for a great meal

Spotted leaving their current digs at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson stepped out on Wednesday afternoon (July 23) for a lunch outing in the Big Apple.
Wearing a grey buttondown sweater over a black top paired with her signature black leggings, the Mean Girls starlet and her BFF/rumored lover hopped into an awaiting SUV before speeding off for a bite to eat at a nearby trendy restaurant.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A very sexy Nanny

Ethan Hawke and his wife Ryan Shawhughes welcomed Clementine Jane Hawke last Friday in New York City. This is Ethan’s third child–he has two children, Maya, 10, and Levon, 6, from his previous marriage to actress Uma Thurman.
Hawke, 37, and Shawhughes secretly tied the knot in New York City in June. The pair met when she began working as a nanny for his first two kids.
Congrats to the happy couple!

Mariah Carey has still a fabulous curves after marriage

Looking her usual fabulous self, Mariah Carey ventured out to MTV Studios in New York City on Tuesday for the taping of an appearance on the network’s hit show Total Request Live.
The 38-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer wore a multi-colored pastel skirt with a blue top that showed off her toned tummy, along with matching heels and, of course, plenty of bling.


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Nicole Richie visits the LA studio

Venturing out in the Los Angeles sunshine, Nicole Richie was spotted out visiting a Los Angeles studio with her daughter Harlow Winter Kate on Tuesday afternoon (July 22).
An hour later, the former Simple Life star’s rocker husband Joel Madden joined his wife and daughter there - pulling up in his black Audi Q7 SUV before hopping out and heading inside to see his two lovely ladies.

GPS tracking device

Running a business needs a lot of communication devices most specially if you are into a transportation business where vehicles that are loaded with valuable items are transported to different locations. You need to have a constant line to know the status of the transporting vehicle. Monitoring of different cargo is your top priority. But since we are now living in a modern world where highly sophisticated gadgets are now made available such as computers, cellphones, communication devices and the like. There is a site named Land Air Sea that offers a wide range of GPS Vehicle Tracking devices. GPS Vehicle Tracking is so easy to use because you can put it anywhere you want in a vehicle. The strength of the magnet could be placed under the car hood or even in the middle chassis. It is so small and easily concealable and it is 100 percent waterproof. It can receives signals from the twenty-four Department of Defense satellites orbiting the earth. The internal computer accurately determines the location of the device within 2.5 meters and records this data every second.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time for a break for John Mayer

Taking advantage of a day off from his hectic world tour schedule, John Mayer was spotted out getting in a work-out at his Los Angeles gym on Tuesday (July 22).
After wrapping up his sweat session, the “Why Georgia?” singer ventured on over to Magnolia’s Restaurant - where he met up with fellow musician Pete Wentz for a lunch outing.

Choose your best wine gift

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Quality time for Avril lavigne's and his hubby

Avril Lavigne’s been traveling all over the world on her current tour and over the weekend Avril Lavigne decided it was time to take a break with a romantic dinner date with her hubby.Avril Lavigne and husband Deryck Whibley exit Madeos restaurant with a doggy bag on Sunday night.Avril Lavigne At Madeo Restaurant in Hollywood. It is so nice that sometimes couples or lovers should give enough and quality time to each other so that relationship would last long. Time is so important for couples because this is one way of bringing a relation into high degree of intimacy. So, keep it up Avril that is so right and you really need a break...

Beyonce and Mariah are the performers of the Fashion Rocks fifth anniversary

It's Fashion Rocks's fifth anniversary – and organizers have assembled a glittering roster of performers to mark the occasion. Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey are among the musical heavyweights expected to take the stage at the Sept. 5 concert at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Officially the beginning to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the star-studded event will also feature celebrity presenters to be announced at a later date. According to organizers, other scheduled performers include Rihanna, Fergie, Chris Brown, rapper Lil Wayne and Welsh soul singer Duffy. The event, which will benefit Stand Up to Cancer, will also be recorded and broadcast on CBS on Sept. 9 (9 p.m. ET).

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Goodbye to my beloved Uncle Pabs

When we talk about life I considered it as a very precious thing that we need to take care and give value since we all no that there is no one in this world that will last forever. We exist in this world and given more responsibilities to perform. Responsibilities for the family , to our love one and the community that surrounds us that also needs our simple participation as a good citizen of the country. A Person is well remembered in his good creation and doings just like my uncle Pabs who has a lot of good friends because he always give value to friendship. Uncle Pabs is a very responsible man. He always works for the benefit of his family. Working hard just to provide and support his dream. A dream of having a good life. He has 2 siblings named Shiralle and Lynlyn. He was so proud to her daughter Lyn who took nursing course because she always excel in all her exams. Every time he visits us here in our place, he keeps on telling me that her daughter is my inspiration, she is my hope and my lucky one who can uplift or elevate our status of living. Lyn is very consistent in his studies that is why Uncle Pabs is so proud of her. but we really dont know how long we stay in this world. It is very uncertain and no predictions can be done about the issue of life. Uncle Pabs joined our creator last July 14, 2008. he died due to heart attack. He was comatose for one day and send to the nearest hospital in
Davao del Norte and was declared clinically dead after a day. This afternoon is his internment at the Davao del Norte public cemetery. I really missed his laughter's and company so much but as we all know stories has really an ending. All I can say is Just move on and I hope that my auntie and my cousins can now adjust and accept the whole situation.

Cheap London flights

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Zac Efron hides behind his skateboard and carries his own luggage as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday night.
What did he do in New York City?!
As always, a large group of photographers met Zac at his terminal and followed his every move out of the airport.
Mr. Efron was then picked up by his High School Musical costar and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Zac Efron is really popular in his age because all paparazzi's are following wherever he goes. He got very popular due to his hit series "high school musical" thing and there are also a lot of people who are believing in his capacity as an actor. They are both very compatible with his co-star girl friend Vanessa Hudgens. I hope they will end up marrying each other someday for they are both deeply in love.

Monday, July 21, 2008

business loans can help a lot in your financial needs

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Hilary Duff with her boyfriend Mike are dressed in black

Appropriately dressed in a black top with a matching black cape, Hilary Duff was spotted out with her hockey stud boyfriend Mike Comrie to check out the hit movie “The Dark Knight” on Saturday afternoon (July 19).
With Mike wearing a black t-shirt and blue baseball cap, the couple strolled into the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood - quickly scooping up a few seats for the record-breaking theatrical release.

Jessica Simpson is busy making her album

In what was her first full live concert in years, Jessica Simpson was busy debuting music from her forthcoming country album at the 16th Annual Country Thunder USA on Shadow Hill Farm in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin last night (July 19).
Accompanied by her quarterback boyfriend Tony Romo and her dog Daisy, the “Dukes of Hazzard” hottie socialized about the concert grounds before throwing on her country boots and rocking the stage.

Playing games online

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My new dress up toy

My daughter Keisha is so interested in playing dress up toys. She told me that if she got a perfect score in her exam I will buy her a dress up toy. The results of their examination is so good but unfortunately she got 1 mistake only and she ask me if she still got a toy for she has a mistake and I still said yes. Eventhough you have one mistake I will still buy your favorite dress up toy for you really tried to get a perfect score. Yesterday night, we go straight to the mall particularly in the toy kingdom to buy her favorite dress up toy and right now she is playing and trying to discover new design and fashion accessories that she could install it in her dress up toy. As a father, I am really proud of her since she got good grades in her school and has a good study habit. I hope she will get an honor award at the end of her schooldays.

Philippine economy 2008

Philippines is experiencing its lowest economy rate today. Prices of all commodities went up due to an increase of oil products. Its like a domino effect for all the commodities since most of the commodities includes gasoline in their production cost. Two days ago, LTFRB is distributing fare matrix at the price of 50 pesos each, so that public utility drivers can now ask for the correct fare to the riding public. But after a day, all the big oil companies are increasing all their products that reached to 60 per liter, that is why drivers still got no advantage of the fare increase that was implemented a day before the oil price hike is also implemented. Yesterday, there is another three pesos increase in the price of diesel. so what will happened with the public utility drivers? There were interviews conducted by some of the media personnel's regarding the drivers take home profit. It was said that, drivers were able to make from 100 to 150 pesos a day but some are receiving below 100 a day. They told us that all of their money will just go directly to the gasoline stations. They don't get enough profit on their daily work. Some of them stopped to drive already and some were looking for a job that could give enough compensation that they too can feed their family properly and support their daily cost of living. You can see how Philippine economy is really down now a days because you can just imagine people are falling in line in the NFA market outlet just to buy a 2 kilos of rice at a lower price compared to commercial rice. Some people are also falling in line in the NSO (national Statistics Office) to get an authentication of their birth certificates that is going to be used on their application for passport in the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs). They are filing applications for abroad so that they can get a good job outside the country because they say, if they just rely in the situation of the Philippine economy right now, they will be dead before the year ends.

Mitral Valve can be restored through surgery

I used to work in a medical clinic. I would say that I am a little bit familiar with some disorders. Working in a medical clinic is satisfying to me because it increases my knowledge and I get familiar with sicknesses and disorders.My best friend approached me last week. He was asking for my opinion on what he was feeling. My friend is having hard time to breath in several occasions. I am a sure that what he is feeling and experiencing is caused by his mitral valve. The present medical field is gifted with knowledge and talents in dealing with Mitral Valve Surgery and Mitral Valve Repair. There are also some health institutions that perform a Mitral Valve replacement for those patients that are highly at risk of Mitral Valve malfunction. My friend went to the hospital to have a check up and it was affirmed that he has Mitral valve problem and it has to be fix or else, he might end up six feet below the ground. Mitral valve disorder can be cured. For more information about the mitral valve surgery and repair, visit

Restoring the old engine back to its condition

Yesterday, I have been working with my owner type jeep. I want it to restore its engine to its proper specifications. I asked my brother Junix regarding the restoration since this jeep needs a lot of work. He said (my brother) that OK! lets do it together. Since we are both professional mechanic, we started the job immediately. I prepared all the necessary tools and equipments and clean the area. We dismantle the whole engine and took the engine block away from the car body and place it in an area where we can proceed overhauling. We really do have a teamwork because we dismantled the engine in a short period of time. Maybe its because of, we have all the tools needed for the activity as a result, we didn't experience a time delay. All the parts are still intack and needs not to be replaced since this engine does not run after overhauling it two years ago. We just check all the engine parts, clean it and return on its correct order and give proper timing and proper clearances. At around 2PM in the afternoon. We have a problem about the piston insertion since my piston compressor was lost. I look for it in my tool room but there was none. so, what I did is, I ask my professor if he has an extra piston compressor so that I can proceed with my work. He look for one and fortunately he got one then, I immediately proceed with my work to avoid time delay. At exactly 4:30 in the afternoon, I together with my brother finished all the jobs. Thanks to that Piston compressor. It really helps a lot because if that tool is not made available we really both have a big problem because we cannot proceed with our assembling activity. This afternoon, I will still look for my lost piston compressor so that whenever I need it I dont need to barrow anymore to my fellow auto diesel mechanics.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Khloe Kardashian has an alcohol problem

Locked-up for just under three hours, reality starlet Khloe Kardashian was released from the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood County at 1:29 p.m. on Friday (July 18), according to the Sheriff’s Department Web site.
With her time behind bars totaling 173 minutes, the 24-year-old Kardashian sister is free as long as she enrolls in an alcohol treatment program within three weeks of her release. She has to overcome her attitude. Alcoholism is so easy to manage as long as you follow the right treatment. I hope Chloe will be back to normal and will finished her treatment.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

buying online housewares and home maintenance products

Having a big house can be a little bit challenging to me. Cleaning a big house can be sometimes boring and expensive. I renovated the entire house to make it look good and presentable to all of my visitors. Because since I acquired it, I never make any repair to the house.

Shopping nowadays is very easy and convenient. It is because you don't have to leave your house just to go out for a shopping galore. Every time I will be buying something, I would shop using because it is fast and convenient on my part. I bought Housewares and Home Maintenance products . I also acquired a Washing Machine Buying Guide. I also bought a Sewing Machine Buying Guide and a Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide. I always recommend to my friends that they would shop online equipments. revolutionized the shopping experience as you can go online. Shopping online saves a lot of time because you don't need to travel just to look for the items that you need. is one great site that everyone can get anything and everything that he/she needs. For more information about housewares and home maintenance products buying guide,visit

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ashley Tisdale of the high school musical hotie takes her favorite coffee drink

Celebrities are creatures of habit just like the rest of us. So it’s no wonder that Ashley Tisdale was, once again, spotted grabbing in icy coffee drink at her local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf café this morning (July 16).
The High School Musical hottie sauntered out to her car, carrying her beverage and sporting a white-with-black-stripes shirt, designer jeans, and a pair of high heels.

Ashlee Simpson and her husband went shopping ispite of her health condition

Though she’s getting further and further along in her term, Ashlee Simpson certainly isn’t taking this whole pregnancy thing lying down.
The “Little Miss Obsessive” songstress has been maintaining her usual active lifestyle as of late, and was spotted out and about with her husband/babydaddy Pete Wentz yesterday.

Buying toys online

A promise is a promise. That is what I leaned today from my niece. Last year, I said to my niece that I would buy her a Nintendo Wii on her birthday. I never thought that she would still remember what I said. Today is her birthday and she reminded me about my promise to her. The Nintendo Wii is what my niece really wanted. After my niece reminded me, I went shopping immediately online with the assistance of the online shopping site that offers various products that you can choose from. Aside from the Nintendo Wii, I also bought her Wii Games and some Wii Accessories. Good thing about shopping online is that it is fast and relaxing. You can shop as many items you want and you don't have to carry those items that you bought. It will be delivered to your doorstep. Nothing can be best than shopping at the convenience of your home. My favorite niece is so happy because she knows that her eagerness to play that kind of toy will really come true. There's no one can measure the happiness of my favorite niece. that is why my promises for her is not made to be broken. For more information about online shopping, visit

Zac Efron is now back from a great vacation with Vanessa Hudgens

There’s nothing like a romantic Caribbean vacation with your sweetie to recharge your batteries. Just ask Zac Efron, who recently returned from a holiday on the islands of Turks and Caicos with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.
The High School Musical stud was spotted on his way to the gym to get a killer workout, sporting a blue tank top, blue shorts and a pair of Nike running shoes.

Overhauling a Toyota engine

Yesterday is a very busy day for me because I was instructed by our technical school to dismantle and assemble a Toyota engine because I was given a task to perform as part of my school recovery. I, together with my brother Junix dismantle our Owner type jeep that has a 2R Toyota engine. I dismantle it very early so that we can assemble it before five O'clock. Our teacher Manuel Caipilan is staying with us to see how we perform the right procedures for dismantling and assembling the engine or shall I say overhauling. I can say that I really performed the task so easy for I overhauled that engine several times before we got a formal training in our school. We clean the engine first then, loosen the screws on its valve cover then remove the valve cover then, we remove the bolts that were holding the rocker arm then, we remove the rocker arm and loosen the cylinder head bolts and remove the cylinder head carefully. After that, I remove the cylinder head gasket and clean the block surface with a clean cloth. After that, I went down the engine to drain the oil. I carefully remove the drain plug to give way for the oil from the oil pan. I loosen the oil pan bolts to remove the oil pan from the block. then, I proceed to remove all the pistons and follow the correct procedures of removing the engine parts. I cleaned all the parts with gasoline then with detergent powder to clear them from greasy stuff. I just arrange all the removed parts to one place and when the engine is now a little bit lighter, we tied a rope from the top bar to remove the engine block from its place. After the engine activity I then concentrate on the underchasis. I removed its break drums and axles then remove the axle carrier. It is so easy to dismantle as long as you have the proper idea on what to do so that it would be systematic. Then, to make the story short, I finished the job before 5 O'clock. We assembled it back again and give the engine the proper adjustment the intake adjustments is .008 while the exhaust valve is .012. Its back to normal again. See engine overhauling is so easy as long as you have the proper tools and the proper procedure on how to do the job well. Thanks to my professor Manuel Caipilan because he adds a lot of my ideas and provides more techniques on how to do the job systematically.