Sunday, November 29, 2009

Painted in PINK

This morning my wife Lyhra painted the wooden bed of my lovely daughter Keisha Nicole. A week ago, she asked Keisha if whats she like her bed to be painted and she answered Pink!. I immediately look for an oil based tinting color that will perfectly will result to the color that she preferred and that's venetian red. I carefully mixed the color this morning and then my wife started to paint it. I was in town the whole afternoon and then when I arrived around 5 o'clock I saw the result and its nice even though she didn't applied any wooden putty and my little daughter loves the color of her newly painted wooden bed.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am happy with my new business

I visited the my internet shop awhile ago to check whether their are players playing games. I can say that it is working good because everytime I visit it is always jam pack but there were also times that there were few players playing but that idle hour was only a few minutes then it will be back to normal again. I am so happy with my new business right now even though I only have few share of the whole pie, I am still very happy because have already started the right business at the right place and at the right time.

My new brown curtain

I was busy cleaning the room yesterday and trying to fix and install my newly bought curtains. I chose the light brown one to match with my rooms color. I am the one who chose the rod curtain together with its end knobs. When it comes to beautification of the rooms or anywhere else in my home , I am the leader because I knew how to make things more attractive at a very minimal cost since I am so resourceful and I have the ability to utilize things. The above pictures are the actual pictures taken after installing the three brow curtains.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Central Mindanao Massacre "Maguindanao"

Maguindanao massacre gave a really bad image of the Filipinos. All of the Filipinos including international medias and communities followed the reports of the said killings. They monitored every single report because this is not just a simple killing and reports of a massacre because this 57 killed persons that came from political clan Mangudadatu of Maguindnao were buried alive in the town of Maguindanao that includes civilians and motorist who just happened to follow the convoy. They were gunned down and buried alive with the used of government backhoe under the name of Governor Andal Ampatuan of Maguindanao. Reports said that the convoy of Mangudadatu together with the media personnel's were stopped along the Shariff kabunsuan and were brought 2.5 kilometers away from the place where they were hold by more than 100 armed men and were killed and buried alive including three vehicles owned by the city government of Tacurung. Government officials, media men, and ordinary citizens were very sad to hear the reports because no words can explain to the incident. It just happened in a couple of hours and all were gone. It seems that it was all planned because there was already a back hoe waiting in a place where there were no houses and no communities for mass graves. I think that the government should do something to get the perpetrators and the criminals no matter what their position in the government and how powerful they were in the field of politics. The president should do something about this issue and we need immediate results.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy 3 rd Birthday Phoenix Iezen Noel

Its phoenix Iezen 3rd birthday today. The celebration was attended by close relatives and friends from Buhangin Davao City. Grandma prepared some delicious foods while I am busy preparing for the balloons and my birthday gift. Phoenix was very cute in her pink dress and she was very happy because she was able to play with her cousins and friends. It was such a very successful evening. I am posting some of the pictures taken during the celebration as what I have promised to my relatives and friends. To you Pinpin Iezen Happy Third Birhtday once again and I hope that you will have more birthdays to come.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The students of Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School in action

These are the lovely and handsome 4Th year section emerald graduating students of the Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School in Matina campus who visited my garden this afternoon. Their list of names in any order: Allan lariosa, Jovito Talingting, Rene Jay Undang, Michelle Baring, Michelle Dianh Alforque, Jamaica Joyce Mantos, Reca Luz Constantino, Mariel Camaso, Kristine Paula Saquin and jacinta Eve Sevilla.

I was in my garden this afternoon together with my wife Lyhra and my lovely daughter Keisha Nicole. We were busy playing and teasing with each other, taking pictures and doing chit chats until a group of students inside a cab caught our attention. They were laughing and yelling with each other and it seems that they were very happy inside a cab passing along the stretch of Catalunan Pequeno were my ornamental garden was located. We just don't mind those guys since we were located along the road in public area and it happens all the time. It is just a regular scenario for us but after a couple of minutes; a group of students were walking towards the direction into our garden and after they've reached the entrance they asked one of our laborers if who is the owner of the said establishments. I pointed my wife and a student asked her if they can take pictures inside our garden and we both said yes. The students started to aim their lenses to different angles. I remembered when I was still a student then, when I travelled to different places just to take pictures of my favorite scenery's. I asked them if what school are they from and they gladly answered "we're from Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School located at Matina campus. After taking pictures in my garden, they asked me if they can have a photo with me; so I don't have a choice but to include myself in their wacky photos. I am posting the photos taken during their visit and their names as I have promised. So to all you guys, thanks for visiting my garden and I hope that one day we'll see each other again. You can post any comment you want and be heard!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Television is information

One of the best media that contributes to awareness and information is the birth of Direct TV. Direct TV Satellite has influenced as in most aspects in our lives. To name a few is the decision making that we have in buying things or products for companies has used this medium in promoting items. Second is the information that we acquire for we are fed with daily news that we see internationally. Thus, Satellite Directv has made the world so small that all the information that we need is just a press from the remote control.

Labrador retriever

The defined life span of a Labrador retriever is about 15 years and there is really no difference between the girl and boy Labs with the exception of size where there can be a difference of not more than a few pounds. In the US and the UK the Yellow Lab and the chocolate Lab are the most liked house pets. These dogs are highly thought of and incredibly bright. They are also playful and full of energy. The icing on the cake is the fact that Labs also have an outstanding disposition which further adds to their desire to be a house pet.

Movie tickets

I have been an enthusiast or you may call me an addict of viewing movies. Ever since I was a kid, whenever there is a movie that would caught my attention and have the notion of viewing it, I always call the attention of my mom and would asked to accompany me to the theatre. Most often the request would be granted but the only problem is acquiring the movie ticket, we would fall in line and would wait for our turn to be assisted by the movie usherette, hassle isn't it? Just recently we watched Spiderman the movie and to do away with the hassle of acquiring the ticket we got Spiderman Tickets online this goes with The Addams Family tickets that I watched with my cousins. A piece of advice if you are just like me who wants to see movies or concerts and have a hard time acquiring tickets you can get it very easily and is just a click away from your computer mouse in Hilton Theatre tickets.

Landscaping gave a new look to my house

I am almost done with my landscaping here in my house particularly infront of my lawn. I cleaned all the mess and change it with topiary and some ground covers. It is just a little alterations but it gave good results and add colors to the existing pebbles type of ground. As a landscaper by profession, I see to it that it will look nice and the choices of landscaping materials were all perfect. I promised to post my finished work so that you could also appreciate my style of landscaping.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our internet business hits the target market right away

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We have already delivered the 6 units customized computers for gaming to the area where we planned to put up a little bus iness and for two consecutive days of operation ; I can say that it is blockbuster because it hits the target market right away. It captures the interest of the players and the kids as well. We have the most affordable internet rates ever because for as little as 1 peso coin you can now surf and play games online for 6 minutes. Actually, we still have no internet connection maybe next week due to application procedures but players were already playing their favorite Lan games. I am so happy because maybe this thing will give a break to me and to my fellow co- owners of this new business of mine. I just hope that this will go stronger and will go bigger so that we can think of another business expansion on the next few months.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keisha got an honor award again

I am so proud with my Lovely daughter Keisha because she got good grades in school as a matter of fact, she received an award for their second honor call ceremony. I was the only one who attended the said ceremony because her mom has a business transaction to attend to. As I promised to my previous post to upload pictures of my daughter Keisha during the awarding ceremony, here it is now. The pictures above were taken during the second awarding ceremony. Elementary and the high school department were joined together last Saturday. It was attended by students, parents and guardians and some friends because I am sure after getting their respective awards they will be celebrating it to the famous restaurants in town. To all awardees congratulations!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Keisha is again included in the school list of honors

My daughter Keisha loves to play games at night especially when she knew that tomorrow will be her freeday but unfortunately she can't play right now because tomorrow is there second call to honors and I am so proud to say that she is included in the list of honors.

she will be receiving her certificate of recognition and I will the one to attend the recognition ceremony because her mom is not available by tomorrow for she has a business transaction to attend to. I am so proud of my daughter Keisha; All I can say is continue studying and give your best shot Keisha.!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Deep freeze for your computer secuirity

Computer security is one of the most important in securing your files and programmes in your computer most specially if the unit is free for everyone just like in an internet cafe where different users use different softwares and files. Deep freeze is one of the best softwares where you can protect your file programmes because if user or users play with your programmes and save different files onto your computer it will automatically resets your settings back to its original position once you restart your computer even if he or she deletes files and programmes deep freeze application will still restore its settings. I used deep freeze software on my computer units to be able to be safe from online users.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thanks God cloning is successful

I received a text message form my brother Jun telling informing me that Jong has successfully cloned all the 6 units in Panabo City using one of the units there. I immediately called him and asked what he did to clone the 6 units positively. He said that he did the same procedures just like what he did yesterday night. I positively assumed that cloning using Acronis software is not possible if your not doing it online. So thanks God!, I can now proceed with my wiring activities and very much excited what will be the out come of the said internet business of ours. Go.go .go............lets reach for the goal.......

Failure cloning

We tried to clone all the 6 units of computers yesterday night, all have the same specifications to be able to have no difficulty in their compatibilities because cloning from one item to another is not possible if they have different models and versions. As we tried to clone the first unit we encountered already a problem. We can't proceed for cloning because a message will show an "Index reboot and index corrupted". We were very much puzzled because this is the first time we saw this kind of message. We have decided to let my friend Jong bring the 6 seagate 320 gigabytes hard disk drive to their place so that he can test it with excisting one and find out what was the root cause of not performing the right cloning. I think we performed and we followed the right procedure but Acronis failed to clone because the unit was not hook online; maybe this is the cause of clonoing failure.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Noela is a friendly girl from Cebu

I was chatting with my younger cousin in Cebu City now named Noela and it is good to hear from her since I have no updates nor news on the said place for a long time already. This cousin of mine is a very friendly girl with cute little dimples on both side of her chicks. She is chubby but a lot of her classmates wants to mingle her since she can easily be a friend. She said to me awhile ago that she is looking for a job this time maybe for a greener pasture which everybody is aiming and looking for to have a better life and future for the family. So if you happen to visit Cebu you can always call her for friendly company. hehhehehe..............

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Performing computer works

I worked this whole day on installing computer parts and some paint job for its boxes and I am happy that I finished all the electrical works particularly on the mother boards only but I still have to finish the installation on the timer and its relay side. I just hope that I can finish working on it by tomorrow so that I could also take a rest.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The best places to stay

I have been planning to have a vacation with my wife and lovely daughter Keisha Nicole. This is our plan a couple of month ago and we have been surfing the net to look for the best places for vacation. I want it to be the perfect place for my family to spend a vacation and luckily after months of planning and surfing the net we found the best place to spend vacation and this is the Breezes resort site. This site has everything you need. They have the best destination in Jamaica, Bahamas, Curacao, Brazil and Panama. We have decided to explore the beautiful places in Ocho rios island and stay on Ocho Rios hotels. One good thing about their services is that Breezes resorts offers an all inclusive vacations . So what more can you say they have all what you need. I am also eager to discover new things and places in Negril Jamaica.
and meet new friends. I chose this site because most of my friends also made their bookings here and they were very much satisfied with the services that the Breezes resort had offered. So if you want also to experience the best vacation in the said places visit their site at now and be one of the many travelers to avail their special offers.

Tired and lonely

I am really tired now because my wife and daughter is not here, they were in Tacurong City for 2 days already and as a result, I do all the household chores plus the gardening things in Catalunan Pequeno and i also made installations on 6 computer boxes. It is very tiring. I just hope that they will be here soon so that they can also help me in my daily work. I am also experiencing some skin problems right now. There are pimples like sprouting all over my palms. It is like missiles and it feels so bad most specially if I'll carry heavy objects or just a mere closing my palms. I just hope that this skin ointment that I applied awhile ago will be very effective so that by tomorrow I can continue installing all 6 computer boxes.

I am still a PPP postie!!!

I am very much active in Payperpost as a matter of fact, I always visit everyday to see if there are new opportunities for me. Awhile ago, I received an email from the PPP team asking me if I am still active as a blogger and i was instructed to Copy and paste the randomly generated sentence and this is what I do. I am still eager to received interesting opportunities from them thanks PPP.

arithmetic just drops out of trees

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or treat

My lovely daughter Keisha together with her mom went to their hometown in Tacurung city early this morning to spend Halloween. They were very much excited to see her grandparents. She brought with her some toys. She called me awhile ago telling me that granny is cooking big prawns which is her favorite dish. She used to tease me whenever she's having a prawn but I said sorry girl I'm not allowed to eat crustaceans because i am 100 percent pure allergic to that thing hehehehehe.... anyway happy Halloween to everybody.......