Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am now the leader of the class presentation

As what I have promised to all of you. I am posting some of my daughters pictures taken during her school presentation which she participated as a leader. She was assigned by her teacher to lead the whole school presentation participated by the nursery, juniors and preschool pupils. I am so proud of my daughter Keisha for she excels in her class activities. She was in fairy costume during their presentation. I just hope and pray that she will continue to excel in her class and will maintain her excellent grades in class. Congratulations Keisha for a job well done!!!

Fun in the net

Fun and games are every where You can find them in play grounds, malls, beaches, wilderness and most specially in the internet. Online games are rampant in every corner of the internet and one of the games that I love playing is the US Online Casinos. US Online Casino gives you the thrill that you are seeking and the fun that is incomparable to other games. It is the games that most American would want to play and it is the Online Casinos USA that is well visited by gamblers and thrill seekers alike. for more details of the site visit this link and find out why it is widely visited.

Prolonging the life of a flower

Flowers are often just stored in a water filled vase and then, at one, or at most two weeks, they begin to wilt and loose their splendor. Why not make your stunning red rose bouquet last longer than a week after you have been gifted with them. Warm, not cold water can do wondersAfter receiving your beautiful bouquet of flowers, instantly arrange and pour warm water inside your vase. This would likely hasten the aging of your flowers and will keep the flowers' shape longer.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Keeping your family safe

My sister needs to relocate herself to a new place in the United states of America due to new work assignments. She is an accountant in one of the biggest accounting firms here in my town and she is now assigned to a new working place. The company that she's working with gave her the benefit of bringing her family to her new place where she is working. Her biggest concerned is all about the security and safeness of the place. She is a mom of three teen girls now Ann who is thirteen, Lucille 16 and Teena 20. I said to her that you can see how secure your place is against sex offenders. It is so possible to track because there is a site named Track Sex Offenders. It is so easy to track sex offenders, all you have to is enter your zip code in their search box and you'll get the information that you need. By obtaining updated sex offender reports, We'll get the information that we need to assure our family's safety. We should all be aware of the risks that we are surrounded with, and with the detailed reports, We will get access to information. Let us keep our family safe and secure from bad elements in the society. So if you want to know how safe the the place is from sex offenders, this is the right site for us to search and get the right information. For more information about their helpful services just visit their site now at

Am I a professional model?

Does my modelling pictures hits your angle? (giggles). Keisha has a lots of modelling pictures because everytime we go out for dinner or just a plain window shopping, we always bring with us our camera for a clear shot. Keisha loves to pause in front of the camera even if there were persons staring at her. she doesn't mid those people as long as she can make her nice angle shot. She always watch modelling series over the television and that's her favorite show. There were times that she follows the catwalk of those popular models on TV.

The more you know, the more you win

I am a big casino player and every time I play, there is joy and excitement when I started to play. My friends are all my students. it is because I taught them how to play in a casino and gave them some key pointers before they play. It was two years ago when I was introduced to a new casino. This is an online casino. Usually when I visit the casino, I always play blackjack and slots. These are my favorite games in a casino venue. The online casino are also offering the games that I played in a land based casino. The rules are the same. I did not find any problem when I start playing. Considering the number of Online Casino Games that are present in the internet right now, I need to be informed. Whenever I need an information about a casino site or games, I regularly visit for all the information that I needed are all here. What I like about this site is that there are reviews made in every casino site that they considered legitimate. As they say, the more you know, the more you win. I believed in that saying. It is because when I started to play online casino games, lady luck was not on my side. I was totally ignorant about the system. But when I get the information that I needed, the luck continues to flow like a raging river. Since my favorite games, casino games, are now online, I can play whenever I want. safe and sound in the comfort of my home.

I found the right flower for my daughters presentation

This afternoon is the presentation of my daughters school stage activity entitled "Reach For the Stars". She was chosen as leader in the whole presentation and she practiced a lot because she wants to make it perfect. I bought the gloves costumes that she needs last night. She also needs a daffodil flower. We kept on roaming around the artificial flower shop to buy one. Right now Keisha is so excited because this is the first time that she will present in front of the stage as a leader. Go go go.... Keisha I know you can do it girl!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Christian gifts

I have a friend named Julia who is a devoted catholic. She is a member of the catholic youth council here in my town. yesterday, she asked me to visit here new room in her house and I noticed that it was still empty no decorations and no furnitures at all. She begins to buy items that she needs in her new room. After week, I went back to her place and brought her wall decors which I bought it from a christian gifts store. The site where I shop has a lot of Beautiful Art, Home Decor and Gifts. Great is the lord site is what I am referring to. This is the best site for people who are looking for Christian Gifts . To browse more of their products, just visit their site at

Barrack H. Obamas' address to congress

I was watching the U.S.presidents Barrack H. Obama address to congress and I am 100 percent strongly believed that he can change the present situation and fight against the global financial crisis. He focused more on different issues particularly on health care and tax rates. Obama told the congress that he will not imposed an increase on their taxes and not even a single dime to American people on this hard economic situation. I just hope that his administration will work to the fullest to obtain better changes in the future.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing my favorite game online

When you enter a land based casino, you will immediately notice many slot machines around the playing area. Slot Machine games are easy to play. In fact, because of the simplicity of the machine games, you can now play the game online. When I first stepped into a casino, slot machine games were my favorite. It is because I can understand the rules of playing the game and winning was easy for this game. The card games were hard for me that time. That is why my attention was only on slot machines. My brother before had forced me to try some other games because I never played any game inside the casino except the slot machines. When the Slot Machine games were available in an online casino site, I considered myself as one of the first to play the game online. But before, I did not understand and I lack the information about the slot machines. I thought that slot machines were all the same from each other, but I was wrong. I made a research about the slot machines and this site,, was a big help for me. Now that I have all the information that I needed, I play slot machine everyday. Since I play online slot machine games in my home, I never have to leave the comfort of my home just to play my favorite slot machine games.

It's like a duck under the rain

This day is too cold because of the weather. We were in the garden to clean and to arrange but unfortunately we were not able to perform the activity for the rain pours unexpectedly until afternoon and the whole day was spent through a cup of coffee and interesting funny stories. As we were about to close the gate of the establishment, a water from the faucet suddenly spills due to gasket leaks. I immediately ran to the vans compartment looking for an extra gasket and I found one. I went back to the faucet place and immediately turned the faucet counter clockwise with my vise grip tool. The water flows so fast towards the other side of the garden and we tried to stop it by putting a 1/2 G.I. stopper, as we press more to the pipe, the water squeezes to its highest pressure. As a result, we all get wet and too cold but after a couple of minutes we had fix the faucet. We kept on laughing together with my two other friends because the three of us were like ducks playing in the rain (giggles).

Diamonds are forever

This coming March 3 is the golden wedding anniversary of my grandparents and I am so excited to attend their wedding ceremony. My grandparents are the ones responsible for my education., they were the one who sent me to schools since from the start until I become a very successful businessman now. I think this is the time that I can also share some of my blessing to the persons who makes a big part of my success. I am planning to surprise them with 2 diamond wedding rings on their special day. Diamonds are said to last forever that's why I chose this precious gem. I visited different Jewelry stores in town but I was not able to choose one for there is no design that I am looking for. I was thinking of looking it over the net so after a couple of hours doing window shopping in the mall in town, I drove back home and opened my laptop computer and browse a couple of sites that offers diamonds wedding rings and luckily I found one site named Blue Nile that offers diamonds and fine jewelries. Blue Nile offers thousands of GIA and AGSL certified diamonds and provides the guidance and education to help you choose the perfect one. Not only that blue Nile also offers Engagement Rings .I have now decided to get my jewelry gift to my grandparents. If you are one of the many persons who are looking for the best diamond ring or jewelries, this is the best site for you to choose from. for more information about the Blue Nile products feel free to visit their site at

The Oscars award

I was watching a replay on the recently Oscar Awards day and there were a lot of popular Hollywood beautiful actress and handsome actors in the red carpet but we were stocked most together with my daughter Keisha to his two idols namely Hanna Montana (Miley Cyrus) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens). They were so cute in their dress. After the awarding night a party was followed and it is the time where Filipinos were so proud because Charisse Pempengco from the Philippines who rendered a song to the whole participants and they were really shocked for she has a very powerful voice.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Helpful sewing tips and tricks

During my high school days, we have sewing subject and I made different type of stitches and patterns. At first, I really find it hard to make a stich because I really don't know how to do it right especially when it comes to operating sewing machines but as time goes by where I was hired as one of the sewers in my friends company who is responsible in supplying fashion apparels locally, I was able to do it right and become a professional sewer. The master sewers taughed me how to do it right and aside form their teachings, I also find some helpful sewing tips and tricks over the net. I found a site named Life 123 that provides sewing tips and tricks. I am so thankful to this site becasue it gave me more ideas in sewing. So to all people who want to know more tips and tricks on sewing just visit the Life 123 site at

Preparing for this coming Araw ng Davao Celebration to be held at the SM city grounds

I went to my garden early this moring to do propagation. I have different type of plants that I wanted to propagate namely the Cypress, the Alamandas, Pine trees, Norfolk Pines, and some flowering materials. I also continue to change some destroyed plastic containers in preparation of this coming Araw ng Davao Celebration that will start this February 28 and ends this coming March 18 of the present year. I am so excited that I could showcase some of my healthy plants in my garden and sell it to plant hobbyist and enthusiast. I just hope that I could make more profit this coming Araw ng Davao Celebration.

Punk chat

I have a punk friend named Allan who always accompany me in every activity that I do in school. He always share most of his ideas to me regarding his fashion style. I respect his ideas because I know that we have different preferences when it comes to fashion. I have many types of friend, friends from the school, friends from neighbors, club organization and punk organizations. Allan is one of the members of the punk organization in school that is active in music. He plays guitar and his currently one of the poppular band group in school. He has a lot of friends in school and in the net because there is one site named Punk Chat City that he always visits every now and then and chat with his online friends. The Punk Chat City site where he always chat with his online friends is 100 percent free of charge, All you have to do is just fill up their forms for instant access to punk chatrooms. So if you want to meet punk people users , this is the best site for you because this is the site where tons of punk people that come together in punk chatroom. Join now and create a completely Free Punk Chat membership. For more information about the free punk chatroom, just visit the Punk chat City site at

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sharing tips and techniques online

I am not feeling well this time because I have cough and colds but this things never stops me from making and sharing ideas online. I still do provide information and techniques as a gardener on how to grow plants easily and on the other side, I share some techniques and tips on engine overhauling and under chasis works as an auto-diesel mechanic. This two extreme professions are my lines of expertise. Early this morning, I checked up my brakes and perform brake cleaning to eliminate the squeaking sound brought about by too shiny brake pads that will touch the brake linings. It is so simple to eliminate squeaking sounds, all you have to do is just pull the brake drums and rub the break pads as well as the break drums with #220 sand paper and your done. This is just a simple task where ordinary drivers and car owners can perform and doesn't need the services of a professional auto-mechanics.

Fun in playing

Looking for recreation and fun could be anywhere, it could be by simply playing in your own backyard with your neighbors and friends or simply playing board games with your kids in a sunny afternoon. Others would plan for their recreation, it could be on the beach basking in the summer sun while others would spend time in the wilderness to look for adventure and divert the monotony of rural life.

As for me, I would look for fun in the internet and that is online gambling . It is in online gambling that I found thrill and excitement. It is not all about winning for the game of chance is having luck on your side.

Last week I visited the site and look for the best casino site there is in the net, I am pretty sure that the lists that the site offers are real and authentic. They provide security to their clients for it is a fact that the virtual world is flooded with all the scams and opportunistic people lurking and just waiting for people to fall victims. I don't want to be a victim of these scams that's why I want to assure my self that I am in good hands in playing the game I love.

Bamboo a very useful plant

Bamboo plants play an important role for many humans and animals. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people, mainly in Asia, relying on bamboo plants as a source of income. For animals it is no only a habitat but for Gorillas, Pandas and others it is the preferred or only source of food.

The bamboo plant has also an important commercial value.
Unfortunately the bamboo plant is in danger because of the explosion of population more and more bamboo forests get chopped down. The bamboo plant is a very valuable and versatile raw material. It is used for building complete houses, making closets or other furniture, producing the popular bamboo blinds, carpets or mats.

The bamboo plant is also a perfect solution for your garden, either as a beautiful plant or used as a bamboo fence. The bamboo plant as a fence is becoming more popular because one bamboo is growing very fast and it is cheap. Pruning bamboo plants is no problem as well.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My uncle is a trucker

My uncle has been staying in the United States particularly in Florida for the past six years. He has been a truck driver in a moving company. Being a truck driver is a risky job and perilous. It is having one leg inside the coffin and the other on the highway pavement. You will never know what will happen for accidents will just occur in a wink of an eye no matter how defensive you are in driving.

As a driver in Florida and any city with in the state like Miami, Fort Lauderdale and many other areas you are responsible to prevent an accident. Where one has a opportunity to obtain compensation is in negligence. This is where a Florida Auto Accident Attorney must be experienced. Auto Accident attorneys will assist anyone who has been injured in accident.

One thought to help with a person who has been in accident. Don’t only deal with the insurance company of the other in a Florida car accident. There is a good percentage that you are able to receive compensation for the accident. Florida Truck Accident Lawyers and Florida Auto Accident Attorneys should have credibility to assist you in the case. The Florida Attorneys need to understand the small Trademark Information areas to get you all you deserve in the mishap.

Luckily for the past six years that my uncle had been rendering his services to the moving company, he has never committed any accident nor injury in the free way, but his fellow truckers had. This accidents according to my uncle would usually occur during rainy and snowy seasons where the road pavement is wet and dump and some are caused by teenagers who are under the influenced of either drinking alcohol or drugs. This offenders often end up in prison.

The Sampaguita

Sampaguita (Jasminum sambac) is a sweetly scented tropical flower. Belonging to the wide genus of Jasmines (Jasminum), Sampaguita is the common name of the species Jasminum sambac. Sampaguita is also known as Philippine Jasmine, Arabian jasmine, Pikake in Hawaii, Grand Duke of Tuscany, Kampupot, and Melati .

Meet and chat tattoo users online

I have a friend who is a tattoo artist for ten years now and he has a tattoo shop in one of the malls here in my town. He has a lot of interesting designs that are compressed in one book for his clients to choose from. I have no a single tattoo in my body and I have decided to put one in my wrist for now for I find it so cute but the problem is I don't no what design I'm going to choose so I have decided to ask my tattoo artist friend and some of my friends online. There is a site named Tattoo Chat City that I frequently visits, a chat room site where you can find a lot of tattoo users all over the world. It is so easy to join, all you have to do is just create an account and your done. It is 100 percent free of charge. I find it so interesting to chat with them because aside from you have common interest, you can also share your ideas and pick up some tips on tattoo procedures. So if you are looking for a Free Tattoo Chat place to meet and chat with tattoo users, this site is the best site for you. Create your account now and start chatting with tattoo users online. I am pretty sure you will love this chat site because you will meet different people around the world of same interest as you do. For more information about the Tattoo chat city visit their site at

Discovering ideas to cut gardening expenses

We were in the garden this morning until afternoon and we have so much fun talking some interesting topics. we were there to perform some gardening task ,to change old plant containers to new one. We don't use anymore garden soil because it adds gardening cost and it is better to use rice hulls as an alternative as long as it is fully rotten to avoid soil burn. we are just fortunate enough because we have plenty of supplies when it comes to rotten rice hulls that cost only 10 pesos per sack. It is more economical than using the garden soil -rice hull mixture. I am contented and satisfied with the results of this full rice hull medium. I m encouraging some gardeners and plant hobbyist to use full rice hull medium as long as it is rotten because it gives positive results.

Collection Agency

5 years ago, I started my own company. I am a soft drink distributor and the company that gave me distributorship gave feasible areas where I can operate. Since my product is soft drinks, I started marketing the product to bars, restaurants, cafeterias and other establishments where soft drinks are needed. Since I am new in the business, I allowed terms to these customers. Some are good but many are bad. I thought allowing credit was as simple as 1-2-3 but I was wrong, completely wrong about it. For my three months of operating, I incurred almost one hundred thousand short due to debts. I tried to recover all the collectibles but I cannot cope up because of the lack of time. I have to make a sale for my business to survive or else I will shut down, things that I don't want to happen. The soft drink company that gave me distributorship is pressuring me in my account with them or else they will terminate my contract and that would be a big problem for me. I placed a cash bond for the distributorship and I don't want to lose that. In order to cope up with the debt collection, I assigned my accounts receivable to a collection agency . The agency will be the one to collect all my receivables. By this, I have the time to make the marketing and the agency do the collection work for me. Since then, I never experienced any problem with my receivables. Those interested to have this kind of collection service, feel free to visit and have that collection problem solved.

The 300 million 6/49 lotto draw will be this evening

The Philippine lotto jackpot prize now gets bigger and bigger and it is now 300 million pesos. if this cash price will be won by an individual person I am sure he's like a king or queen of the thrown because he/she can do whatever she want in terms of material things and build projects that would provide him/her lots of profits. Today is the lotto draw for this 6/49 digit. I am again buying a ticket this afternoon hoping that I will be the sole jackpot lotto winner (giggles)...

Friday, February 20, 2009


Does your business lacks efficiency and want it to save to be more productive? there is a simple solution to your problem because there is now a Teamwox Groupware that could possibly optimize organizational processes in your company. This Teamwox collaboration tool allows to combine all the corporate information in one place, raise the employees productivity and the efficiency of the whole company. I can say that this product is so effective because it was used lately by my best friend who is also a businessman for 10 years now and he finds good results of using it. It provides more advantage on different feilds namely the Transparency of Work Activities,

Efficient Work with Documents and Access from Anywhere in the World, Forming a Consistent Customer Relationship Policy, Effective Internal Policy and PR, and Cost Cutting and Gain in Productivit. So if you feel that you need improvements in your business operations try to use teamwox. For more information on their good services visit their site at

This family is a computer lover

I considered my family as a computer addict because everyday the whole family stares on two computers doing something, building websites, uploading pictures to several friendster accounts, making some product reviews and creating magical slides and also into digital scrapping. My daughter is just a 6 year old but when it comes to computer, she is so familiar with hte applications because she always used it during her free time. She even upload her own template and change it frequently every time she wants to. She also participates on making product reviews and chat her friends and relatives online. I consider her as a computer wizzard at her age (Giggles)...

I love my kitchen equipments

I am a person who loves to cook and want to discover unique recipes of different cuisine. Aside from being a management graduate from the reputable school in my town, I am also a good cook where I took several units of cooking class. I have plenty of cooking wine at home and some spices that ordinary household doesn't have. My kitchen at home is equipped with the best high quality made utensils. I bought all my kitchen equipments from one of the sites in the net named Kitchen Gadgetry that offers high quality made nemco food equipment. I can say that it is the best cooking equipment. So if you are looking for the best cooking equipment, just visit their site at

My African Lovebird

I am a pet lover and I have a lot of pets at home but my most favorite pet is my African Lovebird that whistles every morning. I called him Yuko for he always whistles like Yu----ko sound... I didn't buy him in the pet shop she just sit in a wire near my garden and I catch him immediately. I want him to be happy even if he is in cage so what I did was I went to the petshop and look for a bird of the same kind but as I asked the price, I was shocked becasue the price of one African Lovebird cost 1600.00 pesos. I was not able to buy one for I need to raised more funds to buy one. But I promised to myself that If I have enough money I will buy one for his partner to be.

Lexli products is the best for Acne treament

I visited my friend Roxanne last two weeks because of skin problem. I together with my friend Ariel who is a dermatologist for 8 years now examined her skin. It was diagnosed as an Acne and she needs a proper treatment for that. Ariel informed her that Acne can easily be control if properly treated. There is an effective cream with the highest quality ingredient that could control and eliminate Acne. The Lexli Acne Products is the best solution for Acne problems because it has a special function to target the four factors causing acne. All are bioactive, Aloe Vera based to control inflammation, allowing more powerful combination of ingredients. This is what Ariel told to my friend Roxanne and to the rest of his clients for it give positive results on acne treatment. For more information about lexli Acne products just visit Lexli site at

American Idol updates

I love American Idol and I always watch it always on television. All of the 36 participants for the season 8 American Idol are talented and they they have unique talents but there is one participant that I know will go to the top for he has a good voice and and a star quality in the person of Danny Groker. Tatiana del Toro cries infront of the camera after declaring the last person to sit on the top 3 participants out of the twelve members of the group.

My blog is visible in the virtual world

I have been blogging for quite sometime now. It is one of the many things that I like doing and it is here that I can express my thoughts, feelings, emotions and personal insights to things and events that are happening in my environment and daily activities. Blogging is an online diary that a lot of people would like to read even surfers a like but the existence of a blog in the vast virtual world would not be possible if you don't get it hosted. Thus, My blog is hosted by . It keeps my blog always available for anyone to read, be it an avid reader or just a surfer who stumbles on my blog.


Gerberas are from the sunflower family, and the variety typically used in floristry is a hybrid created from Gerbera jamesonii and Gerbera viridifolia. A new development is the germini, which was bred for a smaller flower head (about 5cm across) and sturdier stem, keeping it upright for longer.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chat with the catholic people online

I am a devoted catholic and I always go to church every Sunday to pray. I have alot of friends in the church. I, with the rest of my friends also handle recollection activities. I considered myself as a friendly guy who always chat with my friends during my free schedule. Aside from being a guy who's working in a seminary, I also have friends online because there is a site that I always visit and make friends. This site is a Catholic Chat Room website that gives Catholics a place to meet and chat. I find it so interesting to chat with my online catholic friends because we share common interest. We also discussed bible topics and compare each ideas online. So if you want to chat catholic people online, go straight to the catholic chat city site where tons of Catholic users from everywhere in the world join our chats and enjoy themselves for free. This is the best Catholic chat room in the net. Joining the Catholic chat city is 100 percent free. Create an account now and start chatting with catholic users online and start seeing and talking to all of the people on this site immediately! For more information about the Catholic chat room just visit their site at

I bought two tickes for the biggest Philippine lotto prize

Early this morning when me and my buddies were in the garden to do some gardening activities, we always talked about our dreams and ambitions in life if we will be the one to win the 270,000,000 Million jackpot 6/49 draw of the Philippine Lotto. Winning Lotto can really change ones life because you are now rich and famous. You can buy whatever you want in the world as long as it is for sale. I bet two tickets awhile ago for this 6/49 draw and If I will win this game I will share some of my lotto prize to my families and friends. Wish me luck for this draw (giggles).

Get a complete freedom online

Are you being censored or blocked by your ISP and cant surf freely from one site to another? Good news to all people who experienced this thing because you can now have a complete freedom online by just installing a software provided by the VPN tunnel service. VPNTunnel is a service that disguises all of your Internet traffic as secure web traffic, 'tunneling' it out to our secure servers. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to control your internet usage and completely impossible for anyone to monitor your activity online. This will give you a complete online freedom. VPNTunnel works advantageous that of a web proxy because it is compatible to all websites, works with bittorent, runs service behind firewalls and many more. For more information with their amazing service, just visit their site at

Keisha's in Pink

This my daughters new pink hat. She wears it when we are in the garden in Maligaya place. There were a lot of colors available but she likes the pink most. It is so cheap that cost only 5 pesos for one in a Chinese vendor in Uyanguren area. Mika as what we called her and her classmates too as her sobriquet loves pinks so much. The pictures above show that she's in pink all over her body, from her new hat down to her shoes.

Beauty can be bought

Women now a days are very particular with the way they look. They always carry with them make-up kits to enhance their beauty or conceal any blemishes that they have on their skin. They even seek the help of medical professionals abroad to have a make over in their face and body and putting emphasis on the curves so that they will look more gorgeous. Others would have lipo suction to remove the excess fats in their bellies, and others would have breast enhancement to have a seductive look. These are some of the many things that women would go into to make themselves more beautiful, attractive and more pleasing to the eyes of the opposite sex. But the professional skills vary in every continent,
Breast Augmentation Prices can be cheaper in Europe and expensive in the United States.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book recycling

I love reading books and I also teaches my daughter Keisha on how to handle books and treasured it because book is one of the things that provides good information to our minds. I don't put books in trash because my principle in life is that "No matter how old is the book is as long as it provides best information on different matters, that book could still contribute to once ideas. A nephew of mine gave the book awhile ago because he's no longer using it. It is a book for grade one students of the Philippine Women's College of Davao where he and my daughter is schooling. My daughter kept it because she knows when she turned grade one , she can use those books for references and to avoid costly prices of books.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cut the monotony

All people inhabiting in this planet need not work always, There are times that we need rest and recreation to cut the monotony of life. Some would go to the park during Sundays with friends and families and have a simple lunch, others would go to beaches and bask under the suns heat and have their skin tanned. Others most specially women would spend more time malling or buying clothes and accessories as well as cosmetics to deviate their attention of the work at home and their responsibilities to their husband and kids. But this endeavor does not mean doing it always and elude their responsibility but just simply having fun. Men on the other hand would Play Blackjack Online and gamble, this is often done during the end of the work day and usually at night time. They frequently visit and have fun and enjoyment with the game of chance.

The main point here is to have fun and not breaking your back with the burden of life. Things has to be balanced in order to enjoy life to the fullest.


When Hibiscus flowers are mentioned, many visualize the exotic red blossom pinned in the hair of a woman. The Hibiscus - one of the most beautiful flowers in the world - comes in numerous colors, shapes and sizes. Some have single petals, others double or crested, and some do not open fully.

Sizes vary from tiny to 10-12 inches.The flower of each species of the Hibiscus has its own individuality. The colors and the combinations are fabulous. Hibiscus come with romantic names like Sun Showers, Midnight Blue, Silver Shadow and Sunny Moon to name a few.

This dream flower is in great demand for decorative purposes, and this demand has developed into a big business.

Find your dream property here

Real estate information made more easy through a site named the Carolinas finest because it provides listings alerts, buyers tips, home finance, loan analysis and featured properties. My aunt Anna is looking awhile ago for a property in Wilmington, NC and she instructed to browse more over the net to find the best property of the said place. I found a site named The Carolinas finest where it provides listings for Wilmington, NC Luxury Real Estate properties. My aunt found his perfect property here so if you are looking for the best property you can take a browse of this helpful site at

Gardening time for a perfect weather

This day is just a perfect day for gardening where the sun is so bright, it is a sunny day. I don't like gloomy weather because it is so cold most specially if the rain pours. I like sunny days but I don't like sunny weather that is extremely hot that would reach the temperature scales to 33 degrees. It weakens my health condition. Today is just a perfect sunny morning and I am going to my garden in Maligaya subdivision to perform some gardening task (giggles) ...

Get the lowest airfare for people on the call

I have a missionary friend named Allan who is travelling from one place to another to help the depressed communities and spread the word of God. He is a very dedicated Christian because he spend his entire life to the less fortunate people who needs help particularly on their spiritual aspect. When he travels he gets the lowest airfare and that is because of the Golden Rule Travel. This kind travel agency is here to help Christians and their mission is to find you the lowest possible missionary air travel airfare to wherever that call may take you. They offer a full range of travel services to individuals, church groups, NGOs, humanitarian agencies, and missionary organizations. for more information of their good services you can visit their site at

Monday, February 16, 2009

Im a plant hobbyist

Early this morning I went to my friend Vicky to buy some plastic containers for my plants. I need different sizes because some of my plastic containers are already teared up. I bought almost a thousand peso worth of plastic because I want my plants to be in good and presentable condition. Less room for roots can also hinder plants growth so it is best to re bag plants that are over grown. Tomorrow I will continue to work on my re-bagging activity and I am so excited with the results because it includes beautification activity after re-bagging of plants.

Preparing for the Araw Ng Davao celebration

I am a member of the (Minfed) Mindanao Federation of horticulture industry of Davao city and every year group members participate the annual Araw ng Davao festival that's gonna be held in the SM grounds from last week of February to 2nd week of march. This is the only time where we can showcase our plants and sell it to the plant enthusiast. For the plant collectors also, this is the best day for them to roam around the plant establishment because they don't need to travel from one places to another and visit every garden establishments because almost all gardeners in Davao will be gathered on this event. Early this morning I already prepared my plants, change their containers for exhibit purposes. I am looking forward to this event because I a m 100 percent sure that this will be a successful annul celebration.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

know the strategies and guide before playing the game

Many of my friends are blackjack players and always inviting me to play the game with them. For it is their pastime hobby playing blackjack. Honestly I don't how to play the game and the rules behind the game. Another reason why I don't want to play with them is that I am afraid to lose to them. Losing to them means teasing and laughing at me because that is their habit when somebody loses in the their game. I need information on how to play the game and get a better understanding on how to play the game. By knowing the rules and pointers about the game I would feel confident to play the game. I thought that blackjack game was limited to the physical cards. But in this generation, many are playing Online Blackjack. This is a good venue for me to play the game getting the feel on how to play the game. I booster for me before I get the balls to play with my friends. To get the information strategy and rules guide to playing blackjack online that I needed, I visit for information about the game. What I like about this site is that all the information that I needed are all here. From the tricks and how to play the game and they also offer reviews of reputable Online Casinos that offer fair odds for playing blackjack. Most of the blackjack casinos listed have been around for many years. I am already playing online. I now know how it feels to play the game and the rules are quite simple, unless they changed it. I am very confident right now but still needs a little more practice and I am all set to play with my buddies. This will be a very big surprise to them. beat them in their own game.

Bonding moments on Valentine's Day

I have surprised my wife and daughter this valentines day particularly this afternoon because I treat them for lunch. After that lunch out, we went to the Gaisano mall to look for a tire wrench for my van. After buying the stuff we immediately went to our garden because someone was looking for us inquiring about the prices of different ornamental plants. We stayed their for a couple of hours until closing time then we headed back home but my daughter Keisha asked me if she can eat her favorite local delicacies the "kinilaw na Lokot" in the Penongs restaurant that is located along the shore of times beach of Davao City so we went straight to the restaurant. After the waiter took our orders, I brought Keisha along the shoreline and told him about what is Times Beach before during our times and sharing the memories when her grandparents used to swim on those areas. We have so much fun and after awhile we go back to our seats to have our dinner together.

I am your lucky charm

When my grandfather was a blackjack champion before. I remembered when I was a young boy, he would let me carry his trophies in every blackjack tournaments he joined. He was very famous and popular in our entire city. I remembered, he bought me a bike out of his prize earnings in one of his blackjack tournaments. I was his lucky charm. Because every tournament that he joined, I was there and he won. That is why he won't play without me around, looking at him while he plays. He taught me little things about blackjack and I liked it. I would play with him and he even told me some pointers about the game. Since I went to college, I rarely saw my grandfather. I was told that he never goes to the casino where he played blackjack because I was not around. My grandfather really considers me as his charm of winning. I will be going back home soon since it will be our summer break. This time I will be the one teaching my grandfather how to play Blackjack Online . I have been playing the game since I moved to college. This I want to teach my grandfather. The rules of the game are all the same. The only difference is that you get to play in the comfort of your home. My grandfather is a big time player and I am very positive that he will be happy playing online. For the site where my grandfather will be playing I always trust to recommend where to play online blackjack.

The valentines day celebration

This afternoon I treated my family for a lunch in the mall. They ordered the food that they wanted to eat. My little girl kept on talking about Valentines day she told me that I should do something to impress them both. I said to them that 3 days ago you asked me to treat you in a fine dining restaurant and I did it. the second day both of them again asked me to have a dinner in one of the restaurants that they both like because it is a pre-valentine celebration which I also did it. The third time which is today, they again asked me to do something special for them because today is the Valentine's day that's why I brought them to the mall and treat them with lunch. I surprised both of them with a blueberry cheesecake and they both love it for it is so delicious. After eating their lunch that was the only time which I heard them said thank you and happy valentines day to you. I smiled at them because my heart is filled with joy after so many things that I have done. I really love my family so much because we have a very harmonious relationship. Most people say that there is no perfect relationship but based on my experiences I can say that the family that I have is almost perfect. If I am going to rate this family from 1 to 10 and 10 being the highest I can say that it is 9.9 percent good. (giggles)... Happy Valentines Day to all !!!

You can't have it all

It is really true that you cant have it all, Last year I was introduce to a game called Blackjack. Blackjack is a card game that is easy to play all you have to do is total the value of the two cards to twenty one and if your cards has a sum of twenty one then you win. And just last year I had it all, I was very lucky and very lucky indeed. I don't know how you would call it but others would say that it was beginners luck. the cards that would fall on my hands would some up to twenty one and sometimes would fall short to eighteen and nothing less. So I would say that I am very lucky indeed.

Things turned the other way as the year of the ox came in 2009. My cards are not that good compared to last year. The bounty of last year was the irony this year. I kept on loosing and to tap it all luck was not in my side.

Anyway playing Online Blackjack in is fun but there is one good thing that I have learned in engaging in a game of chance and that is "you can't have it all" it is the fun that is important and winning would just come in second.

Oregano a wonder plant

If someone says Oregano, it is likely that you will think in terms of cuisine. You would be right as most people do think of Oregano is sauces and so forth. However, there are actual medicinal properties to Oregano as well. Oregano makes a luscious cup of savory tea that works well for gas, indigestion, bloating, coughs, urinary problems, bronchial problems, headaches, and swollen glands and to induce and regulate a woman's menstrual cycle. Others swear that is can cure fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, and same jaundice.

Bored but not quite

Having fun is a must whether we are young or old for it is an outlet to do away stress. just like me, an ordinary employee who works in the office six times a week for eight hours a day from eight o'clock in the morning to five in the afternoon. With this scenario, it is very clear that it would take a lot of guts to sustain the boredom of routinary work for the past fifteen years, and it did sustain the boredom for we in the office see to it that we had fun like playing Bingo in Online Bingo Sites .

Monday is the start of a whole week of office work and when Saturday comes, we are rejuvenated for it is the time to have fun and enjoyment with co workers and friends and even relatives that are also into playing bingo.145

We see to it that we had our dinner before playing and most often the viand would be grilled fish or beef or even pork. we had a drink or two of red wine and have a short chat, after which its time to play the game in . Bingo is really fun and it helps a lot cutting the monotony of office work.

Flower a symbol of expression

In the modern world, we interact with groups of people, we go out on dates to see if we have 'chemistry', and finally, we spend a lot of time and effort trying to win over the object of our affection. Valentine's Day is a celebration of all of these aforementioned themes, and so it makes sense that the most widely distributed gifts on Valentine's Day are flowers.

Flowers are the perfect gift for someone that you are interested in and Valentine's Day is the perfect avenue for you to express yourself. Giving flowers to someone that you do not know so well might not be socially acceptable on other days of the year, but no so on Valentine's Day. It is accepted and understood that Valentine's Day is the yearly opportunity for us to truly express how we feel about any romantic feelings that we may have towards someone.

The best management software

Almost all businesses in the big cities are affected with the global financial crisis and it is so difficult for a company to support their workforce and continue operating the business once it is paralyzed by the so called global financial crisis. My sister is working in a multi-national construction firm and a member of the working team for special projects. She needs to concentrate in every detail of the projects. I asked her how did you manage your responsibility and how will you know which projects you need to give priority than the other since you are working with different big projects? She smiled and gladly said that it is so easy for me to identify because I am using the project management software that makes my project management more easy. web-based project portfolio management software is the best to improve team performance because it has everything you need. Aside from user friendly and customizable user interface it also provides many standard templates such as PMI, PRINCE2, SIX SIGMA to integrate smoothly with our organization's processes. So if you want the best management software, try this thing. for more information about this software just visit their site at

Unusual location

This is my daughter Keisha who sits inside the washing machine. Early this morning after eating our breakfast, we had so much fun teasing each other about valentines day. I teased Keisha of having a boyfriends at school and she also teased me for making freaky funny faces to her. After that, My wife went to the kitchen area to prepare his laundry where the washing machine was located. Keisha still kept on teasing her mom. We kept on laughing until her mom Lyhra carried her and put her inside the washing machine and shouted immediately to get the camera. I took pictures immediately and the picture above shows how worried she was because she can't get out from the washing machine.

Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones

My friend Lian is a website builder for over three years now and she is so successful in her career. We always chat online and frequently see each other during our free time and talk about cars which is one of her goals to achieve this present year. She informed me that she bought a brand new car a week ago and she needs to get an auto insurance. She asked me where to buy one. I advised her to get an auto insurance from a site in the net where I used to get mine. Auto insurance is very important because it protects you in a variety of ways in the event of an accident. While it’s comforting to know that you are covered should someone else hit your car and damage it, it’s also important to be covered in the event that you cause an accident and damage someone else’s car or person. Auto insurance also protects you if an uninsured driver hits your car or if your car is damaged by other things, such as vandalism. Auto-insurance is a must. For more insurance info just visit the most popular comparison insurance website! Since 1989 at

ICRC kidnapped victims must be released and the government should do something to put an end to this negative elements downsouth

Kidnapping in Basilan, Zamboanga, Sulu and neighboring cities are very rampant and they keep on making unnecessary demands even if the kidnapped victim belongs to the poor sector. Abusayaf is the group behind the kidnapped victims of the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross). This three kidnapped victims were in the region to help the communities drinking facilities. We all know that Red Cross are always present to help people and save lives. They always come to help even during wars. They assist people no matter what group and affiliations a person belongs. They don't mind and choose people, as long as you need help. ICRC is a neutral organization. On the other hand, I am wondering why these Abusayyaf group chose these three members of the ICRC as their kidnapped victims, They were in the region to help the entire community , bring foods and medicines that includes the Abusayyaf group. It seems that they don't select their victims as long as their white. I would like to give my own opinion to the Philippine government, why is the present government can't put a stop on this thing? They have all the resources when it comes to military and their are thousands of members of the military forces compared to Abusayyaf. How come they can't control these negative elements. I think the president must now act and let her powers as a commander in chief to rule over this people who makes kidnapping activity as their source of income.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fruit salad for valentines day dessert

Early this morning when me and my family were in the garden doing some stuff, we both planned what we will do this coming valentines day which is tomorrow.
there were lot of plans and ideas that we discussed until we go home at exactly 5 in the afternoon and prepared our dinner. After a couple of minutes after finished eating my dinner, I immediately suggested to my wife if she wants to eat some fresh fruits with nestle cream and milk as its dressings and she said yes because I know that thing is her favorite dessert too which I also love it. We immediately get dressed and drive the van to the nearest mall in town and buy the necessary ingredients for the dessert that my family love "The assorted fruits salad". This is our dessert for the Valentines day. I am sure that this is so delicious because Lyhra knows how to prepare it perfectly.

Playing like a PRO

Playing poker is difficult for any neophyte most specially if you are not into playing card games. I myself had a hard time playing this game, you got to have a poker face as all players would say in order to elude the players to bet more. Another trait that should be learned by any poker player is the ability to read cards and the actuation's of any players. Video Poker Online has all the techniques that a player should know as well as the strategy in playing.

Playing the game is quite easy but mastering and learning the strategies need concentration even the best players can commit mistakes. If you want to learn the basics and the advance methods I would highly recommend for this site has taught me a lot, though I haven't mastered the art of eluding I might as well say that I'm in the process of learning.

This weekend me and my buddies have agreed to go to a casino and put to test what we have learned so that we can gauge our skill from a simple beginner to a highly sophisticated professional. But our going to the casino is not for winning but for fun and enjoyment.

Prices of Roses on valentines day is too high

Valentines is a special day for everyone of us. We always buy roses and give it to the person that we love. Roses plays a very special role during valentines day. Roses sells like hot cakes on valentines day. Roses on ordinary days are price ranges from 60 to 80 pesos a dozen but during Valentines day prices of roses becomes expensive and prices will go up as high as 1200 pesos a dozen and one piece will now cost one hundred. Roses are very in demand on this special day because hotels and other business establishments order dozens of flowers prior on the special day. To all lovers out there it is better to buy your flowers ahead of time to save money on the cost because when you buy it on the day you will noticed high ceiling prices.

A good site that provides guides and reviews to online casino

I am a gaming adviser of many people. I usually stay in a casino and most of my clients are top caliber businessmen in our city. I have been doing this for about four years now and I really enjoy what I am doing. As part of my job, I provide information about the games that are being played in the casino where I am working. Usually, my clients are first time players and they are still trying to find and gather more information about the game that they wanted to play. When my client would request for my assistance, I must stay by their side until the entire game is complete. There was one evening when my regular client went to my office and asked me about the online casino that we are offering. He asked me where did I get my information's and I gladly said to him that aside from my experiences, I also get some new information from the net because I am also an online player. I always visit this site named Online casinos that serves as a guide to online casino gambling, providing players with the latest casino news, reviews and bonus offers from the web's must respected Online Casinos. For first time players, I strongly suggest that it would be better to read first the guides and tips before playing so that when you're about to play, you know all the rules. I find the very helpful. There are so many online casinos right now that offers almost the same games from each other. As you go through the site, you will be informed about all the games that are being played online. There is also a list of top rated casino sites. Sites are rated by top online players to guide new players as they play the game online. for information about this site visit now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy valentines day to my loving wife and daughter Keisha

There are many ways to celebrate Valentines day. During Valentines day we noticed that there are heavy traffic on taxis and private vehicles falling in line on different motels waiting their time to be accommodated. Lovers always used this formula to show their love and affection to their partners and lover but this is not the only way to show and share your love to your love one. There are still hundreds of way and the best thing for me that I can express my love to my partner is to surprise her with hugs and kisses as she wake up on the day and give her a dozen of red roses which symbolizes my undying love. This is just a good start on valentines day but after that, I will treat her together with my daughter Keisha in one of the restaurants that offers delicious and nutritious foods.

Jackpot lotto price is 165 million pesos today

10 minutes ago I rushed myself to the nearest lotto outlet to buy 2 tickets of lotto that cost 20 pesos. I am attracted to the jackpot prize amounting to 165 million pesos. I know that betting lotto is a game of chance and the probability of winning this game is so thin that anyone expresses that "one can easily be strike by lightning than winning a perfect lotto number. But inspite of all, I just try my luck because who knows I can be the next jackpot lotto winner. (giggles).

Know the rules and tips before playing the online blackjack game

Blackjack is an exciting card game that is now played online. The popularity of the card game is the foundation why it is now available online. The rules of playing Online Blackjack and the physical card game are the same. For those who are interested of playing Online Blackjack, I suggested that you must have all the information before start playing the game online. This is the trick of many successful players of online blackjack game. I suggest the site, the best source of information about blackjack game. By accessing the site, you can select the best rated and ranked sites that offer the game online. What I like about the site is the information that they provide is first hand from the professional blackjack players. By that, it is sure to be right. I, myself is an online blackjack player too. This is where I got the blackjack strategy of the game of winning. I have seen many sites but this one is exceptional among others. You can start playing by downloading the gaming software of the site where you want to play. The downloading process may take awhile but after the process is completed, you can start immediately and play anytime you like. Now I don't have to leave the comfort of my home just to play the game. I can now play it online. For more information feel free to visit now.

Health conscious

This is the usual breakfast meal serve every morning fried egg and pork. I am planning to buy some grocery items this afternoon and look for items that are new to my taste. Foods that are nutritious and yet affordable. This time I go for vegetable because eating a lot pork meat doesn't help my body becoming fit and healthy. I want to stay fit and healthy and the only way to achieve this thing is by eating vegetables and fruits and avoid much intake of meats.

Online slots

Online slots are everywhere. many slot machine players are playing Online Slots in the comfort of their own homes. Before I remembered my father. He would always visit the casino near our village to play slot machine games. It was his playground. We need not to search for other places just to find him. we would immediately go to the casino and find him there playing his favorite game. When my father was already 65 years old, he no longer visit the casino to play his favorite game, the slot machine. it is because he now plays it online in the comfort of our house. For us it was good because we would not have a hard time finding and looking for his whereabouts. He now play online slot machine games. The rules of an online slot machine game is actually the same with the physical machine game. But for first time players, I would suggest that you read as many articles as you can. For it is very important in playing online slot machines. My father is already well versed about the game but he still wanted to read articles about the game. Finding the best site to play slot machines online is another thing. I suggest is the best place to find the site where you can play the game. The site is very informative and I suggest visiting the site and reading all the news there would be a big help when you play online slot machine games.

Keishas' valentines activity at school

This is her mom looking for the perfect dress in her closet for todays activity in school ( valentines activity).

Today is my daughters valentine's day activity at school. She was advice to make a red valentines card for the class to show. As early as 6 in the morning, her mom Lyhra prepared her dress for today's class activity and since they are having a valentines day presentation i strongly suggest that she wears red blouse or shirt but my daughter Keisha insisted that she can also wear pink as what teacher Melissa told her. She likes pink so much. I didn't argue more of her attire as long as she's comforatble of his dress.

Play the games you like from the convenience of your own personal computer.

You can play slot machine online now. Unlike before where slot machines are only available in a land based casino. Now it is accessible online. I remembered before I always wanted to play this kind of game with my brothers. But I was told that I can't play the game since I don't know the rules of the game that I wanted to play. My brother told me that before I start playing, I must first research about the game and the things that I must know. I took my brother's advice seriously. I researched about the game and the best place to play it. I realized that having information about the game is very useful. it is the key to success. Knowing the game is like an investment. You must know what you are doing. Invest on something that you know for it will surely bear fruits. For those who want to play online Slot Machine games. I would suggest that you make your own research about the game as it is played online. You must know where to play. Play only on sites that are legitimate for security reasons. I would suggest you visit this is where you can start playing online slots immediately. All you need to do is to download the software and after the software is completely downloaded to your pc, you can start playing immediately. enjoy playing the game of slot machines at the comfort of your own home. Visit the site now.

I ended up eating my own ice cream flavor

My wife and daughter Keisha love to eat ice cream. Everytime we go to the mall they both always go straight to their favorite ice cream stall and buy their favorite flavor of ice cream. There was a time were I forbid them of eating ice cream because my little daughter has cough and colds but when I came back from the hardware Maxx store after buying some hardware stuff, I saw them both sitting in one corner in the mall particularly at the atrium area licking their favorite ice cream flavor. They both sneak and buy their ice creams. I reminded them that why were you eating ice cream, Keisha has still cough but it didn't stick to their minds. as a result, I ended up eating my ice cream too. (giggles)....

Playing my favorite blackjack online

I was first introduced to the blackjack game of cards when I was still in college. It was during our vacant period when my best friend told me about the game. Since then, we always play blackjack. Aside from the card game concept, the games was also a moment of bonding with my friends, since we have different class schedules. Usually we would meet at our favorite cafeteria and buy some finger foods and the game would start immediately. It was always like that. During semester breaks, we would call each one and schedule a meeting and then we would play blackjack. I remember before when I started playing, I was the one who always buy the food for the game session. it is because I always lose to them and losers pay for the food. That was always the arrangement in our game.Playing with friends really takes away the stress in school. When we graduated in college, we agreed that we would still meet with each other and spend time by playing our national game, blackjack. Each one of us has his own job right now and we rarely see each other anymore. But the communication is still there. We talk and check each other out from time to time. I miss them. That is why I still play blackjack but this time it is Online Blackjack. The rules are still the same and I get to play anytime I want to play since it is online. I got the information I needed at where all the rules and best sites to play are all listed here. Just visit the site and enjoy playing blackjack online.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Will i get the 145 million Lotto jackpot prize?

The Philippine Lotto has a 145 million pesos cash prize. This time I'm gonna try my luck because who knows we can be the next multi million jackpot winner. We all know that Philippine economic status is very unstable, less jobs, and has less opportunities but when it comes to lotto, people bet up to the last centavo because everyone hopes to win the prize and to live a glamorous life. Me too bets two number combinations. I just try my luck because if I'll win I will travel around the world and explore new things with the rest of my family and love ones.

Comparing the past from the present

My grand father was very astonished of the twenty first century, according to him during his good old days when he was still young everything was manual. If you want to wash your clothes you have to do the washing manually. there were no washing machines that would help you nor any dryer to dry your clothes. Having fun was very simple then. If you have a special someone you take her to a movie and get pop corns to eat but if you don't have any money spend looking on a clear night sky would be fine on top of a car hood. To tap it all everything was simple and not complicated. But today, with the birth of the internet almost all are made easy, buying and acquiring things are just a click away from the mouse. Even casinos are made Online Casino were all the games that you could find in a land base casino are the same the only difference is you can play in the comforts of your home and not go to any casino establishment.181

My grand father is a casino player during his time. Now that he has retired from work and have a hard time walking for he is old. He still plays some of the casino games online and he visits to have fun.

Valentine's Day is for all walks of life

Valentine's Day is not only a celebration dedicated to lovers any more!
It is also a friendship and family holiday. So, if you are single and if lots of your friends and their friends are also single prefer to organize a Valentine's Day party instead of staying at home watching a romantic movie.
A Valentine's Day party is also a great opportunity to meet new people: invite your friends and ask them to invite their unmarried friends too.
If you have children, celebrate this holiday with them. The more people you invite, the more your party will be a success!
Set an entertaining party theme such as Grease, Hairspray, Flower Power, Salsa, etc. and decorate your house with white, pink and red items such as heart garlands, cherubs, couples of birds, ...

I am a neophyte

I have never been to a Casino nor got to play any casino games for I am not into gambling or the game of chance. Last week my office mate had a wild imagination of going to a casino and play some games that a casino offers. I was very sceptical and very much reluctant for I am really not into this kind of endeavor. I told him to change his insights and instead of going to a casino why not go to a beach and have fun and bask in the sun. He said, we have always been under the heat of the sun and I want to change the fun and excitement to a spine tingling and thrilling sensation and it is here in a casino that we could experience this. He convinced me to go and play some of the games that the casino offered. It was fun and the experience we had was good. was the site we visited and tried some of the games. We had fun and laughter and almost tried almost all the games with the help of some friends who are casino players. This coming Saturday evening after office we will be gambling again not to win but to have some fun.

Just timely for Valentine's day

A Valentine is nothing likeA chocolate or a rose.For in a week these shall be gone,But Valentines remain.
If love were always sweet to tongueOr fragrant to the nose,Each day would be like Valentine's,And we would go insane.
A Valentine just hangs aroundWaiting to be kissedLong after special days have passedAnd every days are here.
So one is wise to choose one wellAnd chocolates to resist.For in the midst of maniaIt's nice to have one near.

My friend had an accident

My best friend who has been in the United States for the past six years now as a travelling nurse recently got an accident while he was on his way to a Massachusetts hospital. As a travelling nurse, he gets to travel most of the time depending on his assignment. He stays in a place for a brief time like three to four months after which, he has to vacate and go to another place or even city.

Anyway, the accident happened when he was transferring his things from Los Angeles to Massachusetts, if you are to look on a map of the United States the places I have mentioned are very far a part. He decided to bring his things in a car rather than take a plane for the reason that he wants to see the sites as he cruises the interstate. While he has driving the wet pavement of the road he was bumped from behind by a drunk driver, his car tires skid the wet pavement and eventually his car capsized. My friend got bruises and a fracture in his right leg, luckily he did not get any head injury for he has his car air bag.

To put the drunk driver in custody he seeks the help of massachusetts oui lawyer and to mention collect damages that the driver committed on him and for his hospitalization. is a site that has the best lawyers in massachusetts and all the professional help that you need will be answered here.

The use of plants in the office

Many businesses are finding that a good way to improve morale and create a more pleasant working atmosphere is with the use of office plants. Plants at your place of business bring the outdoors in and make employees feel more connected with nature while they are inside. This improves their feeling of well-being.

Women wearing Hibiscus in Hawaii

In Hawaii, they say that a woman wearing a hibiscus behind her right ear is single, and a woman wearing a hibiscus behind her left ear symbolizes that she is taken. Red hibiscus flowers are also very popular. Many of the silk Hawaiian flowers you find on Hawaiian print dresses and shirts are hibiscus flowers.
The most popular Hawaiian flowers include the orchid, the anthurium, ginger, the protea, and the birds of paradise. Exotic garlands, flower leis, and beautiful tropical arrangements are great for any occasion.

Easy to play

There are a lot of games that you could enjoy playing. There are games that makes you exercise your body and sweat and there are games that gives you thrill and excitement. The game that I am talking about is the Slot Machine. This game is found basically in all casino establishments and this is just one of the many games that casino offers to their players. Personally, in my own point of view, the slot machine is the easiest game that any casino player could learn. A person who seeks fun and enjoyment and wants to play the slot has only two things to do: first, is to insert the token or coin in the slot machine. Second, is to pull the lever and that's it. If you are lucky, a corresponding combination has its prize money and if you get the four number seven you hit the jackpot.

Any player who wants to try their luck in the game of chance could visit this link and for sure you will enjoy the games it offers for this is an authentic site that secures their players from any scam and the prizes at stake are big and you will really have fun and enjoyment.


One of the most emblematic images of Hawaii is the yellow Hibiscus. Originally, the only color Hibiscus was only yellow. Thanks to hybrid cross pollination, we now have the Hibiscus in an array of bright colors

Microgaming slots software

I am a big slot machine player. I usually play the game with my friends and even with my brothers. We regularly do this every Mondays and Wednesdays. But there are times that we feel like playing and play it immediately. Since the launch of the gaming slots was introduced online, I was thinking of playing my favorite slots game online for a new venue for playing. My brothers are already online slots players and they play our favorite game almost everyday. But I want to be sure before I start playing online slots. I was told about the where I can have the information about the slot games that I wanted to know. I asked my brother about the site and he told that this was also the site that he visited before he started playing online slots. The Microgaming Slots is the best software in all slots gaming online. There are so many reviews that I was browsing about online slots. For me, all the necessary information that I needed to start playing online slots are all here. I don't need to search for more. Now that I have the information I need, I am very confident that I can win online just like my success in playing the real slot machines. For more information visit for easy reference.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Playing hide and seek

This is Keisha hiding from a set of cushions. During this time me and my daughter Keisha play hide and seek and I was the one who kept on looking from different places with in our house. I find her in the kitchen, her room, masters bedroom but I didn't found her but as I open the TV room, I was shocked because I found her hiding inside the sala set chair cushions. We have so much fun playing hide and seek and we both agreed that this coming weekend we'll gonna play again this kind of game.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I am allergic to Pink salmon

This afternoon me and my wife went to the market to buy some fish and we have decided to buy Salmon. She fried it and served hot in the dining table. This is my first time to try this kind of fish. I can say that it is so yummy. After we finished having dinner, we watched TV and gradually I felt like I'm depth maybe its because of my sinusitis but it feels like more of an allergic reaction since I am also allergic to crustaceans. I went to my moms house and observe what I felt and after a couple of minutes, I have decided to buy an antihistamine tablet for my allergy because I can definitely say that It is an allergic reaction to what I have previously taken. I called Erwin to accompany me on my way to the pharmacy and bought 25 and 50 mg. of Benadryl. I promised to myself that I will no longer eat that kind of fish because it makes me sick.

Show your talent and be popular all over the world

If you have a talent and want to show your stuff all over the world, you can do it so easy because of the modern technology that we have right now. There are a lot of talents that are discovered by the talent scouts and producers world wide through this site named "Youtube" that people are crazy about it. One of the most popular videos that was discovered by the famous talk show in US hosted by Ellen Degenares is the video of Charisse Pempengco that sang infront of the Koreans and captures the heart of the people all over the world. She became so famous as a matter of fact, she was invited by the popular singers and songwriters in the US and sang during the inauguration of the new president elect Barrack H. Obama. right now, there is another singing sensation that rose again from youtube. This two Filipina-American of California USA that sing inside the bathroom is so popular now a days, they were invited to come over the show of Ms. Ellen Degenares and show their talents. This modern days that we are living right now and with the sophisticated gadgets that are present, we can easily share worldwide and be famous. So if you have your hidden talent, try to upload it through Youtube and be known worldwide.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The game of chance

I have noticed that the birth of the global crisis has brought about the rampant gaming of Casinos. It is very obvious that people tend to look for money through luck. This is very true for casino games offers a substantial amount of money that is for everybody to grab depending on your luck, and not to mention the amount is really tempting. Thus, anyone who happens to surf the net or go to a land base casino would have seconds thougths in try and play the game.

Playing casino games in the net is sometimes risky for a lot of scams lurks in every corner. One casino site that is real and authentic is This site offers the best casino games there is and the prizes at stake is big.

If you are looking for your luck in a game of chance, it is better to join in a site where the stakes are high for if you hit the jackpot you'll have a big cash prize and be always on the look out for scam. You'll never no who will be the next victim. The game of chance is one of the best ways to enjoy and have fun.

Floral arrangement

Your floral arrangements are one of the most important accessories to your wedding. They are one of the first things that are noticed when your guests arrive, and are therefore an integral part of your wedding and reception. This does not mean, however, that you must spend thousands of dollars on your bouquets. One of the magical things about flowers is how much impact you can get from simply inserting a few well-placed arrangements throughout the room.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Save more money on your plumbing needs

I have a friend named Edgar who is building a house. He is a civil engineer by profession and a house builder. He builds different types of building weather it is commercial or residential. A few weeks ago he consulted me regarding the cost of making pipelines and the cost of installing faucets and the like. He wanted to lessen the cost because in every house the he made, he observed that the cost of installing pipelines and drainage system was too costly. He asked my ideas on how to lessen the cost since I am also into construction business. I told him why not give the pipeline job to the people who are into plumbing, in this way you can save more money because you don't have to buy the necessary tools and look for a costly payed plumber. I can say so because I have tried this company for a couple of years now and I save a lot. American Discount Plumbing services and drainage inc. is what I am referring to. They are offering a unique one of a kind discount plumbing coverage in Phoenix Arizona that no one can afford to miss out on. When it comes to phoenix plumbing services there is only one name that you can trust The American Discount Plumbing service and drainage, inc. For more information about their site and to get free quotes, just visit them at