Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween escapade

This afternoon we went to the Mall to buy stuff for tomorrows activity. We are planning to visit Tagum cemetery for the all Saints and All souls day. when we were in the mall we noticed that there were a lot of kids ages range from 4 up wearing their funny cute costumes. It is because that there were competitions ongoing upstairs at the entertainment area for the trick or treat activity. Parents also participated in the event with their kids that's why there were a lot of scary faces. Before that, when we were having lunch at the Dencias Restaurant located at Ilustre street, there was also one table that was fully occupied of persons who were wearing scary costumes. They were having a birthday party. One of the customers who wears a red horn is the celebrant. Most of the customers who were having lunch mostly made a head turn because they wear striking costumes and not to mention they were already in their adult stage heheheh...... Anyway, they were all happy !!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carrie Underwood finally finds her perfect partner and lover

Carrie Underwood finally got some D-word up in her life! She can stop beating the dead horse about being cheated on and how she doesn’t hate Jessica Simpson blah blah. Seriously, she can stop digging up dead horses and beating them with baseball bats in her spare time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm all alone here

This morning my wife and daughter Keisha went to their hometown in Tacurong South Cotabato for the Halloween break. I was left alone here in my house. I have no one to talk to and no one to laugh with. Silence can make me sick. In order to make me busy, I just make quality post here, clean the room, map the floor, clean the bathroom, arrange everything in order because I don't want chaotic things that were scattered everywhere specially Keishas books and stuffs. I put in order everything and to you Keisha as what I have promised you that I'm gonna fix your Phonics Laptop tomorrow. I already prepared the tools that are needed for tomorrows fixing activity. All I can is just enjoy your stay their in your grandparents house. See yah!!! next week. Stay cool and I miss you so much!!!

Handicap vans

My father is a diabetic person for a long period of time. It was discovered during his middle 30's that he has diabetes. He went to the doctor but not frequently because he thinks that diabetes is just a simple illness that can easily be manage. As time goes by , he experienced different signs and symptoms of diabetes such as having an eye cataract, numbness in his both hands and feet, dryness of the skin, always thirsty and hungry even if he is full. When he went to the doctor for check-up, there he found out that his diabetes became more complicated because there were already blood veins that clog up due to an increase of blood sugar that results to thickening of blood. The doctor prescribed him a lot of tablets and capsules that includes insulin for his daily maintenance but unfortunately his blood sugar was uncontrollable. Last 2002 of October, he was admitted to a hospital because his feet was suffering from gangrene. The doctor advised him to amputate his right leg just below the knee to stop the bacteria from spreading. Right now, He is already in a wheelchair. His diabetes was already controlled by taking his daily maintenance. It doesn't mean that when a person is disable , he or she can no longer do what he wants and visit places that he/she likes because he still can move. There are a lot of equipments and hi-tech gadgets that could make a disabled person live normally. In spite of my fathers disabled condition, we still travel a lot, visit places that we want just like we were doing before his leg amputation because there are vehicles made for disable persons. There are several mobility manufacturers who provide assistive technology for individuals with disabilities. Among the most popular are accessible vehicle modifications, ranging from lowered floor minivans to turning seat solutions to hand controls. We are looking now for a handicap vans and luckily after browsing many sites in the intternet we found this site named IMED Mobility that offers sales, rentals and service. Their Honda Odyssey Handicap Vans is just perfect for my fathers disabled condition. This site helps a lot of disabled people who wants to live their lives as normal as it is. So to all people out there who needs an accessible wheelchair vans. This site is the best site for you. They also have other mobility equipments. Feel free to visit their site at or you may call them at Tel: (800)714-5245,
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keisha and Pin-pin at the studio

Yesterday we went to the photo studio to avail of our free photo shoot given by the Jollibee foods after dining. We decided that photo shoot was for the 2 kids namely My daughter Keisha and her cousin Pin-pin. In the photo studio, the 2 kids were instructed by the photographer to posed. they were given stuffed toys as an additional accessories. Their back draft is Winnie the Pooh. They were really cute and as I saw the copies of the picture, I was very amaze because both of them are really photogenic. I am posting the pictures taken yesterday so that relatives and friends could also see how photogenic they were.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Food Trip

Keisha having lunch at the Pards restaurant
5 kinds seafoods soup

The special Lobster!!! yum yum yum.....

sweet and sour spareribs

Seapo guisado Chinese Style

This morning we went to the Puentespina farm to buy some ornamental plants. After the Puentespina escapade we immediately look for a restaurant that could offer us a delicious foods. We have our lunch at Pards located at the heart of the City fronting the popular People's Park of Davao. We ordered different kinds of dishes to such as Steamed fish with black beans sauce, sweet and sour spareribs, Seapo guisado, the 5 kinds seafood soup, and a lobster with ginger spicy sauce and drinks. It was so delicious because all of the menus that we ordered are just perfect for its taste. the price is quite expensive but you will very much satisfied with their foods and their services. I hope that one day I will be going back to Pards Restaurant to have my lunch again. If you have a chance to visit Davao try to visit the Pards restaurant so that you could also experienced dining at Pards.

The whole family visits the Puentespina farm in Cabaguio

Ornamental squash grown in Davao by the Puentespina farm.
Keisha and Pin-pin at the puentespina store in Cabaguio.

Keisha Posed in the Puentespina Lobby.

This afternoon the whole family went to the Puentespina farm located at Cabaguiio Avenue Davao City to settle some accounts. In their farm we saw different types of plant but the item that strikes most is their ornamental squash. Their ornamental squash comes in different forms and attractive colors. I carried the squash that was displayed infront of their counter and I estimated the weight is more or less 9 kilos
It is so heavy. I asked the Puentespina employee if their squash variety were from abroad but she said that they grow their produce from their Malagos farm.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The christening of Adrian, son of my high school friend Chris

Adrian Carried by Chris
Ging-ging, Ramil, Chris and his loving wife

Barnie is the number 1 character during Adrians celebration
Barnie sings and Barnie Dances infront of the kids

Ramil posed with his faithful wife Ging-ging

Ging-ging smiles captures the heart of her loving husband Ramil.

Ramil Milagrosa is a successful business entrepreneur.

This afternoon, I attended the baptism of my friends son named Adrian. The baptism ceremony was held at the Mintal catholic church. It was attended by my friends close friends and relatives and former high school classmates. After the ceremony, we proceeded to the Kookels restaurant located at Mc. Arthur Highway, Davao City for the celebration. The parents of the celebrant is Mr.Christopher Mendoza and his loving wife name is Amigleo. Chris as we called him is my former high school classmate in the Rizal Memorial Colleges. He was so successful on his career as an engineer. He worked in the KSA ( Kingdom Saudi of Arabia) as an engineer of one of the biggest engineering company named Aramco while his loving wife worked in the Pag-ibig housing. They were very successful in their chosen career blessed with three sons. Chris is my seat mate during my high school years. I can say that Chris is my true friend together with Ramil. We seldom see each other due to our working schedule but when we need each others company, everyone makes sure that we are just a phone call away when someone needs a company. I am posting above some of my pictures taken during the celebration. I hope you enjoy watching and reading.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I am a big fan of Bob Marley

I am a big fan of Bob Marley. I used to collect his albums and I treasured it because Bob Marley album are one of a kind. I love the song that Bob Marley sang during his concert. As a matter of fact, I also have a collection of Bob Marley's t-shirts. There are a lot of Bob Marley songs that I really want but there is one song that I like most and that is the "No woman No cry song. I am really a big fan of him because in everything he does, the way he present himself to the public with his hair style, I also follow the way he does with his hairstyle. Aside from being collecting Bob Marley songs and albums , I also collect Bob Marley Posters and speaking of Bob Marley posters, there is a site named Poster Gods that offers a variety of Bob Marley posters. This is a site that has everything when it comes to Bob Marley Posters. One of my friend named TOTO is also a Bob Marley fanatic. He also collects Bob Marley posters. He stick all his Bob Marley posters in his closet and to the walls on his room. Bob Marley is a legend because there's a lot of people who believe in his songs. I would like to tell about his history so that people of their younger age would know a little bit of Bob Marley. Bob Marley died at the very young age of 36, his cause of death was Melanoma that spread to his lungs and brain and caused his death. His last words were to his son, Ziggy Marley, he said “Money can’t buy life”. Bobs words and songs have touched many people through the years. At present, we can still hear Bob Marley songs over the radio. it is still very popular now a days. As a matter of fact I can see some of Bob Marley posters hanging in a record bars while some are displayed for collection purposes. Collecting Bob Marley posters is not a difficult one because there is a site named Poster Gods that offers Bob Marley poster online. so if you are looking for a Bob Marley posters visit their site now at

Shopping at the mall for my weekly needs

This afternoon I went to the mall to buy our weekly stuff supplies. We directly went to the grocery after we finished eating our dinner. In the grocery department, I bought my 2 favorite flavored coffee by Nescafe and Great Taste namely the the TRIO cappuccino and the Nescafes vanilla. I also bought my favorite pringles snack chips. We only bought items that are just enough for our weekly needs. The wet section of the grocery department have a lot of customers choosing their preferred meat because the prices are cheaper than the local market that offers. It is more convenient to do shopping at the mall than to the local public market in Bankerohan area. They have all in store for you from vegetables down to meat and canned foods as well as imported goods. That's why I choose to do my grocery thing in the mall for it is more convenient and clean.

The fruit of my labor

I just moved in to a brand new house I build for me and my family. I could boastfully say that the house I built was the fruit of my labor of being a nurse. I guess you all know that nurses now a days are paid well. Anyway, I designed the house in accordance to my taste and with the recommendation of my wife and kids. I see to it that all their likes are placed so as to satisfy them.

My wife loved the patio for she was the one who made the concept and was materialized with the help of the engineers, my kids loved their rooms and their play room for it was painted with pastel colors making the ambiance playtime. As for me, I love the living room it is cozy and I could snuggle with my kids, while watching scary movies. The best thing that compensate my living room is my twenty one inch colored TV which is placed on an elegant Nexus21 TV Lifts .

Next week my wife is planning to have a house blessing, we will be inviting close friends and relatives, and I can not wait to show off my house which is the fruit of my labor.

PS....... please do come you are invited

Jessica Biel's new image

Jessica Biel has been off the radar for a while, but these photos from Marie Claire have have set our sights squarely on this babe-alicious actress! We all know Jessica keeps herself in impeccable shape, but this shoot focuses on her stunning beauty.

Be unique on your car registration and plate numbers

I have two sports cars here in my house and I buy them all the elegant accessories just to look my cars elegantly attractive. This cars was bought a week ago and need to be registered. I want there registration plates to be unique among the other sports cars that are running in town now. I browse a site in the internet that offers private number plates and personalized car registration. Luckily I found the Northumbria Numbers site, a site that allows you to search their massive selection of private number plates. You can search for ageless car registrations, prefix type personalised number plates and current style number plates. It is very convenient for the car owners because they will do all the paper works for you. for more information about their services visit their site at or you may call them at 01670 786151 or 07730 911570.

Keishas trick and treat presentation in the principals office

The principal is so happy about their trick and treat presentation.
The preparation and assembly area for their presentation.

The pupils are picking chocolates and candies on the floor after the presentation.
the ir trick and ptreat presentation are so succesful and the kids were so happy becase aside from wearing fancy costumes they also brought lots of chocolates and candies as part of their presentation.

Inkjet deals is the name you can trust for when it comes to your printing needs

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Keishas Trick or Treat activity

This afternoon my daughter Keisha attends their trick or treat activity in their school. She was having so much fun during their trick or treat because all of them are in costume. The pupils were in their fairy costume like what Keisha wears. There were also in batman costume but the striking costume among the rest is the costume of Keisha's best friend named Regine who wears a witch costume. Regine was in full black with a pointed black hat. She was so cute in her costume. The students presented their trick or treat sing and dance activity to the principals office where they were given a variety of chocolates and candies.

Making friends has no boundaries

A week ago, I sat down on my computer chair and decided to meet people from other countries to make friends. As I surf the net and joined several chat rooms, I ended up chatting with black people. I am not a racist person nor consider myself far beyond or superior from other race for I believed that "we are created equally through the image and likeness of God". I was only fascinated of the site for all the chatters that congregate in the site are all black. Black Chat Rooms opened a new doorway for me for I made several friends that I could talk to whenever I wanted someone to chat. I even see my friends in my cam and they are very accommodating and friendly. I even exchange pictures with them and exchange ideas and thoughts.

It was a wonderful experience that I've had and next week I will be chatting again with my new found friends.

Life is beautiful!!! Live it!!!

A story about love that is worth to be practiced

I once had a friend who grew to be very close to me. Once when we weresitting at the edge of a swimming pool, she filled the palm of her handwith some water and held it before me, and said this:"You see this water carefully contained on my hand? It symbolizes Love."This was how I saw it: As long as you keep your hand caringly open andallow it to remain there, it will always be there. However, if youattempt to close your fingers round it and try to posses it, it willspill through the first cracks it finds.This is the greatest mistake that people do when they meet love...theytry to posses it, they demand, they expect... and just like the waterspilling out of your hand, love will retrieve from you .For love is meant to be free, you cannot change its nature. If there arepeople you love, allow them to be free beings.Give and don't expect.Advise, but don't order.Ask, but never demand.It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime totruly practice. It is the secret to true love. To truly practice it, youmust sincerely feel no expectations from those who you love, and yet anunconditional caring."Passing thought... Life is not measured by the number of breaths wetake; but by the moments that take our breath away.....Life is beautiful!!! Live it!!!

The Heritage Web Design is the ultimate solution on your fully customize website

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I experienced blindness during the Cebu City construction

Cebu City construction
Gate assembling
When I was arranging all my pictures in my computer files I was able to browse one of the files that contains pictures during our construction in Cebu City. I remembered when I was building a GI (galvanized Iron) gate then when accidentally after a few hours of welding with out using face mask as protection I was totally blind. A few hours ago before the incident had happened, I together with my workers decided to finish the job because there is still a single part of the gate left by the welder. I decided to finish the job so that by tomorrow will be our free time to buy our (Pasalubung) presents for the family. The following morning, we are packed up to go home in Davao City via Cagayan de Oro route. I was really upset during those time because I was totally blind. My co-worker assist me in everything I do. When we reach Cagayan de Oro around 6 in the morning, I was rushed to the nearest hospital for my eye check-up and the doctor who treated me said that my eye was totally burned on its outer layer but the good news was I can still have my vision back for three weeks treatment. After three weeks of treatment, my vision is back and there is one important lesson that I got out of theat incident that worker must have protection first before anything else during construction.

Find People By Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Yesterday a trade expo was held here in our place and there were a lot of businessmen who attended the said event. Each companies are presenting their products to the public and explains the importance of it. A lot of consumers and business entrepreneurs attended and participated and inquired regarding each product presentations. Trade Expo is one way of reaching out prospective business partners. As one of the exhibitors, I have met a lot of businessmen all over the regions. We exchanged contact phone numbers so that whenever we need each other for a certain project we could immediately call each other. This morning, one of my clients whom I met during the Expo called me and asked me to provide a quotation for a certain construction project. I don't have any information on him. All I have was his cellphone and land line numbers. I immediately browse a site named Nationwide Phone Lookup, a site that that allows users to look for and get detailed information on any phone number in the U.S. and luckily after using their services , I was provided with the right information of the person. With their reverse phone number lookup, you can easily find anyone by their phone number. So if you want to look for an information using a phone number, visit their site now at

Keisha wears fairy costume for her trick or treat activity

My daughter Keisha now is very excited to have their "trick or treat" activity in their school. She wears her fairy costume with wand and fairy headband as her accessories. She even have wings at the back to look as fairy. She wears his white shoes too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The ultimate store for Hubcaps, Center Caps and Wheel Covers

I am an autodiesel mechanic by profession and one of my hobbies is car customization. I always want my car to look good and very attractive that 's why whenever there's a new car accessories that will fit to my unit, I always buy to give my car a new look. From the interior of my car to exterior, you can see new items, I changed my shift knobs to a metallic one which light up everytime you shift the lever and selector. My steering wheels are also customized. I changed the traditional type of steering wheels to a sporty type MOMO brand. My air filters are already in alloy type and my engine are in chrome already. I also put a remote control system to my ignition that whenever I need to start the engine , I can do it immediately even if I'm not inside the car as long as I am within the range of 30 meters that a signal can be pick up by the remote control system. My car wheels are also in good presentation because I put metallic hubcaps and attractive center caps and talking about this caps, there is a site that I used to buy my wheel caps online named . It is a site that Sells hubcaps and wheel center caps for every make and model of automobile. They are the The #1 source for used wheel rim Center Caps and Hubcaps in the U.S.A. their prices are the lowest price in town. They have all types of hubcaps and center caps. It is a one stop shop for car enthusiast who are looking for hubcaps, center caps, and wheel cover. Sohurry now!, visit their site now at and choose the best hubcap design that will fit to your car.

SM mall of Asia is the biggest mall in Asia

We always go to the mall for shopping. We are a family who loves to roam around the malls corner and look for interesting items. Mall here in my town are so large compared to other cities. As a matter of fact this mall named SM City mall of Asia is considered to be the largest mall in Asia. It has an area of 54 hectares and based on report that I have heard during the opening that The owner is paying a cost for the electricity a day amounting to million. The SM mall of Asia is located in a reclaimed area along coastal road in Manila. I remembered during those days when this Huge mall is still in construction. The area before was part of the sea. Loads of trucks carrying filling materials are dump in their site for reclaiming purposes. I really saw the activities before because I was in Hyatt hotel then which is located infront of the present Mall of Asia now.

Connecting to them is just a dial away

The United States of America is a big country, making a phone call or long distance call to a friend or relative would be very hard and difficult if you don't know the area code of a particular state you are calling. Thanks to the Search Area Codes where all the area codes are listed and the place where it is assigned. Now calling our long lost friend or a relative is much easier than ever with the help of Search Area Codes. With this help talking to them is just a dial away from your phone or cell phone.

Tom loves reading books

The star talks about the books that kept him entertained.
Want to know which books Tom Hanks enjoyed over the summer? The ‘Angels & Demons’ star is blogging about his list of must-reads.
Tom blogs on his MySpace page

A freaky experience

There isn’t much more I can imagine that would be scarier than this: model turned actress Jamie King was stalked by an escaped mental patient. The 29-year-old described the ordeal as “scary” and “freaky”

My upcoming new york vacation

I love travelling to different places where tourist attraction are just waiting to be discovered. every year, Me and my family choose for a place where we can spend our vacation. There are a lot of suggestions coming from our friends and relatives about the best places that offers interesting tourist attraction and we decide to pick the New York vacation because I am pretty sure that this place has a lot of tourist attraction waiting to be discovered such as The New York City Pass, New York helicopter and many more... . I immediately look for as site that offers and provides tour services and I found the Trusted tours and Attractions. A site that provides an easy and safe online ticketing for numerous sightseeing tours, attractions and museums. Trusted Tours and Attraction is a site that has everything in store for you. It has been a leader in the family and heritage tourism industry for over 25 years and owns and operates numerous sightseeing tours, museums and attractions in 6 different U.S. cities. I believe that this upcoming tours that we have will give a good experience to everyone of us in the family. I believed that this New York tours would be a one great experience. For more information about the trusted Tours and Attraction site visit them at

Octopus dish
big prawns
Lyhra and Keisha in action
These are some of the pictures that I took during our travel yesterday to Kidapawan City. Lyhra my wife and daughter Keisha love the foods freshly catch by the fishermen.
The restaurant is located just near the shore of Talisay part of Sta. Cruz davao Del Sur.