Thursday, February 28, 2008

My favorite Red Shirt

There are a lot of Tee shirts in my closet that comes in different colors. I usually use Tee shirts because I am very much comfortable in using it. I have one shirt in my closet that I frequently used it during malling and shopping. It is my favorite red shirt that was given to me by Maria Lynel Rodriguez, (my wife sister) during their Christmas vacation in Takurung, Sultan Kudarat. I love the design so much and it fits perfectly for me and it is made of 100 percent purely cotton.

All About Trucking

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My Daughters Hand Held Radio Toy

Communication is really important in the field of business that is why I asked my sister in Australia to send me a pair of hand held radio. My sister Altesse gave me this communication device last year during her Christmas vacation with us. I am really happy to own one because I can now use it whenever we have an activity in my mango farm. This is really a big help in the mango production business. My daughter Keisha Nicole is always playing my handheld radio. The battery pack of my radio always get drained because keisha is always playing with it. She always act like a radio reporter and sometimes follow the reporting style of Mike Enriquez of GMA television network. Sometimes, I wonder if she will become a television reporter someday. Anyway to make the story short I bought her a pair of hand held radio toy.

Keish Nicole Holding her (Princess) hand held radio toy.

Her Princess Hand Held radio toy.

look fabulous

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Liposuction is a straightforward technique in which excess fatty tissue is suctioned from beneath the skin. Prior to surgery, doctors flush the targeted area or areas with a solution composed of lidocaine, saline, and epinephrine (a drug that constricts blood vessels and thus reduces bleeding during surgery).
Then doctors insert a hollow wand-like device called a cannula through incisions in the skin. They push and pull the cannula around through fatty deposits, breaking up the cells, which, along with other body fluids, are suctioned out by an attached vacuuming device.

There are several liposuction techniques available today.

In the "dry" technique, which few doctors use anymore, no fluid is injected into the targeted area.
For "wet" liposuction, the surgeon injects only a small amount of fluid, about six to eight ounces and usually containing small amounts of ephinephrine, regardless of how much tissue is subsequently removed.
The "superwet" technique evolved because doctors found that the more fluid they injected up to a point the less blood was lost. Liposuction is very much different from tummy tuck procedure though it still reduces body fat.

Tommorrow will be the 23rd day after flower induction

Early morning today, I visited the mango farm and check the trees individually for possible pest and fortunately the trees were very much healthy and free from mites, borers, flies, and other insects that can harm its flower. I will prepare right now the chemicals that I'm gonna use it for tomorrows activity and also my power spray machine. I talked to my friend Nito of Digos, a mango production expert. He told me that the chemicals that I am using before namely Selecron and the Cypermethrins are a good combinations in fighting unwanted insects. But it would be better if I can use another set of chemicals to prevent chemical immunity. I chose UNITOP chemical as a new ingredient in my chemical formulations. I Hope that this new chemical could also give a good result in my mango production.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Bible

There are a lot of books that comes in good content and packaging but the most powerful book for me that I considered to be the reason for being a christian is the bible. It becomes a reference of what had happened during those days. We always use bible if we find scriptures of the day and gospels. But right now, in the modern world you can now use your personal computer through Internet connection by searching the verses and words in the bible online. The name of the site that provides a free online Bible study resource for anyone who is interested in reading is There are also hymn lyrics available for you. The online bible is really important now a days, because it helps Christians browse the bible words immediately. In a matter of seconds, you can see the results of what you are searching for. The online bible is providing 28 different languages from Cebuano, English, Korean , Greek, and other languages as well as a variety of versions so that all people of different races can use it. So if your into theology class and looking for answers in the bible, you are in the right place to search because they are also providing from the old testament up to the new testament.

I Recieved Another Award (Sexiest Body Award)

I dont look I'm sexy for myself but there are a lot of meaning of "sexy". Sexy outside in physical form or you can also describe sexy inside which I think I belong. Anyway, whatever it is, thank you very much Eds for giving me this kind of award. I really appreciate it a lot. I am sharing this award to my fellow sexy bloggers (hahahaha) namely Julia , kookie,

Hotel Reservations

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An Outstanding Blogger Award for Me

I recieved this award from my felleow blogger named Jane. I am so happy to recieve this award for it gives us more "drive" to write and post interesting articles in my blog. I would like to share this award to my other friends in the blogosphere like Losel, Rame, Nancy, Lanie G, Greta, Gen

A personalized Essay Writing Service

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Monday, February 25, 2008

'No Country for Old Men' is the Best Picture in Oscar Awards

The Coen brothers completed their journey from the fringes to Hollywood's mainstream, their crime saga "No Country for Old Men" winning four Academy Awards, including best picture, in a ceremony that also featured a strong international flavor.
Europeans swept the acting categories Sunday night. British actor Daniel Day-Lewis and France's Marion Cotillard were best lead actor and actress. The supporting actor and actress prizes went to Spain's Javier Bardem and British actress Tilda Swinton.
The only other time in the Oscars' 80-year history that all four acting winners were foreign born was 1964, when the recipients were Britons Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews and Peter Ustinov and Russian Lila Kedrova.

Bardem won for supporting actor in "No Country," which earned Joel and Ethan Coen best director, best adapted screenplay and the best-picture honor as producers.

The Villa Josefina Resort Celebration

Me and my family wake up early morning to prepare for the Villa Josefina Party. I clean up the van to make it very presentable and have it wax to shine its color. The drinks are packed up in a styrophore box and ready to be filled with ice crush then, all members of the family are ready to go at exactly 8 o'clock in the morning. Before going to the said resort, we decided to go first to our mango farm that is located in Mintal Davao City to give the food allowance to our caretaker named "Lakay" who is an expert in mango production then proceeded to the party venue. Upon arrival , we found out that our mom likes the venue because she appreciate very much the surroundings and clear water of the pool is really inviting to swim. The Party is really fun, and after a couple of hours our partner in blogging Bryan came to join us and we started to talk about on how we can maximize our earnings in blogging because we're planning to have a business out of our earnings. We have grilled foods like fish(Tilapia), hotdogs on sticks and Pork Barbecue with marshmallows. The party is so successful because all of us are having fun including the kids Cykie dodge my nephew and my daughter Keisha Nicole.
Here are some photos taken at the Villa Josefina Party.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're going To The Beach

Me and my daughter Keisha Nicole is preparing our things for the beach. We inflate the beach ball and her wet set. We write all the necessary items that we're going to buy for tomorrows activity. My wife and I planned the menus for our beach party. We decided to have grilled foods to be cook. We also have grilled hotdogs on sticks with marshmallows on top, egg sandwiches, chichiriyas, and cold soft drinks. This party is made possible through our blog earnings and of course the three blogger should be present namely Junix of, Bryan of and myself of

Keisha Nicole's new wet set

I am ready to go to Villa Josefina Beach Resort!!!

I love this party so much and I am very much excited for tommorows beach party (Keisha added).

Friday, February 22, 2008

A speed tagg for you

50 words

Speed test

Not so bad I got an average in my typing speed test thanks to jane for giving me this kind of tagg I really like it because I remeber the days when I was still in Ateneo college doing my typing class with Ma'am Siason (hahaha). I would like to pass thi tagg to my freinds in typing class in blogging namely Jenny, petradear, trazei

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Freindly Award From Blogger DENZ

Thank you so much for this freindly award brother DENZ. You're really right in choosing to share this kind of award. I considered myself as a very freindly person, a happy go lucky guy and a person who just want live life to the fullest.

I would like to share this friendly awards to all my friends in the blogosphere namely Catsy, losel, Nancy, Lanie, keishas, Angel, Lyhra, and ivy.

Life lock promo code

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Romulo Neri Gets Frustrated With President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Commission on Higher Education Chairman Romulo Neri admitted Tuesday that he got frustrated with his "boss" sometimes, but insisted that he still believe President Arroyo is the only one who can initiate reforms needed to stamp out the deep-rooted corruption problem in the country."In our job, we have frustrations. Hindi natin maiiwasan na paminsan-minsan (We can't avoid sometimes) we get upset with our boss," Neri told ABS-CBN's morning show, "Umagang Kay Ganda."He added that if had lost faith in the President, he would not be in the government right now. "Up to this time I really think we can do reforms under the President."He had repeatedly said that he doesn’t trust the Congress, the military, and civil society groups including the Black and White Movement to lead in the reforms against corruption.Instead of trying to oust Mrs. Arroyo, Neri said the society should "really have to back [Mrs. Arroyo] up in these reforms."Neri came with the statements after his friend, Rodolfo Noel "Jun" Lozada Jr. told the Senate that the CHED chairman once described Mrs. Arroyo as an evil person.Lozada said Neri uttered the words "She is evil" while lecturing senators Panfilo "Ping" Lacson and Ma. Consuelo "Jamby" Madrigal about the "ecosystem of corruption" in the country.The lecture was done during a dinner meeting at the Asian Institute of Management building in Makati City last Dec. 7, 2007, Lozada said.The Senate witness said that based on Neri's diagram, Mrs. Arroyo was in the center of the deep-rooted corruption problem of the country.Neri denied Lozada's claim, explaining that his diagram showed the different players of corruption."If you look at the framework. Each person has a role, different players. The Senate, [ousted speaker] Jose de Venecia Jr., Congress, the Church, media are there. Everything that has relevance," he said.'No need to apologize, Jun'The CHED chairman maintained that he was not planning to leave Mrs. Arroyo's administration and was seeking an alliance with Lacson and Madrigal, who had been labeled by the administration as destabilizers, during the dinner meeting.He said he was only accompanying Lozada who was then still scared of appearing at the Senate's hearing on the allegedly overpriced $329-million national broadband network deal.He added that he just took a chance to woo the two senators into supporting his advocacy and presented his corruption diagram to them.Despite denying Lozada's testimony about his description of Mrs. Arroyo, he said he remains a friend of the Senate witness."Jun and I will remain friends. Jun, there is really no need to apologize. I saw what you went through," he said, addressing Lozada who tried to apologize first before revealing details of their supposed secret dinner meeting with Lacson and Madrigal.He also scored senators for trying to take away his friendship with Lozada. "Somehow his career is gone, his sense of personal security. One of the things that we treasure, we treasure this friendship."

Gretchen Baretto and Tonyboy Cojuangco is Still Together

Actress Gretchen Barretto's first public appearance after rumors that she broke up with long time partner Tonyboy Cojuangco seemed to prove that they were still very much a couple.Barretto and Cojuangco attended the birthday party of Senator Jinggoy Estrada over the weekend.Barretto said they have resolved whatever issues they may have had, and reiterated that Cojuangco did not kick her out of their house."Never ako pinalayas, I'm in my comfort zone and no, I don't think I'll ever make layas," she said.(I've never been kicked out of the house, I'm in my comfort zone, and no, I don't think I'll ever leave the house.)"Tony's a very decent person. He always would want or choose to talk things over in the most decent manner."Barretto and Cojuangco were visibly affectionate- holding hands, embracing, and standing close together.Barretto had only praise for her partner. "I wouldn't be with him for 14 years, I mean, I am with him because he is a good man."During the party, Barretto gave members of the Estrada family, including former President Joseph Estrada, a copy of her newly-released CD.The actress appeared to enjoy herself, giving her all on the dance floor, which she shared with another dancing diva, former Senator Loi Estrada.

visit Israel

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

President Arroyo is an Evil as describe by Romulo Neri

Rodolfo Noel "Jun" Lozada Jr. on Monday said his friend, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairman Romulo Neri, sees President Arroyo as an "evil" person."She is evil," Lozada said at the Senate as he was forced by senators to "tell the truth" about Neri’s alleged description of Mrs. Arroyo.Lozada agonized in front of the senators and before revealing the "evil" description, he apologized to Neri.The Senate star witness said Neri uttered the four-letter word during a meeting with senators Panfilo Lacson and Maria Consuelo Madrigal, which allegedly took place Dec. 7, 2007 at the Asian Institute of Management building in Makati City.He revealed that after Neri testified at the Senate last October, the CHED chairman asked for his help to solicit "patriotic money."Lozada defined patriotic money as Neri’s insurance once he decides to leave the government and reveal what he knows about the allegedly graft-ridden $329 million national broadband network deal between the government and China’s ZTE Corp.He said that in pursuit of collecting "patriotic money," Neri sought an audience to present his outline of how deep the country’s corruption problem was.During the meeting, Lozada said Neri told the senators that four businessmen particularly benefitted from the corruption in the country.Lozada named the businessmen as Enrique Razon, chairman and president of International Container Terminal Services, Inc.; Lucio Tan, owner of Philippine Air Lines; and "Tommy" Alcantara and one of the "Aboitizes".Madrigal said that Neri referred to the four business people as the oligarchs who controlled the country.The Senate witness said that according to Neri, the government institutions that tolerate corruption are the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Department of Budget Management, the National Economic Development Authority, and local government units.Lozada then asked for a 15 minute break after making the revelation as he said he did not want to be branded again as a "cry baby."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Manny Pacquiao, '3-punch killer' to halt Marquez

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA--THERE'S still a month left before the big fight but Team Pacquiao has sprung a surprise by baring the weapon with which the Pacman hopes to clip and conquer WBC super featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico.
Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's head trainer, says his ward is having an action-filled outing with his sparmates, hitting them solidly and not betraying any signs of fatigue after backbreaking workouts.
"This is where you'll kill him," advised Roach, as Manny cut loose with a three-punch combination they have been perfecting behind closed doors.
"This no-name offensive thrust will surprise the Mexican," added Roach.
Marquez himself is into a taxing regimen at his Romanza gym in Mexico city.
The sheer consistency of Pacquiao's wins over Mexican hotshots places Marquez in a hellish spot, and the defending world 130-pound king will have to surpass himself in order to save his crown at the Mandalay Casino-Hotel on March 15.
Their first encounter in 2004 ended in a disputed draw but, based on the animosity, the rematch will definitely produce a distinct, vastly superior winner.
Marquez says he is fighting Pacquiao to redeem Mexico's honor.
Pacquiao himself knows that, more than the purses, the next fight will be for the honor of his country and his countless admirers all over the world.
Two titles are at stake--Ring's coveted junior lightweight belt and the WBC super-featheweight crown, a concession granted to the Mexican champ for staying unbeaten since his controversial loss to the Indonesian Chris John.
The bar has been raised for the sensational battlers with the Pinoy slugger favored over the smart-boxing Mexican.
But why is the defending champion the underdog in this duel with his mandated challenger?
The concession is that Pacquiao, younger and stronger at 29, is decidedly faster.
And in boxing, as pundits often intone, "there is no substitute for speed."
The 34-year-old Marquez is a master craftsman, a terrific defender and counter-puncher who has displayed the rare ability to spring back from impossible situations.
It will be a war, the pundits say, one that is exciting and infused with the distinctive elements of a great fight.

Effective Medical Detox Program

Drug addiction is a big problem for some of us that is why there are a lot of rehabilitation centers around the world to cater the needs of the persons who are suffering to it. But now a days drug addiction can now be treated in a home-based medical treatment program. If a person is addicted to opiates there is a methadone detox program that could help manage the person to be clear from unwanted elements inside the body. Methadone is most often prescribed to manage chronic pain or to help a patient control addiction to opiates such as heroin and opioid-based prescriptions. In this case, it is considered methadone treatment and unless that treatment falls under the category of methadone maintenance in which long-term methadone use is part of the treatment plan, then methadone detox is imminent. The other thing that could also detoxify you from opiates is by subxone treatment. Suboxone detox is a combination of two drugs, buprenorphine and naloxone, which is prescribed for those struggling with opiate addiction. Subutex is a similar drug made of buprenorphine only. Both have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating opiate addiction outside the clinic setting, and both are prescribed by Meditox to our outpatient clients.

Cool Cat Award from my Fellow Blogger

I recieved this award from Denz of Denztechtronics blog and I am so happy to have this award. It feels so very honored if someone is giving you an award. Thanks to you BRO!!! for making my day a rewarding one. Right now, Im passing this award to my freinds in blogging namely Catsy, Roselle, Losel, Lisa, Julia, Jerlalou, Yen and Darlene. I hope you'll like it also.

Your Way to Recovery

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

My EON card

Many of us has a relative or love one who works overseas to earn a living.
Overseas workers help their family in the Philippines through sending good amount of money via smartcash, moneygram, LBC padala, or the famous western union. All of these couriers are asking percentage of the total amount of money being handed to the exact recepient as their fees. Payments are depending on the amount of money to be transfered by the sender. It is very costly and inconvenient for both the sender and reciever to do cash transactions because you have to go to the establishment to make your transactions possible. But now a days, you can transfer your funds, recieve, withdraw online via Paypal and send funds in the philippines through EON card that is provided by the Unionbank of the Philippines. It is so easy as long as you follow the correct procedures in setting up your account. This is very helpful to those persons who are working abroad and sending money to their love one in philippines. I will share to you the procedures in getting an EON VISA ELECTRON ACCOUNT.

Step 1. Apply for an EON Visa Electron account via online at After completing the process wait for 5 banking days but some branches reaches up to 2 weeks. Then visit the Unionbank Branch where you specified in your application form and claim your card. Bring two IDs with you and have it xerox before going to the bank to avoid delay. Pay P350 pesos (yearly payment for a non-maintaining balance EON visa electron) and allow a week for your debit card to be activated. You need to deposit at least P200.00 for paypal purposes.

Step 2. Once activated, enroll your debit card at unionbank online banking for EON Cyber Account. Done? Go to your Paypal account and add your EON Visa electron as your credit card. The billing Address should be the same on what is reflected on your EON Cyber account. When approved, wait for 3 to 4 days and e-mail Unionbank Services online via your EON cyber account and ask for your Paypal Expanded Code. But I chose to call their hotline number at 84-186. Telephone number hotlines can also be located at the back of your EON card.

Step 3. Once you recieve the paypal Expanded Code, go to your paypal account and complete the verification process by filling out the expanded field. After recieving a confirmation that your account has been verified you are now ready to do paypal transactions.

Steps to withraw cash from Paypal to EON Visa Electron:

1. Log on to your Paypal account and click withdraw. complete the process andwait 3-5 banking days before your money will reach your EON Visa Electron account.

To Maximize the Paypal withdrawal transactions fee of 5 dollars, make sure tha you will only withdraw when you resach the 500$ limit. That is the Maximum amount to be withdraw daily.

You will notice that only $495 will be deposited to your bank account, that is because of the $5 transaction fee being deducted.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

African Arts and Gifts

Every individual has different tastes and preferences, some like it very modern and some like it very ethnic in terms of their clothes, accesories or shall we say art collections. I considered myself as an art fanatic because I collect different accesories like bracelets, sculptures, figurines from different countries. I found a great site on the internet that you could choose one-of-a-kind authentic African products of quality and value including African Art, Sculptures, African Masks, Djembes, Leather Bags, Traditional African Clothing, Handcrafted Jewelry, African Home Decoration and much, much more from Ghana, West Africa. is the name of the site and they are offering different art pieces very unique in design made by creative artisans. It is the creation of the finest craftsmen of authentic African culture. Afrikboutik- African Arts & Gifts is an oline store that is offering a lot of items to choose from for your home decoration like African masks , oil paintings, sculptures, and also they have apparel and jewelry items to choose from. The items are really authentic of high quality which is long lasting because they are made of original materials. You can easily afford to buy their products because the prices are so reasonable and affordable. I find it so easy to collect ethnic items because of this site. So, to all ethnic art lovers out there, If you want to add more items to your collection, visit their site now and I am pretty sure you will find a lot of amazing items that you could choose for yourself or friends. They are accepting payments via your paypal account to make your purchase very convenient.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Filipino People Can Definitely Read Their Lines, Who Is Covering Something

Monday’s 10-hour marathon Senate hearing on the alleged abduction of Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada Jr. had at least three senators believing that the witness was indeed "kidnapped" to prevent him from testifying about the government’s controversial national broadband (NBN) project.The Senate panel, composed of three committees, not only grilled government witnesses on the alleged abduction but also scrutinized Lozada to again test his credibility."Ako lang ho yata ang VIP na nagpapahatid sa Pasig pero dinala sa Los Baños (I may be the only VIP [very important person] who was asking to be brought to Pasig but was taken to Los Baños)," said Lozada.Some of the senators believe that government resource persons, including Environment Secretary Lito Atienza and Philippine National Police Director General Avelino Razon Jr., were obviously covering up something."May cover-up na nangyari at siguradong sisirain ang kredibilidad ni Lozada lalo na’t ang kanyang mga istorya ay consistent (There is a cover up and they are trying to destroy Lozada’s credibility especially that his story is consistent)," said Sen. Manuel Roxas."From the very start naman hindi nakikipa-cooperate ang mga taga-gobyerno marahil dahil may tinatago (From the very beginning the government witnesses are not cooperating. Maybe because they are hiding something)," said Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano.During the hearing, Lozada identified the group he believes behind the death threats he was receiving." 'Yung threat po sa grupo ni [former] election chairman [Benjamin] Abalos (The threat comes from the group of chairman Abalos)," he said.Administration Sen. Joker Arroyo, however, said Lozada’s abduction story remains unclear to him."It is a case of he says, she says, his words against half a dozen people," he said.Around 6 p.m., Lozada was visibly exhausted. He was taken to the Senate’s clinic for a check-up. He returned for another round of questioning after 30 minutes.The hearing ended shortly after 8 p.m.Cops clueless on 'threat' to LozadaEarlier, police Senior Superintendent Paul Mascariñas, who was tasked to secure Lozada last week, admitted that he did not know who Lozada was hiding from.Mascariñas, deputy director of the Police Security and Protection Office (PSPO), told the Senate that he was only ordered to form a team and proceed to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to fetch and protect a person he did not know."While having lunch with my director, Chief Superintendent Romeo Hilomen instructed me to form a team [and fetch someone at the airport]," Mascariñas said, adding that he only knew Lozada was somehow connected to the botched $329-million NBN mess.He said he did not ask the Senate witness who he was hiding from. He said the threats could come from "the administration, the NPA (New People’s Army) or even from anyone."For his part, Angel Atutubo, security chief of the Manila International Airport Authority, said he did not ask the policemen why they were took Lozada from the airport.Atutubo said the Rodolfo Valeroso of the police Aviation Security Group, whom he initially identified as Senior Police Officer 4 Roger Valeroso, was the only person who coordinated Lozada's request for protection with the MIAA.The retired military general said the people who took the Senate witness only told him that "they will provide maximum security for Lozada."He, however, failed to ask what kind of threat Lozada was receiving and how severe the threats were.Senate President Manuel Villar, meanwhile, said he "resents" the way airport, police and government officials wanted to make it look like that Lozada was running away from the Senate."I noticed that there is some kind of an attitude on the part of our law enforcement people, government officials from the executive department, like there is a tendency to prevent [Lozada] from attending to the Senate," Villar said."It seems something big is going to happen and Lozada will be killed," he added.Atienza: I acted on my ownAtienza, meanwhile, said he acted on his own when he asked police to provide protection for Lozada upon his arrival from Hong Kong.Atienza said Lozada approached him "emotionally distressed and on the verge of tears" and asked for protection."Mr. Lozada sought my help, I granted it. Mr. Lozada was in Hong Kong and I thought he was on his way to London. When he said he was still in Hong Kong, it surprised me," he said.He added that while in Hong Kong, Lozada told him that he would like to cancel his trip to London, where he was scheduled to attend a seminar about reforestation and jathropa development, and return to Manila.Atienza said he called up the PNP and requested for Lozada's protection upon his arrival.The environment chief denied that Lozada was kidnapped."He was not made incommunicado. There was no force used on him. He was able to go to La Salle freely that [Tuesday] night," Atienza said in Tagalog.He added: "Gentlemen, ladies, the incident at the airport and from that time up to the end and where we are now, I am stressing that there was no kidnapping at all."Atienza said he went to the Senate to clear his name, which he said he has been trying to retain untainted for 36 years since he entered politics.Neri distances self from Lozada testimony; FG mumChairman Romulo Neri of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said he does not know where Lozada got information that he was offered a P200-million bribe to approve the NBN project of the government."How can he know? He was not there," Neri told ABS-CBN News as Lozada testified at the Senate.He also dismissed a statement saying that President Arroyo was the one who told him to ignore the bribe allegedly offered by Abalos.According to the CHED chief, Lozada cannot speak for him since he is not his spokesman. At the same time, Neri said he cannot speak for Lozada.Meanwhile, First Gentleman Jose Miguel "Mike" Arroyo declined to grant media interviews on his alleged involvement in the NBN project.An ABS-CBN News team chanced upon Mr. Arroyo as he was leaving the family-owned LTA Building in Makati City on Monday, around the same time the Senate was grilling several resource persons for its probe into the allegedly overpriced $329-million deal.Instead of granting an interview, President Arroyo's husband merely waved and said that he is "OK."The sighting Monday was the first on Mr. Arroyo since he returned to the country last week following a trip to Europe.A statement from Ruy Rondain, his lawyer, meanwhile, denied accusations that the presidential spouse was involved in the NBN project, which the President eventually scrapped because of allegations of overpricing and other anomalies.

Rhian Ramos Is The Next Dyesebel?

Rhian Ramos was earlier rumored as the next Dyesebel in GMA 7’s forthcoming fantaserye based on the Mars Ravelo komiks classic.
“The gossip started because I had grown my hair long and put on a fake tan,” Rhian explained.
Though all signs now point to Marian Rivera as the Kapuso network’s new mermaid, Rhian remains unfazed.
Not enough
“I’m even willing to play Dyesebel’s nemesis,” she said. “People say I can play a villain well because I have a very strong personality.”
According to a network insider, Rhian was seriously considered for the lead part, but lost it because she lacked the necessary curves. To be blunt about it, her breasts were not seen as ample enough.
Rhian, who turns 18 this year, admits she may be too young to bare that much onscreen anyway. “I have plenty of time to develop,” she jested.
“In any case, I don’t think the network would like a daring Dyesebel because kids will surely watch the show,” she said.
If she were to do a mermaid movie, she’d like something like the Hollywood fantasy flick “Aquamarine.” “That was cute,” she noted.
Rhian related that she had trained as a competitive swimmer when she was younger. “[But] I never joined tournaments because I was shy.”
This skill comes in handy when she joins celebrity contests, though. “For a [Head and Shoulders] competition, I was the one who dove for the treasure chest, just because all my teammates had refused to.”
Another kind
She did another kind of diving in the afternoon soap “My Only Love”—in scenes where nemesis Sherilyn Reyes dunked her head in a toilet bowl and foot spa basin.
“The staff made sure the bowl and basin were clean,” she recounted.
She’s willing to go to great lengths for her work, confirmed her regular photographer Jay Tablante.
For a shoot that involved tying her up with red ribbons, Rhian had to wait for three hours for the setup, “but the actual take only lasted three minutes,” recalled Jay.
Jay also took Rhian’s photo for the Bobson billboard which shows her in a midriff.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lozada: The wife of Joker Arroyo advised me not to go to Senate

"Mrs. Arroyo told me not to appear, not to speak in the Senate anymore."
The Mrs. Arroyo that Rodolfo Noel "Jun" Lozada Jr. was referring to is Sen. Joker Arroyo's wife, Fely Aquino.
In a one-on-one interview with ABS-CBN News on Sunday, Lozada said he was invited by the Arroyos at their residence in Dasmariñas Village in Makati City. He, however, did not mention when the meeting took place.
"They invited me to go to their home in Dasmariñas Village and [at the] end of that meeting, Mrs. Arroyo told me not to appear, not to speak in the Senate anymore," he said, adding that they talked about what he knows about the botched $329-million national broadband network (NBN) deal.
This was the story that Lozada was trying to tell the senators during Monday's hearing. Lozada mentioned his meeting with Mrs. Arroyo as a response to Sen. Arroyo's statement that the Senate witness is very selective of the people he wanted to talk to.
"It smacks of bad faith... You're talking to some, but you're talking to us. You favor some senators, you don't favor others. I raise those points because its a question of good faith," Arroyo said during Monday's hearing.
Lozada replied: "Kung sabi ninyo na bad faith na kinausap ko si Senator Lacson. Nakausap ko ri ho ang asawa ninyo eh (If you're saying that it's bad faith that I was only talking with Senator Lacson. I also talked with your wife)."
The senator cut Lozada and warned him not to "mess around with my wife."
The Senate witness, who was on the verge of tears, said several people have been talking to him. He said people talking to him about the controversy is the primary reason he didn't want to go to the Senate.
Abya: Not from lawyer Fely Arroyo
A different version however was narrated to radio dzMM by Tony Abaya who was mentioned in the Senate hearing as the one who was with Lozada in the meeting with Mrs. Arroyo.
Abaya, a businessman who said he is a friend and former classmate of former socioeconomic planning secretary Romulo Neri, said the supposed meeting between Lozada and Mrs. Arroyo may have happened the same day that Neri was testifying at the Senate as he tried to recount the events leading to the meeting.
Abaya said a certain Nonoy whom he identified as a common friend with Neri, called him up "out of the blue" and made him talk with Lozada.
"They said they want to tell the truth as the truth is, but [they] are afraid that it might cause some political turmoil," he said, adding that Lozada and Nonoy told him that they are not aware if President Arroyo was directly involved in the NBN deal mess.
Abaya said he thought of Mrs. Arroyo, who is also his friend, to Lozada who was then "asking for an audience." He said he convinced the senator's wife to agree to meet Lozada and hear his case.
Abaya clarified that it was he who initiated the meeting between Lozada and Mrs. Arroyo since Lozada was seeking advise.
The businessman said he was not sure of the date, but said it was maybe when Neri was being sworn in at the Senate when Lozada and Mrs. Arroyo held a meeting.
Neri testified at the Senate on Sept. 26, 2007. He revealed during the hearing that resigned poll chief Benjamin Abalos Sr. offered him P200 million to favor China's ZTE Corp. for the NBN project.
Abaya said that Lozada at that had not yet been invited but the Senate as a witness, "So Jun at that time was talking in behalf of Neri."
Abaya said that he was with Lozada and Mrs. Arroyo "90 percent of the time" during the discussion but he never heard the senator's wife advised the Senate witness not to come out.
He said Mrs. Arroyo asked Lozada, "Ano ang plano ninyo? (What is your plan?)," and he said Lozada's reply was, "We don't know yet. I don't think we should be testifying."
"Doon sumang-ayon si Fely. 'Wag naman sanang sabihin ni Pareng Jun na kay Fely nanggaling 'yung suggestion. Sa kanya nanggaling ang statement na 'I don't think we should be testifying,'" Abaya said.
(That was when Fely agreed. I hope [Lozada] would stop saying that the suggestion came from Fely. The statement, 'I don't think we should be testifying' came from [Lozada].)
Lozada had repeatedly said that he tried to avoid appearing at the Senate and tell everybody what he knows about the botched $329-million national broadband network deal because he knew that he couldn't lie.
The Senate witness had implicated several government officials in his alleged abduction, which senators said was part of the broadband deal scandal's cover up.
Lozada arrived from Hong Kong Tuesday afternoon last week at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He said he was fetched by "military-looking men" from the airport.
He said he was driven around Metro Manila and Laguna province before he tricked his "abductors" into bringing him to the La Salle Brothers dormitory at the La Salle Greenhills compound in Mandaluyong City.
Senior Superintendent Paul Mascariñas, the police official who claimed leading the security team that fetched Lozada from the airport, said the Senate witness moved freely while under their custody.
However, Mascariñas admitted that all the time that he was with Lozada, he failed to ask the Senate witness who he was running away from.

Prove To Us That ZTE-NBN Is A Good Project

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano said Sunday that Benjamin Abalos Sr., former chairman of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), is welcome to clear his name during the Senate hearing on Monday. Abalos, however, should not give senators the runaround, the senator added.Though not scheduled to appear before the Senate’s Blue Ribbon Committee, Cayetano nonetheless said Abalos could attend the hearing on the allegedly overpriced national broadband network (NBN) deal.“He is welcome to go there anytime. Prove to us that it’s a good project but don’t give us fairytales,” Cayetano said in an ANC interview.Cayetano, chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee, investigating the contract with China’s ZTE Corp., also belittled the statements of Abalos during a press conference in Mandaluyong City.During the press briefing, Abalos, along with lawyer Salvador Panelo, attacked the credibility of key witnesseses Joey de Venecia III and Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada Jr.Both Lozada and de Venecia, a son of former House speaker Jose de Venecia Jr., testified that Abalos brokered the multi-million dollar NBN-ZTE contract. Lozada also said Abalos demanded a $130-million commission from the project."I know that the Writers Guild of America is on strike but apparently they are working freelance for Mr. Abalos,” Cayetano said in jest.Meanwhile, Lozada’s elder sister, Carmen, said she respects the decision of Abalos to file perjury and libel charges against her brother for his statements linking the former COMELEC chief to the scrapped NBN contract.“If he feels that he has been maligned, that is his right (to file a case). But (my brother) can say whatever he wants to say. That is his right,” she said.She said their family has been supporting Lozada and his assertions regarding the $329-million contract.Lozada has also been getting overwhelming support through text messages from relatives and religious groups, she added.

Monday, February 11, 2008

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It's My 2nd award For This Day

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Rodolfo "Jun: Lozada Story about his abduction and participation of the ZTE-NBN deal

Rodolfo "Jun Lozada
Philippine Forest Corporation

The Manila International Airport Authority on Friday said it is ready to release footage of the arrival of Senate witness Rodolfo Lozada Jr. to disprove allegations that he was abducted by police last Tuesday.Retired general Angel Atutubo, MIAA assistance general manager for security, said the footage from airport CCTV cameras would show that Lozada was not coerced to join police upon his arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.He added that MIAA management is willing to present the footage in the Senate investigation on Lozada's alleged abduction.Lozada on Thursday said he was supposed to meet his family upon his arrival from Hong Kong Tuesday afternoon when he was "fetched" by some people and was driven around Laguna province and Metro Manila."I was taken from the tube. I was not prepared for that. I did not know who took me. I texted my brother that someone already took me from the tube. I had to go with them. It was a miscommunication. They drove me around. Towards the end of the night, they felt that there was so much noise that they had to bring me back to my family," he said in a hastily called press conference in La Salle Greenhills.Lozada revealed that he was forced into signing some documents while in the custody of the police.He earlier substantiated allegations regarding the roles of First Gentleman Jose Miguel "Mike" Arroyo and former elections chief Benjamin Abalos Sr. in the scrapped national broadband project of the government.Key allies of President Arroyo, however, denied abducting Lozada at the country's main international airport to stop him from testifying in an investigation on the $329-million national broadband network deal between government and China's ZTE Corp.Environment Secretary Lito Atienza said he asked national police chief Avelino Razon to provide security for Lozada after the latter called him from Hong Kong and expressed apprehension about the pending arrest warrant issued by the Senate for his arrest. Atienza also denied sending his own men to secure Lozada."I told him to hide for a while and prepare his defense. I also called General Razon and asked him to provide security for Lozada when he arrives," he said in a press conference in Malacañang.Razon said he waited for a formal request for protection before instructing police officers to secure Lozada upon his arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Tuesday. He added that he received two requests for Lozada's protection -- one from Lozada's sister and another from Lozada himself. He said Lozada gave the handwritten request for police protection upon his arrival."There was no abduction. He was escorted out of the airport by police officers," he said.

After 8 years Jessa Zaragosa and Ruffa Mau Quinto Still fightitng over Dingdong

Every tell-all interview deserves more telling from those being told about, it seems. After publishing a no-holds barred interview with singer Pops Fernandez (wherein she details how she was dumped by then hubby singer Martin Nievera, and notes the effects of post-coital urinary tract infection on one's marriage), YES! magazine seems to have another hit in the making.This time around, it's bosomy comedian-actress-singer Rufa Mae Quinto getting the ire of singer and former politician Dingdong Avanzado and his wife, singer Jessa Zaragosa.The couple moved residence to the United States a few years ago.Zaragosa, who was a popular singer with a string of monster hits in the 1990s, vented her disappointment and called Quinto a liar on ABS-CBN's "The Buzz" on Sunday through a phone interview from her home in California.The whole fracas arose from statements made by Quinto in the YES! interview, where she revealed the depths of the heartache she felt after her then-boyfriend Avanzado was "stolen" by Zaragosa.Zaragosa denied Quinto's claims."Unang-una, nung mga panahon po na yon, wala pong inagaw, wala pong inagawan at wala rin po akong sinira na relasyon nila ni Dingdong noon... hindi po siya girlfriend ni Dingdong Avanzado," said Zaragosa.(First of all, at the time, no one was "stolen", nobody was stolen from anyone, and I never ruined her relationship with Dingdong then... she was not the girlfriend of Dingdong Avanzado.)'Indecent'Asked to specify exactly what went on with Quinto and Avanzado then, Zaragosa declined saying she didn't know how to give a description that would not be construed as offensive."Ang hirap pong umisip, magsabi ng disenteng salita kung paano ko po mailalarawan ang relasyon niya noon kay dingdong. She was seeing other men aside from Dingdong, nahuli po siya ni Dingdong."Ganun po ang set-up nila, hindi po seryoso, hindi po girlfriend-boyfriend exclusive. Paano siya seseryosohin ng isang lalaki kung siya ay nanlalalaki," Zaragosa said.(It's hard for me to find a decent enough word to describe what sort of relationship she had with Dingdong. She was seeing other men aside from Dingdong, he caught her. That was their set-up, not serious, not girlfriend-boyfriend exclusive. How could any man take her seriously if she was seeing several men at the same time.)Zaragosa clarified that her reaction is more out of concern for her four-year-old daughter who might be affected by Quinto's claims."Masama loob ko kasi inatake niya po kami, inatake niya ang pamilya ko... ayoko pong bilang magulang balang araw na tanungin po ako ng anak ko "Mom, is it true na inagaw mo si Daddy sa babaeng ito, may inagrabyado kang tao."(I feel hurt because she attacked us, she attacked my family... I don't want as a parent to one day be asked by my daughter if it was true that I stole her dad from this woman, that I betrayed another person.)Zaragosa also denied Quinto's claim that they used to be the best of friends. As a parting shot, Zaragosa gave this message to Quinto: "Nalulungkot ako para sa yo dahil ang integridad at katotohanan, wala ka no'n."(I'm sad for you because when it comes to integrity and the truth, you don't have any.)'It's my life'Quinto later called The Buzz to react to Zaragosa's interview. She said that she isn't surprised by Zaragosa's negative reaction but explained that in doing the YES! interview, she was only telling her life story, as a way of breaking with the past and starting anew.Quinto said that it was never her intention to hurt anyone and appealed to the audience to read the interview more carefully, so it would be clear that she made no personal attack against Zaragosa and her family."Past is past, kuwento na lang. Hindi lang naman siya eh, lahat ng na-involve po sa akin (Past is past, it's all just a story now. I didn't just talk about her but all the people involved with me.)," said the sexy comedian.She said that she has no regrets over the interview, explaining that she has the right to talk about the story of her life as she sees fit."Istorya po ng buhay ko yon, feeling ko po hawak ko po ang kwento ng buhay ko at kahit anong mangyari hindi ko po babaguhin yon. Buong loob lang po ako nagsabi ng totoo sa nangyari sa buhay ko," she told The Buzz.(It's my life story. I feel that I have a right to my own story and whatever happens I'm not changing it. I wholeheartedly told the truth about the events of my life.)

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Justin Timberlake In New York

Justin timberlake is now the teen sensation of the international entertainment world.

Fresh off of raving reviews for his role in the hilarious Pepsi/Amazon “Magnetic Attraction” ad that aired during the Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake was spotted spending some time out in New York City on Monday.
According to an insider, the “Like I Love You” singer busied himself shooting his new video with Madonna before spending some time with his sweetheart Jessica Biel.

Friday, February 8, 2008

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Rodolfo Jun Lozada Is A Great Filipino Hero

Early morning as I prepared my things to go to my garden in Maligaya, I heard a news about Rodolfo Jun Lozada giving testimonies in the senate committee. I am very much excited more about the issues so, I decided to open the television hoping that I could watch the live coverage of the reports. I watched the live coverage of Jun lozadas testimonies and I am very much convinced of what he said. It was said in a very detailed manner and he is very consistent of his answers. He is so tired, I noticed at first that his right hand is shaking as he take the oath inside the senate building. There were a lot of names that is involved in the ZTE-NBN deal and most of the names that he told are all big politicians like chairman Abalos, Defensor, Neri, Joe de Venecia, Lito Atienza and many more. It was so hard for a single person who will broadcast his knowledge about the maliscious deal because there are a lot of people who is involved in the issue and they will go after you. His family is very much worried about the situation but he has no choice but to tell the truth to the public. Rodolfo Jun Lozada is really a true great hero.

More power to you jun keep moving so that all filipinos will know the real story behing the ZTE-NBN deal. MABUHAY KA!!!


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Angelina Jolie inspiration for soldiers

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Something Fishy In The Philippines

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

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Randy Jackson has a new dance series

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The sexy singer Jennifer Lopez is expecting to have a twins. she was married to her long time boyfriend Marc Anthony
Her father says, "They are twins, yes," David Lopez said on Telefutura's "Escandalo TV" program. "To be a mother is something Jennifer has wanted for many years," Lopez said. "I feel superproud." They were married last 2004 and they are both 38 years of age but "J Lo" is still sexy. I hope that after her pregnancy, she can make another movie or record a new album.

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Stir Frying Hints

There's no mystery to stir-frying if you follow these tips of mine
  • Use a spatula or a long-handled spoon to gently lift and turn the food with a folding motion.
  • Use high heat, but keep the food moving so it won't burn
  • If you need to add more oil during cooking, bring it to frying temperature before adding more food.

The Crowning Glory---Hair!

Hair is very important to an every individual. It gives us the confidence and the different look from the other human being. When we were young, our hair tends to grow healthy with proper nutrition and care. But as the person grows older, hairs become grey and there is a tendency to have a hair loss and be bald. Though this is not a frightening disease to be taken care of, but there are lots of possible solutions in regaining the hair back. This product provillus was being tried and tested with guarantee with my Aunt who once suffered with breast cancer. Having this disease may really cause you of hair loss due to medical chemotheraphy treatment. She started using Provillus with proper nutrition and regain her hair with in two months or more. Now, she was very happy and contented and have no trouble in wearing artificial hair. There are lots of provillus reviews that you could read. This product is really effective and safe to use. You will gain back your confidence because you will see good results after using it.

Cutting Up Poultry

Follow these steps when cutting up a whole or a partially cut-up bird.

  • with a sharp knife, cut the skin between the body and one thigh. Pull the thigh out and down until the bone pops out of the hip joint. Cut through the broken hip joint as close to the backbone as possible. Repeat on other side.

  • To separate the thigh from the drumstick, cut through the skin at the knee joint. Bend the joint backward until the thigh and the drumstick touch. Cut through the knee joint. Repeat.

  • To remove a wing, cut through the skin on the inside of the wing at the joint. Pull the wing out and down until the joint breaks. Cut through the joint. Repeat on the other side.

  • To divide the body, turn the bird on its side and cut between the breast ribs and back ribs on each side. Bend the back in half to break it at the joint; cut through the broken joint. Cut off the tail, if desired

  • Divide the breast in half by cutting lenghtwise along the breastbone.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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2 tablespoon lemon juice

2 tablespoon salad oil

1 teaspoon Dijon-style mustard

1/2 teaspoon sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon dried baasil, crushed

1/8 teaspoon pepper

3 cups sliced fresh mushrooms

3 cups torn boston or Bribb lettuce

12 cherry tomatoes, halves

2 medium carrots, shredded

For dressing, in a screw-top jar combine lemon juice, salad oil, mustard, sugar, salt, basil, and pepper. Cover and shake well. Pour dressing over ushrooms; toast to coat. Cover and chill for 4 to 24 hours. To serve, in a large salad bowl combine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and carrots. Top with mushroom mixture. Toss to coat all with dressing. Makes 4 to 6 side -dish servingss.

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A new Life is Form with DNA from three persons

British scientists say they have created human embryos containing DNA from two women and a man in a procedure that researchers hope might be used one day to produce embryos free of inherited diseases.

Though the preliminary research has raised concerns about the possibility of genetically modified babies, the scientists say that the embryos are still only primarily the product of one man and one woman.

"We are not trying to alter genes, we're just trying to swap a small proportion of the bad ones for some good ones," said Patrick Chinnery, a professor of neurogenetics at Newcastle University involved in the research.

The research was presented at a scientific conference recently, but has not been published in a scientific journal.

The process aims to create healthy embryos for couples to avoid passing on genes carrying diseases.

The genes being replaced are the mitochondria, a cell's energy source, which are contained outside the nucleus in a normal female egg. Mistakes in the mitochondria's genetic code can result in serious diseases like muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, strokes and mental retardation.

In their research, Chinnery and colleagues used normal embryos created from one man and one woman that had defective mitochondria in the woman's egg. They then transplanted that embryo into an emptied egg donated from a second woman who had healthy mitochondria.

The research is being funded by the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, a British charity.

Only trace amounts of a person's genes come from the mitochondria, and experts said it would be incorrect to say that the embryos have three parents.

"Most of the genes that make you who you are are inside the nucleus," Chinnery said. "We're not going anywhere near that."

So far, 10 such embryos have been created, though they have not been allowed to develop for more than five days. Chinnery hoped that after further experiments in the next few years the process might be available to parents undergoing in-vitro fertilization.

"If successful, this research could give families who might otherwise have a bleak future a chance to avoid some very grave diseases," said Francoise Shenfield, a fertility expert with the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. Shenfield was not connected to the Newcastle University research.

Similar experiments have been conducted in animals in Japan, and has already led to the birth of healthy mice who had their mitochondria genes corrected.

Shenfield said that further tests to assess the safety and efficacy of the process were necessary before it could be offered as a potential treatment.

A bill to allow the procedure to be regulated as a therapy for couples — once it is proven to work — is expected to be discussed in Britain's House of Commons in March.

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