Thursday, April 30, 2009

Play On

I would say that my brother is one good player when it comes to casino games. He has been exposed to this kind of games since we were in high school, courtesy of my father. He always bring my brother along with him. I am not surprised to see my brother in every casino there is in the city. It was just new that he was playing in an online casino site. When he moved to the United States, we was exposed to playing online games. He regularly visit an Online Casino USA and found the site where he can play. The online casino USA was where he downloaded the site's software where he plays casino games online. We had a chat last night and he told me that he won a poker tournament online. I was very happy for him because this was his favorite game in every casino place where we go. He told me that It is not yet hard for me to play casino games, considering that it is now online. All players who wants to play online can and even sites that offers online casinos for USA players. I am thinking about playing online. The rules are just the same and the excitement is totally different when playing online. Feel free to visit and find the site that offers good casino sites for all and USA players as well.

Excercise in the mall

this evening I went to the mall to buy groceries and after paying the items, i immediately went straight to the mall atrium where there were approximately 30 persons doing exercise (thigh bow). it was so fun to see those groups because you can see how serious they were to loose weight. I like to join them because it is good for the body but I am too shy to perform. I just love to watch them stretching their arms and moving fast and gracefully. Most of the participants were on their early 40's but there were some that were in their 20's. I see changes to one of the participants who was really overweight. She was the biggest participant of that group but I saw changes of her for she loose weight.

The best medicare for you

We have to be wise in every thing that we do, especially when it come to our health. I just got a medicare supplemental insurance for my wife. It is because she does not have any insurance yet and considering the amount involved when we get hospitalize. I want to be sure that she is safe and sound when in cases where she will be needing the insurance. I was looking at the Medicare Part D and medicare part A of the insurance. I remembered before, I was hospitalized for 3 days unconscious because of a road accident involving my bike. I was bumped behind. For three days, I was lying in the hospital bed. After 3 days, I was already awake and saw the bill. I felt I was going to be admitted for the cost involved. Since that, I made it sure that I get a medical insurance so that I will be protected when cases comes to worse. Before I thought that having an insurance was just an expense on my part. But I was very wrong about it. That made me realize that medical insurance was very important. That is why I got one for my wife too. For those who are looking for that medical insurance, visit now.I am pretty sure this can help you a lot to save more on medical bills.

Keisha taught me how to navigate in my friendster account

This morning I heard reports over the radio that Filipinos are the biggest subscriber or user of the famous site named It was reported that there were 12 million Filipinos who have active accounts of the site. I am a frequent computer user but I don't visit much more on my friendster account even if I have one because I am too busy with my job. Since I am not so familiar how and where to navigate inside my account, my daughter Keisha taught me awhile ago how to customize my profile and change its skin. Keisha is only 6 years old but she already knew how to navigate and learns how scrutinized every details. Thanks God that there's my daughter to teach me the right thing to make my account profile and skin more attractive.

Make friends to people of different races

I am a friendly guy who wants to win more friends not only here in my town and neighboring cities but also online. You can reach and chat as many friends you want to different countries. I have a lot of friends of different races because I used to chat and make friends in a site named Black BBW Singles. It is a new Interracial Dating website wherein you can find and make friends online of different races. This is the best interracial dating sites that's why I frequently visit to chat with thousands of friendly users online. The registration is completely free so visit now the site at and start making friends online.

Daddy! here I come....

My daughter Keisha and her mom Lyhra will be coming home this day. They were in Tacurong City for the past three days already to attend the birthday celebration of my father-in-law named Pido. Keisha called me yesterday and kept on asking me about anything. She is a very talkative child and want to know everything I do. She promised to me during our conversation yesterday night that she will be bringing special food from the province. I am so excited now to see what kind of presence she'll be giving to me. I really miss my daughter and I am so happy to hear that they will be home soon. To you Keisha and Mommy buckle up for a safe ride (giggles)....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I saw Britney Spears the other day while I was watching in my directTV. She was wearing a red colored shirt and faded jeans to match. She was having this interview about her new song in her album. Since I got this directtv in my home, I can watch the latest news about my favorite star, Britney Spears.

I really like my about my TV right now, unlike before with limited channels and poor resolution. Now that I have a directv in my home, I get to watch my favorite movies and see Britney Spears almost 24 hours a day. Feel free to visit their site and have a quotation right now. The site is .

This site deserves to be in the Best Of The Best awards. I already nominated the site because of the product and I hope you guys as well nominate it for the Best Of The Best Awards and BoB awards as well.

Is it true there are jobs waiting abroad for Filipino applicants?

The Philippine government now a days are announcing that they will be having a job fair next week and there are 200 thousand of jobs waiting for the applicants. I asked one of my friends abroad particularly in Canada about this issue because there are also reports and I have watched also on TV that the Philippine government is announcing that there are jobs in Canada waiting. My friends told me that it is not true because they are just telling a lie. Canada is experiencing global financial crisis also and most of the their citizens lost their jobs. that's why the reports were just plain advertisement. I really dont know why they are doing that, maybe the election is fast approaching. I just hope that what they do is honest and fair. No more politics for a better development.

Perfect site for single moms

I have a friend named Anna who is turning 28 this coming May 9. She is a single mom. She has a 2 year old daughter named Catherine. Anna is a very jolly person. We always go to the mall every weekend to do the grocery and after that we used to visit the internet cafe shop located a few blocks away from our house to surf the net. Anna has a favorite site where she used to visit every time we are in the cafe and this is the Local Single Moms site. It is an online dating site for Single mothers like her. Anna is a single mom dating with her chat mates. She has a lot of friends in that site. As a matter of fact, she told me that she is dating one of her chat mates next week. I am so happy to hear from her because this is an indication that she already have move on from the past relationship that was not successful. So if you are one of the persons who are looking or an online dating site for single mothers, this is the perfect site for you. Visit the site now at

The battle between the east and west is what the whole world is waiting for

I am so exciting to watch the battle between the east and west boxers between Manny "The Pacman" Pacquaio and Ricky Hatton. The are both good boxers but I prefer to bet with my fellow countrymen Manny. I know that he will win the fight because baced on his track records and his boxing style I am prety sure he will be bringing again dignity and fame to the Filipino people. To you Manny Goodluck!!! and more power to your boxing career.

Playing it online

My friends always tell me to learn to play poker so that I can come along with them as they play poker. But because there was nobody who can teach me How to Play Poker, I decided to search it in the net. I found this site, where I learn to play poker. After I visited the site, I did not told my friends about it. I pretended that I still don't know how to play the exciting game of poker. Maybe because I wanted to look like a poker face, like players do to hide their real card score and pretended they will win or lose. I have been playing online for about a month now. I even won tournaments online and received several recognition from the sport. This what I realized when I play online poker. It is like the tangible card game that is regularly played in every casino. The rules are the same and th winning is big time. Next week, my friends will be coming in my house. I know that it will be their venue for their poker game. Unlike before, I don't know how to play the game. But now, I believe that it will be a great experience for them and be amazed with the thing I do when I play poker. For those who are interested to learn how to play poker, I suggest that you visit the site.

Creating a new business

I was in Panabo City for the past three days finishing my internet project. I was creating a box type table for our internet business. This is a coin slot type machine wherein an internet user has to drop a single coin in a coin slot for the internet machine to operate. He or she can now surf and browse to different sites. The group decided to create 6 units for a start. I am very much excited of the outcome of this plan for I know that this type of business is really profitable because there were a lot of business internet owners that I personally knew who are very succesful in this kind of business. I just hope that me and my fellow friends will be as succesful as they are.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who made that call?

I am working in a multi-national company for ten years now that deals with fashion and accessories worldwide. we have a lot of customers worldwide placing their orders. I used to received calls from different people inquiring regarding our products, shipment procedures and the payment system. Communication is really important in my job because it is where successful transactions and customer-dealer relationship begins. I used to received hundreds of calls a day but there are times that I received unidentified calls, callers that are not registered under my phone memory. At first, I was so bothered with that finding who made the calls but because of the National Phone Listings site, I am now very much confident to trace who made the calls because the National Phone Listing site is a site that will help you find in getting you information about an unknown phone number that has called you. It is so easy to used all you have to do is to enter a phone number in the search box below to get detailed information including the general location the call came from, whether the phone is a landline, business line, or cell phone, and even obtain the owner's name and address and in a matter of seconds you will see the full information instantly. So if you have an unidentified calls and you want to trace that call in a matter of seconds, go straight to the National Phone Listings site at

Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy and Tired

I was so tired this past few days for I am so busy with all the things that needs my expertise. Few days ago, I was busy making a computer table and do the canvassing for the materials needed for the internet cafe. I do the computation and the budgeting and since I am like a one man band in performing the box, I ended up almost 1 in the morning just to finish the job but unfortunately I was not able to fix the whole thing that's why after two hours of sleep I immediately get started again to get the job done. I started at exactly 4 in the morning. After the box making, I need to drive 50 kilometers to reach Panabo City where my friends were waiting. The programmer/installer named Bong arrived in Panabo at exactly 7:30 in the evening then immediately started the installation. We ended up almost 11:30 in the evening then I went back home and arrived at exactly 12:10 in the morning. I am really so tired and until now I still need rest because I have headache. I just hope that I can finished all the job and my responsibilities to have a smooth business operation soon.

Friday, April 24, 2009


The other month, I was looking for a property that I can acquire. I want it to be on a coastal area or near a lake will do for me. I never imagine that I will be able to find a property that immediately. Before acquiring the said property, I visited many real estate firms and looked at their available properties for sale. But none of them was able to give me the property that I was looking for. Tranquility and peace is what I like about living in a coastal area. It is like a dream haven for me . That is why when Wilmington NC Real Estate offered me one of their coastal properties, I did not have second thoughts about it. I bought it immediately. By the end of this month, we will be moving to my newly acquired property. It is a fresh start for me and I am very much happy for I feel very safe in my new place to live. I also build a dog house beside my kitchen place near the garage are because I am bringing with me my favorite pet dog. I have a very big heart for animals that's why I became a member of different animal organizations and I am here to help rescue homeless animals from the humane society we support. Wilmington NC Real Estate is the best when it comes to affordable properties. For more information about the Coastal Carolina properties visit now.


I am planning to enroll my daughter in a dancing school for this summer. It is because I want her summer to be productive. Instead of just watching TV in the house. It would be better for her to learn new things like dancing. I know she already know how to dance. But a formal study would be best for her. Aside from that, she also wanted to learn how to play the piano. This made me recall the things I miss before. My mom told me before to study how to play the piano. But because I was more interested in motor parts, I studied how to be a mechanic. But since my daughter like this, I will support her.


Nobody is safe right now. That is a fact. My neighbor's house was robbed the other day by some unknown persons. The authorities say that it was the third case that a house was robbed. My neighbor was in a vacation trip along with his family. So nobody was around to check the house. That is why I always read things about Home Security Information so that I know what to do to protect my home and my important things that I posses. I know how to protect my things and my family because of home security information. What I learn from the articles I read, I also share it to my friends and my family so that they will also know what to do to and protect their things. For information about home security, visit now. For it is better to be safe than sorry.


I am presently making the tables for the internet cafe that we will be opening in Panabo City. It is a good business that is why I am making sure that these tables will be in perfect condition when the business starts, probably by May. We are planning to start with 10 units with games and internet connection. The place, we will be renting it for the use. For the internet connection, we will be using Smart bro or Globe tattoo or even PLDT broadband connection. There are still many things to be done and must be accomplished to make this venture a successful one.

Making my own computer table

This whole day is a very tiring day for me. I spend my time in making computer tables. I used the 3/4 ply board. Wit the the help of my power tools. I made my computer table more easy. I am planning to cover it with a black leather to look good as its upholstery. I find it so attractive and elegant if the whole computer table is in leather. By tomorrow, I will buying some materials needed for my new self made elegant computer table.

Summer and Heat

Summer is here and when we speak of summer it is always associated with or synonymous to extreme heat and humidity. Most often people would go to beaches and bask in the heat of the sun, but others who can not with stand the sun's heat would most probably go to places with higher elevation where the atmosphere is cold. Others who decide to stay at home and spend their summer in the comforts of their home would probably experience excessive sweating and thirst. Thus a lot of household would seek the assistance of air conditioning repair man and have their own Des Moines HVAC-Air-Conditioning to eliminate the heat that is generated by the suns rays. Des moines HVAC-Air-Conditioning is the best their is and the most sought brand when it comes to air conditioning.

I myself have a Des moines HVAC-Air-Conditioning unit in my home and very much contented with its performance. It has been with us for the past two years now and no damage has ever occurred. Comparing other brands, some would have the tendency of creating noise specially when the unit aged but Des moines HVAC-Air-Conditioning does not create any squeaking sound.

cold sore

In this day and age, more people are becoming susceptible to viral conditions such as cold sores. Since cold sores usually appear on the face and around the mouth, the infected individual may become self-conscious about the outbreak. Often cold sores can be controlled by applying a few drops of pure tea tree oil onto the infected area at the onset. The oil will help to keep the cold sore from manifesting.

Playing safe

My friends have been playing casino since we were in college. When the online casino was launched, they were the first few players who registered immediately to play online. But before, they were having hard time to find the perfect site to play. Playing online with the use of real cash is very risky because we don't know how safe to transfer money from one's account and there are many banks and credit card companies and electronic fund transferal services will decline a persons request to transfer funds to a casino online. This is the reason why most of the players use echeck online because it is very safe and it is the best way to get access to a USA online casino using echeck deposits which functions just like personal checks but works electronically. The echeck online casinos for usa players is the best way to transfer funds to an online casino. After they echeck online, they found the place where top online casinos for usa players. On my recall when we were in college before, these players played very well. In fact, they always invited me to come along with them and play casino on their best hangout place after school. One of my friends even won a tournament held inside the casino where they usually play. I thought their interest in playing online casino games would fade because school is done. But I guess I made a short calculations on the interest of these guys. Until now, they keep inviting me to play with them, physically and online. But for online players, who want to play online games, I would suggest that you visit You will find the best casino place to play and can read good quality reviews in sites that they feature. Enough of the search and play thing. Just visit the site.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

One of the good business that I Like

Internet cafe is one of the businesses that still strive despite of financial crisis in my town. There are a lot internet cafe's her in my town. Internet owners competes based on their prices per hour. Some are offering 6 minutes per one peso coin while others are giving 20 pesos per hour and 15 pesos during daytime. Internet cafe owners get big profit out of this because this is like a piggy coin bank wherein you need to buy a piggy bank and letting other people save coin for you. This is a very simple business to operate but it needs a bigger amount of capital.

My wife has not change

My wife is the prettiest woman I've ever met in my entire life. During our college years, since we were classmates I could boastly say that she was one of the prettiest girls in school. She is lanky, tall, with fair complexion and has a dazzling as well as tantalizing eyes that is accented with her long eyelashes. Her beauty has not fade as years pass though she gave birth to our two adorable kids. The only thing that has change a bit is her size. She gained weight and from a medium size to a plus size. This is inevitable to any woman that has given birth and has aged. Thus my wife would have some difficulties in a way, in looking for the perfect fit for her figure and often times would fall in Plus Size Dresses . She often surf the net for stores who offers plus size dresses. Since it is summer, I am planning to buy her a dress that would surprise her. I am planning to by floral print smock dress that has beautiful and colorful prints and an eyeglass to protect her eyes from the harmful rays of sun just perfect for this time of year. Though my wife gained a bit in her figure, my love and respect for my wife does not change in fact it has even grown stronger and deeper.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New summer destination

This afternoon when I opened my PC, I immediately visit my friendster account to see who viewed me. i visited every friends account and browse their pictures of their escapades. Most of their pictures are on the beach swimming with their family, having fun together under the heat of the sun. Most of them were in the Paradise Island in Samal Island but there were several families that captured my attention because they were not in the popular Island for a vacation. They were in a different place but in the same island named Blue Jazz Resort. It is the newest beach resort in the island that offers a lot of ammenities and they got long slides that will drive you too the beach. It is really beautiful and I want to discover it by myself of course with my family and friends. I just hope that I can visit this new resort before the summer ends.

Making friends through chat

During the old days, meeting and making friends from other countries is sometimes difficult and tiresome, this is because the technology and means of communication is far beyond from what we have now. Today meeting friends is very easy and is just a click away from you personal computer mouse. Aside from the modern era that we are in now is the birth of "messengers", one typical example of this is christians chat . Here you can meet a lot of people from different walks of life that you could get acquainted with and make friends.

Successful stories of finding the right person also happens in the virtual world through online chat and I can attest to this for a close friend of mine who happens to be in his early forties got married to a wonderful and lovely Irish woman who is in her late thirties. I was astonished to this for I was skeptical. I could not understand why would you fall in love to a person who you do not see nor feel, but it happened to my friend and my cocoon of skepticism was erased and believe in the power of magic and love.

plug ins

You probably noticed that most mainstream media websites have an “Email this article” link on most of their pages, right? Lately many blogs started employing this feature too. But how do you add that feature to your own blog? There are two plugins that you can use for that purpose.
The first one is called WP-Email. It will basically insert an “Email this article” link below your posts, and once the user clicks there he will be sent to a page where he just need to fill in the details to send the article to someone. Here is a screenshot of how that page looks like:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Landscaped lawn adds beauty to your space

My aunt named Jessica who is now 46 years old and working as a nurse in Houston Texas is building a new house. Since her husband is a civil engineer and owned a construction company, she just let her husband Mike execute the whole plan. The newly built house is a very beautiful two story house with an attic. It is a Spanish Mediterranean inspired. The flooring are in granite and the walls are painted in multi-flecks design. Its stairs are made up of red cedar with stainless railings and all panel doors have carving designs. The materials of the roof are Tegula, it is a type of tile roof that is made up of clay. The whole facade of the house is very fantastic but it lacks beautification on lawn. I suggested to her that it is more attractive if you have your lawn landscaped. She asked me if i have a friend who could create a lovely landscaped garden since I am a plant hobbyist. I just told her that it would be better if we can get a professional landscaper so I immediately browse the net and look for one and luckily I found a site named Williamson Services a site that offers landscpaing services. This company specalizes in Landscape Design & Installation , Irrigation Sprinkler Systems, Water Gardens & Features, Landscape Lighting, and stonework. This is the perfect company that we are looking for so immediately we both contact the Houston Landscaping company for free estimates. My aunt Jessica is so happy to hear the figures for the price were just reasonable enough for the project. So if you want to have a beautiful landscaped garden just visit their site at

Lovely garden at a cheaper cost

Yesterday I and my daughter Keisha is in the garden at Maligaya, Catalunan Pequeno. We were cleaning all the plants that we propagated and waited for the person who will deliver the rotten rice hulls as one of the compositions for a good garden soil. We have different varieties of plants in our garden and we kept on collecting new varieties from abroad. Cypress and trees and flowering items are my forte. Most of the contractors and landscapers used to buy plants in my garden because they know that my plants are very healthy and I am also giving good prices for contractors and attractive deals to landscapers. If you have a newly built house and want to have a good landscaped garden in your space , just visit my garden in Catalunan because I'm gonna help you create a lovely landscaped garden at a very reasonbale price.

Your best guide to Web hosting

I am a web developer for three years now and I can say that i am so successful with my career because I have a lot of customers who avail of my services. For me web developing and site building is a very simple task to perform as long as you have the proper knowledge. A good website always pairs with the best web hosting because it is where your site depends on. Choosing a web host is quite difficult if you don't know the site where to find one but since there is a site now named web hosting Choice, a site that provides web hosting sites that are rated based on affordability, reliability, uptime and tech support. So if you are looking for a good web host feel free to visit the Web Hosting Choice at

My garden ideas for volume production is very successful

I am so happy today for my invention really works. A month ago I installed overhead sprinklers in my garden particularly in my seedling area where I used to propagate plants through cuttings and vacuum. I visited this morning my production and luckily most of my seedlings were 90 percent successful My fellow gardeners visited me after they knew. They inspected my green house and asked me how did I get the idea. i said to them that i already made this kind of greenhouse with sprinklers long time ago but i just don't implement it for I am still working on my mother plants and now that I have different varieties ready for propagation I think this is the right time to install those gadgets that I have for volume production.

Create your own t-shirt prints

I was trying to find a good designed shirt that I will be giving to my brother, who is going to celebrate his birthday on May 1. I know that I have much time to find one. As I was going to the mall's selling area, I noticed that the shirts that they are selling are very common and the designs were not that good. I thought of designing my own shirt that I will give to my brother. I know that the internet has every thing in this world. That is why I try to find a site that offers Design your Tshirt Printing Online. After an hour of searching I found what I was looking for. It is called E Tshirt Printing. This is a site that offers designing and T-Shirt Printing online. I have already submitted the design that I wanted for my brother. My brother likes to go to the beach. That is why I designed the image on the shirt and print it online. I have already wrapped it and ready for his birthday. I am pretty sure that he will like it for the design are personalize and the quality of the prints are very good. So to all people out there if you want to create your own T-shirt online go straight to Etshirt printing site. For more information about the design your T-shirt printing online now visit

Monday, April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle got talent

I am a fan of youtube and I always search for new events here online. I browse the net and watch the Britain's Got Talent show and there was this one lady who participated in the said event. The people were lifting their eyebrows for they saw this participant named Susan Boyle 4 years of age who has no star quality at all. She is not sexy nor attractive to cameras. She is just a typical citizen but with extra ordinary voice but when they heard Susan sang, all of them were amazed for Susan got a very beautiful voice. Simon smiled and you will noticed in the video that he was shock for the particiant named Susan has a very good voice, amazing voice. The audience clap their hands and Susan got an standing ovation and because of that Susan got plenty of viewers in her youtube video.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Owning a house

A friend of mine named Brian Rox asked me if I can build and design a house for him. He wanted to have a two story house with a landscape garden at the back. He wants me to handle all the details since he knew that I am a house builder and a developer for 15 years already. He likes the design and my style of building a house because most of my projects are Spanish inspired with a touch of classic architectural designs and the roof are made up of clay tiles. He always admired my creation. I am offering my services for free now that he is building his own house and since he's like a brother to me, I will do all the designs and implementations that includes the interior designing but when it comes to plumbing works I will just hire the services of the Riverside Plumber since they are the expert when it comes to plumbing works. Their company specializes in residential, commerical, military, schools, and municipalities. I believed in their capacity because I have tried it already in one of my projects. Their prices are very reasonable for a quality performance. So if you are looking for a perfect plumber to fix or install your pipelines, go straight to Mr. Rooter Plumbing site now at or you may call them at number (951) 329-9869. I am pretty sure you can save a lot of money compared to other plumbing companies that are asking higher prices but has a lesser quality performance.

I miss my Acer laptop already

I brought my laptop this week in a computer shop where I bought it because I have it checked. my laptop doesn't display anymore its screen and I have noticed a clicking sound. the computer technician of the Columbia computer center thoroughly inspected my unit and he diagnosed it that the hard disk of my laptop needs replacement because it can't be detected anymore. I leave my laptop in store for they are going to fix it and change its hard disk drive. I don't have to worry with the expenses and the cost of labor because it is still free for now because my unit is still under warranty. The technician told me that I have to wait a minimum of 1 week for they are going to order the parts needed from their mother company in Manila.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Make friends online

My buddy Allan got an award in school as the most friendliest person in campus. He is in college now taking up business course particularly in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in management. He has a lot of friends in campus, some are in higher years while some are in different departments. He is so popular because most of the students in campus knew him. His trait as a friendly person is not only in campus, he even have more friends online because he always visit a site named Interracial Chat City wherein he make friends with a ton of interracial users all over the world in a free interracial chat room. Joining here is so simple. All you need to do is create a free account, supply the blanks provided and tick the box on their terms and agreement and you're done, you are now ready to chat and mingle with thousands of users online. I myself made an account already for I want to win friends also just like my friend Allan. As I started to enter the chat room, there were a lot of friendly chatters online who greeted me and welcomed me. So to all people out there who are looking for friends, this is the perfect site for you to visit and make friends online. For more information about the site, just visit the Interracial Chat City site at

New business venture

I was with my friend this whole day visiting different computer shops for canvass purposes. We were looking for the cheapest computer items that is needed for our business to be "the Video Games". Most of the shops that we visited gave us the dealers price so what we did to make the cost of the project lesser is that we chose the lesser priced items and combined it with the other store items that gave us the cheaper one. Our computation showed a big difference on the actual cost of the unit. I just hope that this new business venture of the group will be successful and will give more opportunity in the future.


My niece is now in her kindergarten stage. Her teacher assigned to their class to draw as many world flags as they can. My niece approached me and asked for my help. As a responsible uncle to her, I am very much willing to help her. I recalled my kindergarten years before. I also had an assignment such as this. In my time, I was required to draw the flag and not just cut it from the magazines or text books. I would admit that I had a hard time back then because no one was there to help me do the assignment. I had to use some sketching paper so that I can copy the flags correctly. My niece also told me that she also have to draw some historical flags of the past. I have to make a research on those flags because the flags that are in the magazines are the current flags not the historical flags. As I was helping my niece in her assignment, I was also learning in a way. it is because I get to recall the flags of several countries and their history. The materials that I used to copy the flags was very limited so I had to make an online search at and verified the flag that I wanted to see. My niece was also very resourceful in finding the other flags and I assisted her in drawing it one by one.The assignment was ready to be submitted by Monday as she reports back to her school.

Internet cafe is a good business

I have tried a lot of business in the past already from landscaping, car overhauling, peanut butter making, construction, furniture and many more... but there's no one can give you the best profit compared to the video games or internet shop if you have a good space and location. Running an internet cafe is a very simple form of business which will give you lots of profit but it needs a large amount of capital. But there are other people and business minded person that said "it is better to start a little and see the business grow than to start big and see your business drop". I prefer to start a little because I have no enough capital to support my ideas in this kind of business. Good thing that i have a lot of friends who have also interest in this video games business. We joined our forces to build this business, sharing capitals and ideas, time and effort in order for the business to be posible. I just hope that this business will provide us good profit just like what Allen an internet cafe owner in Panabo City is experiencing now. Wish me Luck!!!

Dating the rich and famous

It is good when you are somebody most specially if you are rich and famous, you can have all the material things that you want to even men. Rich women who are looking for relationship congregates in and it is here that you could have a sugar momma dating .


Nettles are among the most nutritious of wild foods. When it is cooked, the sting disappears, leaving behind a delectable herb packed with more vitamins and minerals than you can imagine. It is truly a super-food and its healthful qualities are the ultimate medicine.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I would admit that too much exposure in the sun can really cause wrinkles on my face. This is what I noticed when I looked at the mirror and find wrinkles all over my face. At first, I tried to hide it but the more I hide it the more it shows. I also tried less exposure to the sun but still the wrinkles are there and my friends noticed it always. One day, my friend told me about Free Wrinkle Cream this is what he uses. I tried using the cream and I noticed the wrinkle line are disappearing. The aging lines are gone by just using the cream. Now, I used the cream always and my friends are noticing the big difference in me. I look young and fresh because of the cream. For more information visit and find the cream the works like magic to me.

Keisha loves the High School Musical teen stars

My daughter Keisha loves to sing a song. Early this morning she asked me about her favorite singer/actress Miley Cyrus about their first single. I really don't know what to answer for I am not so familiar with the teen stars song, so what I did is we both surf the net over youtube and look for her videos. Keish is so interesting with the songs of Miley Cyrus and some other teen stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Sharpay of the High School Musical cast.

The best plumber in town

I am a mechanic by profession and a plant hobbyist. I have a lot o f knowledge in the said field and also a little bit of everything. Most of my frineds called me the Jack of all trade for I always fix the job on my own. I don't hire the services of the expert because I know that I can do it with the tools that I have. I gained this experience when I am working in a third world country as a mechanic where there was limited tools for a proper operation. It is a matter of survival as I described because you need to fix things based on available materials only. It was hard at first but despite of the negative situation, I thank my boss for sending me to that area because it is where my knowledge becomes more brilliant. I used to fix on my own such as the installation of water pipes in the house, electrical, roofing and other house maintenance. After 5 years of staying in that area, I finally transferred to my new place of assignment and right now I am residing at Brooklyn Park, a place where there are companies to do or to fix the job for you. I dont do the plumbing anymore since I have a very hectic schedule now , If one of my household equipments need to be fix like the water heaters, water filters and many more plumbing items, I just call the Brooklyn Park plumber for they are the expert in plumbing. So if you need the plumber services, go straight to the Artistic Plumbing Inc. site at

90 percent succesful on plant production

I was so happy this day becuase almost 90 percent of my plant production through cuttings are succesful. Chichirica Vincas are the kind of plants that I used to propagate a couple of days ago. I started transferring them and rebagging them to a bigger size of plant containers this morning so thay they will have a plenty of room for their roots to grow. I am feeling great if I can propagate more of my plant varieties. I just hope that some varieties will grow just like the first one.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chatrooms for single parents

Men and women are social beings and there is truth to the old cliche that goes "No man is an island". We need others for us to survive and grow in this harsh environment that we are living. The day we are born we are very much dependent with our parents specially our mother for they are the ones that nurture us and provides us with the milk that we need in order to grow. As we mature and grow older, we need our friends an peers to have our identity and further more as we reach the adolescent age, we need someone love and give love in return with the opposite sex. How much more people who are single parent. It is very hard to rear a child without the presence of a dad or mom. Thus there's single parent chatrooms that provides the people to have a friend or more so a partner to have in life. All they have to do is meet that someone or special someone and get acquainted.

So if you are the one who needs someone to have or just looking for someone to have a plain chit chat. do visit chatrooms and make friends.


If you swim in a pool or drink water from your public water supply, you know the water has been disinfected by chemicals. But this process, which is often called "purifying" water, appears to not make water "pure" for the body.

shopping made easy

Shopping is the best way to treat your self after a long month of work and acquiring the things that would pamper or delight you would have a sense of fulfillment. But going to a Mall or grocery to get or buy the things that you would want to have would sometimes be tiresome and would have to travel from your home to the business establishment Making the process long and tedious. But the new era that we are in has made shopping a convenient one. Shoppers now a days would just resort to the services of the internet and surf for the things that they want to have and most specially in looking for the best buys and the sale items. Exspecto - shopping search engine is one of the many sites that shoppers would visit for the site has almost all the necessary things be it for needs or wants. You don't have to go to the establishment itself and fill your cart with the things that you need. All you have to do is just your finger and clicking the mouse. All the items will be included in your shopping cart and will be delivered in your doorstep in no time.

The good old days

I remember those good old days, when the air was clean to breathe, water was clear to drink and the land was full of fresh green vegetation to have healthy food. However a lot of environmental problems now affect the entire world. I am even unable to breath due to this pollute air. Today to drink some fresh water, it has to be purified using several methods. We can find fresh green vegetables no more. According to me, of the various kinds of problems faced by our planet, the depletion of non-renewable natural resources is the major concern.

Personalized Service

I am into real estate business for ten years already and I can say that I am succesful in this field of business. At first, I was a plain real estate agent dealing with the low cost housing projects. I have a lot of buyers in that time until I was promoted to manager where I already have 20's of my downline as my agents then, promoted again as a director then finally I quit my job and made my own company as a developer and house builder. I have finished three projects already and right now I am preparing for my fourth project. It is a two acre project with a complete amenities. Since I am so busy with my other lines of business, I have decided to hire the services of the general contractor to do the job for me becuase I am going to my hometown to visit my family and friends which I promised to be with them after the completion of my third project. San Francisco general contractors is what I am talking for. This is the name that everybody can trust when it comes to constructing a new home or working on a smaller interior remodelling project. I have tried their services on my second project and I am so satisfied with the results. So if you are looking for the best and reliable San Francisco General Contractor, go straight to the site named Rogers Construction company at This is the name you can trust in construction works.

Abs-Cbn anchormen Ted Failon tragedy

One of the ABS-CBN anchormen Ted Failon was in news 2 days already for an incident that had happened in their house. His wife Trina was found in their bathroom in cold blood with a bullet in her head. There were a lot of reports from different agencies that were investigating the incident. There were reports that Ted Failon is one of the suspects while other reports stated that his wife is the one commiting suicide. His wife Trina is in the ICU but sad to say this evening his wife past away. The police were forcing the members of the family including drivers, helpers to be in camp karingal for investigation even without warrant of arrest. I really don't know why they were acting like that. They are not following the procedures because they always say that they are obstruction of justice. I just hope that the real situation will come out so that the wrong and premature speculations of the public will be put to an end.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Plan of retiring soon

I have been an employee in a pharmaceutical company for the past fifteen year now, and being an employee for this long would sometime haunt your mind and plan to retire. This is true for I am not getting any younger. Just like old folks, a lot of pain could be felt from any parts of the body, making a slight movement would be tiresome. Thus, considering the fact of retiring is not impossible, and if this would be the case I would be force to venture in a business which is easy to handle and the shelling out of capital would be minimal to sustain my existence. I am planning to venture my length of service in Currency Trading for this is the business that would fit my kind of lifestyle. There is no need to pay someone to look for the business that you have ventured on.

Frankly speaking, I have started trading online and saw the potential of gaining more than what I have expected, for all you got to have is a good intuition and a good decision. You should know when to trade and when not to trade, aside from this is reading the news paper. For security only invest in

table decoration

For an easy, elegant table decoration set a series of alternating crystal vases and candles on a fabric runner. Place fresh flowers in each of the vases and surround them with greenery.
Individual flowers are perfect at place settings or attached to name cards. Blending with the casual atmosphere of modern home entertaining, this centerpiece is sure to dazzle guests during afternoon brunch or informal dinners. The candles provide a refreshing combination using the elegance of flowers with the ambience of candlelight.

Meeting friends in the chat room

The internet has made the world so small that it could fit in a clinch fist. Contacting a person or making new friends through chat from other countries is made possible in just a click of the finger. Truly, the internet has made communication a convenient one, unlike before that we have to use the services of the post office and mail man to send as well as to read the mail and not to mention the days that it consume before reaching its destination.

Anime Chat Room is one of the many chat sites that you could visit and get acquainted with local and foreign people, making your list of friends infinite. I my self have joined this site for it is free and easy to navigate, and to tell you frankly I have garnered more than a handful of new friends. Meeting your fiance could be made possible for the people that joins that site are by the thousands making your possibilities of choosing the right person endless.

So if you would want to search for the right person or simply want to have someone to talk to, or get acquainted with, use the internet and looking for the person that you have in mind is just a click away.

Anime Chat Room

Cassia Tree

I am looking for a Cassia Coral shower tree now. Awhile ago, I search the net for the images of Cassia Coral Shower tree because a friend of mine in Cebu asked me if I have the stocks for they were interested to buy. I can't answer her straight forward if I have because I really don't know the exact description of the said plant that they are looking for. Since she texted me the exact name of the plant, I immediately surf the net and there I found out the images of the Cassia Coral Shower Tree. I will look for the Cassia Coral Shower tree tomorrow if there are any available stocks in my garden.

San Antonio Plumbers

My newly built house is almost 100 percent finished. The facade of my house is Spanish Mediterranean inspired. I really love the design because I made it all by myself. As a real estate consultant for ten years now , I see to it that this newly built house of mine is durable and attractive. I have bought already the pipes needed for the water installation particularly in the bathroom side and in the lavatory area. I contacted already the San Antonio plumberSan Antonio Plumber in their site named All City Plumbing repairs site that will get the job done. I am very much confident of the company that will fix my plumbing works for they are in the plumbing trade for 40 years now and have a wide experience in the field of plumbing. So to all household owners who looks for a plumber, just visit the All City Plumbing repairs site at

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Video games business

My brother and I together with my friends are very much interested with the online games business. I already heard about the concept of the business but I was not so familiar with the operation. My brother Jun introduced me about the idea and he asked me about it but I have no idea about its operation so what I did was I asked him if he could accompany me to his friend named Allen who is earning very well in this kind of business. We went to Panabo City where the video games of the guy is located and I have witnessed that it is doing good and gave him more profit. Allen was also encouraging us to start our own because he knew that doing video game business was a profitable one. We were eager to start our own with the rest of the group members. I just hope that one day we will be succesful in this kind of business.

Long Distance Love Affair

Loving someone is most often difficult and strenuous. Strenuous both in health and mind, and strenuous in your wallet too for you have to call long distance most specially if that special someone or the person you love is from another country.

My cousin who is a seaman never had a good relationship with the opposite sex in the past for he is travelling from one continent to the other drilling for oil. It is a sad fact but it is the reality. Long Distance Relationships would often lead to breakups. LDR can be saved and not go to waste for there is a site that specializes in advice's for those people who have this kind of relationship.


Anyone with the talent and proper training for landscaping could start his own home based landscaping business. TRC’s Practical Landscaping Course includes training in ornamental plant production, to give the entrepreneur a huge potential profit margin over the long term. Those just starting out can start it as a hobby. Later they can offer the service as a part-time business or on a freelance basis. Soon they can target large institutional contracts and that’s when the big money starts rolling in.

Reviving the old west

The house that we lived in is just a structure. We really can not admire nor appreciate the beauty unless otherwise we look into what is inside.

I am a fanatic of the old west and my dream house is a log cabin type. Thus, I would like my house to be in the mountains where it is cozy and tranquil and away from the hustle and buzzle of city life and not to mention the pollution. The exterior of the house would be decorated with wooden wheel wagon and a landscape of the old west. The interior would be furnished with rustic furniture to give a contrast of the old folks of the old west.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Keisha is a fanatic of Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez

Keisha bought her favorite Magazine of her favorite celebrity teen Selena Gomez. She always collects magazines of Selena even when she's online , she always read interesting articles of her favorite celebrity Selena Gomez. Her room is full already of Selena pictures but there are some pictures of other celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus. These three character are her favorite hollywood actresses. I really dont know why kids of her age now are so idolizing this three celebrities. But I can say these three girls are very talented because I have watched some of their movies.

The perfect company to get the job done on your cooling units

This summer we all know that it's gettng hotter and most of the people go to the beach to take a cool splash but others just choose to stay at home in an air-conditioned room doing their stuff. We always need a cool air this summer and to be able to have a cool air in your room or house you need to have a good air conditioning unit. An air conditioning unit needs a maintainance too but in case my cooling unit troubles, I always get the expertise of the Dallas HVAC-Air-Conditioning contractors because they dont immediately say the price, they inspect first your unit and gives you accurate estimate of the price of the services which they need to perform. They are very fair when it comes to pricing. That's why I always get their services if I need an expert and certified professionals for my cooling units. I am confident enough to the Dallas HVAC Contractor because they are in this business for 19 years already, they knew what to do and the remedies that they need to perform in every trouble they encounter for they have a wide range of experience in this field. So if you need an expert person to fix your unit, go straight to the Awesome HVAC-Air-Conditioning website at

The meeting of Cykie and Keisha for tower making contest

My little girl keisha arrived in Davao already this afternoon. She is so excited to work and play tomorow in my garden at Catalunan Pequeno. She promised to compete with her cousin Cykie Dodge making the tallest tower made up of sandy loam garden soil. The battle begins tommorrow for the tower making. I am sure there will be more teasing for the castle building. If this two kids are present, I am pretty sure that it will be a fun and exciting day for they always quarrel and compare each work but at the end they are most of friends.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Video games make good profit

I was with my friend Yongyong of Panabo Davao Del Norte together with my brother Jun looking for a good information about this business called video games. I am not so familiar with the said business but as I talked to one of the operators in the said area it seems like it is more interesting because he is getting big profit out of few units which he made it online for the players to play. The operator named Allen started only a few units and gradually it went up to 21 not to mention his 6 units that were placed in his residence that is earning 7 to 8 thousand a week for a total of roughly estimate of 28 to 32 thousand a month (not bad)!!! running the video game business is so simple as what I heard from the operator itself who told us and explained but it needs a lot of capital. i am very much interested but i still need to gather some funds for a start. I just hope that one day i could also be like him a successful video games operator.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Caballero plant are sometimes called Thailand plant in Bukidnon

Caballero plant

As a plant hobbyist and propagator, there are a lot of plant names that I knew but there are plants that are asked sometime by the collectors and landscapers that is not the actual name of the plant. This is the result of tagging names. Actually there are scientific names of the plant individually but there are some propagator who are not so familiar with the plant that they produced and propagated as a result, they just give temporary names that will lead to spreading of unauthentic names. I will give you some examples of the names that are unauthentic and its authentic name.

Unauthentic names Authentic names

Pine trees----Norfolk pines /Auricaria

Benguet Pines----Carribean Pines

Caballero Plant----Thailand tree

Kumintang---Chichirica Vinca

These are just a few among the many plants that are just misidentified by the plant growers and plant hobbyist. But as long as you know the plant and you can describe its characteristics, I am pretty sure that the gardener will help you identify the plant you are looking for. HAPPY GARDENING TO EVERYONE!!!

Coffee perks my day everyday

Every morning in any ordinary house would, coffee is always there in the table to start a new day. Coffee perks the senses of the person that drinks it and eliminates the stress to face the day right. Most often or often times coffee is always taken in with biscuit or toast bread with butter or cheese or even chocolate cakes to contrast the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

MAYA EARTH COFFEE is one of the best coffee that you could find in stores and is one of the most sought beverage in the market for the taste and aroma is exquisite, making it a superb concoction. The coffee is also made from one hundred percent pure coffee beans that passes strict quality control to lock in the freshness, making every cup a delectable adventure that never ends making you crave for more every morning or any time of the day.

As for me the coffee is the life line that I resort with daily for without coffee, the the new day that I would be facing is dull making my world gloomy and empty. So if you are like me perk your day with the MAYA EARTH COFFEE and start the new day right.

Dog collar

Many shelters are full of canines that fall under the spell of their nature to roam, but then find themselves behind bars and begging for a new home. Some are lucky enough to have responsible owners who implant microchips and keep updated info, but others are not. If this new tech collar is able to go mainstream with an affordable service for every dog owner, I see great potential in such a product.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Making friends with the seniors

My uncle is a computer technician for ten years now. He is brilliant when it comes to computer software and accessories since this is his field. He is now turning 38 and still single at his age. Some of my relatives and friends teased him to get married because all of us knew that he have no one to share with but my uncle whispered to me slowly that he has a special someone named Anna. Their special relationship started when he started to chat online with the Senior Chat Room. He joined the Senior Chat City site for two months now and this is the site where she found the girl of his dreams. So to all online chatters out there if you want to chat with the seniors feel free to visit the Senior Chat City site at

Holy Friday

I went to my garden early this morning to check on my seedlings and at the same time I water the plants. It was so silent this time for today is holy Friday where no establishments are open. most of the family are just staying home giving quality time to their children while some are going to the beache I just ate my grilled bangus fish this afternoon as my lunch. There are no channels open nor Radio stations. All of them observed the Lenten season a day of sacrifice.


My friend Rowelito was admitted in the regional hospital. It is a government run hospital and accommodates almost all patients in the region. The head nurse approached me and told me that they are running out of catheters. The ones left in their supply room is intended for those less fortunate patients of the hospitals. Instead of waiting for my turn I bought one for my bestfriend. catheters are very important, especially to patients that are confined in their beds. Urinating is easy and convenient. For they don't have to walk and go to the comfort room. Since my friend will be spending his time in hospital for two weeks as estimated by his attending physician, I decided to buy additional catheters in Allegro Medical site that offers a wide range of medical products and some dietary supplements.

Blue jazz is just a kilometer away to discover

Early this morning as I opened my computer, I browse some of my friends account in friendster. I was having fun watching their pictures and there is one account that I was stuck most because of the beautiful place that my friend visited. They were in Blue Jazz in Samal island. I have not visited the place since then and I am eager to discover the said place for they have wonderful amenities and white sand beaches. They have slides too for the kids and adults. I already heard the named Blue Jazz but I have no picture in my mind what Blue Jazz is until I saw the pictures of my friend in his friendster account when they were in the place for a vacation.

Making my day busy

It's holy Friday now and all the shopping stores are closed. I am planning to just clean the vans interior. I already have the vacuum cleaner and some car freshener. After taking my breakfast now, I will go straight to the garage to start cleaning the vehicle. As of now, I need to prepare my breakfast meal because I'm all alone here. My daughter Keisha and wife is not here, they were in Tacurong to spend the Lenten season with grandparents. Got to go now to cook (giggles)....

Get your masters degree now

I have been working for the past eight hours in a multi-national company. I was told the other day that I am one of those being selected to hold a key position in the company. It will be the finance department. It is a big position that only the ones trusted will be given the chance and opportunity to hold such position in the company. The position is the third most powerful in the company. I just finished my masters degree in business in a school mba where I was trained and informed well. I am very confident that I will be the one who will take the position and become the Vice President for finance of our company. For those who want to have an MBA degree, just visit the Capella University site that offers respected degree programs in a rich, online learning environment so you can move forward without leaving the rest of your life behind. Your degree is just clicks away from you.

Proper way to pull break drums

Most of the auto mechanics when they replace brake shoe pads, they used hammer in pulling out the break drums which cause deformation due to excess force of hammering. This is not the proper way to pull out break drums because there are holes on it for threaded bolts for proper pulling. I hate to see auto-mechanics performing the wrong way because instead of repairing the thing it can add damage to the vehicle. This is one of the things that most of the mechanics here practiced. This is because of lack of knowledge. The proper way of doing it is very simple. All you need to do is insert the three inches threaded bolt to its holes and gradually turn it clockwise until the break drum protrudes from its backing plate. There is no need to hammer it for it is so simple.

Sharing tips for cleaning your car engine

Do you want to look your car engine very clean? If you say yes, I will give you some tips in cleaning your car engine. There are a lot of degreaser available in the market right now but not all is effective in cleaning the thing plus it is more expensive than making your own formula of cleaning. Try this at home, For your formula composition buy 1 liter of gasoline and 1 liter of diesel and 1 sachet of detergent powder. Here is the direction to use. In your spray gun pour 8 ounce of diesel and 8 ounce of gasoline and add a little bit of detergent powder and shake it and after shaking, you can now use it to your car engine for degreasing. Try it for it is very effective yet economical.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Timeless treasures

My sister is turning forty years old next week. My sister is a big fan of jewelries. She was has a good number of collections in her room. All of her collections are placed in a glass cabinet where her friends and visitors would see it. Since she craves for jewelry, I am considering the thought of giving her a designer costume jewelry. The costume jewelry is very best for those who collects jewelry. it is because it is uniquely made just for you. Unlike others that you can buy in jewelry shops, were you have several design similar to the ones you buy. My sister wants her collection unique and no copycat. for fine designed jewelry, visit the Holsted Jewelers site. This is the best place to buy fine jewelry that you will surely cherish and admire the beauty of all the jewelry that they have.

Modulator for my I-Pod

Two days ago, I went to the NCCC mall particularly in the CD -R king stall looking for a modulator. I am planning to buy one modulator because it is the best thing to play my I-pod songs straight to the vans speakers without making any additional wiring's to the car unit as long as you have set the same frequencies. CD-R king have a lot of modulators to choose from but I am looking for a modulator that has a built-in memory which they don't have. I will just wait for their next stock deliveries because the attendant promised me that they have the modulator that i am looking for on their next stock delivery.

Keisha is in Tacurong as cashier

My daughter Keisha is in Tacurong City now. She is there to spend the lengthen season. She likes to visit the place because it is where her grandparents are residing. She loves her Lolo so much "Tatay" as what she called and Nanay BB for her grandma. Awhile ago she called me over my cellular phone asking me what I am doing for the whole day and I said I just went to my garden early morning to water the plants. I asked her also what did she do this whole day and she answered me that she's having a summer job at the public market particularly in the rice stall outlet of her grandparents as cashier. (Giggles).....

Vacation time

My friend ended his 8 year relationship with his girlfriend. I really don't know whats the main reason but I think another party entered into the relationship. My friend wanted to get away from the city so that he can forget all the good memories and the bad ones too. I think my friend needs an Adults Only Carribean Vacation. I know he deserves this vacation more than I am. I have already confirmed my accommodation next week.
I want my friend to forget all the things that happened to him and this is the best way to do it. Some of our college friend will be coming also with us. They already knew the reason why this vacation is very important. I book our accommodation at Karisma site, the best way to find a good spot for vacation for all season.

A gardener from Germany is my customer

I received a text message yesterday from a person who happened to be my customer last year. She made a reservation on different plant items. She wanted to bring the plants to her hometown in the province of Cebu. She was gardener from Germany who decided to stay for good in the Philippines. She sold her properties abroad because she wants to enjoy life in her hometown. She is developing a three hectare beach resort in her province that's why she is buying planting materials from me. She said that she will be here this coming Sunday to get all the plants that she reserved.

No one is allowed to eat Pork meat this time

It's holy Thursday today and and its a day of sacrificing. No one is allowed to eat pork meat for the whole family followed the Catholic tradition way. I ate fried egg for my breakfast, beef soup for my lunch and vegetables for my dinner. I feel so healthy this time because of my nutritious food intake. This "No pork meat rule" will run until Saturday and on Sunday will be back again to normal.

Invest wisely

I just received my separation pay from the company where I used to work. I resigned because of some irregularities that I found in the books of account of the said company. The amount that I received will be worthless if I don't invest it well. I am thinking of investing it in stocks. The rate of return is fast and I get to sit back and relax as I watch my investment grow each day. With the thousand of stocks available, I need the best among them. Everything must be covered calls and safe. I was told about the Power options site, the best way to find the stock investment. Now, my investment has grown and I will invest more next week.

Oil in the water

I checked and clean my van this afternoon. I performed tightening on different parts of the vehicle for its quarterly maintenance. As I opened the radiator cap, I found out that there is an oil inside the radiator reservoir. I already conclude that its cylinder head gasket is worn out already for there is oil in water. The oil hole in the in the engine is the only passage from the outside parts of oil galleries and there is also water holes inside the block and if the gasket is worn out, there is a possibility that oil will leak into its water galleries between the cylinder head gasket and its block. I will bring this van to the Mercedes Benz repair shop to replace the cylinder head gasket this coming Monday next week.

My best ride

I am a mechanic by profession and I always participate every car shows in my town. As an auto mechanic, I have scrutinized and check almost all brands of cars smallest vehicle to large and tried its convenience in driving it. In the old days most of the cars has a wide body, manufacturers used to create big bodies with big engines of course for the whole family but in the modern days, this large body cars were out already and replaced with the fuel efficient line of small cars aimed at young professional buyers. The 2009 scion xd is one of the cars that I like most. The 2009 Scion xD replaced the xA in 2008 as the smallest model from Scion, Toyota’s line of small cars aimed at young buyers. The 2009 Scion xD shares some of its underpinnings with the latest Toyota Yaris but offers more aggressive styling inside and out. I like the size of this car because it is so easy to park on heavy populated areas compared to large vehicles. So if you are looking for a very economical car, Scion XD is the one perfect for you. You can read more Scion XD reviews and tips, browse car photos, at the Car Connection site at

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cykie is my buddy in my gardening activities

My nephew Cykie and I worked in the garden the whole day. He helped me in his own simple ways. He wants to work in my garden so much because the gardeners were so talkative and always throwing jokes which made him laugh all the time. There is no boring time when he is in my garden because we always throw jokes. We also serve grilled pork for free for him because this is his favorite food. He is like playing in my garden but I just let him play because part of playing is learning. I am pretty sure that this could give him a better knowledge in gardening.

A gardeners visit

I have two customers in my garden this afternoon and they were gardeners too looking for some new varieties of plants. I showed them what I have, my latest collections of plants and my production area because they don't have such production area that has a sprinklers and foggers for newly cut stems for seedling purposes. they admired my place so much for it is well organized and clean, free from weeds and other waste materials. They bought some of my plants and I am looking forward to see my plants grow in volume in their places.

The best beauty school

I am planning to invest my hard earned money to beauty clinics because know that this business is in demand because all of us want to look good and presentable in every occasion. Since I am not a beauty expert and have less background in cosmetology, I strongly suggest to my business associates which includes myself to enroll in a beauty school that offers a comprehensive programme in beauty business from A to Z. beauty school indianapolis is what comes first into my mind when it comes to beauty schools because three of my cousins were graduates of this institution and they are very successful in their career now. I wanted to be like them too, a person who has a full and complete knowledge about beauty education. This beauty school is proven and tested already.

Chris Brown pleads not guilty

Chris Brown appeared in a Los Angles court this afternoon and pleaded not guilty to felony charges of assault and making criminal threats in the alleged beating of his girlfriend Rihanna.
Brown, 19, is accused of punching, choking and threatening to kill Rihanna on February 8. The singer was left with “two huge contusions,” a bloody nose and split lip in the attack.
Outside the courtroom, Rihanna’s attorney told People magazine that she is cooperating in the case. “Nothing’s changed with regard to Rihanna’s stance,” said attorney Donald Etra.
If convicted, Brown faces up to four years and eight months in state prison.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fast & Furious is box office hit

Funnyman Seth Rogen hosts Saturday Night Live on April 4 with musical guest French alternative rock band Phoenix.
During one of the comedy show’s sketches, the 26-year-old actor and SNL regular Andy Samberg Fast & Furious. Watch the hilarious spoof below!
Fast & Furious raced to the top at the box office this past weekend, pulling in a whopping $72.5 million. Monsters vs. Aliens finished in second place with $33.5 million and The Haunting in Connecticut scared up another $9.6 million.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Taylor Lautner and Edi Gathegi got cool attire

Looking casual cool, Taylor Lautner and Edi Gathegi buddied up for a stroll in downtown Vancouver late last week (April 2).
The co-star pals are currently staying up in Canada as they film scenes for the much anticipated film "New Moon" - which hits theaters on November 20, 2009.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

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Bonding time with my family

The whole family attended the party celebration of Ms. Little Boncato who graduated from high school at the Brokenshire college school of Davao City. It was attended with her friends and relatives and classmates as well as neighbors. The food prepared were typical Filipino dishes except for the spaghetti one. After the eating escapade, the whole family went to the house of my sister-in-laws cousin Bingbing and went straight to the favorite bakery in town located at the Ecoland named "Pugon". I ordered one cup of cappuccino and the rest took some bread. It was one happy bonding time with the whole family, I hope we could go out again for another bonding time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Married chat room

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Summer job time

Merienda time
Excuse me I need to get one!!!

Where will I put my crate Kuya Richard?

Please don't take pictures on me I'm shy!!!

playing with the sand

It's summer time now and going to school is over that's why kids are doing summer jobs. my daughter Keisha and nephew Cykie is doing summer job in my garden. they both helped me in plant production. They were in charge of putting garden soil into a 2x2 plant liners for plant propagation. it is a very simple task, it is like playing in the sand. they like their job so much because it is like they are playing while learning and they get paid. I prepared delicious foods for them as well as their meriendas. since they were both kids, they used to play with their work but I don't matter with them because it is part of learning. I just let them play but deep inside I know that they learned. They were having fun together. On their break time they played PSP and games in my laptop.

Summer Get Away

Summer is the time that most inhabitants of this planet would go out and have fun and vacation with close friends and with relatives. Most often vacations are spent in other countries most specially in the tropics where lash, green vegetation are still intact and the biodiversity of marine life are preserved and away from the hustle and bustle life of the city and be one with nature as well as embracing the warm welcome of the local inhabitants that would serenade you with its native songs. But going to a place that is foreign for a vacation would sometime be tiresome. It would take a couple of days to booked for a plane ticket and not to mention the hotels that you would be staying, which means your expenditures for the trip would escalate.

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Philippine Summer Festival in Vancouver British Columbia

The word is out – summer is coming and so is the first ever Philippine Summer Festival in Vancouver British Columbia.Organized by the PNT-PST Foundation, the day-long festival set to be held in August will be a celebration of Filipino culture and heritage.The festival promises to be the highlight of Filipino-Canadian community’s social calendar. It will be a day for fun, food, music and dance.The festival was inspired by the Filipinos’ love to share the best they can offer to members of their communities, as shown by their fondness to hold “fiestas” all year long.It will also reach out to other ethnicities, inviting people of other racial origins to discover the strength, talent, intelligence, and beauty of the Philippines and its people.The Philippine Summer Festival is an event that celebrates the immeasurable contributions of Filipinos to British Columbia, and the rest of Canada. The festival will be an annual event that is expected to draw support from various organizations and groups.Fiestas as an integral part of Filipino culture, a tradition that is remembered and recreated in various parts of the world where Filipino nationals have gone to work and prosper.In the Philippines, fiestas are celebrated through good times and bad times – the fiesta must go on.Here in British Columbia, the Philippine Summer Festival will be the biggest and most elaborate fiesta of all, binding Filipino-Canadians through good times and bad times. No mater where you are and where you came from, the festival is the venue to rejoice in friendship.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My "bro" is Back in the business

My brother Jun is back in the business online because for the past weeks he was not able to post quality articles in her site for his computer was not working well and needs to be fix by certified computer technician under warranty. the Samsung technician was not able to fix it immediately because they need to order from their main office in manila the parts needed for the my brothers Samsungs flat screen. After a month of waiting, he finally received his computer screen.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am already 35 years old now and I am thinking about my future considering that I am still single at my age. Many would say that I have manage my financial status well. Unlike others, I prepared ahead. I don't want to experience future financial problems. I already made several investments from stocks to bonds. My bank account is well funded. But I must not be complacent about this temporary stability right now because we all know that the countries economy is not in good shape due to global financial crisis.

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My old friends in college will be seeing me tomorrow. I already prepared the garden because they will go straight there. My daughter and my wife also prepared some sandwiches and drinks for tomorrows meeting. According to my close friend, they will be coming to inform me that I am the next alumni president. I just hope I can do the job right. But with my friends and family behind me, nothing can go wrong.

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