Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2010 presidential elections

We all know that presidential election days are still very far but as early as this months, you can already see a lot of political ads, I mean advertisement on different products and big billboards of a political person. Politics in the Philippinnes is one of the dirtiest business. Most of the political aspirants and officers in the government comes from a rich family already but they still want to run in the office despite of the present chaotic system. In a simple analysis, a president salary is about 35 to 100 thousand a month only this is what I heard from the reports and a presidential candidate is spending more or less 50 million or even more just to run for an office. now, how can he or she getback his or her expenses if she or he is spending millions in the first place. This is what comes into your mind the word "Corruption". But I am just still hoping that this coming 2010 presidential elections, people will vote wisely and not for an exchange of money.

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