Sunday, May 31, 2009

The best pork dish that my mom cooked for dinner

This evening we have a great dinner in my mom's house. She cooked her special menu the "pork adobo" and all of us love it. It is very delicious and mouth watering. My mom is really the best when it comes to pork recipe. She has a lot of special recipes but this thing is the best. I wish she will cook again this kind of food on the next weekend.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Honda is the name you can trust

I am looking for the images of Honda GK 200 because I am fixing some parts of it. I just want to make sure that I assemble it in a right place. I tried to browse several times but there is no images available. I will just visit the local distributor here in my town to compare it with the new one. Honda engine is one of the engine brands that I really trust because it is very durable and all of the parts are available in case if I need replacements and the price is just reasonable enough compared to other leading brands.

Making a house

My Mother in law has been a travelling nurse in the United States since the early 80's. She has been transferring from one state to the other or from one place to the other depending on the need of nurses in a particular hospital and her agency. The stay would be brief, it would only last four three to four months and travelling is always in the scenario bringing with her the things that are needed in her transfer which would range from gas stoves to television sets. Thus, she had enough of the work that she have and would want to retire from the usual routine that's familiar to her and have a home of her own. She is planning to settle in Texas for her last assignment was in this place and found her husband who is a local in the area. According to her she fell in love with the place for the warm welcome are always expressed by her neighbors. She and her husband have planned of a beautiful house to dwell together with my two cousins. The house will be built by San Antonio Home Builder who is an expert in the field of building a house and making it a home. I have seen the plan and the house is spacious with four bedrooms, a garage, kitchen and a swimming pool for my cousin and their friends to hang out during Sundays

Jordan and Magic

Michael Jordan and Magic are obviously both top 10 players in NBA history, but when they met in the '91 Finals, neither was in his prime. Magic was playing in his last NBA Finals, Jordan in his first. Even if you consider that to be the beginning of Jordan's prime, Magic, for as great as he still was at that time, was still nowhere near his. It was more of a passing the torch kind of series than a slugfest between two heavyweights at their best.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Unwanted guests

Having a home for myself that I could call my own is the best part in any ones life. You could have the best protection from any kind of weather and the best roof to protect you from rain and snow in accordance to your roof design. But having a house is not that easy, once the house is built and livable for the whole family, taking care of it to last a lifetime starts. It needs cleaning the gutters, repainting, changing damage faucets as well as cleaning the drainage. Most of all as time passes, it is a fact that insects and house pests more so rats would also congregate and dwell with us in our dwelling place without being noticed, for they would stay in places that we can not see. Thus we need the expertise of pest control people to eradicate these unwanted guests and displaced them from our homes. Just like Atlanta Pest Control , they have been the sought name in pest control for they have the knowledge and expertise in dealing with these pests without harming the human inhabitants. The chemicals that they apply are Eco friendly and does not harm the environment. So if you would like to have your house free from these unwanted guests have the expertise of pest control people and live the life without house pests.

Grass tennis court

I love playing tennis ever since I was a Kid. The type of court that I usually play and love is the grass court. But when I play on other surfaces I find it very hard to adjust and adopt on the playability of the surface.

Grass tennis courts are not seen as often as they used to be, but you can still find them out there. Wimbledon is a grass court, and is one of the few remaining competitions held on grass. Grass can cause the ball to bounce much lower, making grass courts a field of advantage for those who make quick, low shots. Changing up your shots from shot-type to shot-type can also provide to be an efficient advantage over your opponent when playing on grass.

Car title loan

If you are living in the suburbs or the urban community it is a necessity to have a car. Having a means of transportation is a must for it gives you convenience in reaching a destination in the fast way without the hassle of commuting in a public utility vehicle. The best thing of having a car is that it could be used as a collateral in acquiring the much needed cash that you wanted when the need arises in terms of emergency, the planned vacation in a tropical paradise, or buying an item that is essential in your household. It is a fact that sometimes we need cash and fast, thus Car Title Loans could give you the much needed cash in just an hour after the approval of the application. You can get loans in Car Title Loans Hayward as well as in Car Title Loans Sacramento for as long as you have a car or van with a wholesale value of five thousand dollars.
I can attest to this for my uncle who is a nurse applied for this loan to have a vacation in Bahamas. He deposited his car title (Mitsubishi Triton) and after an hour he got his money and after a week the planned vacation was materialized. The whole family did have a great time basking in the tropical sun and it is worth it.

Earth Day in Davao City

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Jose L. Atienza said the annual celebration of Earth Day is a good opportunity to make a report to the people on the current situation of our local environment, including the resources therein.

In Davao Region, DENR regional and field offices conducted various activities such as tree planting, environmental programs, and information campaign, among others, in order to encourage greater public participation on environmental management.

Halloween Express

My friend named Jong-jong who is living in one of the California cities, Ventura County is asking me where he can find a Halloween costume because her lovely daughter Anna is having a role play in their community. I suggested her to browse over the net and look for a site that offers Halloween costumes. I help him in finding the right site and luckily I found a site named Halloween Express that offers a wide range of Halloween costume. Aside form the Halloween costumes that they are offering to the consumers they also have costumes for all occasions. This is the perfect site if you need costumes. So what are you waiting for visit now Ventura County Halloween Store and choose the costume you want at a very reasonable price.

Looking for the right costume

My friend named Jong-jong who is living in one of the California cities, Ventura County is asking me where he can find a Halloween costume because her lovely daughter Anna is having a role play in their community. I suggested her to browse over the net and look for a site that offers Halloween costumes. I help him in finding the right site and luckily I found a site named Halloween Express that offers a wide range of Halloween costume. Aside form the Halloween costumes that they are offering to the consumers they also have costumes for all occasions. This is the perfect site if you need costumes. So what are you waiting for visit now Ventura County Halloween Store and choose the costume you want at a very reasonable price.

Just hoping for the best

Is it really true that the global financial crisis thing is over? I don't think so for here in my town we still experienced financial crisis and there were less buyers of different items now a days for most of the businessman spend less to be able to save more and no business opportunities at this time but I am still hoping that this financial crisis thing will be put to end sooner. Some of the nations are now recovering from the bad economic problems that they are experiencing but I fell so sorry for the business establishments that were closed for they were not able to support their business operations. There are projections that this financial crisis will run until September of this year. I just hope that this projections is true so that all will be back to normal.

A very useful site before buying a car

I am an auto mechanic by profession and I always participate and attend every car show in my town. I love to see and scrutinize car engines most especially if there are new cars that is being launch to attract the consumers. Every persons has a different taste and preferences. Most of the car buyers choose cars based on their purpose that's why it is better to compare car features and its specifications to be able to select the perfect car that you need. I also frequently browse my favorite site that provides editorially independent automotive video content. I like this site for it gives me comparison to different car brands and its features. You can browse different automotive videos and its reviews. I tried to view some of its automotive videos such as Jaguar videos, Honda videos, BMW videos and many more..... Their services is really great for car buyers because car buyers can now see and hear different car brand videos. They are giving a complete ideas to the car buyers. So if you are one of the many people out there who are searching the net for a complete automotive video content, go straight to this site where you can see and hear a complete explanations of different cars.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a big problem

Its been almost a week now since I started cleaning and fixing the van for it has an oil deposit in its radiator. I am so much worried about it because this problem can damaged the vans engine if not fix immediately That's why I went to the auto shop where I used to go if there's something going wrong with it and the chief mechanic told me that that there were only two options to perform first was to see if there's something wrong with the oil cooler or it might be in the head cylinder gasket. I tried to check and pull out the oil cooler with my partner Richard and we booth agree that oil cooler was still in good condition so we decided to pull out the cylinder head and bought the necessary replacements but when we reach the time where the cylinder head will be the part to pull out we have change our mind because we don't know where the bolts located to give way for the timing chain cover. We really need to see the timing chain because this is the only part where we can see the timing chain mark and we really don't know where it is located, so we just assembled it back according to sequence and decided to just observe the vans performance for the first week and if there is still an oil in its radiator. If the problem will still arise that's the time that I need to bring the van to the shop for an immediate replacement of head gasket.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Head gasket replacement

I am so tired this day for i kept on working on the vans engine. I need to change the vans cylinder head gasket because the oil already combines with water due to worn head gasket. The cost of the head gasket is 1080 pesos and the valve seals at 65 each. I already dismantled the engine component now and I will be working tomorrow in the cylinder head itself. i just hope that i can finished it soon so that I could used it by next week.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday "Bro"

Today is the birthday of my brother Jun and my mom prepared a lot of foods this morning for the birthday calebration. It was attended by the close relatives of her wife Amyfel from Buhangin Davao City. It was so fun because it is a time where most of the family members gathered together for a special event. The foods prepared were very fantastic and so delicious. Mostly Filipino dishes were prepared such as Paklay, patatim, fried chicken, Chop suey, grilled fish, and ice cream. I really love the food. It was really perfectly made by my mom Narcisa. Thanks to you mom for the delicious foods you have prepared.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wacky Pose of my lovely daughter Keisha

My daughter Keisha loves to pose infront of the camera and this afternoon she kept on asking me to take a picture of her wacky pose. I did it several times clicking my phone camera infront of her and the pictures above were the results. She also made a pose on her favorite celebrity magazine with her favorite stars such as Jo Jonas and Miley Cyrus.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quality made furiniture

My friends named Sophia has a newly bought house. She is so lucky enough for she acquired the house in a cheaper price because the owner is leaving immediately and needs the cash badly. She renovated the whole facade and the interiors. She changed the flooring into a granite tiles from a vinyl type of floor. She change the colors from ivory to pastel to match with the lighting fixtures inside and nice to see. She bought everything she needs except for the furniture. She wants me to choose for her furniture because she believes in my taste and preferences when it comes to interior designing. I am an interior designer for almost 15 years now and I can say that I am so successful with my career as a designer for I have a lot of customers who hired me. To make the story short I immediately browse the net and look for a site that offers furniture and luckily I found a site named Furniture From Home. This site has a wide range of furniture to choose from such as dining room furniture, home office furniture and storage beds. All of their products are of high quality that's why it is made to last and the prices are reasonable. So I strongly suggest that if you are looking for a high quality made furniture, go directly to their site at .

My newly installed chromed hand shower

Yesterday night at exactly 10 in the evening installed my newly bought hand shower. I bought it in a mall hardware. There were a lot of hand showers available of different prices but I chose the average one because I can't afford the expensive one. Awhile ago I used for my morning bath together with my little daughter Keisha and we find it so awesome.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Settling and making a house

One of the best things to have in any ones life is to have a house of his own, Just like my cousin who has stayed in the United States as a travelling nurse for the past twelve years now has finally decided to settle down and get married. My cousin and her fiance has come up with a plan of making a house and have it designed by an architech. They are planning to have their house In Phoenix for this is the last state that my cousin has rendered its services as a travelling nurse, and has love the place most specially the people that are very warm to them. Building a house is not that easy. It requires proper planning and design aside from the financial side that needs to be catered. It has to have the proper foundation to make the house sturdy and strong to withstand any calamity. It must have strong walls to prevent strong gust of wind from entering the house and a roof from Phoenix Roofer to protect the inhabitants from heavy rains and snows. Thus, the designing of the house is not just an easy task. It needs careful study and long term preparation to materialized the design that is in the mind making it tangible and a fulfillment of a dream. good luck to both of you

Hayden Kho is in big trouble

The newest celebrity issue now a days that government officials are very much concern is the issue about the Hayden Kho scandal. It started when Dr. Hayden Kho, the boyfriend of the famous owner of the Belo medical group of companies Vicky Belo who has a video scandal between Katrina Halili. The video scandal was already uploaded to different sites in the net where most of the users viewed it. It gave a very bad impression of the side of the celebrity star that's why government officials finds a way to make a bill that will give punishments to people who are broadcasting private videos to their partners without their consent and knowledge. Hayden Kho was already in the government watch list. I hope that this issue will give a warning to those people who are planning to upload their private videos over youtube sites and other scandalous sites.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

making a good home with a good roof

My sister is getting married this coming December. She is planning to come home from Australia together with his Filipino boyfriend from Manila to ask the blessings of my parents. They will be here by August. As what they have planned, after the marriage they will be going to the United States to settle down and have their own house. They are planning to design their house just like in the tropics for they would want to keep near the homeland that they come from the Philippines. They have contacted contractors to install the precast walls, ceilings and everything that goes in building a house. Even the expertise Atlanta Commercial Roofing are sought by my sister to keep the roof sturdy and resistant from any weather that would come.

This plan of settling for good is a nice way for my sister is old enough to raise a family of her own. I am happy to hear the news and very much excited. The only thing I wish for her is I hope she chooses the right person to be with her for the rest of her life. Waiting for their arrival by August so as to meet the person she loves.

Summer time in the Philippines

It's summer time once again in the Philippines. This is the time of the year when the school year ends so this is a great time for the kids to go on vacation. It's also one of the best times to visit our wonderful country and you won't run out of places to go to and things to do. Summer

time in the Philippines usually starts at the end of February until the end of May. Temperatures usually range from 32-37 degrees Celsius (89.6-98.6 F).During summer, the most famous destinations here in the Philippines are the exotic beaches. You can visit the famous Boracay Islands or Puerto Galera. These 2 are probably among the top tourist spots here in the country. There's also Dakak in southern Philippines and in the capital city of Manila and nearby provinces, you'll find lots of resorts where you and your family can have a wonderful time.

Making friends is easy

I was born in the early 70's. During this year the computer was not that popular compared today. I can remember vividly things where done manually. Just like paying water and electric bills, every month you have to go to business establishments to pay your obligation. writing someone offshore is done manually for there is no email add present at the time. Making friends would somehow be tedious and would take time for the person to respond. But with the birth of the twenty first century, everything was made easy. Everything could be done with just a wink of an eye, even making friends from the other side of the planet is just a click away from a computer mouse, thus making the world so small that it could fit in the palm of you hand. If you want proof of the things that I have pointed out, try making friends online in bbw. It will really spell the difference and meeting people or making friends or just simply contacting an old friend from other country through chat is possible. This is true and even young kids could do this. You can even upload pictures for your friends to enjoy and watch and to keep them informed of the latest gigs and stints that you have in stored for them.


Waling-Waling is famous for its large and colorful hybrids. It grows on tree trunks in the rainforests of Davao, Sultan Kudarat and other parts of Mindanao. It blooms only once a year, between July and October. However, the continuous plunder of this prized specimen has brought it to near extinction.

The massive deforestation in Mindanao threatens the region's wildlife, including Waling-Waling which used to abound in the tropical forest of Mount Apo and its surrounding areas. Today, it is believed that Waling-Waling has more species abroad, particularly in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Hawaii.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vacation made easy on the budget

Having a vacation is fun most specially if you are going to a place which is far and new. Lets say going to a trip for a week or two in Las Vegas, fun isn't it? It is really fun but we have to consider the expenses that we are going to incur in our way as well as our stay in a hotel. We could probably be cancelling our trip, but wait. There is a way that we could lessen our expenditures and get some discounts and freebies for there are Las Vegas hotels that extends discounts to their travelers. Booking is easy and is just a click away on your mouse, they offer the best rate there is depending on your budget and when you find cancellation of a booking is necessary for other amazing deal there's no worry for there is no additional charge on your cancellation

Make it stand out from the rest

If you are planning to give the traditional gift of a dozen roses, but want to add that extra creative flair, go to your florist and buy a 11 red roses, and 1 uniquely colored rose. Roses can come in a variety of colors so make sure the single rose is enough of a contrast to stand out from the 11 red roses, but that the color does not clash with the other roses. When you deliver your bouquet tell your special someone that their amazing beauty makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd and that the single beautiful rose that is set apart from the group of red roses symbolizes that special beauty in your partner.

The store that has everything you need when it comes to store fixtures

My friend named Jessica has a fashion and apparels store here in my town and She is so successful on her chosen business. She started just a very small capital to operate her fashion and accessories.apparel business just enough to pay the rent of the building, water and electric bills and to pay the stock needed. After a couple of months she gradually see the increase of buyers who frequently buy her stocks and trade it also to other neighboring cities. Buyers like her stock for it has a good design and and not to mention my friend really has a good taste when it comes to choosing the best fashion accessories and apparels. Right now, she is branching out to her new store in town and she asked me if I can help her in choosing the best store fixtures that she needs. I immediately opened my laptop computer and look for a site that offers a high quality made store fixtures and luckily I found this site named M. Fried Store Fixture. it is a site that offers a high quality made retail fixtures at a reasonable price. You can choose a wide range of their products from different kinds of shelves, hangers, mannequins, racks and systems, slatwall, showcase and a whole lot more. This is a one stop shop for people who are looking for a store fixtures. So what are you waiting for, if you need to buy store fixtures, go immediately to a site that has everything you need. For more information about their products and prices just visit their site at or you may call at number 877.544.2999 .

The whole family is preparing for Keishas school materials

yesterday night me and wife prepared all the books needed for my daughter Keisha. We together wrapped all her books and notebooks in preparation for this coming school year. My daughter Keisha was also very excited to pack her thing inside her pink bag. She was also very active in preparing her new thing for this coming school year. I was so happy to see her that she is also eager to go to school to learn. I just wish her good luck and good grades just like what she got on the her previous school years.

Monday, May 18, 2009

antique collector

My aunt is an antique collector for quite sometime now, She has been collecting a lot of art works and art pieces that would date back to the Ming and Han dynasty's. Her collections would range from a simple plate to a humongous and life size statue of an emperor or olden soldier which would sometime fascinate me and even haunt me. Aside from these collections, she is also collecting rare silver coins for investment purposes. Rare coins are of great value and with this she can engage in business. Investing in rare coins need coin experts that would help you in dealing with the transactions most specially in trading.

LA Gear

LA Gear's celebration of the Unstoppable line from '89-'90 continues, with its limited edition release of the Stardust.The LA Gear Originals silhouette was a hit in Europe not long ago; now, LA Gear and Sportie LA are bringing the Stardust to the US, in five colors - light grey, white/blue, white/grey/green, white/lilac/green, and light pink. With its classic look, rhinestones, and bow-tie in the back, the Stardust was one of the most popular women's styles to come out of LA Gear in the late 80s.

Ecco golf shoes

Ecco golf shoes are anatomically crafted to fit the foot snugly and comfortably They give you just the correct quantity of cushion and support for a long afternoon of walking After a day of golfing I used to come home with extremely sore feet But that doesn’t occur any longer now

Saturday, May 16, 2009

the best roof

The best thing to have when you reached the aged of reason, mature and settle down to have a family of your own is to have a house to start a family. It is very challenging in designing and building a home. This is the time when you get to argue with your wife in a positive way to create the best dwelling place in the entire universe. Designing a home needs the expertise of an architect and a draftsman to design a house, more so the help of engineers in putting up walls, ceilings, built in cabinets and a like, and not to mention the protection from the suns heat and unpredictable weather most specially heavy rains and freezing snows,"THE ROOF". Thus if you want to have the best roof that would keep your family safe, Olathe Roofer is here to the rescue. They are experts in the field of roofing system. To tell you frankly, when I got married to my wife and have decided to build a house of our own in 1996, we had our roof built by the experts and up to this present moment I don't have any problems with repairs on my roof not even water sealant has been applied for the past thirteen years now. I am very boastful that I am quite satisfied with its durability and strength.


So popular did roses become in Roman times that Horace worried the craze would cause farmers to neglect their olive groves. The Romans were prolific producers and consumers of roses. They used the petals in cooking, in flavouring wine, puddings and sherberts, as well as at family festivals; rose-scented oils were used instead of soap. Two thousand years earlier, the Egyptians had been enthralled by the rose. Two thousand years later, we are equally under its spell. Attar of roses is literally worth its weight in gold.

Direct TV has everything you need

I love to watch TV this summer for I am not so busy this time because it's summer time. a friend of mine name Anna who always watch TV in her room told me that I can view more exciting movies if I have my direct tv. I immediately visit the site which she told me and inquire about it. She's totally right! I can save more and view more channels with my Directv plus Directv has exclusive programming with NASCAR. Directv programming has sports, movies, family-oriented line ups and add on packages to suit your tastes and budgets. I am so happy now with my new Directv. You too can also have a Directv. For more information about the direc TV offers, just visit your source for Directv deals at

The little Boracay of Cebu

Boracay is the first name when it comes to beaches in the Philippines for it has a crystal clear waters and a lot of visitors coming in to celebrate during summer but the place is so crowded already because most people during summer has planned to go to the same area. I divert my plan to one of the beaches in the Philippines that is also compare to the Boracay of Katiclan and that is the Little Boracay of Cebu that is located in the south. It also have crystal clear water with pulverized white sand. It is so similar with the Boracay but it is not too crowded compared to the said place. so if you have not tried to explore the place yet, try now I am sure you wont regret it for it has a lot to offer to tourist visitors like you plus it is not so expensive just reasonable enough to cover the cost.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Go with the best electrician in town

My friend Allan bought a 500 square meter property three months ago and he planned to build a house on his newly bought property. He started the construction after he bought the said property. He constructed a bungalow type of building. It is just a compact house with modern materials used. It's flooring is made up of granite materials and its walls are painted in multi-flecks form of paint. it has a drop ceiling type where you can put chandeliers. I really love the design for it is so cozy. My friend Allan bought already the furniture that he needs in his newly built house. All was set already and there is only one thing left to completely finished the job and that is the electricity. It needs a service entrance wire to tap with the main lines inside the ceiling area so I helped him in looking for the right company that offers an electrical services. I surf the net immediately and look for a site that offers an electrical services and luckily I found a site named Paz Electric, LLC. This site has a reputable Boise electricians and Boise Electrician values every customers they have. They offer low prices for their services and guarantee the job done correctly. Efficient staff and technicians provide quality customer service. So what are you waiting for, If you are looking for the right electrician to do the job, go with the Boise electricians that offers quality service at a reasonable price. For more information about their services just visit their site at

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plant production with less mortality rate

I am a plant producers for almost 35 years already and I have produced a lot of ornamental seedlings of different kinds. My productions of plants is so fast and has less mortality rate for i used vacuum type of production wherein I placed the seedling bags inside the clear plastic sheet and wait for at least 2 to three months before I open it for harvest. Vacuum type of production has less mortality rate compared to cuttings and grafting because inside the clear plastic bag it provides high humidity rate and this is the reason why plant inside the bags easily hydrate and have their primary roots.

Buying tickets and watching the games you love

Do you like watching Games Such as Hockey, Basketball or even concerts and theatre plays and you have a hard time procuring a ticket to watch them? Well, the worry of getting a ticket is just a thing of the past and you can get Key Arena Tickets or Target Center Tickets in the Internet and is just a click away from your P.C.'s mouse. Another thing if you are an avid fun of playing baseball, you can watch games in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is a part of South Philadelphia Sports Complex by buying tickets in Citizens Bank Park Tickets.

The best thing of having ticket brokers of the games you love watching is you don't have to fall in a long line for an hour or two. Accessibility and buying the tickets is just a wink of an eye.

"Shasta Daisy"

The most common daisy is the "Shasta Daisy", which is a perennial.Sometimes, people buy a daisy which are described as Giant Daisy. It is a perennial, but it requires dry conditions in winter, or they may die. Wetness will kill it in the winter, not the cold.You can plant it in containers, but then they are usually treated as annuals. If you store the container dry and cool for the winter, only watering the container when it is frost free, and the soil is throughly dry, you can overwinter the plants in an unheated garage, tool shed etc. If the planters are large, you can leave them outdoors.

Chat with the Jewish people and make friends online

Every weekend I used to go to an internet cafe to chat with my online friends here and abroad. this is the only time where I can have a good communication with them since they are also too busy with their schedules. Most of them are already married now while some of my classmates during college are still looking for the right guy and sexy ladies in the net. Each of my friends have favorite sites in the net where they frequently visit to make friends online. I too have also a favorite site in the net. It is a site named Jewish Chat City, it is a free jewish chat room wherein you can chat with tons of people all over the world. I really love this site because most of my Jewish friends are here and most of the chatters here are very accommodating and friendly. Joining in this site is 100 percent completely free. All you have to do is to register for your free account and and agree with their terms and conditions and your done. You can immediately get an access to enter the Jewish chat room instantly. So if you want to make friends online try to visit the Jewish Chat City at I am pretty sure you will love chatting with the tons of chatters online. See you in the room!!!

Excited to go to school

Last week my wife went to my daughter's school at the Philippine Women's College of Davao. She went their to buy the books needed for this coming school year where my daughter is turning grade 1. The books were so expensive and they included the old books for old student which is not applicable for they already have that kind of book. My wife refunded the handbook but the administration is still selling that handbook to old students. I hope they will not include that book to the old students to lessen the price of the whole bundle. My daughter Keisha is very much excited to go to school as a matter of fact, she is reading the grade 1 books in advance.

Keeping cool this summer

Every summer me and my family used to go to a private resort where we can take a cold deep in a blue waters. We loved to swim and roam around and breath the fresh air. We all know that during summer the climate changes to warm that's why most of the people pack their bags and prepare their things for a summer vacation usually in the beach. I make sure that before I leave for a vacation together with my family, that I had checked my ventilators and air conditioned units at home where my household members and relatives are staying because it is really difficult if the air conditioned units are not working well. I usually called the services of an El Paso HVAC Contractor because they are the ones who do the maintenance, installation and repair of my air conditioned units. Texas cold front El Paso HVAC is the leading HVAC contractor in El Paso. They offer high quality products for an affordable price to the customers. I really trust this company for they offer quality service at an affordable price. One good thing about this company is that if you have units that needs to be fix, they don't just give estimates over the phone, they really visit your place and checked the equipments and give the right estimates of the cost. So if you need a quick service on your air conditioned units, just go immediately to a trusted name the Texas Cold Front site at or you may call them at number (915) 603-3887.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last units to fix

There are still 2 units left to fix and needs to be wired. I have decided to finished all the job now so that by tomorrow I will be doing different job. I am going to buy a coin slot and a coin slot timer at the Davao Times store along Claveria street of Davao. I need to draw a diagram of the computer units so that if I'm gonna make another unit, I don't have to look to the computer wiring for reference.

The best supercharger for your car

I am a mechanic by profession and I used to do car customization. i know all the parts of the engine and how it works that's why I replace some of the car parts to give super performance. If you want your car to move faster, you need to have a good supercharger because this part will be responsible for giving a constant air supply to the combustion chamber because if you don't have a supercharger or turbo charger your combustion chamber can't provide the super speed that you need for it lacks air in the air-fuel mixture. I usually install superchargers to my car and to my customers car. I used to buy superchargers to a site named A site that offers high quality made and durable superchargers. This site offers a lot of supercharger models such as buick supercharger, mercedes supercharger, pontiac supercharger. So I strongly suggest to all car owners if you are looking for the best superchargers at a very reasonable price, just visit the site at

Inquiry about the wedding requirements at the Saint Francis of Asisi

I went to the church yesterday afternoon to inquire about wedding requirements for my sister Altesse. I asked different questions to the officer in charge about everything they need for the wedding. They said that couples should attend a pre-canna seminar. It is a pre-requisite wedding seminar for the couples and also they need to be interviewed by the priest. Interviews will be held during Wednesday only every 8 to 11 in the morning and pre-canna will be held during Saturdays and Sundays only of the week. The three thousand pesos that the church are asking is inclusive of the flowers along the isle, the soloist and the pianist. I think all the details that my sister
Altesse needs have answered already. I just hope that they can arranged their wedding as soon as possible to avoid panicking during wedding preparation.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seeking the ultimate fun

I am a person who loves playing almost anything most specially if the game offers excitement and thrill. I have played games from a simple loan tennis to extreme outdoor games such as scuba divining and bungee jumping, but these game's are perilous and would sometime cheat death. I have been to other places and countries in search for the game that would give me a new sense of adventure until I landed in the computer. The game that I have been looking for is just under my nose and is just a click away on my computer mouse. Online Casinos give me the enjoyment that I have long been looking for and I can have fun playing in the comforts of my home and even played with other players from different countries. Online casinos are just like land base casinos the only difference is you don't need to go to a building and play the games that you love playing and to name a few are: poker, slot machine and many more. So if you are like me who is seeking for the ultimate thrill and enjoyment in games visit this site and be thrilled and amazed of the games they offer. You can even check out the feedback's of players who are satisfied in playing the games which the site is real and authentic.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A church visit in Saint Francis of Asisi

My sister named Altesse asked me if I could help her inquire about the wedding requirements of the church. She chose the saint Francis of Asisi church in Maa Davao City. There are a lot of churches in the city but she likes the church in Maa. I went there around 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon to asked the parish office about their requirements for couples who want to get married. As I arrived in the church in Maa, there was nobody and no one to talk to because it was there rest day and regular parish office will start from Tuesday to Sunday and since there was no office workers to inquire to, I have decided to take pictures inside the church and some videos.


I recently open my own business office situated in the city proper. It was a success for first timers, like me. There are some adjustments to be made but I know it would be finished before I go full swing next month. Right now I am using Busines VOIP in my office to help me communicate with the foreign and local customers of my business. I would say the business VOIP is very useful. It is because I get to talk to my customers, even abrod with out paying the expensive overseas call that I make. Aside from that I get to talk to them almost 24/7 and that is why my customers like about my business. Constant communication is the key to a successful business and because of the Business VOIP that I got from, I get to stay with my customers al l the time.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I would say that the construction of computer tables that we are going to use for our internet cafe was tiring but fun. I already completed the six table and will be bringing it to Panabo City for the final installation of the computer set. The table that I made is uniquely different from the conventional tables that are being used in any computer shops. My table is built for all the computer hardware and has a coin slot for the coins. I am very much excited about this because blood and sweat was my capital in making the tables. I already painted it and all systems are ready to go.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Plumbing made easy

Having a home does not end of acquiring one, maintenance and repair is a requisite to any household. A broken light bulb should be change to light the house, cleaning the interiors and dusting appliances from dust to keep the house spec and span, wear an tear of faucet is a must but the most neglected house hold chore is plumbing. Plumbing is one of those necessities often taken for granted -- probably because it is largely hidden behind walls and below ceilings which make it difficult and sometimes tiring to fix. Plumbing is a simple job. It only requires changing pipe fittings, removing clog water ways but because of the busy life style that we had. We ignore the importance of a leaking faucet which in return would become a monthly menace making our water bill explode. Thus, Carrollton Plumber is here to the rescue. They are experts in the world of plumbing. They have competent work force to deal with any plumbing problems that you will encounter in your household. So the next time you have problem with your faucet or simply plumbing problems get the experts services and be contented of the work they perform in fixing your plumbing problems.

Customized computer tables are now ready for delivery

This afternoon I carry all the customized computer tables that I made and carefully piled it infront of my parents house. I do some finishing touches in the wires opening for the mouse and keyboard. After the finishing touches, me and my daughter Keisha together with Erwin took a pose infront of the tables for remembrance because this will be delivered to Panabo anytime this evening. I know that my fellow business partners will love my work and design for it is made up of high quality made materials with a touch of class by myself.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Acquiring a property for business

Buying a property in a suburb area is a big investment most specially if you are going to build another building for a business establishment. This endeavor would entail the services of Demolition Companies and Junk Hauling that would remove and haul the debris of the old building. A few years back, I can remember vividly the day when my uncle put up a laundry business in San Diego. He bought a property that is considered a white elephant and has been an idle structure for almost two decades. He demolished the old and abandoned site to put up a new building for his business. The work was tedious for a heavy equipment was needed to demolished the building which in return made a lot of scattered rubbles and debris on the ground. Thus Junk Removal in San Diego was hired to do the job. As to this date, the business that my uncle put up is quite doing well and has withstand the rubbles of the global recession that is felt all over the world. As for him, the business venture would not be materialized if it wasn't for the hauling services of San Diego. Just imagine removing and clearing tons of rubble.

Peanut butter fudge

Peanut butter fudge may now be considered as a health food, but to overindulge on it remains unhealthy. While adding nuts or peanut butter to one's diet may mean adding some health benefits to one, it must be remembered too that adding peanut or peanut butter will add calories also. Now that eating peanut butter has been scientifically proven to be healthy, there is nothing more to worry about the trans fat contained for it will not do wrong to one's body for as long as eating peanut butter will done in moderation. Peanut butter fudge may be high in calories, but if you have a moderate intake of peanut butter, then you are still within your diet's range.

Meeting people with tattoos

Are you eccentric or weird or do you like having a tattoo in your skin or simply want to meet a person who's passion is tattoo? Well look no further for the availability of talking or meeting the person with the same interest such as tattoo is here in they have a tattoo chatroom that is congregated by hundreds and thousands of tattoo enthusiasts. I myself have joined this site from curiosity for I also have an affinity for body art and not to mention I have a tattoo on my right arm. As I joined the chat room, I was overwhelmed of the many chatters that would welcome you in joining. I even made friends from India and as far as Germany all sharing one passion (TATTOO). I even made contact with a person through a web cam who's body is filled with art works which ranges from flags to Hollywood celebrities and would still want to have an image of a gold fish. Eccentric isn't it but its true. You might be hesitant or skeptical in joining this site for you mightfind these people weird, but meeting this people is just the same as meeting any person in the street its just that they like they're body painted with the things they like.

A house made of Bamboo

WITH A MERE BUDGET OF P1.1 million, Carmelita Bersalona built a 200-square meter duplex in her hometown, Bangued, Abra, in three months. A proponent of sustainable living, she says Abra is one of the country’s main sources of bamboo.
The home is a showcase of what she imparts as the Livelihood and Economic Development Program coordinator and production system specialist of the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, whose headquarters is in Beijing. She travels around the world, lecturing on the merits of bamboo and rattan as reliable construction materials, and how they offer sustainable ways to help people out of poverty.

My Aunts dream house

My Aunt has dreamt of building her dream house in Florida. Florida is a coastal area and when we say of coastal area, it is synonymous to hot and humid weather. Though this is the scenario in Florida still my aunt would like to build her house near the beach. I can not blame her for she loves the beauty of the beach and not to mention that she is a life guard for the past six years now. For a start she and her Danish husband seek the services of an architect to design the house as well as its interior. They are planning to make a two storey building with four bedrooms, two comfort rooms, a garage, a patio that faces the beach and a swimming pool where my cousins would bask in the sun. They are also planning to make a play and entertainment rooms. With these amenities inside the house, no one could ask for more not even my aunt and uncle but without an air conditioning system no one can survive the heat of the sun thus,
St. Louis HVAC comes to the rescue to install the air conditioning system. The air conditioning system is a must in any house near the beach for it could get hot in the morning and even hotter in mid day.

bamboo clothes

Let's start at the beginning: What's so eco about bamboo clothing? Most of the enviro-benefits of bamboo clothes have to do with bamboo farming. There is no USDA organic certification for bamboo, which is why you won't see any bamboo clothes with the familiar organic logo. However, unlike conventional cotton, bamboo grows quickly without requiring chemicals or pesticides. Even better, bamboo fabrics have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and deodorizing properties -- meaning you likely won't need to wash them as often.

I found my new mobile traveller

My sister is a successful businesswoman and she has a lot of business in different places and aside from being an entrepreneur she is also a real estate developer. She travels a lot for she needs to check her projects from time to time and has to communicate with her engineers on field. Yesterday night she told me that she was going to the mall to look for a new luggage. I accompanied her to different luggage stores but we have not found even one luggage that fits her preferences. I suggested her to buy a Luxury Luggage that is made up of high quality materials and durable a luggage that will last for long years and she gladly accepted my suggestion and she asked me where to buy one and I said that I knew one site in the net that offers a wide range of high quality made luxury luggage. I immediately opened my laptop and showed her the site.
This site has a wide range of wheeled luggage to choose from. My sister chose the Regatta for she finds it so attractive. She also include some leather desk accessories such as credit card wallet and the organizer travel kit. So if you want to buy durable luggage and some high quality made leather accessories just go straight to a site that provides tips for buying the best luxury luggage.

Profitable business

Yesterday I was not able to meet my target for I wasn't able to finished the last table but this time I am so sure that I can finished the last piece. I brought already all the 4 tables into my moms house. I told my fellow friends that early next week we could start operating the internet cafe business. They were so excited to hear that because going into an internet business is profitable and it really generate s more income. I just hope that from this small business that we'll start, it will go bigger and bigger.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hottest spot to meet real black bbw singles

I have a friend here in my town named Joseph. He is a black American who works in a multi-national company that distributes electrical tools. We always go to the mall during weekend to buy grocery items and after we finished doing our grocery thing, we immediately go to an internet shop to visit a site named Black BBW singles where we chat and make friends online.

Black BBW singles is an online dating for black bbw singles. Joseph got a date next week after an hour of chatting. So if you want to chat and make friends online with the real black BBW singles, this is the hottest spot to meet them. Register now for free at

Susan Boyle got talent

I love watching the Britain's Got talent in youtube site for there are a lot of amazing talents. The first video that I love and was amazed is the video of Susan Boyle that got almost 35 million views. All of the a audience where shocked because they think that Susan who is already 47 years of age can't perform well since she told the three judges that she wants celebrity singer "wanna be" but when the judges gave their signal to start , all of them were amazed because Susan Boyle has a great voice. All of them loved Susan for she got a wonderful and fantastic voice.

Let the best plumber in San Jose do the job for you

I am making an additional space in my house that includes two rooms and 1 toilet and bath. I am the one who design the plan and execute it with my workers since I am also into construction business. I make it sure that all the details in the plan will be executed properly. I trust my men when it comes to structural because we are the best when it comes to building for we are already in the business for 15 years already and encountered a lot of problems that we successfully solved. Constructing a house is an easy thing for me for I have all the skills but when it comes to plumbing, I just hired the services of an efficient San Jose Plumber. There is one site named Dijoseph Plumbing Inc. that I used to visit when I need a plumbing services. This company is the best when it comes to plumbing for they have been in the business for more than 15 years now and their prices are just reasonable compared to other companies that are asking too much for a single repiping job. So I strongly suggest to all people out there who are looking for a plumber to visit the Dijoseph Plumbing site to read their company history and some customers testimonials. You can also contact them at number (408) 414-7029.

Customized computer tables

I am almost finished with my computer table project. I have already painted the three tables and I there are only 2 left to go. I bought awhile ago some paint thinner and glazing putty as an additional materials for the last two tables. I am pretty sure that I could make it this afternoon so that by tomorrow I can go to my garden to fix my garden net. The pictures above are the actual customized computer tables that I made. I used the enamel paint for wood and it has the same finished of the auto lacquer finished. It is so smooth. I jhave one technique to get the glossy smooth look. All you have to do is to add paint thinner everytime you brush and pur a little bit of paint thinner to the paint can.

Moving company

Last month, me and my wife bought some furniture and appliances for our apartment. But I did not expect that I will be transferred to another city, since I am working as a salesman. When I was told about it, I immediately informed my wife, she suggested that the new furniture and appliances must be disposed because it will be burdensome on our part carrying it to where I will be assigned. Our pick-up truck cannot carry too much heavy load. She suggested to sell it to our friends at a lesser price. Considering that it was new, it will be a big loss on my part by selling it below the acquisition price. I told my wife that we will be bringing it to the new city where I will be assigned. At first she was very hesitant about the plan because it will be very hard traveling with so many loads. I told her about the Moving Company that assisted my brother in carrying his things to his new house. I immediately contacted the said company and they responded immediately. After making all the negotiations and instructions for the delivery location, my wife and I went ahead. After two days our belongings where brought to our new house. All items in the inventory were safely delivered to our new house. I am very thankful of the moving company that we hired to do the carrying of our things. They have a website,, visit it for more details.

Time frame

This is the final day to complete my job. I need to finished all the five computer table to be able to meet my target date for completion. Painting is the last thing to complete the job. I finished two tables yesterday and three more to go. I just hope that I could finished these three. I already have the materials but I need to buy a glazing putty because the remaining putty could no longer cover the whole area. anyway, the store is just minutes away from my place.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A perfect site to make friends online

I am a very busy man because I have a lot of work to do on a daily basis. I used to take care and maintain my lovely garden and after that I have to go to my auto shop to do car customization. These two jobs are considered to be my hobbies because I am enjoying everytime I do and at the same time I am also earning because I am selling some of my lovely ornamental plants. As a mechanic and a plant hobbyist, I used to encounter a lot of people. Persons from different places who have interest on what I do. Most of them inqure about how to grow healthy plants while some asked me about car problems or engine problems since I am one of the best troubleshooter in my town. I have a lot of friends in my town because of my job but that doesn't stop me from looking for more friends. During my freetime and during weekends, I used to visit a site named local chat city where I can win more friends online. It is a free local chat site where a load of Online Chat users from everywhere in the world join chats and have fun absolutely free! So to all people out there if you are looking for a perfect site where you can make friends of different races just vist the local chat city site at So what are you waiting for create now your account and start seeing and communicating with all of the users on this site immediatly.

I made a customized computer table

I am so tired this day for I kept on working on my computer table. I an the one who made the table with a coinslot hole on the right corner. It is a customized type of table where users can drop a single coin to be able to run the computer at at a specific number of minutes. I think tomorrow will be the last day of my work for my five computer tables. I just hope that I can finished painting the tables by tomorrow afternoon.

Meeting a punk music lover

Each and every individual is unique and it is true. Looking for someone to be with or just simply looking for a friend or a date would some how be very difficult if you don't have something in common. Thus if you are a person who happens to love punk music and looking for that special someone who is also into punk you can meet this person in punk singles .

Butterfly Bush

Few plants are as colorful, fun or as profitable as Butterfly Bush, Buddleia davidii. It is a joy to literally watch this plant grow inches per week and then grace us with a wonderful display of blooms from midsummer until frost. As if the large, colorful flower panicles were not enough in themselves, they have the added bonus of having a delightful, sweet aroma with the propensity to attract an equally attractive array of colorful butterflies. Who can resist the fun and beauty of Buddleia?

building a house

It has been a while now that I havent seen my dear old aunt who happens to be the sister of my Mother, for she is the United States of America working as a travelling nurse. I guess the last time I saw her was in the summer of 1982 before she left. Just recently she called up my mom and told her that she is going to retire from her work. The reason behind her decision was to enjoy and have time with her family for the nature of her job is always travelling from one state to the other with no permanent residence. Thus she is planning to build a home in Dallas for her last assignment was in this place and she also got married to a local resident in the same area who is also a physician.

My aunt and uncle seek the expertise of an architect to design the house and they see to it that the house is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds for Dallas is always visited by typhoons and tornado's. They also had their roofing made from Huron Roofing an expert in the fabrication of roofs. The best thing in ordering a roof is that you get to discuss the design, the color and in return would tell you if the roof is suitable or not depending on the area where the house will be built which make personalized.

Flowers has its meanings

While it's certainly true that all flowers can express a multitude of sentiments, it is important to realize that different blooms represent varying meanings and emotions – be it sympathy, respect, love, innocence or passion.
Not sure which flowers say it best? Use this as a guide:

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (the best flowers to apologise):
Geraniums – stupidity, folly
Yellow Gerberas – I'll try harder to win your love
Orange Gerberas – You are the sunshine of my life

Don't Worry, Be Happy (the best flowers to brighten someone's day):
Freesias - thoughtfulness
Orange Roses – feelings of enthusiasm, fascination
Sunflowers – adoration, following the sun
Yellow Tulips – there's sunshine in your smile

Thank You For Being a Friend (the best flowers to say thank you):
Pink Roses – gratitude, admiration, appreciation, friendship, thankfulness
Peach Roses – gratitude, appreciation, admiration
Yellow Roses – joy, friendship

Be My Baby (the best flowers to express new love):
Red Tulips – declaration of love, believe me.
White Roses – spiritual love, happy loveLavender Roses – love at first sight, enchantment

I Will Remember You (the best flowers to express sympathy/condolences):
Forget-Me-Nots – memories, remembrance
Crimson Roses – mourning
Pink Roses – sympathyWhite Roses – reverence
Lily of the Valley – humility, new life
Chrysanthemums – passing of a life

An Apple A Day (the best flowers to express Get Well wishes):
Sunflowers – sunshine, following the sun
Orange Gerberas – you are the sunshine of my life
Freesias – thoughtfulness

Celebrate Good Times (the best flowers to say Congratulations):
Birds Of Paradise – magnificence
Lilies – magnificent beauty, wealth, pride, majestic
Sunflowers – adoration
Yellow & Red Roses - congratulations

I Will Always Love You (the best flowers to express true love):
Yellow & Orange Roses – passionate thoughts
Thornless Roses – love at first sightRed Roses – love, passion, respect, courage, I love you
Orange Lilies – flame, I burn for you

A business that will give you more profit at a lesser cost

This month I am planning to go into business for I already have raised enough capital to start my own business but I am still thinking of what kind of business that will give me much income at a lesser cost. I kept on asking this few weeks from my friends and relatives regarding the best business that is more profitable until one of my friends named Chester suggested me to invest on Vending Machines. He was so positive about the results of the
Vending Machine Business because he already have tried it in his town and it gives him more profits. Vending Business is one of the businesses that provides a good profit margin, it is because you will be earning without having to pay a sales staff. Based on the experiences of my friend Chester, I have already made up my mind to invest on this kind of business. I am very much convinced that going into vending machine business can give me immediate cash flow and good returns. So to all people out there who are looking for a profitable business, try investing on the vending machine business. I am pretty sure that you will make big money out of this thing. try it and be one of those successful entrepreneurs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Gerbera daisy

The Gerbera daisy, with its sunny disposition, is a feast for the eyes and heart of the gardener. Gerbera jamesonii’s birthplace is on the grasslands and mountains of South Africa, Indonesia, Asia, and Madagascar. They can be enjoyed by virtually every gardener, regardless of the zone, as it can be utilized as an annual, in non-hardy zones.
These perennial plants look like daisies on steroids, and are available in an assortment of brilliant colors and varieties. The ten inch, lance-shaped leaves unfold from a deeply rooted rosette. Flowers of intense color are born on slender, strong stems. Gerbera, or Transvaal daisies, are at home in perennial beds, borders and rock gardensRead more: "Gerbera Daisy or Transvaal Daisy Plant Profile: A Planting And Growing Guide For Gerbera jamesonii"

Raising a garden

Raising gardens are seemly fairly prevalent as more and more people are renting acreage or find themselves in high emerge apartment buildings with little to no lawn place and even fewer access to actual soil in which to yard the plants and vegetables they require to have with them. There are actually very a few pros for using raised gardens as opposite to tilling the soil for those who wish to have lesser gardens and are partial on legroom in which to do so. At the same time, those who desire better yields are regularly dissatisfied with the limits of raised gardens.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I can trace your call

Are you tired of receiving calls from unidentified callers from the telemarketers, debt collectors, promotional officers and the like? Now, you can search for the exact information of your unidentified callers from a site named and file a complaint against them. California unknown phone number trace have all the information you need so if you need to find an information of an unidentified callers just trace the unknown phone numbers at the WhosePhoneIsThis site at

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao defeated Ricky Hatton of England

I was waiting yesterday afternoon for the fight between Manny "Pacman Pacquiao of the Philippines against Ricky Hatton in Mandalay Bay arena. I exactly viewed the fight at 3:00 in the afternoon but I already knew the result because some of my friends texted me already who paid the payper view. It was really amazing for the fight lasted only less than three minutes. Ricky Hatton was totally knocked out for the third time he received strongly the Punches of the Philippines people champ Manny. This is another honor for the Filipino people. Manny is the ultimate boxer of the world and no one can beat him for he got the power against other boxers. Go Go Go Manny Filipinos loves you so much.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thanks Mom

Mothers day is fast approaching and is just around the corner. On may 10, we are going to celebrate one of the many important person in our life and that is our mom. As for me, I am going to buy her jewelry that would give accent to her clothes and her shoes. I may not buying the expensive ones but for sure she is going to love it.69

I love my mom not because I am oblige to love her but for a simple reason, she was the one who brought me to life aside from my dad and for being there when things go wrong during my childhood years and even up to now, she is the person I cling too and rush too whenever I need advice. So, this coming may ten i want to show my deep appreciation by giving her a token of my heart felt gratitude to the things she has given me.

Resveratrol a fountain of youth

Fountain of Youth may be a fantasy that everyone of us believe in. It is the most sought after thing even in the modern world. The reason being the anti aging effect it is proclaimed of. Resveratrol may not be a youthful fantasy but our answer to the question whether anti aging is possible or not.

Resveratrol is a phytoalexin, a class of antibiotic compounds, produced as a part of many plant's immune systems against disease. Because of this factor, ongoing clinical studies suggest, that medical breakthroughs about Resveratrol may hold the secrets to the extension of life. Resveratrol can protect the skin against cellular damage to the mitochondria, which is a key to maintaining a healthier body and making skin younger.

A good roof means a good house

I just move in to my newly acquired house. This house was a classic I believe because this has established in the 70's. I love the classic and I want to remodel it to make it livable in this new generation. It is a two level house with 4 bedrooms and 2 comfort rooms. It has a huge parking area and already fenced. I acquired this property from a good friend of mine who is moving to another state. The house has been vacant for about 5 years already. I guess that was the main reason why it was sold to me by my friend. I have already renovated the rooms and repainted it with fresh color paints for this will be my permanent residence. The comfort rooms are also renovated adding the flashing water system. The doors were also replaced with the new ones. I like the old look wood that is why I replaced it with some hard wood doors for lasting solution to it. My wife also acquired some sofas and cabinets for the kitchen and the living area of the house. I was having a hard time with the roofing system because I can't find the perfect look for the roof. So I called up Tulsa Roofer to help me get that best roof for my newly acquired property. The house will be completely renovated by the end of this month. My problem with the roof is now over. I have the best roof in the entire village, thanks to the Tulsa Roofing company. Many would asked me about the roof in my house because it is very best for the house. Many would even take pictures of the house, especially the roof. For those who are looking for the best roof provider feel free to visit, and have that roof for your house.

Breakfast meal is ready

It's breakfast time. i am preparing Chinese skinless chorizo. it is my favorite meal for breakfast. My daughter Keisha loves it also that's why I am preparing it perfectly with my favorite coffee drink. I can't start the day without drinking a cup of coffee maybe because I was used to it and my body system finds it during breakfast. My wife doesn't like coffee. she likes tea. Tea is good for body cleansing. So , I'll be right back in a minute coz I have to take my breakfast meal first. (giggles).... I"ll be back in a minute promised!!!

My TV options

I don't need to go out and watch my favorite movie. It is because I have my own Direct TV in my home. This is much better than cable or even renting movie tapes. This is a Satellite Directv. It is capable of covering many channels and you can watch it on your TV non-stop. You can watch movies, entertainment, sports, news and much more.

The DirectTV in the house makes my wife happy. it is because she sees me always just sitting in the chair and watching movies. Unlike before, when I would go out and watch movies on cinemas. But now, the Direct TV is all I need to stay at home. I could watch TV and others more plus it comes in a clear vision and no static performances. This is really a one great satellite directv.
For subscription, just visit now and have that channels you want in your TV.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Health condition

There are times that I feel so difficult to sleep because my mind always thinking of what to do for tomorrows activity. I always prepare ahead of time and usually I think every night on what to do so that by tomorrow all will be set in proper and accordingly. sometimes i feel so tired of thinking and I want a complete rest but I can't get a full sleep for I have an insomnia but i have my own technique to sleep. I used to take my anti-histamine medicine because it gives a drowsy feeling and by taking this kind of medicine my body will be replenished with the whole energy that was spent during daytime. I always prepared this tablet where it comes in 50 and 25 milligram. This tablet is good only for person like me who have an allergic reaction to crustaceans. don't just take tablets without the doctors prescription because you won't know the reactions. It is best to see your physicians if there's something you feel unusual to your body.

Wheelchair Chat City

Diabetes is one of the famous killer disease now a days. Diabetes ruins your health system. It is where your blood sugar level increases too much if you intake food because pancreas will no longer produce insulin to regulate blood sugar level. There are two types of diabetes namely the type 1 and type 2 diabetes. type 1 are patients who control their diabetes through proper medications with the help of tablets while type 2 are the ones using insulin injectables. My father is diabetic and he had this kind of illness since he was 40 and right now he is sitting in a wheelchair because his right leg was amputated 4 years ago when he was 66 years old. It is really difficult if you have this kind of illness but despite of the his disability, he still manage to surf the net and make friends online. He has a lot of friends online because there is a site named Wheel Chair Chat City where he used to visit everyday and interact with his fellow handicapped.
thanks to this handicapped chat website because person with disabilities have now a chance to express their feelings to their fellow handicapped and life becomes more interesting and not boring.
Wheelchair Chat City website gives handicapped people a place to meet and chat. Visit now the site at for a free registration.

Internet business

I am so excited to continue my woodwork this morning. After taking my breakfast, I will immediately proceed to my working area to begin immediately working my 5 computer tables. I am so excited what would be the results of this business but before joining the group, I have some ideas that this kind of business will prosper because some of my friends are making big out of their internet video game online business. I also expected the same thing. I just hope that one day I will like them too. Just wish me luck!!!