Thursday, April 16, 2009

Abs-Cbn anchormen Ted Failon tragedy

One of the ABS-CBN anchormen Ted Failon was in news 2 days already for an incident that had happened in their house. His wife Trina was found in their bathroom in cold blood with a bullet in her head. There were a lot of reports from different agencies that were investigating the incident. There were reports that Ted Failon is one of the suspects while other reports stated that his wife is the one commiting suicide. His wife Trina is in the ICU but sad to say this evening his wife past away. The police were forcing the members of the family including drivers, helpers to be in camp karingal for investigation even without warrant of arrest. I really don't know why they were acting like that. They are not following the procedures because they always say that they are obstruction of justice. I just hope that the real situation will come out so that the wrong and premature speculations of the public will be put to an end.

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