Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Making friends through chat

During the old days, meeting and making friends from other countries is sometimes difficult and tiresome, this is because the technology and means of communication is far beyond from what we have now. Today meeting friends is very easy and is just a click away from you personal computer mouse. Aside from the modern era that we are in now is the birth of "messengers", one typical example of this is christians chat . Here you can meet a lot of people from different walks of life that you could get acquainted with and make friends.

Successful stories of finding the right person also happens in the virtual world through online chat and I can attest to this for a close friend of mine who happens to be in his early forties got married to a wonderful and lovely Irish woman who is in her late thirties. I was astonished to this for I was skeptical. I could not understand why would you fall in love to a person who you do not see nor feel, but it happened to my friend and my cocoon of skepticism was erased and believe in the power of magic and love.

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