Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spiritual cards

Yesterday, I went to my friends house named Jennifer who is working in a catholic ministry. We were bestfriend since our childhood days until we graduated from college until present. I knew her as a very religious person, I still remember during our high school days then that her name is always called during our class recollection to give some inspiring words to our fellow classmates and friends. I thought she will pursue his dream in life to be a nun but she divert her attention in doing business and studied in one of the prestigious school here in my town taking up business course and right now she is a very successful businesswoman but still serving in a catholic church as a layperson. She is planning to have here first religious store in the city where we both live and I am one her partners to help build his plan. I encourage her to have a spiritual business cards in order for the customers to easily locate the new business establishments and we both agreed to look for one in the internet that offers spiritual business cards at a reasonable price and luckily we found a site named that offers a wide range of design and you can also customize your business cards. I highly recommend this site to all spiritual business establishments owners to check their services for they have everything in store for you when it comes to spiritual business cards. check their site at

Renewal of business permits

We all know that January is the month of permits wherein all of the business owners carry their documents to the City hall for renewal. The rooms inside the City Hall is very crowded and the government officials already knew what's gonna happened that's why they provide sattelite offices inside the malls to cater business owners for renewal only. I didn't do it myself to renew my business permit instead, I have a friend named Rose who files for me. Actually, she is the secretary of the garden club organization and every year she collects all the business permits of the gardeners and have it file for renewal for a reasonable fee. I am so happy that Rose made it to the last minute of filing. I hope that I can get my renewed permit earlier so that I can hang it on my wall for business purposes.