Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creative minds

Before i used to landscape places in manual manner meaning I do everything in drawing, scouting plants, designing, costing and everything to come up with a good design at a reasonable cost. It is so laborious on my part because I do it all by myself but right now I can say that it is less laborious than before because of the high technology and the existence of the softwares and computers that has something to do with the art of landscaping; but in order for you to catch that system !!! you need to be good in computers like me( hehehehehehe.........) for me it is just a matter of reshuffling items from one place to another and making some alterations and play with your imaginations to achieve the best design. I would like to share some of my products. The pictures above are my latest creations. I finished the project for almost three days. I hope my online friends would appreciate it and if you want your place to be like this just contact me here in my site or you can email me at or leave a comment here...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The best gun store for a responsible gun owner

I consider myself as a responsible gun owner and I used to participate shooting competition here and abroad. I started this as a hobby during my college days then became a professional member of the shooting team. I have different collection of guns from rifles to pistols. Some of these items were given to me by my father who is also a responsible gun owner and one of the oldest member of the local gun hobbyist. I used to clean gun parts before the competition and looking for a new gun parts whenever I needed is never a problem to me because there is one site named Brownells that offers a variety of gun parts, AR15 magazines and reloading supplies. This store is the worlds largest supplier of firearms, accessories and gunsmithing tools. They have everything what you need; that is why all of my friends who need to buy shooting accessories always come here to shop. Their prices are very reasonable and all of their items are made up of high quality materials. I can say that this is a one stop shop for gun owners. So to all gun owners out there, if you are looking for gun parts or shooting accessories, go straight to the world's largest gun store "Brownells" For more information about their products and other gun accesories just visit their site at

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The honeywell vault and its size

I went to the mall yesterday to check the actual size of the safety vault that I like and this is the actual size of it.

outside diameter: 26.2"H x 18.3"W x 20.12"D
Inside diameter: 18.5" H x 12.8"W x 13.18"D
The brand of the safety vault is Honeywell. This name has a lot of design and sizes to choose from depending on the preferences of the user and its budget because most of this items are quite costly.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Safety vaults

I consider myself as a very organized person because every item that I bought or things that I wanna understand, I always see to it that I have a note about it to be able to remember. I always kept receipts and important documents in order so that when I need them to retrieve it ; it is always easy to find. Don't you know that I have a very opposite attitude compared to my father when filing documents is concerned? Yes!!! it is because that my father used to throw receipts, important receipts that came from the government such as the basic and sef tax receipts into his old jar then. As i grew older, I really observe that it is always good to file important documents in a very orderly manner that's why I arranged it every document which my father threw it and arrange it orderly. I started with the land titles and its corresponding tax declarations and arrange it in a folder as a matter of fact, I even retrieve all its documents from the year 1948 up to present in one of his land titles. It is where I found out that taxes is paid as cheaper as 5 pesos per quarter but during that year 5 pesos has a bigger purchasing power. It can already buy you a pair of pants or give you a decent meal. Early this morning, I went to the nearest mall in town to do window shopping. I immediately went to my favorite mall section and that is the hardware section. I have seen different kinds of safety vaults of different brands and comes in a variety of sizes and designs. I tried to opened it and scrutinized every details. I ma interested on those things because I think I can used it to safekeep my original documents. Its prices depends on its size. The bigger the size of the safety vault, the more expensive it is. I like the Honeywell brand model 2190 because its size is just enough for my documents. Honeywell safety vaults brand has its own website where one can choose and compare prices. to all readers of this blog, if you wanna browse their available models please do visit the Honeywell site at

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Learn tips and tricks on sports betting

I am a very busy person because I have a lot of things to do everyday for my business and for my family but i still don't forget to give time to my hobby and that is sports betting. I find it so thrilling and exciting to go on sports betting as a matter of fact, most of my friends are also into this kind of game during their free time. They prefer to bet online on sports rather than travel a number of kilometers just to reach the actual game. In this way, we save on our gasoline expenses and save more on our free time. There are a lot of sports betting techniques and a good player should know this in order for him/her to be successful. There are a lot of sports betting sites now a days and there is one site that I always visit and read and that is "the sports betting spot" site. This site offers the top 10 sports betting sites and also offers the best sports books. You can also read reviews and compare each sports book. I highly recommend this site to all my friends out there and to all my readers. i am sure you will really love this site for you have a lot of insights and tricks and new ideas on sports betting. So if you wanna learn more tips and tricks on sports betting just visit the sports betting spot site at

Monday, April 5, 2010

Taypids is having an MRI scan at the Davao doctors Hospital

This morning, I went to the hospital to accompany my in laws who needs a medical attention. We arrived at the Davao doctors Hospital at around 10:30 in the morning and immediately my wife Lyhra inquired about the cost of the MRI scan and paid. My father in-law is in pain for about two months already. He loose weight rapidly and experience sleepless nights due to severe back pain. He was in the MRI room around 12 in the afternoon and attended by a medical officer who happens to be my classmate in elementary at the Philippine women's College of Davao named Ralph Bibay. We have a good conversation and he gave us good discounts and we exchange numbers. We were accommodated like VIP compared to other patients. After the MRI scan was finished we were advised to wait for the result at 5 so we just go back too our house and wait for the time. Around 4 in the afternoon, the group excluding myself went straight to the hospital to get the results and to see the attending physician. I was left alone here in my house because I still have things to do. At around 8:06 in the in the evening, my sister in-law called me looking for my wife Lyhra. I told her that I was not with the group and I also informed her that I already texted my wife asking about the results but i got no answer. I asked her if she already know about the results and she responded me in low voice that the results is really bad. She explained a little bit about the result and I already have a feeling that maybe; there must be something wrong with his back bones. There is a crack in its bones that will give him severe pain. I just hope that Tatay Pido will be in good condition as soon as possible. I have some pictures here to show during the MRI scan which the attending medical officer permits me to take pictures during the procedure.