Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make jewish friends online

I used to visit different chat rooms to make friends online during my freetime and weekends. As a matter of fact, I found my three bestfriends here and I constantly communicate with them through chatting. I consider myself as a friendly person because I don't choose person to chat, I make friends of all races as long as they have good intentions to me. Jewish Chat Rooms are one of the websites that I used to visit frequently because I have a lot of Jewish friends and classmates during my college years. Most of my Jewish friends are in this chat room. so if you want to meet and chat with tons of Jewish chatters, this is the right place for you. You can visit now their site at www.jewishchatcity.com.

Graduation of Ms. Mary Claire Delgado

I attended the blowout party of Mary Claire Delgado, a first cousin of my wife. She graduated from San Pedro College of Davao as medical technology student. She was so happy just like her fellow students and classmates because she really made it to the top for 4 consecutive years of trying it so hard and studying the lessons and assignments as well as the internship thing that was so hard for a student like her. The parents were so proud of her that's why the parents gave her a party at the Ahfat seafoods and restaurant, located inside the Victoria mall place. I wish her the best of everything and may the lord bless her and shower more blessings on her journey to success. Congratulations to you Mary Claire Delgado on your Graduation day!!!

Help is just a click away

Loan has been an essential part in any life be it by professionals, businessmen and the mere office employees, it has been the life line of the thousands and millions of people to sustain life. As for me, Loan Modificaiton Leads has led me to the site that provides info on loans and has helped me in choosing the right kind of loan to avail through Voice Broadcasting. It has helped me in so many ways and it will also help you. It is just a click away.

Leaves are not green but yellow in color

What we actually see when we look on the beautiful structure of leave, or grasses is not exactly what scientists see. In case a teacher raises a question to the class asking for the color of leave, it would be an amazing question to every one, as majority of students would think the answer is simple and clear. All these who are in this position would have fallen in the same mercy as I fell few years ago, when I was attempting my final exam of biology, where I entered in the same confusion. The truth is that leaves are not green. In the public I deny that, and if this truth will cost my freedom and force me to jail, or exile, I will be willing for that, but I will continue to disagree that leaves are of a green color. The green color which is seen from any point of view, is actually the color of chlorophyll, the green pigment designated to trap sunlight so as to help the plant to manufacture its own food. Since chlorophyll have covered the both sides of leaves people have been easily trapped to conclude that leaves are of a green color. But if any of these people would hold a breath and be patient for a while, would soon discover that leaves are of yellow color.When the chlorophyll finishes its task of manufacturing food, and the color went away, that is where the leave is about to wilt, and its true color without one of the chlorophyll, is now clearly seen. So I would conclude my discussion by insisting that leaves are not of green color, but yellow

Credit Card

With the fast life that we have now and the presence of the twenty first century and its latest innovations, it has uplifted the life of almost all individuals in this planet. It has help ease the the burden of so many things like paying of bills through credit cards. The birth of the credit card has substantially lessen the burden of carrying cash where ever we go. Almost all people including teens now a days have their personal credit cards so as to pay for their tuition fees or buying school items without the company of their parents. This way young adults are trained to be independent.

I, myself would personally recommend young adults to have their own credit cards for their convenience for they will have the freedom to spend wisely and buy things that are of important. They will be trained to budget their money.
I have surfed the net and look for sites that offer credit cards for teens and I have landed in this site http://www.studentcreditcards.com/ and found the credit card that suits my 18 year old daughter. I am planning to get one for her so she will be independent. This is just timely for she will not be living with us this coming school year for she will be with her aunt this coming school year.

Importance of a plant

Did you know that you need ONE LIVE PLANT for every 100 square feet of space to help detoxify the air? Flowers and other plants generate their own special energy (we call it chi in feng shui speak), and create a fresh, healthy admosphere. They also help to raise "dead" energy and encourage a positive lifeforce in any garden or room where the air might be stagnant and unhealthy. This dead energy is given off by dried herbs and dried wreaths, plastics, synthetics, etc.

Success in a Recession

Many countries now a days have a tremendous problems in their economy, there are plenty of business establishments closed and thousands of laborers lost their jobs due to global financial crisis. There were reports that a heavy populated subdivision now turned to ghost town because all of the homeowners vacated already their houses for they can no longer pay their monthly amortizations. This recession thing really affects large number of people but there were some who survived and there were some who still makes it to the top, they still continue to manage in good shape despite of the bad economy. I can say that, there is still success in times of recession and we can still build success through economic pressure. This is really true because there is an expert recession speaker in the name of Gary Wynn that could really prove that there is success in times of economic difficulty. Gary Wynn has brilliant ideas that he could share to organizations and companies who want to be tough and make it on the top during hard times like we are experiencing now. There are predictions that this kind of economy will run from 8 to ten years and there will be more companies that will be affected as time goes on. If make the most of it and we want our business to stay on the line this is the right time to hear brilliant ideas of an expert speaker Gary Wynn. The brilliant speaker has help a lot of companies at present. His ideas are very effective because you will know how to utilized your resources. He will give importance particularly on the leadership and communication to obtain a successful business in times of recession. Listeners can get more interesting and powerful topics that could help businessmen and big manufacturing corporations do the necessary approach for a better future.
You can watch the Author and success expert Garrison Wynn videos in his site at http://www.keynote-speaker-motivational.com/economic-speaker.htm. so that you will hear some of his brilliant ideas. He can be your economic speaker. For more inquiries about his program content, availability and pricing you can always visit his site. I am pretty sure if you hear Garrison Wynn's explanations and economic presentation and ideas on how to run the business in times of economic recession for a successful future, you will really love what he said and apply it to your existing business.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Installing sprinklers in my garden

This afternoon I bought all the materials needed for tomorrows activity. I am putting sprinklers inside my greenhouse to keep the humidity high. I am propagating different varieties of flowering materials and i intend to produce in volume so that I could sell it this coming August for the Kadayawan festival. I am planning to lower all my plant prices to attract more buyers and to increase my sales. It is best to lower the prices as long as you have the volume to supply the demand. I just hope that my seedlings will grow fast and the mortality rate will lessen.

See you in the football field

If you are one of the many persons who likes to play football and want to be a football star, Now, is a chance to reach your dreams as a football player because there is now a site named play college football that offers a simple-to-use eBook. This ebook will save you days of frustration and time trying to figure out how to increase your chances of getting seen and recruited by college coaches. This book is all about teaching high school players and their families all about the painstaking process of getting recruited to play college football. Buy now! and start fulfilling your dreams to be a football star player. For more information about the eBook, just visit their site at http://www.playcollegefootball.com/

Keisha is a Dora fanatic

Keisha is a Dora fanatic and she always watch Dora movie series every now and then. She also have a lot of Dora items like books, t-shirts, pencils and erasers and a lot more... When we went to the mall a week ago after having our dinner, she saw a group of sales attendant arranging Dora items, she ran immediately to the said stall and asked me to take a picture of her. She was so happy to see those items, she stands along with the Dora life size image and pose with a charm.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am an art enthusiast and everytime I visit new countries and places, I see to it that I have time to visit an art gallery to see the paintings of different painters and art lovers. when I am home, I used to visit different art sites and scrutinized every ideas of a painter. One of the sites that I visited this morning was the Paragon fine Art of Liudmila Kondakova, her paintings are so rich with clarity and light that they reflect in their extraordinary draftsmanship a sense of artistic and spiritual well-being. I like the way she expressed her ideas through art. To see more of Liudmila Kondakovas' paintings just visit the site at www.paragonfineart.com/artists/liudmila-kondakova.html.

Offshore oppurtunity

I am planning this time to check all my documents needed for my vetassess application. I am not in a hurry to submit it because I want to make it sure that I have all the documents in me first before sending it. I knew already that there is recession going on to every countries due to global financial crisis but that won't stop my eagerness to work offshore because I know that there is a time for everything, a time for the economy to be back in good shape, just like what we were experiencing on oil prices previously where prices are unpredictable. I just hope that all will be back in good condition so that people can go back with their jobs or can look for a job that provides high compensation.

Make friends online

During my free time and every weekend, I always make friends online and there is only one site that I used to visit frequently to win friends and this is the Christian Chat Rooms . Joining is so simple, all you have to do is to register for a free account and you're done, you will immediately have an instant access to Christian Chatrooms. Chat now and start making friends with hundreds of users all over the world in their FREE Christian Chatrooms. Visit now their site at http://www.christianchatcity.com/.

Keishas curly hair

Keisha has a very straight and shiny black hair but this time she wanted her hair to look very curly. She insisted this time that she will play the role of a fairy and most fairies have curly hair that's why she wanted her hair to be curly also. The picture above is the result after she went to the saloon.

Watch and learn

My father won't teach me how to play blackjack. I remember before when I was still in my elementary years. My father and his best buddies would come to the house at night. My mother would prepare food for them and when it is already 8 pm, they will play blackjack. I am allowed to watch but not allowed to play. I always asked my father to teach me how to play the game. But I always get a decline from him. When I was in college, my father finally gave up his strong decision not to teach me. he taught me the basic principles of the game and how to manage your cards and play the game of blackjack. But since I moved to the city for my college study, I was not able to digest what my father taught me. I really love to learn and play the game of blackjack. I want to play the game with my father. With no one around me who can teach me how the game is being played. I opted to watch blackjack movie so that I can get how the game is really being played. After I saw the movie, I was very confident that I can beat my father in the game of blackjack. Last year, it was summer, I went back home to the province where I was born. Upon arrival at the gate, my father immediately told me play blackjack with him. Now me and my father are best buddies. Aside from playing blackjack with my father, I also play blackjack in an online casino. For those who want to know the game, feel free to visit http://www.onlinecasinobluebook.net/ now.

Am I one of them?

This picture was taken 2 weeks ago. We were so tired during this day for we kept on cleaning and washing our clothes. My daughter Keisha also helped us clean the house and as a result, she was also very tired. She went to her room after cleaning and this is what I found when I entered her room. You will noticed that pillows and blanket were already piled. I think she didn't want to break the pillow piles that's why she ended up sleeping like this. she looks like she's one of the pillows, isn't it? (giggles)........

Property abroad

My brother just arrived from abroad. He is working as a property custodian for a chemical company. Along with my brother is his co-employee. By next year, I will also be going there to work in a hospital since I am a registered nurse. My brother has his own house there. I am planing to stay there while I am working. But I am also contemplating on Buying property abroad . In my contract of employment, I will be staying there for 4 years and I believe in that years I can be able to acquire properties just like my brother did. Before, my brother also did bought properties abroad before going there. He visited http://www.aplaceinthesun.com/, the best place to buy properties. I already told my brother about my plans and he is very much willing to help me out there, especially when starting to live in a place where you are new and strange of. My papers are already complete. I am just completing my work points so that when I get there, I hold a good position in the hospital. Buying property is really a good move for me. So that when I get there, I have a place I can call my very own. I want a house by the sea. it is because the hospital where I am going to work is a coastal one. I am very much excited already to live there and stay in my own and first property abroad.

Taking away the virus

I went to the computer shop yesterday afternoon to have my computer check on my technician friend named Tristan. I consulted him on whats the best thing to do with my PC because its system became slow. He checked it up and found out that my laptop has a virus already, he showed me the highlighted folders that were affected. He said that the best thing to do to make my computer more efficient is to reformat. He said that he will do the reformatting by 7 in the evening in the house, and after he reformatted my laptop, i can feel the difference again. It works so fast and browse every sites more faster that before. He added that if i will upgrade my memory to three gig, it would give even faster. Thanks to Tristan for you made my laptop very powerful now (giggles)...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fast business loans

We all know that our economy is not in good shape and many establishments that were closed due to global financial crisis but there were still some who managed to operate their business in regular basis. Most of the business owners used to apply for loans when they are short in cash or needs an additional capital for their business. Loans help a lot of businessman and private individuals in terms of crisis and speaking of "loans", there is a site named National Unsecured Loans and Business Financing that offers a wide range of fast business loans. so if you are one of the many person who wants to apply for loan, visit now the top leader in business financing at http://www.nationalunsecured.com/.

Keisha Nicole's pre-school graduation

Grandma Lerma with Keisha in her toga attire.Keisha in her white and maroon toga.

Mommy Lyhra and Keisha Niocle is now ready for graduation rites.
My daughter Keisha Nicole graduated yesterday morning in her pre-school years. It was announced two days ago that the programme will start at exactly 8 O'clock in the morning but it started very late and it was attended by the school officials and guests as well as parents and guardians. Keisha wears her maroon and white toga with a red cap. They were so cute to see for they look like little armies in battalion. We were the first one to arrived at school. I am in my Filipino costume as instructed by their basic education principal Ms. Josefina Jover. I am so proud of her for she make good grades in school, I hope that she will continue her dreams and ambitions in reaching for the stars as what their theme says. I promised to myself together with my wife that I will support her in anything she does to make her happy and be successful someday. Congratulations My dear Keisha Nicole on your pre-school graduation.

Applying for credit cards

I was working in an auto industry for 5 years now and I have many friends here. During weekends, me and my bestfriend Allan used to go to the tn town buy our weekly groceries. It is very time consuming because we need to travel almost an hour to reach the place. A common friend of ours advised us to do our weekly marketing over the net because it is more comfortable and time saving. Me and Allan decided that it would be better to do shopping and do our weekly marketing in the net, so we immediately look for a site where we can apply for a credit card since online merchants asked for credit cards for shoppers online payment. I found a site named Credit Card Application, it is a site that offers a wide range of credit cards. So if you need a credit card, visit now their site at http://www.creditcardapplication.us/ and Apply for the Credit Card of your choice.

Nanay BB in action

Grandma in action!!!

This is nanay BB from Tacurung City and she arrived yesterday morning just to attend Keishas graduation. This picture was taken yesterday morning after the gradutation rites. Keisha poses like a pro and she waves her right hand to her fellow graduates and friends who greeted her Happy Graduation day!!!

Pneumatic Tools

I planned to clean and fix my car today and since I am a mechanic by profession, I will do it on my own way. Usually, I don't hire skilled worker when it comes to auto car fixing, whether it is on motor or on its upholstery. I prepared all the tools as early as 6 in the morning to start the activity on customizing my cars leather interior. I remembered what my friend told me who is also an upholsterer expert saying that it would be better if you have one light duty Staplers to make your job more easy and to look neat. I have decided to buy so that when I need it , I have one that I can always used to. I immediately browse the net and look for a site that offers a durable light duty staplers and I found it in a site named Bostitch, a site that offers a wide range of pneumatic tools for construction, furniture's, automotive, and for industrial use. To browse more of their products, just visit their site at http://bostitch.co.uk/.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pictures during the 56th PWC graduation ceremony

I was given here a loyalty award certificate.
Waiting for my turn to be called.

Me and Keisha Nicole
Inside the PWC campus, after we changed our formal clothes for graduation.

Sweet, sweet smiles!!!
Keisha Nicole and her bestfriend Regine Magdalene Guillermo.

Keisha with her fellow graduates.

Nanay Baby from Tacurung city accompanied Keisha on her gradution ceremony.

Keisha Nicole in her Maroon and white Toga.

These are some of the pictures taken during the 56th PWC graduation ceremony.
Congratulations To You Keisha Nicole C. Noel on your Pre-School graduation day

I will receive my loyalty award today

I suppose to get all my documents needed for my vet assess application today but since I am attending my daughters pre-school graduation, I am postponing my schedule for that thing. My daughters school PWC of Davao is also giving me an award for loyalty this day that's why I am preparing my Filipino attire as instructed. I will receive my loyalty award today

Asian Chat Room

I considered myself as a friendly person because I easily get friends in my town and during my college years I was awarded as the most friendly student of the graduates. Now that I am fully grown up and have my own family and blessed with a beautiful daughter named Keisha, I am still the same guy that a person who can be easily make friends. Eventhough I have a very hectic schedules on my job, I still manage to make friends, but it is now online. It is so easy to make friends online because you can reach and spread messages in just a second. There is a site that I always used to visit to make friends and this is the Asian Chat Room. It is easy to make friends with them since I am also an Asian but it doesn't mean that I only choose to chat with them but also I give time to all the chatters inside the Asian chat room. Try to chat with the friendly chatters in this chatroom and make friends. For more information about the Asian Chat Room, just visit their site at http://www.asianchatcity.com/

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The PWC Pre-school 56th Annual Recognition Ceremony

This is my daughters recognition day and she gave an opening remarks to her fellow graduates on its 56th Annual Recognition ceremony. She got one award and after she delivered the speech, she was congratulated with the school officials and guest. Eventhough I was not around during the ceremony, I am so proud that my daughter Keisha was given the chance to show her talent in speaking infront of many people. It was her first time to speak on stage in front of many people. She memorized the 3 pages speech in only 4 days. Congratulations Keisha, we are so proud of you and love you so much!!!!

Create your website easily

I would say that I am a very lucky person. At present I owned several businesses related to my profession as a software engineer. When I started, I was an apprentice at one IT company and my task was to create website for different clients of the company. I know my capabilities and I can finish working on a site just for a couple of hours. That is why my boss likes me so much. I can picture the things that the client wanted easily. after working for a year, my boss told me that he values me so much and offered me the opportunity to be one of the shareholders of the company. He was afraid that I might be pirated by other rival companies that belong to the same industry. For me, it was more than what I was expecting. Offered ownership is something I will never miss the chance to get it. But after 3 years, I decided to get out of the company and start my own dynasty. Many of my friend were shocked about my decision to leave a vital role in the company to start a new one, rookie in the industry. As I said I know my capabilities and skills more greater than theirs. After establishing my company, many clients from the previous company transferred to me. Actually creating website is easy. for those who want to have their website visit http://www.bluevoda.com/ and start creating one for yourself.

Keishas' fairy school play

Keisha plays the role of a fairy and she played it perfectly. She dances gracefully together with her fellow classmates and friends. It was attended with hundreds of visitors, parents, guardians and school officials. The video above was the actual play of my daughter Keisha entitled "Our Fairy School". Enjoy watching!!!

An answer to your financial problems

I have been working for about 8 years now and I usually get paid every 15 and 30. When I received my salary, I make it sure that I appropriate it properly so that I get to pay all my financial obligations particularly my house rent, utilities and credit card purchases that I made for the period. I would admit that there are times that my calculations falls short from the actual. There were times that I was not able to meet my finances, especially when my obligations becomes due before the payday. I tried borrowing from my friend. But later I realized that it was a shameful move to borrow. I don't want to go to my relatives. They might think that I am not totally dependent. I know that they will help me but I want to do it on my way. I tried to approach several banks but they only told me to try the next bank for they might lend me some amount. The hard life of the financial challenge person is not easy. There are many things that I wanted to do but unreachable. When times are like this, I don't need to worry for money. All I have to do is get a Payday Loans ABC and all my financial problems are gone. I get to pay all the bills and other financial obligations are gone. I now do this for it is fast and the money that I wanted is safely deposited to my designated account. For more information about the Payday loans, visit http://www.paydayloansabc.com/ now and get that money instantly.

Roadhouse treat after the play

Lyhra and daughter Keisha while waiting for their ordered food.
Kampai!!! (A toast for Keisha for a job well done).
Keisha and mother Lyhra at the Roadhouse restaurant at the SM ground floor Davao City.

After my daughter Keisha plays at school entitled "Our Fairy School" we went to the roadhouse restaurant located at the SM ground floor and ordered our favorite roadhouse Fried Chicken,
clam soup and three glasses of bottomless ice tea. We kept on talking about the play because I never thought that play would be as successful as it was. I am very so proud of my daughter for she plays a great role of the said play.

Playing at home online

When my friend told me about his casino adventures, I was very interested where he is playing. It is because according to my friend, he plays almost 24/7 and the casino where he plays never closes. I never heard about a casino place that never closes. In fact, some casinos operate only at night. As the days go by, I become more eager to play with my friend at his casino place. One evening while we were having a cup of coffee after work. My friend told me that he is going home to play casino. I was full of question in my mind because he is going home to play casino. He told me that he never goes to the physical casino site since his wife wants him to be home early. No wonder he gets to play 24/7 non-stop of fun filled casino games because he gets to play online casino. I know several casino games and I wanted to try playing it online. According to my friend, the games and the rules behind it are the same with the actual game. he suggested to make a review and make it an Online Casino Project, where I get to find the sites where I can play the game that I wanted to play. I read all the information that I can get and when I am ready to start playing, I will just click the sites that was recommended by http://onlinecasinoproject.com/ and I can start playing it online.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our fairy school play

Keisha poses with their Our Fairy school play ads.
During the play, where hundreds of parents and guardians, guest who witnessed the play.

Keisha and her bestfrined
Regine who also plays a very crucial role.

My daughter Keisha has 2 activities this day and she was very proud of the results. This morning as early as 6 in the morning, she prepared already her stuff for the recognition day and for her musical play in the afternoon entitled "Our fairy play". First, she received a recognition award as the "Teachers Most Little Helper" and she was the only student who gave an inspirational talks to her fellow graduates. It was a long speech that she prepared a week ago and it was delivered perfectly in front of the school officials, student guest, parents and to her fellow graduates. After she delivered the speech, the people clap their hands and congratulated my daughter Keisha up in the stage for a job well done. I am very proud of her for she makes good grades in class. This afternoon, after the recognition, she went back to school for their musical play. it was attended by parents and hundreds of audience. They were all in costume and Keisha plays the role of a fairy with a wand. It was a very nice play and it was the first time that I appreciated a play from that school since I am also an alumnus of the school.

Make friends online

I used to chat every now and then and I have visited almost all available chatrooms in the net and there is only one chatroom that I used to visit frequently for I found a lot of honest and accommodating women chatters. BBW Chat Room is what I am talking to, it is a site where tons of BBW users from all of the planet join their chatrooms and have a great time absolutely free! Register for your free account now and start making friends.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Recognition day

Keisha delivered an inspirational talks on her recognition day. She prepared the speech and practiced it many times to be able to deliver it perfectly. The recognition day was attended by the school officials and guest as well as parents of the graduates and guardians. I was so proud of her for she is so active in class and very attentive. She was chosen to do the speech because the teacher believed in her capacity as a student. The pictures above is the actual footage of the inspirational talks given during their recognition day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Read the instructions before playing it online

I am one of the founders of the casino gaming and resort in our city. This was an effort made by my friends and placed me on the hot position as president. Before all these things, me and my friends were just regular casino goers. We usually play every Saturday and Sunday. But when there is a holiday, we make it sure that we must see each other and play our favorite casino game. After college, one of my crazy friend organized a team and said that we will create our own casino gaming area. I thought it was a joke but it was for real. After we got the licenses and permits from the national gaming, our casino was in business. Even though I head a casino, I also play online casino. When I first heard about the online casino , I became more interested in playing online. I want to play and see what it feels like in playing in an online casino. But before I start clicking the mouse I visited the site http://www.onlinecasinobluebook.net/ and read all the information that I can get. The general rule of a player when she/he plays in a casino is that, to know the game. For knowing the game means winning and less knowledge means defeat. The online casino is actual the same with the real live casino and the games are just the same. When I am in the house, I always play casino in my house.

Agro trade fair occupants pack up on their way home

Tomorrow will be the egress of the Davao Agro trade fair occupants held at the SM city grounds. There were still customers coming to buy the plants. These customers prefer to buy on the last day for they knew that growers sell their items at a lower price for they don't want to carry much loads on their way home. This is the best time to buy if you want to save more on different items. Tomorrow will be the howling day of my plants and I still hope that I can sell items at a good price.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carmen Electras' sexy body

I still love Carmen. She's looked amazing for years and still looks amazing today!Carmen Electra once again lived up to her seductress image as she performed a live stripping act for her neighbours.The hot sex siren delighted her neighbours with a rare visual treat as stripped down to bare essentials in her Beverly Hills backyard.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Direct TV is my personal choice

Staying all day in the house and watching the same old channels really makes me lazy. I would rather go swimming than watch TV. At present, our television has only 5 channels. I told my wife to subscribe to DirecTV. My friend has this Direct TV and he really enjoys watching the additional channels.

The other day, I was surprised to found out that we already have a DirectTV in our house. Now I can watch more channels and this means I don't have to go out. I can enjoy watching movies, TV shows and others in the comfort of my own house. I don't need to go to the cinemas because there are interesting movies in movie channels. For more information visit this site http://www.blogtelevision.net/ and have you own direct tv.

Completely Tired

I am really,really tired for todays activity because I am like a cutting saw who moves back and fort. This morning, I went to the garden to get some stocks for my Agro trade fair store and went to my duaghters school to fetch her and join her with her lunch. the teacher told me that they will be having an afternoon class for another set of practice and will be finish around 3:30 in the afternoon. So, I went back again to the SM city grounds store to check my wife for he texted me that she is not feeling well. I stayed their until 8 pm. to entertain the customers and my wife will be the one to fetch my daughter in school and went straight home. I hope that tomorrow will be a good day for me. (giggles)....

Searching the right information

I always teach my daughter in her lessons everyday and we do it every afternoon when we are home. She is in her senior kinder now. I teach her good values and right conduct. There are times that I need to open books for references because some of her lessons are not familiar to me that's why there are times that I search the net for a complete information. During my internet surf , I have found a site named Wiwapia, it is a Pocket Wikipedia that can help me a lot in searching for topics concerned. Wiwapia is an online free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. I always visit this site whenever I need an answer. so to all people out there, if you want to search for a certain topic, go straight to the free online encyclopedia at http://wiwapia.com/

Starting a day with a cup of coffee

Everyday, I always start my day with a cup of coffee and with a nice conversation with my partner in life Lyhra. We discussed everyday on different topics but mostly we discussed about the everyday life and how to improve our small business and other opportunities that is possible to come. I also considered to work abroad because I already started my application last year. I gathered all the documents needed for my assessment but unfortunately it was not submitted to the concerned agency because of the issue of global financial crisis. I already submitted an inquiry about the present issues and I am just waiting for their reply to know what will be my next move. I just hope that this coming months will be a positive, productive and joyful.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cash advance loans

I am presently working in the office and my scheduled date when I have money is every 15 and 30. For these dates are the scheduled salary day. I would admit that their are times, not just once but many times when my financial obligations must be paid immediately. There was a time when I borrowed from a friend of mine. For the cash advance, I have to pay the 25% interest for the money that I borrowed. I know that is not a friend. Because I paid to high interest rate for the loan that I got. Just last month, I was told that I have to pay the house rent and utilities. If I don't pay the bills, I might not have a light and water in my house. The rent of the house was also due. My landlady keeps making follow up on the rent, almost everyday. My salary is not enough to cover up all the bills and rent for the house. I don't want to borrow again from my friend and pay 25% interest. I also don't want to approach a family relative and ask for financial assistance. What I did was I availed of the Cash Advance Loans form http://www.cashadvancefast.com/. The loan application was released immediately without any delay and the payment is easy on my budget. I get to pay all the bills and house rent and be able to save from my salary.

Davao City public utility vehicle drivers declare transport strike

Davao City experienced a transport strike now. Public transportation drivers calls the attention of the LTO public officials for they are the ones responsible for making the violation fees very expensive. It is really very high because most of the violation fees started from 1 thousand up. there are public drivers who airs his problem that he violated one violation for driving a "no side mirror vehicle" and his licence was confiscated and given a TOP and when he went to the LTO office to pay his violation fees, he was shocked because his previous violation which he already paid was added to his present violation fees that will reach to 2,400 for a single violation. Normally the violation fees before started at 240 to 260 pesos but the figure bloated to 1000 pesos up plus adding the previous violation fees that was already paid. it was really unfair. LTO officers should think that money is really difficult to raise most especially now a days that we are experiencing global financial crisis.

Building my home

I am doing the renovation in our home right now. I would say that the old house was totally razed to build a new one. I got the property at a very good price from a broker who happens to be my brother. I personally sketched the floor plan of the house and the number of rooms and the interior, I leave that to my wife, since she is an architect. The living room, I got the idea from a local house design magazine that my wife bought. For the bathrooms, got it from the expert. I usually visits several sites that offers bathroom designs and the wellness of having a good bathroom. I visit http://www.betterbathrooms.com/, the best place to visit and find the perfect things for your bathroom. This site was recommended by my friend who works in an engineering firm. In few weeks time my house will be completed and I can move in. Right now, I live in a condominium with my wife. Having a good home and with a good ambiance is what I like. I already told my friends that after the house is completed, I will be having a blessing and a party for them. All of my friends are invited. This is a way of thanking all of them for the support and encouragements that they gave to let me buy the house.

Preparing as early as possible for the Kadayawan Trade fair this year

This year, I am planning to propagate different kinds of seedling because I have noticed that most of the plant buyers in the Agro-trade fair look for seedlings only for they can't afford the bigger one for it has a higher price. Most of the plant hobbyist just buy seedlings of different kinds for they can afford the price. since this is the trend of the business now, I am going to propagate in volume different kinds of varieties of plants so that by August (Kadayawan Festival) I will be able to sell mostly seedlings at a lower price. I am pretty sure that most of the buyers will be buying my stocks for I am the only stall owner that sells seedlings at a very low price.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bankruptcy Records

My brother who is in his 6th grade now has an assignment to report about the global financial crisis that most of the highly industrialized countries experienced now. Powerful countries like United States of America is very much affected. As a matter of fact, there were thousands of companies who was not able to operate this year and thousands of laborers who lost their jobs. many companies this year filed bankruptcy for they can no longer support anymore the cost of their business operations. I told him that to make your report more accurate, you can report it to your class about the big companies who filed bankruptcy. You can search big companies bankruptcy records in a site named US bankruptcy records. It is a website that gives users valuable information about US Bankruptcy Record. It is so easy to use, you can find it by name, by address, by business or by its state. This site is very helpful to persons who are making reports on financial crisis. So to all people out there, if you want to search for US bankruptcy records, this is the perfect site for you, a site that could give you the right information. For more information about their services, just visit the US bankruptcy records site at http://www.usbankruptcyrecords.com/.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Safety first

My sister decided to move on another place particularly in California because this is the place where the company assigned her. She was the director for marketing of a multi-national real estate company. She was with this company for 15 years now and she is very loyal to the company that's why when the company gave this new place of assignment, she immediately accepted it even if her family will be much more affected. The whole family is relocating in California but my sister is still looking for the perfect place to reside for she wants a peaceful place, My sister has three kids, all are girls. It was said that that it would be very nice to reside in a place that is far from sex offenders that's why my sister carefully finds a place that is healthy enough to raise her children. There is a site named Track Sex Offenders. It is a site that provides updated sex offender reports, you'll get the information you need to assure you family's safety. We should all be aware of the risks that we are surrounded with, and with their detailed reports, we'll get access to information. By using the sites services, we will immediately know the status of the place against bad elements. So to all people out there, if you want track down sex offenders, this is the right site for you. For more information visit now their site at http://www.tracksexoffenders.net/.

The 5th Mindanao Bonsai Competition

Bonsai Coconut tree

Last three days ago I went to the SM mall entertainment center where the Bonsai society held their 5th Mindanao bonsai competition. I was amazed with the bonsai entries there because all of them were beautiful and priceless. I have seen different varieties but most of the varieties used were Bantigue(a local tree of the Philippines) and the Tugas (Molave tree) that grows as high as 30 feet and it is a hardwood that is regularly used for door and window jams and window panels. I took some pictures during my visit and the pictures above were some of my handpick favorites.

Lovely birds are here in my garden

Birds are easily attracted to food that's why I set up one perky pet feeder in my garden which I hang on my plant branch. It is really effective because after setting up my perky pet feeder ,a flock of birds visited my place while others are sitting in my Benjamina tree branch. I am only using a single tube like feeder. I like its design for it is so simple and neat. The site has a wide range of Bird Feeders that you can choose from and bird accessories as well. So visit now their site at http://www.birdfeeders.com/ for more bird feeder products at a very reasonable prices.

Life at the market

Yesterday we were all in the SM city grounds at the Agro-trade fair exhibit for yesterday is the 72nd Araw ng Davao celebration. There were lots of customers and plant hobbyist roaming around looking for plants. Some where buying plants while others were just appreciating the beauty of them. Stall occupants are ready enough to answer inquiries from the customers regarding the grow and care of every plants and its fertilizer application to stay healthy. It is really fun selling plants in the trade fair exibit for you will meet different customers and friends. the pictures above show the actual scenarios during the 72nd Araw ng Davao Agro-Trade fair celebration at the SM city grounds.

Playing my favorite poker game

I always play poker with my friends. we usually do this every Saturday and Sunday. When we play poker, each of us would bring food or anything to eat. it is because when we play, we usually last for hours. aside from playing with my friends, I also play poker online. I am a frequent player of two poker sites, namely everest poker and titan poker. These is where I play my favorite poker game. When you play in Titan poker, there is a titan poker bonus code for a player. This is very good, especially when playing poker. I must practice a lot in preparation for the world poker tour. I want to defend my title. That is why I must practice a lot. if you feel like playing online poker, visit http://www.everestpokerit.net/ now and start playing online.

Araw ng Davao Celebration is a very succesful one

Yesterday is the 72nd Araw ng Davao celebration. There were so many activities that happened such as the parade, band competitions, trade fair exhibits, and other clubs that participated on the said event. It was really a very successful celebration for there were no untoward incident that happened. The Agro-Trade fair is still on display until March 20 so to all plant lovers out there, this is your last chance to witnesses the exhibits and showcase of plants by the gardeners of Davao City. Go out and visit for they are giving the lowest prices of plant materials and landscaping items.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fire ants in my garden

I have noticed that there a lot of fire ants in my garden and I want to get rid of them for it bites me everytime I visit my garden. I really dont know how to get rid of ants that's why I keep on browsing and surfing the net to look for a site that would give me some basic information on how to deal with fire ants. Luckily, I found a site named Fire Ants Guide. It is a site that provides information about fire ants and how their colony works and how to control them naturally. It is a very helpful site to those homeowners who want to get rid of fire ants. To know more information about fire ants, just visit their site at http://www.controlfireants.com/.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Araw ng Davao updates

It was so fun this day because there are lots of Kapuso stars in the SM city grounds who performed for the Araw ng Davao celebration. Most of the Dabawenyos went down to the SM city grounds to witnessed the events. I have seen one Kapuso host named Doctor Joel Mendez. I saw him in the SM mall with his friend. Tomorrow will be the big day because tomorrow will be the highlight of the 72nd Araw ng Davao celebration. I am sure that there will more people to visit tomorrow at the SM city grounds than now because there will be series of parades and live coverage of the said event.

Safety first

I have been a gambler ever since. You might be asking why is this so? Well the answer is quite simple, I love the game of chance and I love the thrill that it gives me. I am not very much into wining for in the game of chance wining is not everything, there are times you win and some other times you lose.

Being a gambler does not mean not having precautions, in the world that we moved around more particularly in the virtual world, a lot of scams lurk in every corner. Thus waiting for victims to fall in their traps. As for my self, I visit and join in sites that are real and authentic. But how is this made possible? I read reviews and comments that online players left in a site that they have played in. If you happen to read positive feed backs then the site is real if its the opposite then never click any link nor log in or provide any information about yourself. Personally I visit this link http://www.topusaonlinecasinos.com and have the best online casino games there is.

As a word of advice top usa online casino is the best site to join for the stakes are high and the sites playability is superb

Keeping herbs fresh

There are different ways to preserve herbs for later use. You can store them in the deep-freezer. Put chives or pasley into a small plastic container and quick-freeze it. Whenever you need something just take as much as you need and return the rest into the freezer again. When the herbs are defrosted they need to be used quickly. Another method is to dry the herbs. Drying is especially good for herbs you use as tea like mint and lemon balm.

Educating our children

Educating a child is fundamental and is one of the basic necessity's that a child must have and acquire. Being a parent of three kids, I have always see to it that my children gets the best in everything most specially in the field of education which is enveloped by christian teaching. I have sent my eldest son in Southern California Prep School for the teachers are great not only in teaching the academic side but also in teaching the world of the lord making them God fearing and God centered individual.

Christian Preschool San Diego and Southern California Private Prep School has also adopted the kind of teaching that the school that I sent my eldest son thus I enrolled my two daughters here. This decision that I have made is one of the best decisions that I have for my two girls. At an early age they will be equipped with the knowledge of God his works and doings, making them a true Christian in society as they grow up.

So if you are like me who wants to have their children educated in a Christian way and taught by competent teachers in their respective field of specialization visit this link http://www.horizonprep.org/

Herbs that we grow and eat

There is a big variety of herbs available. So when starting you might have a hard time to choose which ones you want to grow. If this happens to you just take a look in your kitchen and see what herbs you already use and start growing these. You don't need to buy them anymore and have the additional benefit of freshness. Over time you will find more herbs you want to grow and you will find how to use them in your meals. The most popular herbs for a private herb garden are basil, rosemary, parsley, chives, sage, mint, lemon balm, dill, bay leaf

Playing it online

My brother and I always go to our nearby friendly casino place. We always play there and it was the place where we would usually meet and bond with one another. Our work schedule was very tiring. Since we only have one day off and we make it sure that we play our favorite casino game. My brother likes to play poker and while I like to play blackjack. There was a time when I was not able to play in the casino because of the sand storm in our place and it was the only time for me and my brother to bond. I was so frustrated and promised that whatever the weather I will go to the casino and play. That night my brother told me to go to my computer and check my email that he sent me. In his email, he wrote to me that he was playing casino right now. I was full of questions because he was in his house that time. Called and told me he was playing online casino. I knew it! He was playing on Online Casinos. he invited me to try the online game. I wanted to have the right information before I start playing. That is why I visited http://www.onlinecasinostyle.com/ and get the information that I wanted. I immediately played online. It was a one good experience. I can play all day and all night since I am online.

Events everywhere

There were a lot of people in the SM city ground because the GMA Kapuso stars were their giving and entertaining the Dabawenyos. It was said that Actor Robin Padilla was present yesterday. There were also a boxing ring for boxing participants. This is what i like in March because you will see a lot of gimmicks and celebrities and other events for the Araw ng Davao celebration. Malls also are giving big discounts to attract more customers.

The importance of credit cards

I always use my credit card when I purchase all the things that I wanted. I even use my credit cards in paying my bills. What I like about using credit cards is that, the convenience of paying without the use of cash. Aside from that, it easy and fast compared to paying on cash basis. With one swipe of the card, transaction is completed.I remembered before when I used to use cash in paying my bills, I got robbed one night while walking. That is the danger of carrying lots of cash and I don't want to happen again to me. That is why I use now credit cards in paying my debts and financial obligations. I would admit that I have a poor credit standing and I believe that I deserved a second chance. I never imagined that their is still a place for someone like me, that has a poor credit standing and be given a credit card. I applied for bad credit credit cards and was given one. Before I applied, I see to it that my card will be free from annual fees. Now that I have a credit card, I promised to take care of it and never again be tangled with financial dues. I am now more responsible and aware of the importance of a credit card. Visit http://www.creditcardcritic.com/comparisons/poorcredit.htm and see the best credit card for you.

Agro-trade fair participants feel the global financial crisis

When I was in the SM city grounds particularly in the Agro-trade fair exhibit, I noticed that there were people shopping around looking for nice plants but they are not buying anything. they just kept on inquiring. Most customers don't buy the bigger one for it cost a lot. They choose to buy the seedlings for it is very affordable compared to the bigger ones. Stall owners really feels the recession or the global financial crisis because they have less sales and less customers unlike to the previous trade fairs. Stall occupants just hoping that this coming Kadayawan festival they will have a good sales return.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Easy loans

I would admit that I have a poor credit when it comes to loans. In fact, I was turned down so many times because of my poor credit standing. I have approached several lending institutions and yet no loan was approved. It is because of my poor credit standing. This I learned from having a poor credit. Loan creditors assess a loan borrower based on his financial status and other things that can be related to an applicant's capacity to pay. When They think that you don't qualify, they will drop your loan application and tell you to resubmit an application again after six months to a year. Well that was always their reason when they disapproved a borrower. I thought I don't have any chance when it comes to loans until I found a place where Bad Credit Loans are extended to people with poor credit standing. I immediately look their listings and found the perfect loan for me. I applied and in a few minutes my loan application was approved without any hassle on my part. Now that I got the money that I needed, I can open my own business and start a life anew. This was my main reason why I applied for a loan and now my dreams are slowly coming to reality. I visited this site http://www.badcreditloanshop.com/, where I found the site that loaned me the amount that I needed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My cellphone needs repair

I was in the mall this afternoon together with my daughter Keisha to look for a cellphone technician because my cellphone video software disappeared and I can no longer anymore take videos. As I pass along the cellphone department, there were plenty of technicians who will offer their services to fix your cellphone unit. A guy from the Cell exchange company asked my attention if i need their services for they offer repair services. I handed over him my 6630 phone and he pass it over to their technician and It was found out that my memory card needs to be reformat to bring back the original display and needs to install a video software. After a couple of hours my cellphone is now ready to capture videos. I payed them 150 pesos for the whole service.

Find your perfect biker match

I am an athletic person and I go to the gym frequently to stay fit and healthy. During weekends, I also do biking exercise that's why I have a lot of biker friends in town. There are times that I customized my bike to look more attractive. Some of my friends also do the same, there are times that we exchange bike parts to avoid expensive prices of the brand new units. Most of my biker friends are married but there is one biker friend of mine who is still single named George. George is now 28 and turning 29 this coming April the 1st. He also informed me that he wants to get married already but the problem is he still don't find his perfect match I said to him that I can help you find a date because I have found a site named Biker personals. It is a website that gives bikers a place to meet and chat. This is the right site for my friend George to start searching for the right girl and since he is a biker enthusiast he can easily communicate and exchange ideas with a Biker Singles for they have common interest. I am pretty sure that this site can help him a lot to find the girl of his dreams. So to all people out there who want to find a sexy biker singles, just visit the Biker Personals site at www.bikerpersonals.org/.

Keisha loves nail accesories

My daughter Keisha always shops for his favorite nail polish and other girly things. there was a time when I was asleep, she put a nail polish over my nails and I was not able to determine it for I dint know what she was doing. As I woke up, I immediately went outside to prepare the things that I needed to bring to my working place until I feel that my nails were too shiny and smells like thinner. I looked on to my nails and there I knew that I have my manicure and pedicure done by my lovely daughter Keisha. Lucky enough that it is natural clear polish that she applied and not the colored one. What a bad experience I got from my Daughter.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Find your date

I have a friend in college named Jaymar who is an architect now and works in a Multi-national real estate company. He is so successful in his chosen career. He already have his own house and several cars but he said to me during my visit that he is still not happy of what he have now because he still don't have the right girl where he can share his achievements in life. Jaymar is not the type of guy who is so choosy. I think what he makes still single is that he doesn't have time for pleasure because he is too busy with his career. It is right to be busy to earn a living but we should give also time for ourselves to relax and to have fun. My friend asked me about dating and he asked where he can find the best dating sites in the net. Perfectly I told him the right site named Dating directory online site where you can choose plenty dating sites. It is a Directory of Dating Sites. With Dating Directory Online they make it EASY for a bachelor to find the site that fits his wants and needs perfectly. Sifting through the out of date lists of dating sites can be a lengthy process, this site offers the best compilation of nitch dating sites on the web. It's supper easy to use. i am pretty sure that my friend would meet his perfect date here. To other singles out there who want to have a perfect date just visit their site at http://www.datingdirectoryonline.net/


Summer is fast approaching and if there is price war between the big companies of oil where one player lowers its price per liter to attract more consumers, there is also a competition between the travel agencies because they are offering cheaper price. The airline companies are also having a price cut to attract more travelers to use their aircraft in spite of financial crisis. The vessels like Negros Navigation and Super Ferries are also lowering their regular fare. Most of the companies who have something to do with travel business lowers its price because they know that people are looking for a cheaper price to fit their summer outing budget.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Precious metal

I was informed by my brother that silver price is high right now. I am a big silver trader and when I hear news such as this, I just can't help myself and smile. When prices are high it means that I am getting more than my acquisition cost.Silver is just one of the precious metals that I collect. Early this morning, I got several emails asking me about the silver coins that I have. Many are willing to buy the coins that I collected. As I observed, the price of the silver will be increasing in the days ahead. I want to get the optimal amount before I start trading my silvers. I started monitoring prices of precious metals after I joined Monex.com and now, it has become my hobby to collect the precious metals.