Sunday, November 30, 2008

The best Cebuano delicacy that I bought during my visit in cebu

During my vacation in Cebu last two weeks ago, I went to their public market called Tabo-an. It is a place where you can buy different kinds of dried fish (Cebuano delicacies). You can see a lot of stalls selling almost the same varieties of dried fish from dried shrimps, dried squid and fishes. I bought some of it buy I was amaze of one of their products the dried bone fish. I bought s kilos of it because my relatives recommend it that this type of dried food delicacy is the best of all. As i arrived home, i tried to cook and It really taste so sweet and crunchy. i like the taste of the bone fish as the local Cebuano's called it. It is so tasty and yummy. I promised to myself that if I go back in Cebu, I'll buy more so that my friends and relative in my town could also taste the special delicacies made by the Cebuano in Cebu City.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

How nutritious is your 100% fruit juice

If you drink 100 percent juice, is it as good for you as a whole fruit juice or vegetable? Yes and No . On the plus side, juice may contain more nutrients than a single piece of produce. An 8 ounce glass of orange juice has 100 mg. of vitamin C; and orange has 75 mg. But juice offers almost none of the fiber found in produce, and it packs calories. An 8 ounce glass of orange juice has 120 calories and O gram of fiber; an orange has only 60 calories and 3 grams of fiber. The bottom line: Make sure that you mostly eat whole produce.

Tofu is good for your health

I always go for healthy foods and I don't want to eat meat because I am a vegetarian. Pork meat is rich in cholesterol content and on fats. Most of the people who always eat fatty foods have always a heart problem. The clogging of the veins in the arteries are usually associated with the high cholesterol problem. There are some that can be restored through medication but there are some that is already hard to control due to heavy deposits of cholesterol that result to heart attack. when I go to the mall to eat, I usually buy plain Tofu because it's free of fatty contents, sometimes I cook it with fish with a little bit of olive oil. If you want a healthy and safe diet go for tofu for a healthy, low-fat diet. Tofu can lower LDL cholesterol and possible triglycerides to help protect your heart. One half cup tofu contains about 30 mg. isoflavones that is perfect enough for a perfect healthy diet.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The best store to shop for tactical gears

I have a friend named Kakay who is fun of playing an airsoft game. She always participates inter-city airsoft games in every places. She has a lot of accessories in her closet and she said that all of her gears and accessories comes from only one store online that offers durable and high quality made police gears. She always visit this site checking for the new items on sale. Tactical Pants USA is the site that she is referring to. she convinced me to join her friends who are also participating in an air soft game so that I too can experience the thrill and fun of playing the said game. Since I am a beginner of this game, I have no idea of what the best accessories to buy so she guide me to shop online on his favorite tactical site that offers a wide range of police gears such as 5.11 Tactical Pants,5.11 Tactical Shirts,5.11 Footwear,5.11 Tactical Knives,Tactical Eyewear5.11 Tactical Shorts,5.11 Tactical Polos,5.11 Gear Bags,5.11 Undergear Shirts,5.11 TDU Uniforms,5.11 Jackets and many more... Their prices are very reasonable because all of their products are made up of high quality materials. I am now very much excited to play an airsoft game because with the accessories that we bought in this site, I am now ready to battle field with my fellow airsoft lovers. I am sure that when they see this gadgets that I recently bought online, they too will ask me where do I get. The accessories that this tactical site is offering is also the online store that my eldest brother who is a member of the U.S. army used to buy his uniforms. so to all airsoft enthusiast out there and to military personnel who are looking for the best site to buy police gears and its accessories, this site is the best for you. Visit tactical site now at

Lilo and Sam together in a night out party

Keeping cover with the help of their rainbow umbrella, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson enjoyed one another’s company during a night out at Foxtail on Tuesday (November 25).
Only back home from Europe for a few days, the “Mean Girls” starlet and her DJ mate are reportedly planning on jetting off on a holiday vacation with Sam’s family for some much-needed relaxation. Lilo and Sam always have the same interest when it comes to happenings because they can be seen in almost outing that Lilo does. at first they are rumors that they have a special relationship but both parties denied but this time they can't really deny it for it shows a a lot already.

Project Management Software

In a company, business proprietors are the one making their goals, managing their time, doing forecasting, billing, expenses of the projects and planning the future resource requirements by scheduling the types of people that they need to work on upcoming projects. With these types of work that a business proprietor needs to perform, there is a site that offers a Powerful enterprise timesheet and expense management software for contractor management and time tracking. Project management software for business information tracking and risk management. Atlantic Global solutions is the key for a well organized and systematic way of dealing projects. Atlantic global site offers a timesheet project planning,resource scheduling,as a full hosted easy to use solution with a low cost monthly subscription. for more information about the Atlantic global services, visit their site at

Stores are giving big discouns during christmas season

Christmas is my favorite season because it is where we become one , reunited as a family. we shared our love to one another, exchanging gifts and sharing laughters and interesting ideas. During christmas here in my town, you can see a lot of christmas accesories, christmas lights and the best of all is that stores are giving big discounts on all their items. I love to shop during christmas season because it is where I can buy the best deal due to high discount rates. So if you are a smart buyer, buy your items during the special day.

Know your time

I would say that I am one of the millions of people around the world who loves Watches. In fact, my friends would call me " the watchman ", for I have a not just one but several dozens of watches that I collect. What I like about this amazing objects is that it describes you, as the owner. I have all the different types of watches. From the biggest to the smallest. I don't just collect them but I also use them when I am in work or even in different places. Watches are also excellent gifts, especially this holiday season and any other occasions. Last week, my brother was celebrating his 38th birthday. Before his big day, he approached me and told me about his dream gift that he would like to receive for his birthday. He asked me if I would give him a watch on his birthday. I did not reply on his inquiry but I know I would be giving him one. On his birthday, I arrived late and I hid my gift from visibility. When I was about to make my speech, I went to my brother and personally gave him the watch that he wanted as present on his birthday. On that day, I knew I really made my brother happy on his special day. he would never forget it for the rest of his life. For more information about the stylehive site visit them at

Thursday, November 27, 2008

“Lizzie McGuire” babe kept warm

Feeling the chill of the declining temperature, Hilary Duff was spotted on her way into Roundabout Sound Studio in Hollywood earlier today (November 25).

The “Lizzie McGuire” babe kept warm with a brown sweater teamed with a massive grey scarf, slim fit jeans, and black high-heeled shoes.

Affordable Health Insurance

I have been working in a pharmaceutical company for the past fifteen years now. As an employee, it is a must that a company should provide insurance. These insurances could be in any form, it could be in health, medical, life or maternity. As for my wife, she enjoys the benefit of having a maternity health insurance, which her company provides. We have two kids now and the maternity insurance is a big help to us. It has covered all the expenses that we have incurred in the hospital.

Having a health insurance is a big help to us and all the employees that are working in any company. Aside from the help that the insurance extends to us, it also helps the employers for it has affordable health insurance that is very easy on the budget as well as self employed medical insurance that caters to the need of people who are self employed or people who have a business of their own.

So if you are looking for an insurance that would cater to your need be it in the medical, dental, health visit this site and for sure you'll find what you are looking for. For I am a member of this group

“Womanizer” hits the chart

Britney Spears has been busy focusing on her new album Circus, which comes out Dec. 2 – her 27th birthday and kicks off with a live performance that day in New York City on Good Morning America. Her first single, “Womanizer,” has been slowly climbing the charts

Affordable yet unique Web Design Solutions

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A Mousse That Mighty Good

Whip up this decadent peanut butter and chocolate dessert in seconds- you'll boost your health and excite your taste buds in one spoonful.
The silky texture and melt-in-your mouth appeal of this easy-to-fix dessert make it a hit. The soy protein in tofu and the monounsaturated fat in peanut butter make it heart healthy. The cocoa powder and maple syrup give this dessert all the sweetness and flavor or its more fattening counterparts. Top with crushed peanuts for added heart protection.

Air mattress buyers guide helps a lot on choosing the right one

I am a person who loves outdoor adventure so much. I used to buy outdoor gadgets so that whenever I travel to different places I can use it. Yesterday, I browse the internet to look for an inflatable mattresses. There were a lot of air mattress available in the market and in online store but I don't know how to choose them because they look all so similar . So what I did is I look for a site that could help me decide to choose the right air mattress. I visited the air mattress buyers guide site at . This site helps a lot of shoppers like me because I can now compare each features and benefits. For more information about the air mattress buyers guide visit their site at

My favorite corned beef from Australia

Yesterday, when I received the package from my sister Altesse in Australia, I scrutinized all the products. I received milk products canned goods and many more. I like the Hamper corned beef Among the goods that I received because I really love the taste of the canned good. I prepared it with a sliced of onions and a seasoning to taste. It is really perfect the way I prepared it, but sad to say It is only one item that I received and there's no available in the market here in my town. Anyway, there's always another brand of corned beef that is always available in the market for an alternative.

The online store that has everything for you

I always go out every weekend for shopping to buy my weekly needs. I travel more or less five kilometers away just to reach the shopping center but this time I do my shopping online for it is more convenient than travelling from one place to another. There is a site that I always visit when I do shopping. #1 coupon site is what I am referring to. You don't have to hop from one online store to another looking on your stuff because this site have all in store for you. This site has a lists of online promotion codes, instant discounts, special bargains, clearance sales and other deals for hundreds of online merchants for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Shopping and all year round. This is the best Online Deal Site and this is a one stop shop for online shoppers. I am planning to surprise my wife with a dozen red roses and I am going to buy a 14k White Gold Round-Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant for my lovely daughter and barbie toys for my little Sophia. Shopping online is really convenient aside from you're just shopping right at your most convenient time, you also get the best prices on every items. So to all shoppers out there, if you want to shop and get the best deal visit the #1 coupons site now at

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ACER Aspire 4730Z is the fruit of my labor

my new ACER 4730Z
At the columia center

Keisha Poses with the best computers in town

I already bought my new ACER laptop computer this afternoon. This thing , I considered is the 100 percent comes form my online business. I have been in the online business for several months now and I can say that it really helps me in all my household expenses and even my daughters elementary education and our daily expenses. This type of Acer model is so good because its processor is already 2.0 Ghz with all the built in accessories. The reading capacity of this Acer 4730Z is so fast compared to my old desktop. I am so happy this time because of this new high end gadget. I am hoping and that I could get more task so that I can continue sharing more interesting articles and stories.

Sterling Silver Jewelries

I love accessories so much. As a matter of fact, everytime I go to a meeting is that I usually match my formal attire to my favorite silver jewelries. I have a lot of silver jewelry collections at home and there is only one online store where I bought my handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry. The Archmaille designs site is what I am referring to. They have the best handmade sterling silver jewelry. So if you are looking for a Silver jewelry that is made up of high quality materials visit the Archmaille designs site at

Is there a wedding bells ringing for Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt?

What Spencer Pratt had to say about eloping!
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt talk about marriage on the set of "How I Met Your Mother." This was several weeks before they eloped, and Spencer tries to tell Heidi he can't elope with her because her mother would come at him with a shotgun!

Secure your files by using the PGP encryption software

I am the marketing director for Asia operation. As a marketing director, I always make sure that I know the Asian market well and feed the information to our main office for processing. I have been doing this since 1998 and the job really is a challenging one. In a day, I would send around 50 classified information to our main office for processing. These informations are highly restricted and nobody should get a hand of it, especially our top competitors. I had an experienced that my information that I sent to our main office was tampered and the information I sent was disclosed by our competitors. I don't want that event to happen again. So I decided to have a PGP encryption software for assurance that my files won't be stolen. This is the most trusted encrypting software in the market today. Now that I am using the software, I am sure that my files that I am going to send will be safe against unauthorized access. I highly recommend that software to all. My colleagues in the office are now using the software because it is trusted and no information leaks. In marketing, strategy and drive is very important. if these things goes to your competitor, it can be the end of your business operation. For more information about this software, feel free to visit

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have already made up my mind on what type of Laptop computer I'm going to buy

For the past several weeks, I am very much bothered on choosing the right Notebook computer for me. I have a lot of choices but I always can't make sure what type of laptop computer. I compared each specifications such as its processors, memories, accessories and its freebies. I started to choose Neo then Acer then it was change to Compaq Presario then back to Acer again of different model then Now I am fixing my mind to Acer brand with dual core of 2.0 Ghz as its processor that includes a built in memory card reader, DVD and CD writer, web cam and has a 1 gigabyte as its memory but can support up to 4 gigs ( upgradable). I am definitely buying it tomorrow morning. I am now very much excited of my soon to be ACER Laptop because this Laptop is considered to be the fruit of my online business.

Kidspotsinc is the trusted store when it comes to baseball equipments

I love to play baseball and even in my early childhood my dad used to teach me how to play baseball game until I learned and became an amateur baseball player in my town. My team always wins every game that we played and we have a lot of friends in our community that support us morally and financially. I can say that during those days we were the baseball team that other teams were very much afraid of because they knew that our team was the most powerful and the most popular. Right now, I am already 38 years old and happily married blessed with three healthy kids. I am teaching my kids how to play baseball so that they will also follow my footsteps and become the greatest baseball players someday. I bought them three pairs of Baseball Gloves and baseball equipments such as Batting Tees & Training Aids ,Pitching/Fielding Aids ,Youth Baseball Gloves ,Tee Ball/Bat Ball Sets and Base Sets. They are now very much excited to used the item that I recently bought. Every time there's a need to buy baseball items, I always visit the site named Kidsportsinc. It is a site that offers a variety of baseball items at very reasonable price. is a licensed seller of Youth Baseball Equipment. So if you are looking for a durable baseball equipment visit the Kidspotsinc at

Finding where to buy my laptop computer

Yesterday, Davao City was experiencing a heavy pour of rain. I was not able to visit my ornamental garden in Pequeno due to heavy rain. what I did was, I browse the internet and look for some interesting gadgets particularly on the Laptop computers. I found the Dicksmith online store and the Harvey Roman in Australia that both offers a varieties of notebook computers. Harvey Roman offers a very attractive scheme because they are offering a zero interest rate for three years but items are very much limited while Dick Smith have more items to offer but the notebook computer that I am looking for was not offered. so I made a decision to just buy my Laptop here in my town than to order it in Australia where my sister is working.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Crystal Rock Audigier turns sweet 16

Giving his young daughter a night to remember, Christian Audigier arranged a lavish 16th birthday party for his little girl Crystal Rock Audigier.
Held at Kress nightclub and filmed as part of MTV’s “Sweet 16” series, the night saw a guest list including socialite sisters Paris and Nick Hilton, as well as Khloe Kardashian and a shirtless Justin Gaston, among others.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My new eyeglasses from Zenni Optical

I used to wear an old fashioned eyeglasses that cost me my savings. It is because I always change frames of my eyeglasses and that alone cost so much, more than the lens of my eyeglasses. I decided to change my eyeglasses to a new one. Right now, I am wearing the $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses of Zenni Optical. What I like about my new eyeglasses is that I am in trend and the frames are fashionable. There are also Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical that you can choose from. My friends always ask me about my new eyeglasses. To be able to acquire the eyeglasses, you only need to shop The popular online eyeglasses shop and that is With a wide range of frames and eyeglasses available, I am sure you will find one for yourself.

To add in the whole recipe for the Yuletide season

One of the most famous English recipes, and probably the one more Americans request in a Pub, than any other.

Ingredients1 Lb (450g) sausages 4 oz (115g) white flour 1 egg Half a pint of milk 1 tablespoon of oil Salt Freshly ground Pepper
Preparation1) Sift flour and salt into a bowl, make a well in the centre with the back of a spoon2) Add egg and milk into well, mix together - Alternatively, you can Buy the Batter Here3) Gradually mix in flour to egg and milk to form a batter 4) Mix until batter becomes thick, cover and allow to stand for 60 minutes5) Preheat oven to (200°C), (400°F), (Gas Mark 6)6) Grease a shallow oblong oven proof dish with oil, add sausages7) Cook for 10 minutes until sausages start turning brown 8) Remove and pour batter over sausages9) Return to oven and cook for 30 minutes until batter is well risen

My gift to my wife

As the old cliche goes, "Christmas is just around the corner" . Christmas is synonymous to gift giving. This Yuletide season I will buy my wife gift baskets to surprise her and it will be filled with kitchen gadgets for she spends a lot of time in the kitchen. To enumerate some of the items are:

An electric can opener is always handy, and everyone has cans that need opening. I like the ones that sit on the counter. I have a cordless electric can opener, but it's a little tricky to get set in place on the can. It would be a good idea to keep an old-fashioned, hand powered can opener around in case there is a power outage. They are also handy for taking camping or on picnics.
Any serious cook would welcome a spice grinder. The one I have is sturdy enough to grind coffee. Pepper mills are great for the table, but when the recipe calls for ground black pepper by the spoonful, the spice grinder can turn out the fresh product in seconds without a lot of wrist action. You can use it for turning dried chile pods into chile powder. Any spice releases flavor quicker the finer it is ground. This is just between the two of us and lets keep it a secret so my wife won't know what she will be receiving.


Borrowing a page out of “Hannah Montana” hottie Miley Cyrus’ fashion book, Kelly Osbourne was spotted doing some shopping at her local Rite Aid pharmacy earlier this week (November 19).
The “Meet the Osbournes” starlet was sporting the same grey top/red skirt combo that the “7 Things” songstress wore to her premiere of “Bolt,” only Kelly added her own flair with a black studded belt.

Pam without make up

Out and about while running some errands, Pamela Anderson was spotted walking back to her car in Malibu, California yesterday (November 20).
The former “Baywatch” babe looked a bit disheveled and unkempt, going sans makeup and sporting a drab summer dress with flip flops.

Christmas trip

A few days from now and we will be celebrating the Yuletide season. We will be buying gifts for our love ones and preparing as well as decorating our homes with fancy decorations to perk up the Christmas season.

My wife and I are planning to celebrate Christmas in a very simple way. We will be visiting our relatives and would give gifts to our niece and nephews who are residing in Sta. Monica, for it has been a year or two now that we haven't visited them. It would be a long trip but I know for sure it is worth it for we enjoy travelling and we really missed them a lot.

As for our kids, we will be living them to their aunt who just happened to visit us in our humble abode. It has also been nine years that she haven't visited us for she is working in the Philippines as a missionary. We will be missing our kids but the trip that we will be going will be a brief one and soon on Christmas Eve we will be back to join them.

I got to go now for I have to pack my bags to be ready on our trip

Saturday, November 22, 2008

APandT is your responsible partner for automation, presses & tooling

I am a auto mechanic by profession and I have fix almost all type of cars from brand new cars down to the old models. I also perform auto- airconditioning. There are a lot to consider when you troubleshoots airconditionning because it may be loose fittings that would result of freon to escape from its' low or high pressure lines. If there's a need for refitting, I always go straight to the APandT company because they have the most advance technology when it comes to press automation. They also perform hydaraulic press lines and everytime I perform engine overhauling, I also hire their services because they are the one who presses the cylinders to its engine block. so if you are looking for a company that uses advanced servo technology for press transfer systems visit the APandT site at

You can make a difference

Caregivers often have trouble asking for help. So it's up to you and others who care about your parents to offer assistance without being asked. Your parents' friends may be afraid that they'll say the wrong thing, but one of the worst things they can do is say nothing. Care giving can be extremely isolating, and a friendly voice on the phone is often real godsend. Here are some suggestions from the Alzheimer's association, things that friends and family can do to help:

Keep in touch

A call, a card, or a visit all mean a great deal.

Do little things.

They mean a lot. When cooking, make extra and drop it off in a freezable, disposable container. If you're running an errand, call and see if there's anything the family needs.

Give them a break

Offer to stay with the person sio that family members can run errands or have a little personal time.

Let the experts in remodelling do the job for you

I am into a real estate business. I used to buy and sell real estate properties. Normally, I buy properties at a cheaper cost and make some remodelling some part of the property to have a good price in selling to the interested buyers. I am into this business for a long period of time already but when it comes to remodelling, I always hire the services of the San Antonio Remodeling company because they are the expert in remodelling ideas. They know how to keep the sale value of a home by constructing or adding new structure of the same theme. Like for example when remodeling, it's important to keep in mind how the specific project will affect the potential sale value of a home. If you live in a house with an overall traditional design, it would not be in your best interest to add a room with a decidedly modern design. This would most likely hurt the sale value and subsequently lower your home's potential sale price. Remodeling with your unique, personal taste in mind is not always good. This is the main reason why I always go for the San Antonio Remodeling. With them, my properties always commands a higher price. So if you are looking for a company that will do the remodelling for your house or building go straight San Antonio remodelling company. for more information visit them at

Lets go healthy this time

Reach for a Spicy Symptom Solver

Grandma probably recommended ginger ale to settle your upset stomach. In fact, science has confirmed that ginger prevents motion sickness and nausea. but this spicy herb also helps with cold and flu symptoms, including fever, dry cough, and congestion.

Ginger is available as a tincture capsules or tea But for the best results, use the freshly grated ginger, which you'll find in the produce section of your supermarket. To make ginger tea, mix 1 tablespoon grated ginger in 8 oz of boiling water. steep, covered, for ten minutes, then strain the treas into another cup.

Jennifer Garner looks so sporty in a blue attire

Getting ever-closer to her due date, Jennifer Garner was spotted going into the Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica, California earlier today (November 20).
The “Alias” actress was greeted by a male worker, and looked relaxed as she exited her car sporting a light blue v-neck maternity sweater overtop a black shirt with black trousers.

Find your perfect match

I am a busy person but I still find a way where I can mingle with people. Before I used to go out with my friends, spent time with them. I go out for dates with the rest of my batch mates. That is what I do before but since we are now in the computer age where sophisticated gadgets are very much available, I now find my date through online. There is a site named Prime dating sites wherein you can find a lot of online dating sites. Prime Dating site is a resource for single men and women to find the best online dating sites and matchmaking services. There are many different Internet dating services, each with their own niche, style, features, costs, requirements, etc. You can find it here the top 10 online dating sites and each has different approach. You can understand thoroughly every dating site through their reviews. This is the site that provides you more friends online and also where you can meet nice people to date. I have been using this site for a couple of months already and luckily I have found my perfect date here that eventually became my wife. So if you are looking for a perfect date and want to win more friends online, this is the perfect dating destination for you. for more information visit their site now at

Lunch at the Victoria Plaza Mall of Davao

This picture is taken when Me and my daughter Keisha took lunch at the Victoria Plaza Mall of Davao City. Keisha prefers the burger than a heavy rice meal. I chose to buy dimsum for my lunch and a delicious cake from Goldilocks store makers of quality cakes and pastries.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Taking care of our love ones is the specialty of caregivers of America

Every one of us will pass the stages of life where we become playful in our early stage and will become more energetic and active during adolescence, having our own family, established life to the fullest and time will come that we already need the assistance of our love one on our old stage. Our love one don't permit us to be taken for granted because they always make sure that we have a company in everything we do specially when we get older and needs someone to take care of us. My grandmother is already 92 years old this coming December and I always make sure that there is always a caregiver to help her in everything she does. Speaking of caregiver, I always hire the services of the Caregivers of America because I am very much satisfied with the services that they are rendering to my grandmother. CareGivers of America offers home health care services in different cities such as Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Delray, Boynton Beach, Tamarac, Lauderhill, Coconut Creek, Pompano Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, and many more. Fort Lauderdale Home Health Care is where my grandma's caregiver comes from. So if you are looking for the right caregiver who will take good care of your love ones choose the caregiver of America.

Food for thought

Fat free salad dressings may not necessarily be the most healthful choice. Researchers who analyze the diets of more than 76,000 women over ten years found that those who had regular oil-and-vinegar dressing five or six times a week were about half as likely to die from heart disease as women who rarely consumed oil-based dressings. The key factor seems to be alphalinolenic acid- an omega-three fatty acid found in certain vegetable oils(such as flaxseed and canola) that's been shown in other studies to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
more tips on by using the natural way

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Audi A5 car is my top choice

I am a auto-diesel mechanic by profession but every time I bought a new vehicle or somebody ask me to makes a decision for him/her, I always read car reviews because since there are a lot of new models and new brands of car out in the market now a days, we don't know the latest features that was added in their new production. It is still safe to read product reviews so that we can compare each items based on their features and benefits and eventually we can choose the best car that we need. Speaking of reading reviews before deciding to buy, there is a site named the Car Connection. It is a site that provides car reviews and car photos, classified, and car tips. As I browse the Car connection site on its deeper pages, I found an audi a5 car. I compared its style and its features and I can say that this is the car that I am looking for because its performance, comfort and quality, safety and its features stands among the rest. I am probably getting an Audi A5 next week. So to all car buyers out there if you want to know more information about the Audi A5 cars visit first the site at I am pretty sure Audi A5 will also be your top choice.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meeting with the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte regarding the Maligaya gardeners case

The Maligaya Gradeners at the board meeting room in the city hall of Davao

Governor Graca Padaka of Isabela at the Davao City mayor office.

I went to the City hall of Davao to meet with the City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte to tackle with some problems regarding the Maligiya Gardeners which I am one of the members. I together with the rest of the Maligaya gardeners have an appointment to the Davao City Mayor at exactly 2:30 but we were accommodated more or less 4:30 in the afternoon because he needs to accommodated first the visitor from Isabela Governor Grace Padaka. We presented our problems to him concerning about operating business with "NO" business permit within the Maligaya subdivision. We were advice by Judge Quitain prior to our meeting with the City Mayor that our business operation is good and it adds beautification to the said place since all of us are selling ornamental plants. It just so happen that there was one person in the name of Alfredo "Jet" Grandeza had passed complains stating that Gardeners were not allowed to occupy such areas because it is classified under residential zone. The gardeners ask the point of view of Judge Quitain and he explained that "Yes it is true, it should not be occupied because it is really true that it is classified under residential zone but operating business there can be done if we have not received any complains from the home owners association. During the discussion , it seems that the gardeners have given already all they can do just to make the business legitimate enough as a matter of fact, all Maligaya gardeners went to Grandezas House in Maligaya subdivision (the complainant) to put an end to this issue. They apologize to the person and his family and to the association members as well and the complainant Alfredo "Jet" Grandeza accepted the said apology. I think all will be in good place because the Maligaya Gardeners initiated the move and the complainant was very glad also that both parties were now in good terms. The complainant also explained his sentiments so to make the story short we all end up in good terms after explaining our side after giving our apology. The complainant told us that we will do the 'WinWin solution" so that everybody can now apply for a business permit early next year. He also told us that he will make a MOA (Memorandum of Agreement). The Maligaya Gardeners have all their smiles before living the House of Alfredo jet Grandeza. The following morning, Darwin Pineda son of Zenaida Pineda (fruit trees nursery operator) brought the letter of apology because the complainant instructed him to make it in writing and formal so he brought it to every gardeners to have it signed and all of them signed hoping that this document will be the solution to all the problems in Maligaya and after that Darwin submitted it to the complainant. A day after the complainant made another letter , a letter that could pin down all the gardeners to court so the gardeners refused to sign the document. The gardeners confront the complainant why you are making this move instead of making a retraction paper and he sounded differently to the Maligaya gardeners. That is the time where the Maligaya gardeners think that he was not so sincere with the apology made a day ago because he was using it to gather more information in order to pin down against Maligaya Gardeners. I just hope and pray that with the meeting of the Davao City Mayor this afternoon, It will give positive results.

The best restaurant in town

I have been in almost all of the restaurants in every cities that I visited that offers delicious foods and their house specialties but there's no one can beat the specialty of a filipino restaurant that offers a special native Filipino specialty the Balbacua (oxfeet). This store is locaated along Uyanguren street of Davao corner Acacia. There were very popular with their Balbacua for a long time now. Students from Ateneo used to have lunch and dinner on the said place for their parfect tasting balbacua. So if you have a chance to visit Davao try to have lunch at Tia Pia that offers special Balbacua , A special filipino delicacy. I am so sure you will really love the taste.

My aunts dream house

My aunt is a travelling nurse and being a travelling nurse, she seldom stay from one place. Most often she would be staying for a month or three in a particular state and after a while she would be packing her things and transfer to another state depending on the need of a particular hospital or her agency. We often call her a gypsy.

Now that she have had enough of her work and wants to retire from her job and enjoy the company of her husband and kids, she is planning to settle down in the suburbs of California and get a house that she could call their home. She is planning to get a vacant property insurance that would insure her buy of the property.

Her husband is an interior designer and is planning to design the house. The house would be a log cabin type so as to have a fell of the outback but very warm and cozy on the inside. The patio would be the best place or part of the house for the floor would be made up of bricks with two rocking chairs facing the rising sun. The house as describe by my aunt is a dream come true.

Beyonce a show stopper w/ her black and gold pair of Chanel earrings

Beyonce squeezes into a black curve-hugging turtleneck gown by Rock & Republic at Gotham Magazine’s annual gala on Tuesday in New York City. The 27-year-old Single Ladies singer rocked out a black and gold pair of Chanel globe earrings as she hosted the swank event. Showstopper

Choose the best Attorneys in town to defend you

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How to know if that starch is a sugar

This is just a quick tip and information to everybody. To prove that the starch is a sugar is that you can put a cracker in your mouth, chew it and hold it there. As your saliva breaks down the starch, it will start to taste sweet. Try it to prove!!! this is just a simple experiment analysis.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Moving to a new location

I consider myself as a successful overseas worker. I am a factory worker and I always save my monthly compensation for my future plans for my family to settle here. I rented this place now for 5 consecutive years. I was not able to buy a house or a condo type unit for I can't afford to buy one during my first three years. but this present year, I think I can already move to a place where I can call my own. I am planning to transfer to my new home together with my family now who is already here with me. I don't have to buy a new furniture's and appliances for my new house because I already have here. All I need is a Moving company that could help me transfer all my household items carefully to my new place. I browse the internet to look for one and fortunately, I have found a site named Humboldt. Humboldt is the oldest and most experienced Boston moving company in Massachusetts. Their team of professional movers manage local and International moving assignments. Take the worry out of moving with a Boston moving company that takes care. From planning and employee relocation services to car shipping and art storage, They're a mover that wise customers choose. This moving company is also the company that my best friends Leo, Michelle and Bryan used when they move to their new locations a couple of months ago. That's why I am very much confident. So if you are looking for a moving company choose the oldest and the most experienced Boston Movers. For more information of their services visit their site at or you may call them at numbers 781-821-8777 or 800-225-9845.

Healthy Diet

Fiber cereals
wheat bread

Start the day with a high-fiber cereal

It's what I do, and I highly recommend this to everybody. Look for a cereal with at least 7 grams of fiber per serving, I suggest. and if the first ingredient is wheat bran or oat bran, that's as good as a whole grain since so many nutrients are linked to the bran. If you prefer oatmeal, rolled oats and steel-cut oats are whole grains.

Use Whole wheat pasta instead of regular or if you are the type of person who prepares bread and coffee during breakfast, use the brown one and not white (wheat bread).

Online Dating tips

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Back from a short trip

Back home after a short trip to New York City for MTV TRL’s “Total Finale Live” last night, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie were spotted enjoying a little quality time together on Monday (November 17).
The cute couple walked hand-in-hand as they bought up some baby clothes for daughter Harlow at the Little Seed, along with stopping for lunch at Baja Fresh.

Find your perfect match

My cousin is already 37 years old and until now she can't find that Mr Right for her. I already introduced her to some of my male friends that are older than her and yet, she still can't find a single connection with them. I know she is already ready for a relationship but there is something bothering her. I tried a Dating Services for my cousin so that she can find that perfect person for her. After a week, I visited my cousin to check on her status. I was surprised to see her and told me that she found that Mr. Right already. The Dating Services really was a big help for my cousin. I highly recommend the site to all of those people that seems to find hard time in looking for that perfect match. A match made is heaven as may say. My cousin is now in a relationship and found the Mr. Right for her, According to my cousin, they are very sweet and romance is always in the air when they are chatting online. The dating services helped her in finding her companion. The events are so fast because by next year my cousin will be getting married and take note I am the best man of the special occasion. I am so happy for my cousin because she finally found that Mr. Right for her. For more information about the dating services site, feel free to visit for a quick link to the love of your life.

Amanda Bynes single again

The star of Hairspray. Amanda Bynes, broke up with her boyfriend, Josh Feldman two months ago after dating him for a year and half. She told In Touch magazine that being single has been good for her. Her break from Feldman has changed her. Bynes said, “I’m being more social now; I’m just sort of enjoying

A device that my mom bought for grandma

It is a sad fact, that sooner or later our parents would become grand parents and soon they would be living alone for we would have our own family to tend too. They would be prone to accident or might commit accident such as a hard fall on the patio or might slip on the wet floors of the comfort room. This scenario is very imminent and might happen anytime.

Medical Alert is a product that would help us and our old folks about the accidents that they have committed. They have GPS bracelets that would tell us about the where abouts of our old folks that could not return home and a fall detection device that would inform us about the fall.

My mom recently bought this product for my mom is so busy in the office and my grand mother is living alone in her ancestral home. My mom is always annoyed of the fact that her mom might have an accident and could not be there on time to help her. Thus, she decided to buy Medical Alert for this will eradicate her worries to my grand mother and working in the office would be smooth sailing.

Justin Timberlake a back up dancer for Beyonce

Justin Timberlake helps Beyonce with a music video remake!
In a "Saturday Night Live" sketch, Timberlake sported a black leotard and high heels and performed as one of Beyonce's backup dancers for her video "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)".
Actor Paul Rudd played the director of the music video and "SNL" cast members Andy Samberg and Will Forte were part of the backup dancing trio!

Ask the experts help

Having a business in the virtual world would sometimes lead to disappointment to most of people who are planning to engage, this may be the scenario if the prospective businessman does not know where to go to seek help. As we all know, the virtual world is a vast and endless field of business. A person who wants to engage in selling products could find more than a thousand business that is very much similar to his, thus making the competition very stiff and hard to climb.

With the help of experts in Clickbooth Webinars , an expert in search engine optimization and driving traffic to your site, the scene of being seen in the vast world in the Internet is possible, which would mean profit and gaining advantage from other businesses that is of similar industry.

So if you are planning to engage in business, don't just jump and start doing, asked help from the experts so everything will flow the way it should be and gaining the goal of earning would be possible. As the old cliche goes, "It is a harsh world out there", anything can happen in a world which is very foreign and dominated by the fierce players in business.

Relationship on the rocks

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly confessed that her relationship with gal pal Samantha Ronson has reached make-or-break point.The couple - who spent all of last week partying hard around Europe - were spotted on more than one occasion caught up in a lover's tiff.And according to UK reports, the Mean Girls star is on the verge of throwing in the towel on their nine-month relationship.Lindsay reportedly told a News of The World journo, "Things are very difficult at the moment. I’m just trying to work out what to do."The pair were spotted at London's Chinawhite nite spot on Wednesday attempting to make one another jealous by lapping up the attention from several other girls in the club.