Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gaining knowledge on playing casino games

I have been a surfer ever since in the internet. I always see to it that I acquire knowledge on almost anything that interests me and just this afternoon I happen to come across with a Casino Blog. As I browse on this site and read on the articles that was written, I was fascinated for almost everything or everything that a player or prospect players need to know in playing the games in a casino are all here and well defined. Frankly speaking, I was astonished on the article that was titled Blackjack tips, I know how to play the game but to become a good blackjack player, you must know when to stop or continue the game. Losing streak can be avoided by transferring to another table or just simply relax and take a break.

I am a neophyte in the world of playing the game of chance but with nothing can go wrong for the site would assist you on everything you want to know when it comes to playing casino games.

Now that I have some insights on how to play some games of the game of chance, I might as well try playing for fun and not for winning, for winning isn't everything but the fun and excitement and the thrill that is being offered to the player

Identifying the real from the fake

Jewelry today can be very costly, and though it is beautiful, many of us simply do not want to shell out the money for a real Gucci watch. The great thing is, with the advances in authentic jewelry crafting there have also been great advances in the replication of these products. You can now buy a fake Gucci watch that will look almost as good as the real thing. In fact, if you don't tell anyone most people will assume that your fake Gucci watch is authentic, that is how good the replication has become. If you buy a fake Gucci watch you can wear it with pride, and unless your best friend is a jeweler, he or she will never know that you don't have the real thing sitting on your wrist!

Know the game you play

My friend plays casino all the time. He even invited me to one of his playing sessions and I really find it very interesting to play the game. My friend likes the golden casino and the poker game because it is easy and ever since, these were his frequently played games every time we visit a casino. My friend was a big influence to me. We were earning big time because of the games. The rewards were excellent and it was easy. getting information about different casino games that we played was easy because their is a site named Gamble Craft in the net that provides a guide to the best online casinos and casino softwares . They have in-depth reviews of playtech, rtg and microgaming casinos. The land based casino has the same rules of an online casino games. I was introduced to playing casino games online. But before I started playing online, I read first all the information and Casino Reviews about a site and the reviews of my favorite games online such as golden casino and poker games. Because of that, I was informed well about the game as it is being played online. I invited my brother to play the game of my favorite games. My brother is also a big casino game player and I want him to experience the game online . Since it was available online, I get to play the game as often as I like. I don't need to go outside just to play the game. I play it online. For more information about the different games, news and information about the games online, visit for the information about the game. Information is an advantage in playing the game.

A mechanic by profession and a gardener by heart

Aside from being an auto diesel mechanic , I am also an orchid hybridizer. I have my own laboratory and I operated a lot of technical machines which includes the autoclaves that is responsible of the sterilization of the medium that I formulated to germinate the seeds that I want to propagate. At my early age, I was taught by my teacher named Oyen Salazar who was a botanist and a college BS bio teacher in one of the prestigious schools here in my town. That's were I started my hobby turned into business. I was so lucky then because I am already earning. I can already buy some of the school requirements all by myself and not asking any amount from my parents because of my earnings. This is one of the many foundations that I got to become a good gardener and a nursery owner.

I am so lucky to play this game online

I am not a gambler but I just want to try my luck here by playing online casino. Two weeks ago, I have tried playing online casino together with my cousin Lian and that was my first time to play it online. It was fun because I enjoyed the game so much and I am very lucky during that time because I won great prizes. The site that gave me my first luck is the Flatlands online casino reviews site where you can find a lot of online casino games such as Golden Casino, Rushmore Casino, the English Harbour Casino, Roxy Palace and many more... This Flatlands online casino reviews portal offers rankings of the top Microgaming casinos, playtech casinos and general online casinos found on the web. What are you waiting for, join now and start to experience the fun and excitement of playing the best online casino. Who knows you will be the next jackpot winner. to the beginners who are looking for the Best Online Casinos to gamble, this reputable casino site, I can say that this site is a good place to start. For more information about the Flatlands' Best Online Casino Reviews site just visit at I am pretty sure you will love their featured online casino games.

I love American Idol show

I am a big fan of the American Idol and I always watch their pre-elimination round everyday. there are a lot of American Idol Wannabes and they became the humorous content of the show because some of the contestants who have no talent at all but pushes their way to the limit became the laughing content and this is what I like most because they are just being natural to their feelings. I really love the American Idol. More power to you Randy, Simon, Paula and the newest member of the team Carry.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Read the reviews before joining

Yesterday my friend and I had a chat and agreed to play an online game for we are bored and have nothing to do, so we decided to play the game of chance in the internet. But before we joined a particular site, it came to our mind the advice that our other friend told us, "never join a site unless you have read the reviews or comments that the players have left to avoid scam."so we surf the internet and landed on an Online Casino Reviews . We were very cautious to every comment and ratings that the players have left.

As we finished reading we had decided to join for we are convinced and very much positive on the site for there is no scam. We had the ultimate fun and excitement that we are looking for. We were excited of the thrill that we had and enjoyed every second that the slot would turn, though we never won anything it is worth it for we had a wonderful time. Next Sunday we will be doing this again with more of our friends so we will have a bonding and maybe grill some fish or beef to so as to have dinner together.

Expressive Exotic Flowers

Exotic flowers are great for a variety of occasions. Expressive by their own nature, exotic flowers are a wonderful complement to any message you are trying to send. The deep green color of a lush tropical plant is great for your office desk. Instead of roses to say "I love you," or "I'm sorry," try sending the heart shaped anthurium.
From orchids to calla lilies, exotic flowers make a magnificent gift. Typically having a longer vase life than domestic flowers, your recipients can enjoy their delightful beauties for up to weeks at a time. Why say, "Happy Secretaries Day" with a Gerber daisy when you can say, "I really value your hard work," with a cheerful display of luminous Dendrobium orchids?

Beautiful Rare Tropical Flowers

Want to get a little creative? Try a rare orchid for your prom date's corsage. Instead of sending roses on Valentine's Day, give your love a rare heart-shaped obake anthurium. If you're looking for a plant that spreads joy all year long, try a adenium obesum, or better known as the desert rose. Your recipient will smile as the beautiful plant blooms all year.
Thanks to the science of cross-pollination, orchids now come in an array of colors and sizes. Unique orchids have been cross blended to deliver vibrant colors and large petals. You can now find beautiful multi-colored orchids.
If you own a restaurant, your dining patrons are important to you. Decorate your business with rare tropical flowers to give your customers an exotic atmosphere. Bright, beautiful flowers can make any atmosphere more romantic and add a beautiful touch to any occasion.

Online Casino

Online Casinos are very popular now a days. Players are no longer going to a land base casino to play the games they love. With a click of a finger on the computer mouse, online casino is in in your monitor. You can navigate the site, select the game you like and play instantly. There is no hassle with regards to joining, everyone can join for as long as you are in a legal age.

Playing online casino in is the best there is, having fun and enjoyment is what the site caters to their players and not to mention the safety of the players. As we all know, scams lurks in every corner of the internet. We could fall in their trap if we dont take the necessary precautions.

Just last week my best friend became a victim in this scam, he entered his credit card number to a site which is the same with the ones we frequently visit and played the games we love. Upon pressing the enter button of his keyboard, the website suddenly vanish and could never retrieve the site he opened. He was fooled by this opportunistic hackers prowling everywhere, lurking and waiting for victims.

Cattleyas are easy to grow

Hawaiian orchid plants are not for amateurs. They need more attention than your average house plants, but they are not difficult to care for if you want to enjoy their incomparable beauty. You may not know that, in spite of their reputation as delicate, most orchids are very tough and easy to keep healthy. The major reason most orchids die in homes is overwatering. Orchids need only about one-half cup of purified water a week.

Cattleyas are just about the easiest orchids to grow, so they're good ones to start with. If you live in Hawaii or Florida, you can grow Cattleyas outdoors. If you don't happen to live in a tropical paradise, you can still grow Cattleyas in your home as long as you pay attention to the levels of light and humidity. Sunny windows are good. If your Cattleyas are getting enough light, their leaves will be olive rather than bright green. If you wonder how you could control the humidity in your home, try putting a small tray of water under the plants, but don't let the tray touch the orchid's pot. If you love orchids, get yourself a Cattleya and give growing a try!

Take a break

Having fun is the best thing that anyone could have and it is a must that we take time out and enjoy with the things that we do. With the birth of the internet, and the twenty first century technology, it has simplified the fun and has brought it in the comforts of our homes. A typical example that pave way to online games is the Slot Games World . It has revolutionized casino games from playing in a land base casino where players have to go to a building and play the games. The virtual world offers the games that a casino offers the only difference is you can play it in your home with friends and relatives and the site that I frequently visit is . This site has been proven and is tested, for a lot of positive comments has been made from the players.146 To tell you frankly, the game of chance is not all about winning but having fun, it is a fact that not all the time you would get the prize at stake and most often you get nothing but anyway, it is the fun and excitement and the thrill that is important and the bonding that you create with your family and friends.

Thanks to the Internet

Thanks to the wonderful word of the internet, you can browse and buy exotic flowers from any computer! There is a plethora of information available on where to buy tropical and rare flowers. You can search for everything from loose orchid petals to large corporate arrangements with just a few clicks.

Have fun with me

Have you tried playing a game of chance? There are a lot of games that falls under the category of game of chance: to name a few are the online bingo, Poker, Back Gammon, and the Slots. These games are offered in the virtual world where in all you have to do is seat back relax and enjoy and if you are lucky you could win the prize money that is at stake.

I have tried playing some of the games but the one that I really love is the slot machine for it is very easy to operate. All you have to do is pull the lever and wait for the combinations to come out. each combination has a corresponding prize. Aside from winning the cash prize, you could have fun playing with your relatives and friends during times when you have nothing to do or in a lazy Sunday afternoon. I even encourage my office mates to join me in this fun and exciting game for I assure them that they will have a really good time, in fact this coming Sunday I invited them here in my house to play the game I love playing. You too can join me with this fun by joining this site

Anthurium is for every Occasion

The anthurium is most famous for its heart shaped leaves, which makes it a perfect gift on the day of love. Commonly referred to as the flamingo flower, the anthurium is frequently used to decorate office spaces. Try a potted plant in your office at home!
These beautiful plants are commonly found in reds, pinks, whites, greens, and combinations of pastels. With a heart shaped spathe and protruding spike from the center, your love won't be able to resist its charm. Anthuriums also make great centerpieces for holidays

Mucho Casino is my favorite online game

My brothers and me are casino goers and we do this not just for money won but it is also a good way to bond to each other. My favorite game every time I play in a casino is blackjack. But my expertise doesn't stop there. I also play other casino games like, roulette, poker, slots, keno, baccarat and other casino games. We usually do this casino bonding time every Saturday. it is because that is the only vacant day that we have for the entire week of work until Friday. There are also times when I, alone go to the casino to play. Just to relieve the stress from the job that I have. Rain or shine, when it is Saturday, we would definitely meet in our favorite casino venue. But casino games are not just limited to the physical casino. But also online. That is why I rarely go out these days. I get to play my favorite poker game buy playing online at Mucho Online Casino Games. The rules in the physical casino game is the same with the online game. My brothers keep asking me about the place where I play now. I immediately told them about the site where I get to play the favorite casino game of ours. Now we don't just play every Saturday, but regularly. Players and those interested to play, feel free to visit now and download the software. After the downloading is complete, you can start playing immediately.

The second level of life "Marriage"

My sister Altesse send me some messages from Australia telling me that she's getting married this coming December of the present year. She will be accompanying her Boyfriend named Mike from Batangas because she told me that he's afraid to ask my parents blessings. My sister is already old enough to weigh things up. I know that based on my opinion, I can say that she's a little bit immature maybe its because that she give more time of her career than anything else. It is good to hear that she's getting married soon because all of us needs a special partner to spend life more meaningful. I have been in this stage where you have achieved some of your ambitions in life but it feels like empty because you have nothing to share with. It is so boring because you don't have a partner, and a friend to share. but when you have a special partner in life you can see and appreciate life more joyful, meaningful, most specially if you have kids to care. I can say that it is more satisfying because you already have an inspiration aside from your parents who took good care of you during your childhood days.

Punk chat

I have a punk friend named Allan who always accompany me in every activity that I do in school. He always share most of his ideas to me regarding his fashion style. I respect his ideas because I know that we have different preferences when it comes to fashion. I have many types of friend, friends from the school, friends from neighbors, club organization and punk organizations. Allan is one of the members of the punk organization in school that is active in music. He plays guitar and his currently one of the poppular band group in school. He has a lot of friends in school and in the net because there is one site named Punk Chat City that he always visits every now and then and chat with his online friends. The Punk Chat City site where he always chat with his online friends is 100 percent free of charge, All you have to do is just fill up their forms for instant access to punk chatrooms. So if you want to meet punk people users , this is the best site for you because this is the site where tons of punk people that come together in punk chatroom. Join now and create a completely Free Punk Chat membership. For more information about the free punk chatroom, just visit the Punk chat City site at

Punk chat

I have a punk friend named Allan who always accompany me in every activity that I do in school. He always share most of his ideas to me regarding his fashion style. I respect his ideas because I know that we have different preferences when it comes to fashion. I have many types of friend, friends from the school, friends from neighbors, club organization and punk organizations. Allan is one of the members of the punk organization in school that is active in music. He plays guitar and his currently one of the poppular band group in school. He has a lot of friends in school and in the net because there is one site named Punk Chat City that he always visits every now and then and chat with his online friends. The Punk Chat City site where he always chat with his online friends is 100 percent free of charge, All you have to do is just fill up their forms for instant access to punk chatrooms. So if you want to meet punk people users , this is the best site for you because this is the site where tons of punk people that come together in punk chatroom. Join now and create a completely Free Punk Chat membership. For more information about the free punk chatroom, just visit the Punk chat City site at

Find the best Uk Casino sites

Playing online casino is for all. People living the UK can also play casino online. There are so many UK Casinos around right now and selecting the best among them can very hard for those who lack information about the site. To have that much needed information, let the expert do that for you. They have been doing casino site reviews and giving reliable information to players online. Aside from that, you can also access the site where you want to play.The is considered as one of the most reliable sites that you can access to get information with a casino site. There is also their own rankings of top casino sites and reliable reviews about it. Aside from the rankings that the site gives for free, you can also access good reviews of a number of online casino sites in the UK with just one click of the button. With the easy access to these informations, you will never experience hard time in looking for a good site to play your favorite online casino game. When my brother moved to the UK, he was worried because he wanted to play his favorite casino game online. But since he was in the UK, he was really in a difficult situation to find the good site to play. But because of, he was able to find the site where he can play online. For more information and best reviews of UK casino sites, feel free to visit now.

Checking up my Pick-up engine

This morning, I check my pick-up engine if it is still in good condition. I noticed that there are a lot of things to do to give my pick up engine a good performance. This pick up is very old already because based on my knowledge it is bought four decades ago during the time of my dad. You can no longer trace its origin because it is made up of international parts, meaning the parts of different brands are just combined together to be able to make a complete engine and its casings and transmission parts. It was said that you can see how old your tranny is by locating the serial number beside its tranny casings. Yes, its true becasue I have read that over my mechanical book but I can't still determine when because all of its parts are not original and it came from different car brands. It is the Pinoy way of assembling automobiles. This is the main reason why overseas companies love Pinoy auto mechanic so much becasue they know how to trouble shoot cars at a minimum cost.

Play it online

The online casino gaming world is getting bigger and bigger. The Online Casinos are making waves in the Internet world. Before people are just playing their casino games in a physical casino venue, where it is crowded with many different people. Some would prefer to stay home and that is the main reason why online casino sites are made for. To bring entertainment and excitement to all players, who wants to play in a place in a relax manner. The games that a physical casino site offers are all in the online casino site. The rules are the same and the good thing of playing online is that you don't have t leave the comfort of your house. With so many casino sites right now, we need a good source of information about these casino sites around. That is why online casino help is very much needed. Players must read news and information in the online casino gaming world. That is important because as a player, it is best to know what is going on in the casino world online. Aside from the news, online casino help also provides top casino sites that you can choose from and start playing online. Once you have already selected the site where you want to play, you can download the software immediately and start playing online. I really suggest this to new players and also to veteran players. Feel free to visit for free news and information.

Buying plant liners at a cheaper price

I am planning to buy some plastic liners in a store of my co-gardener named Vicky at the Tiangge. She is selling different sizes of plastic containers at a reasonable price. There are two store owners here in my town that sell the same items but I prefer to buy to Vicky because she offers a lower price than my other gardener friend. They both have same source. I have plenty of plants that needs to be transferred into a bigger containers because they don't have enough room for growing. It is much better if I can transfer the plant earlier than to transfer it when the roots are coiled already.

Let the experts do their thing

Playing casino games for first time players can be very hard. It is because there are so many casino sites in the Internet right now and finding the right place can be very hard. That is why many new players read information and news about the sites and the game that they want to play. For Online Casino Advice Online Casino Advice, let the expert do that by providing relevant information about casino sites and rankings. Internetcasinoadvice is an online site that give relevant casino advice to players, new and veteran players, online. They have been doing this for quite sometime now and helped many online players gain advantage by providing information. I remember before, I really find it hard to start playing online. It is because I don't know where to start. It is like finding a needle in the ocean, considering the sites that are online right now. The information that internetcasinoadvice gives are all free and useful to all players. The site also provides a ranking of top rated online casino sites and the offers that they can give. With this, you can easily select from the rankings where you can play online immediately, safe and easy. You can easily access the site that you want using internetcasinoadvice. For those who want to play online casino games, can be very useful to all. feel free to visit for an easy access to the world of gaming and exciting casino games.

Keisha is a big fan of Miley cyrus Aka. Hannah Montana

My daughter Keisha loves Hannah Montana because she is a big fan of Miley Cyrus. She always go for Miley products and every time we go to the mall she always asked me to buy some stuff that has a Miley picture on it. I went to her room this morning and I found Mileys pictures and stuff on every corner. MY wife told me yesterday that she bought another magazine of Miley and I lately discovered when I opened her drawer and there I found one Miley Cyrus book entitled Keeping Secrets. No wonder she has all Mileys stuff because she is really a big fan of her.

The right spot to play casino online

Knowledge is power in playing casino games. Online casinos are sprouting online and the number of these sites are growing everyday. getting information is the key to success when playing online casino games. There many casinos. They vary on the type of software that the site is using. To start let the expert, with years of experience of playing online casino games and doing reviews on several casino sites, give the Best Casino that you can select from. Just like me, I used to play my favorite poker game with my friends before. There were times that I want to play poker with my friends but I cannot do that because they are all busy with the work that they have. That is why I started playing online casino games, especially poker games, online. I like to play online because I can play 24/7 in the comfort of my home. With so many casino sites that are present online, you would be having problem in selecting where to start playing. Because of best casino spot, the time consuming task of selecting the best casino site to play was easy. It is all because of best casino spot. Aside from the information you can get when you visit, you can also select from their rated sites for easy reference. For new players, I suggest that you visit the site for information before playing online.

Waiting for my free schedule

This is the motor ride of my nephew named Cykie that was sent here a few weeks ago. He asked me if I can fix his motor toy because the socket where the plug connects for recharging is damaged and needs to be glued to stay permanently. I was not able to fix it for a couple of weeks now for I am so busy making some important things like paying taxes, transferring plants in my garden and many more... but I promised to him that I will fix this motor toy as soon as I can because her younger sister is already eager to ride this stuff.

I love this game

The world of online gaming is a booming. Playing casino games was just available on the physical. But these days, it is now available online, making it more accessible to all players and people who want to play online. Online Casinos are plenty and they offer almost every available casino games. Just like the physical casino games, the online casino game rules are just the same. Playing online is very exciting. I remember when I first played online. I was creaming to the top of my lungs. I was very loud in the house, facing my computer monitor. As a player, the advice that I can give to new players is to read first information about the games and reviews about the site that they want to play. Getting the right information about the game and how it is played is already a great advantage to a player. Never play something that you don't know how. That is the basic rule in playing online. That Is why I read first before I play. I remember my friend who was a player online. He was losing and asked for an advice from me. As a good friend, I told him to read the rules before playing the game. aside from the advantage of knowing the game, it also gives you a clear view of the entire game. After I told my friend, he was reading and reading all the information that he can get about the game that he plays online. Now, I was told that he is the number one ranked player in the online casino game. For news and information about online casino games, feel free to visit now.

My brain twister toy

Test your intelligence
Everyone of us has a favorite toy and I have one toy that makes my brain drain and twisted. I always play this game during my free time because for me it is very challenging. It is a brain twister that could test everyones intelligence. It is just made up of plastic materials of four pieces to form the designs found at the back of its cartoon. It is just so simple to see but so hard to find a solution. This is one of my hobbies because I find it so challenging. Try it!!! it can really twist your brain.

Online Poker

I am a poker player. We regular play every Sunday with my college buddies. This game was our bonding moment when we were in college and until now we still play poker. aside from playing poker with my friends, I also play online poker games. I would consider myself as a beginner, just to be humble about it. But before I started playing online poker, I read about the game. For knowing the game is a big advantage already. The rules of the online poker is just the same with the actual or the physical game. The only difference is that you can play at the comfort of your home. You can even play online poker with other players around. There are also poker tournaments that you can join. You get to play with the world players via online. For people who loves to play poker and interested in trying and playing online, I would suggest that you read and read about the game, just like what I did before I started playing online and winning. The best place for information about playing online poker is by Poker Monger. This is an online site that is very useful to players. I read the news and other things that I can get from the site. Since then, I never experience any problems when playing online poker. There are many articles that this site offers and even news in the poker world. feel free to visit for the latest news and feeds about playing poker online.

Pen with light

This is my pen. A pen with a double purpose. When my computer needs a flashlight, I don't go and get my large flashlight because I have a pen with a built in pin light in his tip. I really love this pen for it has a dual purpose. I also bring this pen when I go to movie houses. This pen is from Australia but I have seen this type of pen here in my town.

Playing my favorite game online

Playing online can be very exciting and worth your time. I, myself play online casino games. But before playing I read sites and information about the game as it is being played online. Playing online is the same as the actual casinos that are physically present. All can play casino online. People around the world can do it and Casino US Players are welcome too. I am a regular casino goer before. I usually play every Wednesdays and Saturdays. it is because that is only my free day. after work, I immediately pack my things and go straight to the casino. One day, a friend of mine who is also a regular casino player was absent in our table. Immediately I called him and asked his whereabouts. he told me that he is playing casino right now. I was looking around but he was not there. He told me that he is playing online casino. After that day, I went to his house to check him out. he showed me the online site where he was playing casino. he told me that he enjoys playing online because he is comfortable and there are no people bothering him when he is playing. He was right. he even gave me pointers when playing online. he told me to read and read about the games online. Being informed with the rules of the site and how the games are being played is a great advantage when playing online. To gain knowledge about online casino and playing strategy visit for the information.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A simple note to my wife

I am not very good at expressing my love in a flowery way. Nevertheless, I sent my wife a love letter of sorts while he was away on duty . It was a ransom note made out of cut out and pasted letters that stated that I had something of her, the "key to her heart," just as he had mine. It stated the date of her return and that we needed to discuss the situation at that time. I believe it was just as fun for me to work on as it was for her to receive.

Be cautious always

Playing online Casino has a risk in it for the virtual world is so vast that danger lurks in every corner waiting for victims to fall in their traps. This is true for my close friend who happens to love playing online casino fell in the so called deadly trap. This opportunistic parasites are just waiting for the right time, the moment someone opens their site and key in the the credit card number, for sure a substantial amount will be transferred to their accounts. To avoid this scam, it is better to read sites that offers online casino games and the site that offers the real and genuine sites of casino is Here you will find the authentic casino sites that offers the thrill that a casino player is looking for. Aside from this you will get to read the sites ranking and the review and comments of the players who actually played for the lists of sites.

The next time you want to play online games, most specially online casino be very careful and dont take chances. It is better to be sure than regret after wards. Read reviews that sites offer to other sites most specially on this site and be cautious always.

Is love a universal emotion?

If Love is a Universal emotion, then the pain it often causes (some might say inevitably causes) is equally Universal. Yet, that only begs the more important question: Why do sad poems and stories of emotional pain bring each of us a strange kind of pleasure?
I'm sure the psychologists have an answer to that question. And I'm just as sure it's a different answer than a poet would give.
Maybe, in the end, the answer really isn't so complex. A burden born by one can often grow too heavy to bear. Maybe, in the end, each of us knows that sharing our pain is the only way we can live with the pain. And that's really what each of these poignantly sad poems are about - sharing.

The best site to play poker

I love poker and I used to play online poker during my freetime. Since I am so familiar with the poker game. I am looking for a an online poker rooms that offers the best tournament action and luckily I found a site named BasicTexasHoldem, a site that offers tournament listings. Tips and strategies are also available here for new players. You can also read here the strategies of a Holdem Texas Poker. I really love this site because everything that I want as a poker player is here. I dont need to transfer from one site to another just to look for another poker game. Basic Texas Holdem is a guide to playing poker online. If you are a regular Texas Holdem poker player then this site will teach you which online poker rooms offers the best tournament action. If you are new to the game, you will find Basic Texas Holdem strategy information so you can learn the rules of the game before playing for real money. I told some of my friends who also love to play online poker games and as they have seen the site they were amaze because they gain more information and improve their knowledge on poker strategies and tips on playing online poker games. So to all poker lover out there, this is the right site for you, join now and be one of the many lucky winners. Visit to get started play poker.

Keisha loves her new Tempo MP3 Ipod player

My daughter Keisha loves music so much that's why when her auntie Altesse gave her the money worth 1 thousand pesos as a prize when she won during the Christmas season sing and dance competition, she immediately save the money to buy a new MP3 Ipod. She chose the color pink because pink is her favorite color. It is a 4 gig Tempo MP3 Ipod player. You can also hear your favorite FM station here. She also loves dancing so to you Keisha, just be good and nobody knows she can be a great music artist someday.

Monotony of being an office employee

I am an ordinary employee in a pharmaceutical company. As we all know, the life of a common laborer is very much routinary and boring this is true and is a fact. Every morning we wake up early, take a bath have our breakfast and off to work so as to avoid traffic and not be late in the company coaster. This is the scenario everyday, from Monday to Friday and even on Saturdays for other companies extend there work hours. With this scenario at hand, Me and my office mates make it a point to break the monotony of our daily lives. We see to it that we have fun during the end of the day and this would took place every after office hour in the afternoon of Friday. It is here that we get our bar-b-que grill and grill some fish or stake and have fun and after which we would play our best game, Poker. We would even go out and have a drink or two in a bar just to enjoy ourselves for the following week would be another day in a big world and the monotony of the work would be all over again.

The Ox people

Those born under the influence of the Ox are fortunate to be stable and persevering. The typical Ox is a tolerant person with strong character. Not many people could equal the resolution and fearlessness the Ox exhibits when deciding to accomplish a task or an objective. As we used this great creature long ago to plow the soil day after day, so do Ox people labor through their daily responsibilities either at work or at home without complaint or gripe. Oxen know they will succeed through hard work and sustained effort and find no truth or benefit in concocting get-rich-quick schemes.

The Poker game

The best thing that Gaming has to offer is the thrill and excitement that the game offers to the players and not to mention the prize of winning, Online Poker is one of the best games that gives the players the enjoyment that each and every player seeks.

To tell you frankly, I have been hooked to this game. This game was introduced to me by my cousin who is also an enthusiast in this kind of game. From the start I could not understand the game but as I craved and played more, the more I am entangled to the thrill that the game offers. In the game of chance, it is not the winning that counts but the excitement and enjoyment that the game offers. You can even play with the members of the family during the evening where the kids has nothing to do and bored, or during Saturdays and Sundays or even in a night out or camping.

This game is really something aside from the pleasure that you could have it is also very handy and easy to play all you got to have is a deck of card and some chips and the game will start in no time. For more info on the site visit:

Chinese zodiac

In the Chinese zodiac, each successive year is named for one of 12 animals. These 12-year cycles are continuously repeated and combined with a sequence of the five elements (water, wood, fire, metal, earth) in a 60-year major cycle.

I love poker

There are a lot of online casino games now in the internet and i used to play during my free time. I am not so familiar with the other popular online casino games which my friends and business associates used to play but I have one online casino game that I like most and this is the Poker. I love poker because this is the only game that I am so familiar with and speaking of poker, there is a site named Easy Poker Bonuses that provides the best poker games online. Easy Poker Bonuses is an online poker guide to the best poker bonus codes and player incentives. This is the site where I used to visit because they have everything in store for you when it comes to poker. You can also see poker reviews here and featured online bonus poker like the Cake Poker, Lucky Ace poker, Poker Stars, and more... Poker articles are also available here. it is written here to help both new and old players in their bonus whoring. You can also join poker forums to interact with other poker players. So to all people who likes poker, this is the right site for you because it is like a one stop shop for poker lovers. For more information about the Easy Poker Bonuses just visit the site at

Rubiks cube is my daughters favorite toy

This is my daughters favorite toy a Rubiks cube. She doesn't know how to complete all the colors but she knew how to fix one color at a time. I bought this Rubik's cube as a gift to her last Christmas season and she study all by herself on how to fix it. There is no pattern included when I bought this stuff because if you have pattern to solve it that's not challenging to me because you will be solving the cube by its pattern , you will become more dependent on the pattern. This is the kind of toy that my daughter Keisha loves most.

A good starting point for new online casino players

Every Sunday me and my office mates are gathered in my house to play our favorite online casino games. Most of my friends usually wins every game they play because they have a lot of strategies in playing the game. They are very familiar with the games online for they frequently play. I am not as frequent player as they are that is why I am am looking for a site that will give me basic strategies and tips and guides on how to win the game. I have found a site named, it is an online gambling database that provides basic strategies, tips and guides on different online casino games. This site provides Casino Review Sites and listings on different reliable online casino games. This site really helps a lot to new online casino players because is a free online casino database that offers information on casino forums, poker blogs and general online gambling guides. So if you are looking for top rated and reliable online casino games, this is the right site for you. They have all in store for you. So what are you waiting for, start playing now because who knows you will be the next jackpot winner. For more information about the OGDb site just visit

You can't serve two chores at the same time

This is the result of the overcooked eggs.
My wife updated her blogsite this morning and she concentrated to much to make good and interesting articles but previously she cook 6 eggs in a casserole to make an egg sandwich for this afternoon merienda. After 30 minutes of blogging and making good post to her blog infront of the computer, a low bang sound catches my attention and I reminded her about the eggs and she immediately run to the kitchen because she forgot that she was cooking boiling eggs. as a rsult, all eggs were overcooked. huh... All eggs were put to trash can.

US Casinos

There are a lot of online casino games now in the net but be careful because there were are also casino games in the net that are not reliable. To make sure that you are in the right site, just go directly to a site where you can trust 100 percent. You can go directly to a site named Online Casino Suite that offers different varieties of US Casinos. Online Casino suite has been offering online casino information and reviews on every casino game. This site has all in store for you. They have a list of the best online casino games here and the casinos that is owned and managed by the names you can trust. It is tried and tested because this is the site where most of my friends play their favorite online casino games. The Online Casino suite is offering Online Casinoonline casino bonus money, best online casinos and free casino games. So if you want to play and experience the excitement and fun of playing online casino games, go directly to a site where you can trust. Play your favorite game now, who knows you will be the next jackpot winner. For more information about the online Casino suite, just visit their site at

Mom and daughter kesiha at the dance craze pad

After going to school my daughter Keisha asked me if she can go to the mall and play. I together with my wife went to the mall and accompanied her to the play zone. She kept on transferring from one place to another because she wanted to try all the playing units. The last game that she played was the Dance Craze. She didn't know how to play it but she tried to step in anyway she can. her mom taught her how to play but unfortunately her mom also doesn't know how to start the game. As a result, they both ended as if they were not doing anything hehehe.......... but they both enjoyed the game.

Social media

I have been reading some interesting blogs every morning and I have encountered this one blog that captures my interest. This blog named Canvass Data is all about the authors personal take on social media and super affiliate marketing. There's a lot of powerful blog authors who participated and commented on certain issues. So join now , and be part of the growing super affiliate marketing. for more information about the Canvass Data site just visit

A new Panasonic Phone

This morning, I am going to connect the Panasonic phone that was bought my sister in Australia. I am going to try all the features if it is working. It has a lot of features. You can record the calls and it serves as an answering machine. but before installing it I have to read carefully the instructions because it is very important to know the input and output specifications to avoid voltage overloading since this item came from other country.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Every month I do marketing presentation. I always do this to strengthen our marketing strategy to increase our sales. I am a sales supervisor of a medical company. There are times that we received new medical products from our mother company and in order to disseminate information regarding the new medical items I do the presentation. Since some of our medical representatives are assigned in different areas of the region, I just used the Epiphan Systems VGA2WEB Lite. VGA2WEB Lite allows you to broadcast the video from virtually any VGA source, including VGA projectors, computers, medical devices and electronic microscopes. It is so simple to use all you need to do is simply connect its input to the source VGA signal and, as long as the VGA2WEB has access to the Internet via its Gigabit Ethernet interface, you’re ready to start sharing your VGA stream with viewers around the world. This helps me a lot in giving the new information and presentation even if they are out in the office. For more information about the VGA2WEB Lite, visit their site at

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A cooking procedure of Thailand told by Peth Gabutin of Canada

Thailand products
Is there any alternative Peth ???

There are a lot of soy sauce here but I have not found the one you told me.
A good online friend of mine named Peth Gabutin of Canada taught me how to cook steam fish because she always cook this way during her stay in Thailand when she was still a teacher. I have known this beautiful girl Peth since I started blogging until we became friends. She is a Filipina by heart that chooses to live in Canada with her handsome hubby. as she told me the ingredients and directions on how to cook steamed fish, I listen and read carefully, as a matter of fact, I save all the details in my computer folder. After a day, me and my wife Lyhra went to the mall to look for the said ingredients. I kept on looking for the kind of soy sauce that she told me but I found nothing. Xiaosing is the name of the soy sauce that I am looking for. I am eager to learn and follow the procedures that she taught me but it is really hard to find that Thailand sauce. hehehehehe....... I just hope that next week I can just use another sauce as an alternative so that I can start cooking my favorite steamed fish.

Make yourself free

Addiction now a days is a big problem of the country because the number of people who are using it is increasing. A person who is into prohibited drugs needs guidance from her love ones and should be put to center wherein she/he will be detoxified. There is a site named Pat Moore Foundation that specializes in drug rehab and alcohol detox. They already have 23 years experience in helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions. So if you want your love one to be in good shape again send him/her to the top-rated alcohol detox center. For more information about their good services just visit their site at or you may call them at this number (888) 426 6086.

Camera comparison

I am a computer addict and I am quite familiar with the computer accessories and gadgets. I have two computers in my room but the other one has lower specification than the other. The old desktop computer is Pentium 4 while the other one has a dual core drive. I compared each of them and I was amaze with the Crystal eye camera of the Acer Aspire laptop for it is so clear even if you have less light. it is so different to what I have before the Logicool because you need to put more light to see you image clear. I am using the crystal eye now because I feel more comfortable in using it. I am planning to buy a new camera with higher resolution so that I can also change the old camera.

EZ Backup

I worked as a data encoder in a Local civil Registry where I encode and keep data of every people in the community. It is a challenging job for me because I have to keep the information and file in a good storage to avoid file damage. I suggest to my immediate boss to create a back up from all the datas that I handled so that when something happened to the main copy there is still a back up copy to retrieve. I look for a back up software over the net and luckily I found one named EzBackup Software. It is a software that has a lot of good features namely:

Backup manually anytime
Select entire categories of files for backup:
Photos, Videos, Music, Emails, Documents
Overwrite old backups
Keep multiple dated copies of your backups
Restore a file or folder instantly
Restore a boot drive 1,2,3
Verify your backups any time - Just take a look.
Backup any IDE or SATA drive
Backup to any external or internal drive drive: USB, Firewire, IDE, SATA, eSATA --take your pick
Don't have a drive? See ours below.
EzBackup supports Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista

You can have this good features above for a very low cost because they are giving a discounted 51% form its original price on February 9th. Grab now the EZ backup promotion. For more information about the EZ Backup software visit their site at

Pinoy in Gaza

Working to earn a living is quite difficult in my town because the economy of my country (Philippines) is unstable . There are more than 80 to 90 million people who are striving for food and looking for greener pasture, since there are less opportunities here they tend to grab opportunities overseas even if they will be far away from their loving wife and kids just to support their daily needs. There are a lot of overseas workers in Gaza that were stranded due to war. They kept on asking for help to the Philippine government but the government can't do something and cant penetrate to the areas where they are stranded for it is very chaotic. There are also Pinoys that still want to remain in Gaza even if the war operations are still going because they said that if they go back to the country where they were born, there still be no food to eat that's why they would rather remain their as long as they can provide enough food for their family than staying in their country doing nothing.

Russian Stock Market

I have a friend who invested some of her wealth particularly in oil stocks. He always read news and reports to a site named Russian Stock Market . He is always updated of whats happening on the trading system because he always read the daily stocks traders view. If you want to know more about Russian Stock Market and want to be updated always go to

Monday, January 26, 2009

Golden Miagos is my favorite plant variety

I am very much excited for tomorrows activity. I am planning to transfer all my healthy plants. actually this is one of my favorite variety of plants that I grow in my garden named "Golden Miagos". It comes in golden yellow with lots of healthy leaves. It doesn't cost too much but I like its colors and shape. It really stands out among other variety most specially if you use it in a landscape. I have more than 50 in my garden and I cant wait to see them in new plastic liners.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Intersting site for photo hobbyist

Aside form singing as my hobby I also love photo shooting. During my college days photography is one of my hobbies and I get formal lesson with it. At first, it was just a simple photo capturing but I don't know how to adjust lights and its background for a clear image, that's what decides me to take a formal lesson. I have a Sony camera and a couple of lenses. this is my first camera that I used to during schooling but I have found out that there were still a lot of cameras that has great features that is much powerful than mine. I was able to compare my camera and its performance to my other classmates photo gadgets and it turned out that they have better cameras than mine. Its because that their cameras are newer than mine and has a lot of new features which can't be found to old models like mine. As a photography hobbyist, I always visit a 42 photo news blog site named 42nd Street Photo News that offers a lot of information regarding Digital Cameras, Camcorders, DVD & MP3 Players. This site provides a lot of tips on how in Getting the Most Out of Your Point and Shoot Digital Camera, to printing the images, and how to operate your gadgets with other devices perfectly. for more information about this interesting site visit the 42nd Street Photo News at

Keisha Nicole loves to sing a song

I love to sing and singing is one of my hobbies. This evening before I write this thing, me and my wife and daughter Nicole sang different songs using the Wow Magic sing that was bought by my sister Altesse during her Christmas vacation last year 2008. My daughter loves the "I'm crazy for you " song. she loves the tune so much even though she cant pronounced the words correctly. She kept on singing the same song. Maybe she was trying to familiarize the lyrics. To you Keisha Nicole Just familiarize the song you want to sing because its part of learning. Who knows she can be a great singer someday.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Eye make up

I am a make up artist by profession. I have been doing this job for the past five years now and my expertise focuses more on the eye. It always fascinates me every time I work with someones window of the the soul (eye), for it is the eye that gives emphasis to a persons expression or state of being. Though I consider my self an expert in the field of cosmetology I always visit sites or websites as well as blog_eye_makeup to further understand the eye and equipped me with the latest trend and the best color and hue that contrast the eye depending on the persons color, face shape etc.

As the old cliche goes, the eye is the window of the soul so it is just appropriate to give the eye a credit which means giving the best color to let the people see a persons beauty from within to radiate outside.

Putting colors on the eye does not mean any colors but there are exceptions to the rule some people are blessed to have an angelic face that needs not to much color to let radiate what is deep inside. Most of the people that I worked with needs proper contrasting to get the perfect hue to match their face.

A love poem indeed

It's perfect, and touches me deep First thing in the morning, when I hear you speak And last thing at night as you bid me sweet dreams The brush of your lips lets me know what you mean And all of the hours that pass through the day Those spent together and when you're away I think of you always, imagine your touch Think how to show you, I love you so much So when we're apart, and you long for me near Just try to remember, you're already here For deep in my heart, where no one can see You'll be forever, together we'll be

The best way to travel Europe

I used to take the cheap flight going to my European destination before. What I realized when I am on those cheap flights is that, I don't get what my money is worth, especially on an economy class. I regularly visit my close friends in Paris and travelling on a cheap flight is a big no no for me. when I heard about Eurostar breaks, I got interested and eager to give it a try. I am a traveller and travelling is what I do. The eurostar city breaks is what I've been waiting for. Eurostar is the best way to travel going to Paris and other cities in Europe with pleasure and style. Travelling is better for me this time. What I like about eurostar is that when you enter the train, you are like inside a 5 star room. The floor is clean and has a good smell. really refreshing to travellers like me. I can even select where I want to sit and there is also dishes being served. I first tried asking eurostar and now, I travel via eurostar always. I get to my destination safe and comfortable, unlike those cheap flights that I get before. My friends are now asking the eurostar city breaks when they travel to cities in Europe. They really like the travel compared to flights that are cheap and tiring. By the end of January, me and my friends will be going to Brussels and eurostar city breaks is the only way to travel. We already made the booking and we have already selected the seats for our travel. That will be a blast when we travel. This is for our reunion that we regularly do every year. last year, we took the cheap flight that we hated. Now eurostar, the travel will surely be a memorable one since one of my friends is now getting another job in Asia. This is our last reunion that she will be with us. We want our reunion be a memorable and to make it a good one, eurostar is a good start.

Is she going to harvard University?

Though she’s not the type you’d expect to see on the campus of an Ivy League school, Lindsay Lohan paid a visit to Harvard University yesterday (January 21).
According to Perez Hilton, the “Mean Girls” actress was touring the illustrious school with Caroline Kennedy’s daughter Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, a current student.

Direct TV

I used to watch cable TV on my neighbor during evenings because it don't have additional channels on my television at home. Sometimes I get ashamed of what I am doing since my neighbor already recognised the way I knock on their door. I even heard them saying " Its Noel again!". But now, I don't need to go to my neighbor's house just to watch TV. It is because I have a Directv in my home. Having a direct tv is better than just having cable with limited channels. Directtv has 256+ channels enough to make your world go round. When I heard about this Direct tv, I immediately get a quote for me. You can get over 28 movie channels. this is really great. This is really amazing and their price is reasonable enough for their best service. Now I can sit and watch movies all day long without anybody bothering me. Thanks to my Direct tv, my home viewing is nice and comfy. I always invite my friends and relatives here to watch movies and they are also planning to have a connection of Direct TV. For a quick quote visit www, or you may call them at 866-784-5304.

Pine trees in action

I am a plant enthusiast and I have a lot of ornamental plants in my garden. I used to grow trees, orchids, shrubs, and herbs. This morning during my visit to my garden in Naligaya Pequeno Philippines, I noticed that my pine trees were already tall and big. Its container needs to be replaced because the roots were already coiled inside. It needs tobe replaced to a bigger container to have an enough room for growth. I immediately went to the store and buy the mini-drum size of plastic containers. I replaced it with the new bags and right now they were all in bigger size.

BYD cars a solution to pollution problem

The environmentalist of the United states now pushes the new President Barack H, Obama on the issue of pollution. The group want to have a clean air and they expressed their right to be heard on the issue of pollution. They are looking for a solution to decrease polluted air brought about by automobiles. I think there is a solution to that problem in my own opinion because there is a new technology now that is already out in the market. Electric cars and plug-in hybrids are the best solutions to decrease the level of air pollution. Speaking of hybrid cars and electric cars, there is a site named Byd Co Ltd Electric Cars that provides a lot of information regarding BYD Cars. You can read a lot of important things and best features on this kind of cars. I think if all cars are made like this there will be zero percent of pollution. Cars are really important in our daily lives because transportation plays a very special role in operating a business but let us think of it that we only have only one world to live and let us protect it because if this thing will be lost all of us will suffer. For more information about electric cars and Hybrid cars visit their site at

Noodles soup for cold climate

We are again experiencing heavy rainfall today and it is cold again here. My wife prepared a noodle soup for the whole family and it is nice to sip some hot noodles soup in times of cold weather. I like the chicken flavor better than the pork flavored soup. Noodles in the U.S.A. is not so popular but here in the Philippines this is one of the fast moving items in store for Pinoys loves the taste and of course the cheap cost of it as an alternative of the costly nutritious foods.

Never stop exploring

I love outdoor adventure and I always appreciate nature. I am a member of a mountaineering during my college days and until now I still participate and join outdoor adventures. Mountaineering gadgets is one of the most important if you participate this kind of club. I have a complete set of mountaineering gears. I don't just buy gears from anywhere else. I see to it that my mountaineering gears are from North Face and Arcteryx because it is known of its quality. The Rock Climbing Shoes that I used for several treks now are still in good condition. It is very durable. So to all outdoor adventure lovers out there if you are joining an outdoor adventure choose the right brand of mountaineering gears.

Simple mathematics

Yesterday night I taught my daughter about simple mathematics. There lessons is all about addition and she really want to know more about it. We reviewed all the past questionnaires whee she got mistakes. after our review, she is now ready to take his final exam today, I just hope that she won't forget my formulas and tips on how to arrive the right sum in a simpler way.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fashion and accessories

I am a fashion conscious person and I always love to buy fashion clothing every weekends. I usually scrutinize design and style of the clothing before buying it. I always browse the net to look for a site that offers new Fashion clothing. Luckily, I found a site named Ezibuy that offers a wide range of fashion dresses and accessories for men and women at a reasonable price. so what are you waiting for,! If you are looking to buy quality clothing and accessories this is the right and perfect online store for you. For more information visit the Ezibuy site at

Intel Philippines is very much affected with the global recession

There are alot of companies affected with this economic recession and one of these is the Intel Philippines in Cavite. It was said during the report that almost 2000 workers will lost their jobs. the company can't hold on anymore with their expenses. It is so sad to hear that a company that operates here for a very long time will be closed. Intel is a big company but still affected, how much more to the small enterprise, I am sure that they are the most affected with this global economic recession.

My newly found apartment

I am an engineer for three years now and I am very successful working here in my town. I am residing together with my cousins who are also single in status to cut the cost of the monthly rentals for we divide it equally during weekends. since I am now stable enough to stand on my own, I have decided to move and look for an apartment. I browse the internet and look for one that offers 1 bedroom apartment homes in a premiere location and fortunately I found this site named Avalon communities site that offers Apartments in Lexington, MA Avalon at Lexington Hills offers thoughtfully designed 1-, 2- & 3-bedroom apartment homes and town homes in a premier location. I really love the Lexington apartments place because it is so clean and beautiful. I saw it through their three sixty virtual tour. I have decided now that this is the right apartment for me. Avalon communities is just a perfect site for me. For more information about Avalon Luxury apartment communities, visit their site at

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finding it hard to download the Genuine Vista starter

I have here with me a genuine Windows Vista starter and I am trying to run the set up of this thing but I find it so difficult in doing so. As I tried to run the set up, a message will show asking for the key numbers that is said to be found inside the box but I dint found anything that looks like whats been shown. I am planning to go to the store tomorrow where I bought my Acer Aspire laptop and ask for help. I am sure that they can advice me what to do to download my Genuine vista starter.

Mustang parts and accesories

Mustang is one of my favorite car and some of my friends who is also a car enthusiast always criticize me and telling me that why do I choose to ride a Mustang for it is really difficult to maintain it for it's hard to find Mustang parts. I said to them that it's not difficult to find mustang parts because there is a site in the internet that offers a wide range of Mustang Parts. My Hot Mustang site is what I am referring to. so if you want to buy genuine Mustang parts at a reasonable price just visit their site at

Barack H. Obama is the new American president

I slept very late yesterday night because I wait for the live telecast of the president elect Barack H. Obama. It was attended by millions of people in America and world witnessed the inauguration day. It is said that it's like John F. Kennedy because there are kids in the white house again plus the in-law. The whole America is once again united because the black community feels that there will be racial discrimination on their part because of the African-American President. I believe in his capacity as a president of the United States. I know that he can lead the world in order and weigh things out before deciding. He knew whats life outside America because he stayed and live different countries such as Indonesia, Kenya, America, and other territories. This is one of the key factors why people love him so much and put him to the most powerful position in the world.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Elliptical fitness machines guide.

My goal this year is to loose weight and to stay fit. I do exercise in my room but it doesn't give me good results but my friend John who have the same weight as I do loose weight by using some of his Elliptical machines. I am planning to buy an exercise machine because I feel so convenient using it. I have tried it long time ago and it gives good results to me. Next week I am planning to buy one but before buying it I need to visit first a helpful site named Elliptical Machines Guide. It is a site that provides reviews and information on various different kinds of elliptical fitness machines. This is a helpful site for people who's looking for a good exercise machine. Foe more information visit their site

Life is what we make it

Living in this world is so beautiful because we can see the beauty of Gods' creation. Every individual finds its own way to see his or her partner so that she/he has a partner to share with. In my own case, I am contented and satisfied with what I have now because God gave me an understanding partner, a good wife and a loving mother to my daughter Keisha Nicole. There are a lot of beautiful girls outside that I admired celebrities, models and the like... but if I will be ask if am I still going to choose the same person if given a new life ? all I can say is ... I am still choosing the same person which I chose 8 years ago.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Credit Card is Useful

One of best things that man has invented over the past decade was the credit card, credit cards are like the size of an ordinary identification card it would fit
in any bag or wallet and some times would fit in the palm of a hand. The credit card pave way to buying items or paying bills or services without the the presence of money.

The Best Credit Cards today are those that can be used in other countries, which means accessibility and convenience is of great importance. Another thing that made the credit card very useful is the cash advance. In times of difficulty and you need cash instantly all you have to do is go to the nearest ATM insert your card and key in your pin and in no time you get your money and the interest is very low.

chances are

What are your chances of surviving an airplane crash over water? Ditching, the term for an emergency landing over water where a pilot intentionally grounds the aircraft in water, virtually always has survivors. There are several examples in modern civil aviation history where some or all passengers survived an emergency landing in water. According to various statistics, the overall chances of surviving such an airplane accident ranges from lows of 50% to highs of nearly 90%. A few of the more notable "ditchings" in recent history and the survival rate:

January 2009 - US Airways Flight 1549 ditched into the Hudson River in New York City after calls of having been hit by a flock of geese. Aircraft - Airbus A320. 155 total passengers and crew on board survived. Survival Rate - 100%.

16 January 2002 - Garuda Indonesia Flight 421 ditched near Yogyakarta. Engine failure in poor weather (heavy precipitation) led to the incident. Aircraft - Boeing 737. 60 total passengers and crew; one fatality (flight attendant). Survival Rate - 98%.

23 November 1996 - Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 ditched close to land after running out of fuel. The flight was hijacked, lack of fuel meant mechanical failure, and one of the aircraft's wingtips dragged in the water before breaking apart into three pieces. 175 total passengers and crew; 52 survivors. Aircraft - Boeing 767-200ER Survival Rate - 30%.

The best site to buy your car

Transportation is really important because it is now a necessity to each and everyone of us. There are a lot of car brands that varies in their engine types and the kind of fuel that their engine needs. I am a mechanic by profession for 6 years now and I am very much familiar with all the good features and benefits of it. Among the leading brands in the market now, I am very much attracted to the New Ford Fusion because it has a good feature and has a good leg room plus a powerful engine. Ford has an excellent and well presented range of cars. If you are looking for a good dealer of the New Ford, visit immediately the Buy Your Car site at

I have a new genine windows for my Acer Aspire Laptop

My new Acer Aspire laptop has expires its trial version of Windows and I need a genuine windows now. A friend of mine named Jongjong, an officemate of my brother who have a genuine software of windows lend me his CD. I am so happy because I don't have to buy one because it cost 2000 pesos for one. I am going to erase my installed Windows here and change it to the genuine version. I will also keep a copy of this one so that whenever I have problem regarding windows programme, I can immediately solve it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shop wisely

During weekends I always drive almost 5 kilometers together with my family to buy our weekly needs to the nearest grocery in town. It is so inconvenient on my part because I need to push myself even if I am tired because we really need to do the grocery thing. I only have one day for my family and I want to give that quality time to them instead of driving them to the store and spend long hours of choosing the grocery stuff. I am so happy right now because I have found a site in the internet named #1Coupons where I can buy it online. I don't have to travel long distance just to buy our weekly needs. #1 Coupons site is a site where you can save alot because there are a lot of bargain coupons, and big discounts. It has everything in store for you because whatever you think of they have what you need at a very discounted price. This morning, I tried to look for a brand new Adistar control running shoes and I found it here plus there are also a lot of choices here. It is so nice to shop online here at #1 coupons. There are also women's training shoes that you can choose from. I also found a good laptop the new aluminum 13-inch MacBook here which I plan to buy it for my cousin John and a Refurbished iPod shuffle 1GB - Purple for my niece. I am just getting a Yamaha GigMaker Acoustic Guitar Pack for myself because I really love music and I am a good composer too. So if you want a smart buy go straight to .

Avoiding soil erosion in my garden pathway

I put some cracked concretes in my garden pathway to avoid soil erosion. It is always my problem during rainy days because my pathway is filled with dirt and flashed soil coming from the upper portion of my garden. This time after filling all the concretes on my pathway, I feel so comfortable to walk even during rainy season.

The best way to increase your blog visitors

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Excited to do plant propagation

I have a lot of Eugenias ornamental plant in my garden and I want them to increase in volume and the only way to do is to propagate them through vacuum propagation. I'm going to buy a clear cellophane for my vacuum and rubber bonds. It will reach up to three months or more for a Eugenias from the vacuum procedure until they will get established. I am just hoping that the mortality rate is low so that I will get more of my produce.

Interesting site of TED

I love to read articles online and I used to visit different sites and power blogs. I have alot of favorite blogsites and I keep on visitiing them from time to time. One of the sites that I recently visit is the blog of ted which I show some interest of reading his interesting articles. So if you have time just take a look of his interesting blogsite at

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A brand new garden shelter

At last my roof is already finished. I have completed my roof change to a new native type roof (NIPA). I save more than a half of its cost than using the GI sheets. I also put a side canopy. I am so happy right now for I have set all the garden facilities in good shape. All I need next week is to concentrate with my propagation to increase my number of plants in my garden.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My hobby is singing

I am a member of a college chapel choir during my college days and I always participate choral competition then. I love singing and I used to play guitar and electronic organ. Yesterday my wife ask me if we could barrow the WOW Magic sing of my sister Altesse that she bought last December. I asked permission to my mother to barrow it and she gladly said yes. I have to exercise my vocal chords now because my wife Lyhra challenges my voice against her.