Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Britney Spears is doing her promotional tour

With her new single “Womanizer” bouncing around the Internet, and a comeback album only a few months from release, Britney Spears has her promotional work cut out for her.
And earlier today ,the “Piece of Me” hottie was spotted arriving at LAX International Airport to catch a transcontinental flight to New York City.

Halle Beryy is making a new film about a person with multiple personality

Halle Berry has proved she is taking her role in new movie Frankie And Alice seriously, after she was photographed with a self-help book. The actress was spotted carrying Diagnosis and Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder in California on Wednesday. Berry is currently filming for the new movie, where she plays a young woman struggling with multiple personality character. I am pretty sure this will make a big hit in the screen again.


One of the most frequently asked questions about Windows is "Why and How" to speed up the Internet connection. What I am going to show you is applicable to Windows Vista and XP.

Step #1 - Optimize Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) and TCP Receive Windows (RWIN) with SpeedGuide TCP Optimizer

TCP Optimizer is free, and you can download it at SpeedGuide web site, just types "SG TCP Optimizer" into Google or any major search engine, you should be able to find it. It will help you to detect and configure the proper registry settings for your TCP network connection, automatic set the proper value for MTU and RWIN into registry. Remember to restart Windows after this setting.

Step #2 - Turn off TCP Auto tuning

In order for previous settings to activate, you need to turn off TCP auto tuning in Vista:

i) Press Windows key and type " cmd. exe", then CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to run as Administrator. In the command Window, type " netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disable", then enter.

ii) If you want to reactivate auto tuning, type " netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=normal".

If you find your Internet connection drop or slower after turning off TCP auto tuning, just reactivate it again.

Step #3 - Use OpenDNS

Your ISP DNS server will affect your Internet connection response, you can try a better and faster DNS server, and OPENDNS is a fast and free DNS server. Unfortunately, some country's connection is too slow to use this service.

Step# 4 - Use Google Web Accelerator (GWA)

Every major web browser will support proxy server, this technology extends by Google web accelerator will establish a tunneling connection between your low bandwidth computer to Google high bandwidth server, and Google will compress the data before sending it over to your web browser, so overall performance increased!

The formula is simple: Google web accelerator downloads the destination page faster with high speed connection, then compressed it with the super fast server processing power before sending it over to your computer, and your low bandwidth connection will be faster because smaller data is sending across, then Google web accelerator on your computer will unpack and send the data to web browser.

Step #5 - Use faster web browser

Try to install a faster web browser from Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari, they use less resources and generally far more faster than Internet Explorer. You ought to keep Internet Explorer for special web sites, but you can enjoy a faster browsing speed with Firefox and Safari.

This concludes your Windows Internet connection speed problems, if this 5 steps does not help, you need to re-install Windows or contact your ISP!

Monday, September 29, 2008


I am a big sport fanatic and I love watching sporting events, in the actual sports complex and in videos. Of all the sports, basketball is the one I am fond of. Almost everyday, me and my friends talk about basketball and stuffs related to it. I have listed here the Top 5 Sporting videos that I watch over and over again. I hope you like it just like me and my friends. These videos are available at SportsVids.com. It is a one stop shop of sporting videos. Aside from watching the videos, You can also upload your videos and let others watch it. These are the SportsVids that I watch often I hope you like it.

Allen Iverson playing basketball in High School - Click here for more sports videos

NC State vs. Houston 1983 Basketball Titile Game - Click here for more sports videos

Duke Vs. Kentucky 1992 Elite Eight Game - Click here for more sports videos

Top 10 Basketball Dunks - Click here for more sports videos

The first video is the ultimate master when it comes to basketball, Michael Jordan. He has been my favorite player since I learn to play the sport. As you watch the video, you can stop and be fascinated with his moves that only he, Michael Jordan can do. The second video is the one next to Michael Jordan and that is Iverson. In this video, you will see the young Allen Iverson play hoops when he was still in school. No wonder he immediately qualified for the NBA. A player having moves like that deserves to be in the best league in the land. The third and fourth videos are some classic college basketball that was played by some basketball icons of today. The last video is what I consider the icing on the cake. Watching slam dunks always makes the game playable. In this video, you will see top 10 dunks of all times. To watch more sporting videos online, feel free to visit www.sportsvids.com and enjoy watching the sporting events that you like. You will surely love watching videos here.


The most awaited Keishas music Hawaiian dance video

Here is the thing that I and my daughter Keisha promised about her graceful dance. At exactly 8 in the evening, Keisha started to get dressed with her Hawaiian Attire. Her mom accompanied her on her dressing room to choose some of her bangles and necklaces for this evenings presentation. Her mom assisted her on her make-up and hairdo and top dress while listening carefully on her favorite Hawaiian song entitled Humuhumunukunukua by Ashley Tisdale. I am sure her friends in school, relatives and friends online and to all frequent readers of this blog will be happy with this presentation because she prepared a lot for this activity and take note She is the one responsible for making this event possible because her parents don't force her to dance infront of the camera. After Keisha have seen the results, she was so happy and very much contented. She is looking forward to make another music video soon.

See more pictures of keisha click here.

My orange Hawaiian Skirt

My daughter Keisha was not feeling well. She had cough and colds this morning and she was not able to go to school due to his health condition. Inspite of her health condition, she was still very active. whenever she hears her favorite High School Musical song, she quickly goes in the living room and dances gracefully. She asked me if I could buy her a piece of Hawaiian skirt and I said YES!. I include it in one of my itineraries to buy her Hawaiian skirt. After filing and paying at the BIR, I drove back to the mall to look for the Hawaiian skirt. Together with my wife Lyhra, we chose the orange skirt for her. As we arrived home, Keisha ask me about the stuff and I slowly whisper to her ear that "I have bought your favorite Hawaiian skirt" and she smiled and said "Your really a great Dad and thanks for buying me my Hawaiian skirt. Actually, that skirt was bought because she requested me to take a video of herself dancing a Hawaiian song by Ashley Tisdale, one of her favorite casts of the High School Musical movie. So to all readers of this blog, relatives and friends just wait for the Hawaiian video of Keisha because I will surely upload it this day so that you can also see how she dances gracefully.

What a busy day

As early as 5 in the morning ,I already prepared myself for today's activity. I have a lot to fix regarding my BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenues) stuff. At exactly 8 in the morning I drove to Landbank to pay for my ITR (Income Tax Return) late registration then drove back to BIR building located at Torres Street to look for my Muslim friend named Molok. He works in BIR for a quite period of time. I already finished paying all my obligations for that institution and I have noticed that every store that I visited awhile ago has posted its Certificate of Registration given by the BIR. I wonder where I have placed my Certificate of registration, I immediately asked the officer in charge regarding the application of the COR because I really forgot if I had received it or was not able to secure such form. Filing a C.O.R. has a lot of requirements and I don't want to start all over again. I am sure that I have received such form three years ago that's why I decided not file again. As I arrived in my house I immediately find my documents and luckily I found it. Thanks GOD I found it in my files and I don't need to secure again.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The whole family is having fun at the Mall

Yesterday, the whole family went up to the NCCC Mall for dinner. We dine at Chowking food restaurant. I ordered my favorite "Tausi fish" and a glass of ice cold Coca-Cola. The kids are having "Chicharaps" and delicious mouth watering Halo-halo. I am very much satisfied with the food. After dining, my mom went to the grocery department to buy her stuff. We had so much fun and the kids kept on playing at the mall atrium where magic toys were demonstrated by one of the stall owners and attendants.

The new 2008 Audi a3 is my brothers dream car

Last week, my brother acquired a car that I find very sexy and elegant. It was a very special to my brother since it was his first car and at the same time his dream car that he wanted to acquire. I am no expert when it comes to cars. That is why before we went to the showroom of the car; I first looked for 2008 audi a3 reviews to get more information about the car. I don't want to look stupid when asked about the car. Besides knowing something about the car is an advantage when buying it. When we got there, my brother immediately called the receptionist and asked about the car that he wanted to buy. Good thing I was able to research about the 2008 Audi a3 car because the receptionist keep talking about the features of the car. I can immediately relate to it. After talking to the receptionist, we went at the back of the shop in their warehouse. There was a car covered with white silk cloth. When the receptionist removed the cloth covering, it was the car that my brother wanted to buy. The car was very beautiful and sexy to look at. No wonder my brother wanted the car so much. After talking for a while, my brother issued the check payment and took the car keys and drove the car home. To read more Audi 3 reviews and rating s visit their site at www.thecarconnection.com/modelintro/audi_a3_2008.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bfad officials check public market selling China milk products

The Philippine government warns the consuming public to stop buying milk products from china because they still have to examine its contents if their is a melamine included on its ingredients. A lot of businessmen were affected because most of them are selling china milk products ad it is more salable compared to other leading brands because the price is much cheaper. Its been a couple of weeks now since officers from DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) kept on inspecting every market stalls if their are still China products on display. Sellers were advised to pull out there china made products particularly on milk because it is still not safe and sure to consume before the before the examination of the BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs).

The following is the partial list of milk and other milk products collected by BFAD for testing for the presence of Melamine as of Sept. 26, 2008:

1. Anchor Lite Milk

2. Anchor Warm Frootmilk Drink Mango Magic

3. Anchor Wam Frootmilk Orange Chill

4. Anchor Wam Frootmilk Strawberry Spin

5. Anlene Milk

6. Anmum Materna 180g

7. Anmum Materna Chocolate

8. Dutch Lady Pure Milk

9. Farmland Skim Milk

10. Greenfood Yili Pure Milk

11. Jinwei Drink

12. Jollycow Pure Fresh Milk

13. Jollycow Slender Lowfat Milk

14. KLIM Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (1.8 kg)

15. M&M Chocolate brown 40 gm

16. Meiji Hokkaido Azuki (red bean ice cream)

17. Meiji Ujikintoki (red bean and green tea frozen confection)

18. Mengniu Original Drink Milk

19. Mengniu Pure Milk

20. Milk Chocolate Bars/China

21. Milk Chocolate Candies/China

22. Milkboy repacked

23. Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut Milk Beverage

24. Monmilk High Calcium Low Fat Milk

25. Monmilk High Calcium Milk

26. Monmilk Milk Deluxe Pure Milk

27. Monmilk Pure Milk

28. Monmilk Suan Suan Ru Sour Milk Beverage (Mango Flavor)

29. Natural Choice Milk Ice Bar

30. Nespray

31. Nestlé Carnation Calcium Plus Non Fat Milk Powder (1.6 kg)

32. Nestlé Chocolate flavor Ice Cream Cone

33. Nestlé Dairy Farm Pure Milk

34. Nestlé Vanilla Flavor Ice Cream Cone

35. Nutri-Express Milk

36. Nutri-Express 15 Nutritional elements (blue, red and orange label and cap)

37. Nutri-Express Milk Green Apple

38. Prime Roast cereals 28g

39. Pura Fresh Milk

40. Snickers brown 59gm

41. Strawberry Sorbet

42. Trappist Dairy Low Fat yogurt drink

43. Vita Fresh Milk

44. Wahaha Orange

45. Wahaha Yellow

46. Want Want MIlk Drink

47. Yili High Calcium 250ml

48. Yill HIgh Calcium Milk 1L

49. Yili High Calcium Low fat milk Beverage

50. Yili Lowfat Milk 1L

51. Yili Milk

52. Yili Puremilk 250ml

53. Yili Puremilk 1L

54. Yinlu Milk Peanut

Xflowsion is the best way to stay fit and healthy

I wanna feel good and stay fit that's why I always go to the gym for my daily exercise. Its almost 6 months now since I started but I really don't see any big improvements to my weight even if I follow all the instructions and maintain my diet. I spend a lot of money on my my work out plan. One of my friends in the gym who have the same problem just like mine told me that if you are not satisfied with the results in your gym workout why not try the 4 amazing DVD XFLOWSION workouts? An auntie of mine who lives in the California for 6 years now brought me a copy. I am very much interested on what my friend told me so I immediately tried it and it gave me good results. Xflowsion comes in a very effective style of exercise. It is the ONLY exercise program that efficiently and effectively gives you all three workouts in one convenient workout, combining the proven best moves from martial arts, power yoga, and dance. In just a month of doing Xflowsion moves I see big changes in my body structure. I look more fit and healthy, my waistline drops a couple of an inch. I really love the way Xflowsion change my life. So to all people who want to have a healthy and fit body or even more sexy try the Xflowsion thing because you will really be amaze of the results.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Keishas new dance steps for High school Musical disco song

Keisha continues to dance and discovers new disco steps. She was so proud of herself because she kept on explaining to us that she knew a lot of dance steps even if there's nobody teaching her lesson in dancing. She loves also to play guitar but that needs a formal training already, maybe I can teach her in playing a guitar because during my younger years, I also play guitar in school . As a matter of fact, I used to play guitar in church during mass because I was once a member of the Sub-Dominant 7, a college chapel choir of the Ateneo school.

Keishas interpretation of Ashleys Tisdale and Lucas Grabreel of Humuhumunukunukua Hawaiian song

Me and my daughter Keisha was surfing around the net looking for some cool stuff . She always loves to hear High School Musical songs that's why She downloaded all the songs of her favorite (HSM) songs. After a couple of minutes she started to play her favorite songs and asked me to take a video of her favorite Hawaiian song sang by her favorite High School Musical Sharpay and Ryan entitled Humuhumnukunukua. hehehehehe (Giggles) it's really hard to pronounce but I like the sound.

Vacant property infront of my house is for sale

One of the prime lots in Flores village is now for sale. It is a 300 square meter lot just across my house. One of my neighbors who was also my sponsor during my wedding day told me that the lot located infront of my house is for sale amounting to 1.5 million. The owner of the said property is a cousin of my neighbor named Manang Dolly. I really love the place because it is located on a main road of the subdivision. If I have the money I wont hesitate to buy that property. My wife Lyhra told some of her relatives in Tacurung but none of them was interested due to expensive cost of the property. I just hope and pray the whoever gets that property will be a good citizen and a good neighbor to be.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ayala Mall is soon to rise along J.P. Laurel Avenue

I am "mallkaholic" and I used to visit different malls every week in my town to look for something unique and different, a new ambiance with good food. I heard yesterday from a friend in media that a new mall is going to be constructed along J.P, Laurel avenue in Bajada that's why I immediately went to the news stand to buy for a newspaper and there I found a news regarding the newest project in Davao City. A 4 billion joint project between the Zobel de Ayalas and the Floirendos of Davao City. They will construct a mall right at the heart of the city in a 10 hectare property. Dabawenyos will be happy again because this project of the elites will generate income for the local residents and need thousand of laborers.. Local Government will also be smiling from now on because it adds millions of tax income to its local funds. Avenue

A new QuickCenter device for ceramic pottery making

Pottery making is one of my hobbies. I love pottery making because it is where I can expressed my ideas of art. I started this pottery making hobby last year and I experienced all the difficulties in making it perfect. I am doing the traditional way of making pots but when I heard of this new Quickcentering device in the net, I immediately visit their site at http://centeryourclay.amaco.com/own.html and saw their instructional videos. I immediately placed an order and as I used the product, it really gives a big help to me because I dont find hard in throwing my clay at the center because of this clay centering device. The Quickcenter system revolutionizes the wheel throwing. If you are a beginner of this kind of hobby, centering clay on the wheel is the most difficult part because you need to estimate your force in throwing the amount of clay but with the help of this new device, beginners feel so easy on how to center clay because the clay is centered before the wheel begins to spin. This Quickcenter device is so easy to use it has one universal adapter and one recessed bat and handles 3-4 pounds of clay. This all quick center system comes with an instructional DVD for beginners and students. Order now your Quickcenter device at a very reasonable price by calling AMACO/Brent customer service 800-374-1600.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A new 4 billion mall is soon to rise in the heart of the city of Davao

Another mall to rise soon in the heart of Davao City. Big businessmen and mall owners are here in Davao city recently for the ground breaking ceremony of the 4 billion pesos worth of mall. It is a joint venture between the floirendos of Davao and the Zobel de Ayalas of Makati. Ayala Land Inc. will pour in more than 4 billion in new investments in Davao City in the nest three years for the development of a state-of-the-art BPO (business Processing Outsourcing) facility, a shopping mall, residential and commercial lots and a hotel in a sprawling 10 hectare property owned by the Floirendos on J.P. Laurel avenue in Bajada. Dabawneyos will be given a new place to explore and to do shopping. I am pretty sure that this mall will be one of the tourist destinations that Dabawenyos are really proud of. Shoppers will be now divided and large amount will surely go to the newest mall of Davao.

Get your premium Walt Disney Concert Hall tickets online at a cheap seat site

My cousin invited me to watch several festivities. So he purchased three different tickets for me. The first was a ticket for Walt Disney Concert Hall Tickets. Since I am big fan of Walt Disney, he wanted me to experience watching the concert.

The second tickets were Rose Parade Tickets for the both of us. The rose parade is an annual even where floats of different kinds showcase the variety of roses. The rose parade is one of the most awaited parades in the world.

The third were Houston Rodeo Tickets. I am a big fan of rodeos that is why my cousin bought tickets for the both of us to watch real rodeo stars in action. For fast acquisition of various tickets of shows, visit www.cheapseat.com

Keisha Nicole is having a Kids Pizza Camp at the Greenwich store

Keisha is so excited to participate this mornings school activity at the Greenwich store inside the SM Mall of Davao. They were hundreds of them accompanied by their parents and guardians who participated on the said activity. They were taught on how to make a yummy Greenwich pizza. The Greenwich management can't accommodate the number of students as a whole that's why they broke it into three groups. The first group were having a tutorials and series of explanations about the Pizza while the others were handled by some officers of the Greenwich crews doing parlor games to control the kids crowd. Cooking paraphernalia were distributed individually to the participants such as Hair nets and aprons. They were so attentive on the instructions and participated very well in the activity.

Diamonds are forever

My best friend Allan is a one woman man lover, he never courted any girl aside from his present girlfriend right now. He always treasure their relationship on his first girlfriend. He is getting married this coming October the 15th and he and her pretty girlfriend is still looking for the right and perfect wedding rings. They choose to buy their wedding rings to an online store named Blue Nile where He bought his first Engagement Rings. Blue Nile offers thousands of GIA and AGSL certified Diamonds and provides the guidance and education to help you choose the perfect one. They are the makers of fine Jewelry . You can browse more products in their site from Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings & Anniversary Rings, Earrings, Necklaces & Pendants, Bracelets, Watches & Accessories and many more... They have all in store for you when it comes to jewelries. So if you are looking for a diamond rings, go straight to the Blue Nile site at http://www.bluenile.com/ which is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds. You can also shop by material such as Diamond Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, GoldJewelry and Silver Jewelry. so what are you waiting for shop now and give your partner or lover a thing that would last forever.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy 40th birthday Auntie Altesse

The poster that we made

Keishas birthday song to her Auntie Altesse

Tomorrow will be my sisters 40th birthday and early this morning, my daughter with the rest of her cousins planned to surprise the birthday celebrant in Australia online. Upon arriving from my garden in Maligaya around 6 in the evening my mom immediately ask me about the plan. I said to her that I will first make a happy birthday poster. Immediately I started to make the poster and I finished it at exactly 8 in the evening. Me and my daughter who was in tiger costume brought the poster to her cousins house to have their pictorials with the posters but unfortunately her cousins house were already dark. All the lights are off and we tried to call them but no one answered, so we just go back to our house and started the pictorial all by herself. The picture above shows the poster that we made. To you Auntie Altesse Happy Birthday and may God shower you with more blessing and give you good health and many many many more birthdays t come!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

unconditional love

Many people before they get into a relationship make a list of things they would want their partner to have. For the girls the list could include, a car, a house, a nice phone and handsome and all this should be in one person. Without this, they cannot love the person. Without realizing it, they have already put conditions for their love and it ceases being unconditional love. They would rather be with a rich handsome guy who has houses all over the country than be with a poor man. Though the poor guy would have loved them better they cannot be with him. There are some ladies who say they would rather be in a limousine and cry rather than be with a poor man and smiling. Who wants to worry about money anyway, they reason. For the men, they want a submissive person, intelligent and beautiful. Isn't that conditional?

My gift to my sister

I consider myself a typical consumer, just like most of the buyers, I would wait for best buys or otherwise would wait for an item sale to minimize my expenditures in acquiring for an item. Recently, I managed to acquire a digital camera as a birthday gift to my sister who pass the bar exam. I bought the item in a cheaper price through http://www.bestbuys.com/.

This site offers a lot of best buys and it is here that you can buy items and compare prices from other online stores. You will be amazed of the prices and it is very affordable and very easy on the budget. Best buys has a lot in stored for you


Many are the times the term soul mate is associated with visions of mystic astrological readings and reincarnation. You can have a soul mate even without having any supernatural beliefs. The practical definition of a soul mate is someone who lights a fire inside of you. He should be someone who shares your view about the world and who you love unequivocally. How can you grade your partner? Can he/she be termed as "nice" to you? Watch out for the following things to know if he is indeed the one. To begin with, would you consider your lover as your best friend? If you are the type of couples who discuss only the subjects that interests you two, you might be missing something. You might claim that you share a sense of belonging while you have another best friend. This means there is a role he does not play but you do not realize it. He is your real soul mate if you feel that nobody else in the whole world offers you the kind of companionship that he does. If he likes it when you hang out in groups you need to focus else where. To actually assess who your soul mate is, you have to lay down your ideas about a perfect man. Some women think that an ideal man is the one who cooks, comes home early, sings and so much more. Others Just need someone who loves them and offers guaranteed security. That is fine especially if he shares your world views and understands you deeply. He is your soul mate. Your parents have the wisdom of identifying a real soul mate. If your mum finds it hard to understand your man, you better take caution. If she thinks he is ideal for you and he will make you happy, trust her opinion, she understands men better.

Creating charm in your living environment

Yesterday, I bought curtain rods and wrought iron that I will be using in my new house that I bought last month. I also bought several curtains and some dining fixtures to make the house complete. Assisting me in my quest is my brother. We have already arranged the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the garage. When I acquired the property it was totally bare. I had to paint the house to make it livable. I also received several gifts from my friends who knew that I acquired a property. I am planning to throw a party in my new house and at the same time a house blessing. There are so many things to be done and so little time. But I still have to clean and make the house more livable and convenient when I transfer next month. With a little help from my friends, my transfer would be a memorable one as I move in to my new house. From the boot rack, mantle hook and Christmas wreath hanger is already present in my house. With a little touches and minor repairs, it will be good as new. I have already invited some of my friends to help me in the clean up and arrangement in my house. It is so nice to create a little charm in your space because this is where you make a living. Evey time I make an improvement in my house I always visit this site named Wrought Iron Heaven where you can choose a lot of durable items that could add charm to your house. All of their items are made of high quality materials guaranteed to long last , that's why they have a lot of customer that keeps on coming back for they are 100 percent satisfied with their products and services. On the other hand, I am so thankful to my friends who help me a lot during my transfer because without them my transfer wouldn't be possible. For more information about the fine quality products of Wrought Iron Heaven, feel free to visit www.wroughtironhaven.com where everything you needs is here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My tips in checking car batteries

A multi-tester set to 50 DCV output

A 12 volts battery with 15 plates

Last week, my car was not in good condition. I experienced hard starting in my car engine. I check all the possibilities of its irregular condition and I found out that the car battery was already weak. Why I said so? A car battery should mark a level of 13 to 15 volts output with all the accessories open including air condition. My car battery marks 13 already that's why I experienced hard starting sometimes. I bought a new 12 volts battery named Mega force with 15 plates. It has a built in indicator to know its battery condition. The battery supplier also gave me a 12 months warranty. I am happy now because my car engine starts quickly. I would like to share some of my tips so that readers of this site will also know how to check their car battery. First you need to have a multi-tester, a device where you can check the level of your battery. Second, connect the measuring terminal-positive to the positive terminal of the battery and the negative terminal of the multi tester to the negative terminal of the battery then set the multi tester to 50 DC voltage output then, start the engine then open all the accessories that your car have , then check the meter. Your mark level should fall under 13 to 15 voltage output. If your level falls below the 13 voltage output , then there must be something wrong with the battery or it can be a troubled alternator.

Playing my favorite online card game with my cousin

Every Sundays me and the rest of my cousins used to have a get together party in the house. I always prepare their lunch and dinner. We got to talked a lot about each and every ones life and new developments within a week. Along with the interesting conversation, we usually play our favorite online game, the third largest card game in the world called The Rummy game. It is so fun and exciting to play this kind of card game because it has various techniques. We compete each other by using our personal laptops and challenges each player to whoever completes the game first will be the winner. It's really fun playing this game. You can always play this Rummy card game free at www.bestcardgame.com. Try it and experienced the fun and excitement by playing the rummy game with the rest of your family members.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Save more energy by using an energy saving flourescent bulb

I want to save more on energy whenever I use some of my appliances. I always put on the light every night in my room because I cant sleep when the light is off. I think of saving more on my electricity consumption that's why I change my florescent bulb to a lesser wattage. My previous florescent bulb watts was 32 while the present bulb is an energy saving bulb that has a 9 watts but has a greater output.

Manage your projects by using the Clientspot

The virtual assistant world continues to increase rapidly. I, myself is a virtual assistant employed by several companies online. What I like about being a virtual assistant is that I get to work in my house and I control my time and what to do. I have been doing this since 2004 and I just can't stop working as a virtual assistant. Considering the number of companies that I am working as a virtual assistant, there are so many task to be done and deadlines to meet. I also hire other virtual assistants, to help me on my task assignments. To ease the burden of chatting with my hired virtual assistants, I got a software from ClientSpot. The software I got really eases the burden on my part. Every thing is now on place unlike before that I kept on communicating with my virtual assistants. Now, with just one click I get to assign tasks immediately to my chosen virtual assistant. There are no difficult terms that can lead to confusion. There are 20 virtual assistants working for me. Thanks to the ClientSpot, my job is getting easier with the user friendly software I got. I strongly recommend this software. Visit their website at http://www.myclientspot.com/ now. I am still looking for more virtual assistants, thanks to ClientSpot.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Checking the brake system of my pick-up truck

I need to get load of rice hulls for tomorrows gardening activity. I will travel more or less 2 0 kilometers tomorrow just to get a load of rice hulls. Rice hulls are one of the major components for a good and porous potting media. It acts as an anti-caking agent. It gives an easy way for the roots to penetrate on its container pot. Since I am traveling long distance, I make sure that my pick up truck is in good condition. I checked all its brakes and cleaned all the break drums and change the parts that needs replacements. It is so easy to determine if your break system, is in trouble, all you have to do is just look for the fluid leaks on its fluids copper tubing lines. You can see this thing most particularly on its break drums because fluid flows down to the tire from its break cylinders. So, before you start driving check the basics first to avoid road accidents.

Jennifer Aniston in a sporty look attire

Jennifer Aniston talked on her hands free device out running errands and attending meetings in LA yesterday. As usual, no one rocks a simple tank top quite like Aniston and this one is particularly special as it, along with her charity necklace, promote Stand Up For Cancer. While people are busy trying to figure out the identity of her Cabo companion, Jennifer just looks happy showing off that tan and looking perfectly casual in her ponytail and baseball cap.

My durable Macintosh computer

The first computer unit that I used in college was a Macintosh Unit. Since then, I always use a Macintosh unit. Since then, Macintosh has always been part of my college days, especially doing computer works. There are many comparisons between ibook vs pc and macs vs pcs. For me, Macintosh units are more advantageous to use. My friends also are using Macintosh units. That is why I always recommend to buy a Macintosh computer. Macintosh computer is easy to use and the hardware parts are very durable compared to other brands. Macintosh units are hard to be infected by computer viruses. I can attest to that because my unit has never been infected by any computer viruses. I saw a video from Nelsok.com and the video was about Macintosh computers. After I saw the video, I was convinced that Macintosh is the best computer unit in the market today. And the standard of the unit adapts to the changing times. Aside from the computer units, there are also other products that are being shown in the video of the site. It really helps customers by giving relevant information about the product. To see videos of various products feel free to visit www.nelsok.com now.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Paris Hilton is an animal lover

Thankfully, all that nastiness about her dogs being eaten by coyotes was just an Internet rumor. Not only are the dogs alive, they also have a way better life than you do. “They were at Paris’s house Wednesday in her recording studio, and all the dogs were playing and looked as healthy and happy

Ashley Tisdale is a very fashion conscious celebrity

Always interested in the latest trends, Ashley Tisdale was spotted out at the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge at Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles, California earlier today (Septemebr 18). The 23-year-old Disney starlet intently browsed through the tents, looking cute in a violet-toned dress with grey buttondown cardigan overtop, along with a pair of buckly black boots.

Jennifer Lopez stilll sexy at 40

I love Jennifer Lopez songs and movies. The best movie that I like most that she did was the "Anaconda" because it is so scary plus the setting was really interesting but that was long time ago. J'LO is now active in sports. J'lo as you see her pictures after giving birth a couple of months ago, I still find her so sexy. It's been a whirlwind week for Jennifer Lopez! Days after participating in the Malibu Nautica Triathlon and throwing a surprise 40th birthday party for husband Marc Anthony in New York City, the singer hits the streets Wednesday in Saint-Tropez, France.

Drive home a 2008 Acura TL car

I am a car enthusiast and also an auto-diesel mechanic by profession. I always participate in every car shows and car product launching. I drove different type of cars and saw how the engine performs during acceleration. There are a lot of cars if various styles in the market now but no one can surpass the 2008Acura Tl that retains its place in the market as a classy and comfortable front-wheel-drive sports sedan. This front wheel drive car runs so fast and yet so smooth because of its V6 Engine, 3.6L. and has a Double-Wishbone Suspension Type with coil springs. It has a very nice elegant design and has a comfortable legroom. It is very attractive inside and out. A lot of businessmen and young professionals is driving an acura tl Sedan for they find its features so fantastic such as lots of smooth power, comfortable interior great grip with a firm ride and a lot more... To find out more of the Acura TL performance and style, there is a site named The Car connection, a site that studied reviews from around the web to bring you a conclusive report on the 2008 Acura TL. By visiting this site at http://www.thecarconnection.com/modelintro/acura_tl_2008 you can now rate this refined sports sedan with wedgy good looks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heidi Montag celebrates her 22nd birthday in a different way wiith her lover Spencer Pratt

While they’re usually known for their overdone, lavish lifestyle, earlier today Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt took a decidedly low-key approach to a very special day.
The peroxide pair was spotted enjoying a casual afternoon at Will Rogers State Park in celebration of Heidi’s 22nd birthday, complete with a picnic, presents, roses and balloons.

The elegant looking Gwyneth Paltrow at Harry's Bar in London

Enjoying an evening on the town, Gwyneth Paltrow attended the Jemima Khan for Azzaro Spring Fashion Launch at Harry’s Bar in London on Monday (September 15).
The Academy Award winning actress looked sexy in a sparkly black minidress with a matching cardigan and black stockings.

Britney Spears in pink tank top at the starbucks

Still riding high on her big night at the MTV Video Music Awards last week, Britney Spears was spotted picking up a luscious libation at her local Starbucks café earlier this afternoon (September 15).
The “Piece of Me” songstress looked cute and colorful in a pink tank top teamed with a pair of white cutoff shorts and matching white flip flops as she emerged with her Frappuccino blended beverage.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cleaning the MB 100 starter motor and fixing its battery

Car batteries are very expensive now a days. It ranges from 4 thousand to 5 thousand per car battery (12 to 15 plates) specifications. The two cars needs battery replacement. Their batteries last until 2 years and 6 months and It performs very well. The Battery of MB 100 is Motolite Gold that cost 4500 while the Toyota pick up is having an Outlast brand with thirteen plates. I bought the new Mega force15 plates for my Diesel type engine. It cost 3800 pesos. I installed it right away after I arrived in my house. After the installation , I tried to run the engine but it doesn't fire. there must be some loose contacts in wiring or a trouble in the part of the starter motor. I dismantle and took the starter motor assembly and inspect it manually. I have notice that there's no wrong with it but it was covered with grease and sticky oil so I performed cleaning and degreasing. I wash it with gasoline to wash away the grease and unwanted oils from its body. I also check the wiring's that connects the starter motor from the positive cable. Then I installed it back. After installing it back, I start the engine and it fires and runs smoothly. In order to keep the engine in good condition you must keep the engine clean and free from oil leaks and dust.

Mischa Barton with a big heart

Mischa Barton – who recently split with rocker beau Taylor Locke – keeps her spirits up (and her heart in her hands) Monday at the Temperley London runway show during London Fashion Week.