Friday, April 3, 2009

Philippine Summer Festival in Vancouver British Columbia

The word is out – summer is coming and so is the first ever Philippine Summer Festival in Vancouver British Columbia.Organized by the PNT-PST Foundation, the day-long festival set to be held in August will be a celebration of Filipino culture and heritage.The festival promises to be the highlight of Filipino-Canadian community’s social calendar. It will be a day for fun, food, music and dance.The festival was inspired by the Filipinos’ love to share the best they can offer to members of their communities, as shown by their fondness to hold “fiestas” all year long.It will also reach out to other ethnicities, inviting people of other racial origins to discover the strength, talent, intelligence, and beauty of the Philippines and its people.The Philippine Summer Festival is an event that celebrates the immeasurable contributions of Filipinos to British Columbia, and the rest of Canada. The festival will be an annual event that is expected to draw support from various organizations and groups.Fiestas as an integral part of Filipino culture, a tradition that is remembered and recreated in various parts of the world where Filipino nationals have gone to work and prosper.In the Philippines, fiestas are celebrated through good times and bad times – the fiesta must go on.Here in British Columbia, the Philippine Summer Festival will be the biggest and most elaborate fiesta of all, binding Filipino-Canadians through good times and bad times. No mater where you are and where you came from, the festival is the venue to rejoice in friendship.

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Anonymous said...

Where in the city is the festival being held? What time?