Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Landscaped lawn adds beauty to your space

My aunt named Jessica who is now 46 years old and working as a nurse in Houston Texas is building a new house. Since her husband is a civil engineer and owned a construction company, she just let her husband Mike execute the whole plan. The newly built house is a very beautiful two story house with an attic. It is a Spanish Mediterranean inspired. The flooring are in granite and the walls are painted in multi-flecks design. Its stairs are made up of red cedar with stainless railings and all panel doors have carving designs. The materials of the roof are Tegula, it is a type of tile roof that is made up of clay. The whole facade of the house is very fantastic but it lacks beautification on lawn. I suggested to her that it is more attractive if you have your lawn landscaped. She asked me if i have a friend who could create a lovely landscaped garden since I am a plant hobbyist. I just told her that it would be better if we can get a professional landscaper so I immediately browse the net and look for one and luckily I found a site named Williamson Services a site that offers landscpaing services. This company specalizes in Landscape Design & Installation , Irrigation Sprinkler Systems, Water Gardens & Features, Landscape Lighting, and stonework. This is the perfect company that we are looking for so immediately we both contact the Houston Landscaping company for free estimates. My aunt Jessica is so happy to hear the figures for the price were just reasonable enough for the project. So if you want to have a beautiful landscaped garden just visit their site at http://www.houstonlandscaper.org/.

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