Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My daughters laptop

Every night, I always argue with my daughter Keishia Nicole on the issue of "who will first use the desktop computer?" Because I always used that single computer for making articles and she also want to use it to view Mr. Bean movies in youtube. We have really a difficult time to agree and meet at the right schedules so what I did to end the story short, I charge all the energizer battery and fix her laptop toy and gave it to her. She likes it so much because that laptop toy is an interactive toy. She will be ask about the spelling, the sounds, numbers and many more.. and you can also play music. She really have fun and as a result, I can now proceed to my work and use the desktop computer because she is still busy playing with her laptop toy.

Kim Kardashian went for shopping

Continuing to enjoy their trip to Sydney, Kim Kardashian and her “Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s” co-star sister Khloe were spotted getting in a little retail therapy on Monday (April 28).

After taking in the Ruth Tarvydas catwalk show, the brunette beauties ventured on over to Jimmy Choo’s for a shoe shopping excursion.

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Experiencing pain and over stress

I took my medicines after my dinner because I am not feeling well. I worked whole day in my garden arranging all the plants in line and segregates all the used plant liners according to their sizes so that when time comes when we'll gonna used them, it would be very easy to locate. After a long period of work I felt so tired and my both arms are aching that includes back pain and headache. After 5:00 O' clock, I go straight to the pharmacy to buy mefenamic acid 500 mg., a pain reliever and other medical tablets to control the pain. I hope I will be relieve after a couple of hours so that I can still make my other duties in the house.

Better weekends

Dealing with the busy corporate lifestyle that we have needs to have a relaxation or shall we say an event that is far away from the community that we are working with. That is why me and my friend Raymer decided to have a group party. Then, we started to browse the internet and look for something that could offer us a better weekend. I found this site named betterweekends that provides a perfect weekend party for you. They will be responsible in all the preparations such as foods, accommodations, events and the location of your choice. You have all the choices you want. Secretly, my sister Ana is also having their Hen Weekends, then we both found out that we have landed in the same site. has a lot to offer because they have a lot of partners from hotels, resorts, of different locations and many more... So, if you want to have a very successful weekend party visit their site at and choose the weekend packages that they are offering to you or you can also tailor and make your own packages. For more information you can contact them at numbers 0870 142 24 30.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The big stars of High School Musical Zac and Vanessa

It was a eventful weekend on the Utah set of High School Musical 3, with the big stars hard at work both Friday and Saturday.
And pictures of the East High cast keep coming forth, most recently showing Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens cheerfully posing arm-in-arm with Zac offering up the peace sign.

Kardashian sisters are present in Australian fashion week

Kim Kardashian and sister, Khloe Kardashian’s, latest stop is Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. Both looking fabulous, Kim Kardashian kept things safe in a black, form-fitting strappy-back spaghetti strap dress complete with a pair of matching black peep-toe heels.Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian added a dash of color to the evening in a sexy sequined aquamarine-colored dress with a pair of shoes that matched Kim’s. They both look so sexy and very elegant in their dress. They have something in common, they both have sexy proportions in their legs. They really have a good taste in fashion because they both chose the perfect dress for them and it really fits with their figures in curves.

Looking for the best wedding ring

Last week, I was so busy preparing a wedding of my client. The wedding was supposed to be last year but unfortunately it was cancelled because the wedding coordinator that the couple hired to prepare the necessary things and schedule of events for their wedding failed to deliver what the couple expected from that coordinator. When I accepted the job, I was so excited because this is my first time to be a wedding planner and coordinator. I have to start from scratch because everything that the couple prepared for the wedding last year were gone. After I knew what happened to the couple I was more eager to show what I can do so that their wedding will be a success. First on my list was to prepare the wedding rings. Wedding rings are very important in every wedding because it is the symbol of the love for each other as they take their lasting vows. I asked the couple what kind of wedding rings they wanted. After they gave me their description about the type and design of the rings, I immediately look for the perfect jewelry shop to acquire the wedding rings that my client wanted. is the site where I got the wedding rings that my client wanted. I immediately check their available designs and found the wedding rings that fitted the description of my client. After preparing the wedding rings, the venue, the gowns, and the entourage. In total, it took me a month before I was able to complete everything for the wedding. But every move I made was all in accordance with my client’s taste and the style that they wanted for their wedding. When the wedding proper started I was very nervous but confident enough that the wedding would be a success. After the couple exchanged their vows, I felt relieved and jubilation that the wedding was a success. For more information about the wedding rings, visit

SONY is giving 12 months zero percent interest

Last Monday (April 28/2008) We went to the mall and do window shopping. I go straight to the computer stores where laptops and computer accessories are very much available. I just take a look and observed for the latest gadgets and accessories. I have found out that there are a lot of people watching in the mall atrium so I decided to go downstairs and try to find out what's happening. I found out that SONY is having their exhibit and they are giving big discounts in their products like laptops, cameras, digicams, Bravia TV, Marine Packs for underwater and many more... They are giving a 12 months zero percent interest. So, if you need a gadget like PCs this would be the best time to get your item.

Ice cream is perfect for this summer at the price of 5

Yesterday, Me and my family went to the mall to buy our grocery items. I have noticed that all prices went up as a result of rice, corn and oil increase but there is still an item that offers lower price that is selling like hot cake and that is the Nestle ice cream. Nestle is selling their ice cream at 5 pesos per scoop in a cone. As a result, consumers get flocked in that ice cream area waiting for their turn to be serve. There are a lot of flavors available from chocolate, ube, macapuno, cookies and cream, mango, strawberry, rocky road, durian delight, and many more all at the price of 5. My daughter Keisha Nicole and myself fall in line to get some ice cream.

The waffle maker

Whenever I visit my mom’s house it's always assured that a tasty waffle will always be prepared for us. She personally made it with love and care. A handy and trusted waffle maker is always at her side to make tasty waffles. Mom’s waffle maker was a gift that I gave her when she celebrated her 56Th birthday. She always takes it with her wherever she goes especially out of town trips. It is because we would request her to bake us her waffles of love. I was the one who gave her that waffle maker and it feels good to see her cherish the gift that I gave her. I bought that waffle maker at the place where you can buy a waffle maker. For more information about the waffle maker, visit

Gardening day

Gardening is really fun. I do my gardening this whole day cleaning the pot with dead leaves and weeds. i also propagate different kinds of plants like white angel, Variegated Ficus Benjamina, Eugenia, Pine trees and many more... vacuum type is what I prefer most to produce my plants in volume because it is so easy and the mortality rate is lesser compared to other procedure of propagating like marcoting and grafting. I gathered all the healthy and established plants from my propagation area to the display area so that plants will receive full sunlight for its metabolism. The picture above shows my Variegated Ficus Benjamina and Bottle brush plant in line.

Mariah Carey witnessed the pemierre of TENNESSEE

Wearing a white button-down top with designer jeans, Mariah Carey hit the red carpet on Saturday for the premiere of “Tennessee” during the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival.
“Tennessee" is a film about two brothers who embark on a journey from New Mexico to Tennessee to find their estranged father - a trip which might hold one of their lives in the balance. As I have observed Mariah Carrey has trim down her sized. She became so sexy compared to her first music video. She still have this powerful voice that everybody will admire due to its high pitch. I really love Mariahs' voice and I am ,looking forward to hear more of Mariah Carey's music.

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Christina Ricci in the red carpet

The stars were out in Los Angeles last night, attending the world premiere of “Speed Racer” at the Nokia Theatre.
Among those hitting the red carpet were the movie’s star Christina Ricci, along with fellow Tinseltown hotties Emmy Rossum and Minka Kelly.

I still remember those days when this little girl acted in the movie "Casper the friendly ghost". She is cute but now she turned to be very sexy lady. I hope you will be back in the big screen again.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Pamela Anderson is protecting and saving Animals

With her days of saving drowning people on “Baywatch” far behind her, Pamela Anderson has a new target for salvation - animals.
The “Barb Wire” babe was spotted at a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protest in Washington DC yesterday. And she sure got the attention of the male passersby!

Buying online saves time

There are lots of available apparels in the market and in the mall. Normally when we need to buy our clothes, we go to different shopping malls and look for the clothing that we want and it is so time consuming because in our place we need to drive down south just to go to the mall. There is a better way in buying your garments at a cheaper price and yet hassle free. There is a site named #1 Coupons, an online shopping site that offers thousands of coupon codes, promotional deals, bargain specials and promotion code offers for many of the best stores. By using this site, you can save more of your time and choose anything you need because they have all in store for you at a cheaper price. You can shop online for men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories here. So to all buyers who want to save more of their time and get items at a cheaper price visit this site at and look for the online coupon codes, bargain specials and the promotional deals that they are offering. There are a lot of merchants that are giving promotional deals like on baby products, hardwares, and many more.

The school where I graduated

For so many years, I have never visited my elementary school. I graduated my elementary school at the Philippine Women's College of Davao, Philippines. Then, I took my college course at the Ateneo de Davao University where I got my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in management. We have no elementary batch reunions at all but I have seen some of my fellow classmates during my college days. Until I got married and have one daughter named Keisha Nicole whom I sent her to the same school that I attended my elementary years. I was able to visit my old school and noticed that there are a lot of new improvements with in it. Some of my elementary teachers are still present but some of them are retired already. They still knew me even though we didn't see each other for a long period of time. But I have noticed that the edifice of the school building is still the same, only the trees infront got bigger. I love this school so much because this school gives me the best teachings and molded my attitude to be a good person and a good citizen of the country.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cash for settlements

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Amy Winehouse has been released

She was scooped up by the London Police when she arrived at the Holborn station for questioning yesterday. And as of this morning, Amy Winehouse has been released.
According to a police spokesperson, when Amy arrived to be interviewed she was “in no fit state” to be questioned, hence the overnight stay in the slammer.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brad Pitt got a nice motor ride for his morning excercise

Brad Pitt cruised around LA again on his bike Wednesday without an oh so pregnant Angelina. He's loving his motorcycle collection these days, this time taking his orange bike out for a spin. Even when his face is covered up by his helmet, Brad is always a little piece of Manjoyment for Friday. Then again, we wouldn't mind if Brad took a break from being an actor to get some family-style exercise on his other bike. Brad Pitt big bike is a customize bike which give him a more masculine effect. huh!!! you really got a nice ride ....

Looking for a university

There comes a time in a young woman’s life where higher education comes into play. But Brooke Hogan can’t seem to find a university that will let her (and the “Hogan Knows Best” crew) attend.
Reportedly the “About Us” songstress has applied to a slew of schools in Florida and is yet to receive an acceptance letter.

Saving sales commission and legal fees in your property

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Latest trend in shoes

During my childhood until now, I love shoes so much, I keep on doing window shopping and look for the latest shoe design in town even in the net I used to browse and look for the new trend in shoes. I found one that I got stuck and admires this type of shoe, I love the color and the its materials. This shoe is like a topsider type with no shoe lace at all. I find it so comfortable to use because of its style.

Michelle Williams has a new music video

Former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams films her new “We Break the Dawn” music video in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday.
Surrounded by a pack of muscular men, Michelle, 27, strutted her stuff through the streets of L.A. I am very much excited to see the full music video of her new album.

Experience Hawaii at its best

One of the best places to spend vacation and the most traveled country on earth to experience the lush tropical jungle and to dive in mirror flat water is Hawaii. Hawaii offers a lot to travelers and tourists alike. The locale inhabitants welcomes you with warm tropical hospitality that compels you to visit the place over and over again.

Staying in Hawaii need not be expensive. There are a lot of Kauai condos to choose from, you could rent these condos in accordance to your taste and budget. You could choose a condo that is near the beach to enjoy the sound of the waves and ripples crashing to the shore as well as feeling the relaxing tropical breeze touching your skin.

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Angelina Jolie went to the doctor because of her ankle injury

Expectant mother Angelina Jolie showed off her colorful side while dining out solo at Italian eatery Marino Ristorante in Beverly Hills on Thursday (April 24).
Looking in fine form, the Tomb Raider actress looks be well on the way to recuperating after a reported emergency doctor’s appointment for leg swelling after an ankle injury. i hope after the meeting with the doctor everything will be fine so that Angelina Jolie could start and perform her regular duties as a mother to her kid and a loving wife to her husband.

Knights of Columbus 12th convention held in Davao

Yesterday I was in the Davao convention center waiting for my father-in-law from Tacurong city to arrive. The Knights of Columbus were having its 12Th Mindanao convention. It was participated by the different regional members that reaches more than 2000 participants. It was a three day affair and I have seen different uniforms that they called it their guardians and guards. There were different shocking unusual uniforms that I saw that causes my daughter Keisha Nicole to run from them and hold on tight on me for she was very afraid to them. There were also lots of knights of Columbus items for sale at the front of the building which includes Shirts, metal rings, swords, polo shirts, pendant and necklace that has a K of C logos are displayed in every stalls.

Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is characterized by strong, drug seeking behaviors in which the addict persistently craves and seeks out drugs, despite the knowledge of harmful consequences. Frequently used of drugs could lead you into a repeatedly using it. It causes a pleasant feeling in the body and euphoria. This high wears off leaving the user feeling depressed or even more alert and attentive . This sometimes makes them want more of the drug, and can worsen the addiction. Abusing ones health and spend them at all cost could merely affect your ability to live in a normal life. Drug Rehab plays an important role in every person who are addicted to drugs. It helps addict person in helping them to build their confidence and trying to gain back their normal lives. Every person who is admitted in the drug rehab should help themselves and submit voluntarily to enter the institution. Drug Rehabs will help the person as long as the addict person should help themselves too in order their treatment would be effective and successful. And of course the family or loved ones plays a big role in encouraging and boost the morale of an addict person. An addict person is so easy to get back their normal lives if they set a goal and focus to the treatment. They will be guided and trained inside the drug rehab so that after the treatment they are ready to face the world in his own whole self, able to resist the drugs that led their lives destroyed. So, drug addicts , pick up yourselves and do the right decision for the sake of your loved ones. It is wonderful to be loved and free. Visit thier site at to have a full information.

Wesley snipes is a tax evader and was sentence for three years

Wesley Snipes was sentenced to three years prison in Florida today on tax evasion charges after a jury found him guilty in February.
Snipes failed to pay taxes for three years resulting in the government claiming he owed nearly $3 million dollars. However, his attorneys claim that he owes only $228,000.
His lawyers requested that U.S. District Judge William Terrell Hodges limit their client’s sentence in a hearing this morning. They thought he should get no prison time and no fine. Instead, he received the maximum penalty.
Snipes was acquitted of three other similar misdemeanors as well as two felony charges of tax fraud and conspiracy.

Miranda Kerr travels a lot of places through modelling

One of the coolest things about the modeling industry is getting to travel all over for work. And Miranda Kerr has been hanging out in her native land of Australia for her latest modeling gig.
She was spotted cuddling up to a puppy during a photo shoot earlier today, looking very sexy in a magenta dress with black flats. She loves to visit different places. She is very fortunate for bveing a model.

Spending a vacation in Hawaii

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Jennifer Lopez and her hubby Marc Anthony is in the learrning channel

Everybody’s doing it these days… reality TV. And new mommy Jennifer Lopez and her hubby Marc Anthony have signed on with The Learning Channel to let the world in on their crazy life.
According to TLC President Angela Shapiro-Mathes, the new show will, “deliver a slice of [Lopez’s] life that audiences have never seen before, as she takes on her career and launches a new fragrance while trying to juggle her new responsibilities as a first-time mom.”

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow is back in London

She’s been doing some serious globetrotting during her Iron Man promotional tour, and earlier today, Gwyneth Paltrow landed back home in London, England.
But she’s barely had time to breathe- just after landing, the “Shakespeare in Love” babe was whisked off to the Claridges hotel in downtown London for a press junket and photo call.

Reducing the need for reading glasses

Vision is really the most important in the five senses of human being. Eyes should be protected always. We can use sunglasses for the ultra violet rays protection and some visors to prevent hot glaring sun that hit directly in our eyes. But what about people which has already an eye problem? worry no more, because there is a site named USAeyes that provides an information about LASIK which stands for Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis is a surgery that changes the shape of the cornea (clear front) of the eye to reduce the need for glasses or contacts. This is very effective way to treat patients with nearsighted or farsighted vision, astigmatism and many more. there are Lasik complications but this is considered normal due to the said treatment and it will be back to normal after a few days. so to all people who has an eye problem visit their site now at and be guided with their information and services.

Audrina Patridge got a new hairstyle

Showing off her fresh dye job, Audrina Patridge gave the paparazzi a big smile as she left her Los Angeles salon on Thursday afternoon (April 24).
The reality starlet and her stylist then headed around the corner to grab a bite to eat - with Audrina in a “pleasant and smiley mood” all the way.

Nicole Richie is attending her driving school in LA

Happy to have her babydaddy Joel Madden back to haul her around, Nicole Richie was spotted out to her court-mandated driving school in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 23).
Wearing an interesting tablecloth-like outfit, the former Simple Life star walked quickly into her session as Joel tried to keep up with her swift pace.

Monetizing your blog

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Mariah Carey in new york for her CD release party

Every one of us has a favorite singers and actresses. I chose Mariah Carey as my number 1 singer because she has a golden voice. She is celebrating her own success, Mariah Carey made her way to a big CD release party in downtown New York City on Tuesday evening (April 22).
Dressed in a sexy black outfit with diamond encrusted hoop earrings, the Grammy-winning singer was running a bit late for her late night affair - but still made an effort to pose for photographs along the way.

Lindsay lohan is back in Los Angeles

Spotted out to lunch at LaScala on Wednesday afternoon, Lindsay Lohan is back in sunny Los Angeles after causing quite a stir in New York City this past weekend.
It’s being widely reported that Lindsay fell way off the wagon while trying to keep up with her DJ pal Samantha Ronson in what turned into a week-and-a-half long clubbing spree. Lindsay is really has a good taste in terms of fashion and accesories because the above pictures would show that she has a nice clothing styles and accesories.

Restoring the Van's door pad using my technique

Yesterday, I continue to fix my vans door pad. I applied an adhesive named Non-sag marine epoxy and have it polished using a #220 sand paper. They were formed back to its original and you won't notice that this thing is broken into tiny little pieces. After patching those little things, I covered it with a color grey German leather to blend it with the interior of the van. At last I finally made it back to its original. the pictures above will show you how I restore it to its original form.

Kim Kardashian at the party

She’s always at every Hollywood party, so when Joe Francis threw a celebration for his new magazine, Kim Kardashian was front row and center.
The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” babe was spotted hamming it up in the red carpet arrival zone for the Girls Gone Wild magazine launch, held at LA hotspot Area.

Maria Sharapova’s is turning 21

Fashion and entertainment elite were out on Tuesday night to celebrate tennis star Maria Sharapova’s 21st birthday at a party hosted by luxury watch brand TAG Heuer.
Taking place at New York hotspot Tenjune, DJ Cassidy was on hand to spin the tennis champion’s favorite dance tunes at the invitation-only event for the three-time Grand Slam winner.

Making friends online

I used to open my desktop computer from time to time to visit sites that provides online chatting and it helps a lot a lot because through this site site you can meet new friends and express your feelings to one another. You can also create a relationship that sometimes will lead you to a long term relationship like what happened to my friend Liza and Michelle. Right now, I have discovered a new site to meet new friends online. The 3GB community, a site where you can upload you photos and images and share it with your friends online. you can also join different groups and search for the type of Mp3 music that you want to hear. This site is also useful, because you can post your blogs in their board and invite friends to visit your blogs online. So, if you are one of the people who likes to meet new friends online , join 3gb community this site is the perfect site for you, visit this site now at and experienced the fun.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER supports the "AMW" manhunt

The Governor and "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh talk DNA.
Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER joins host JOHN WALSH on this Saturday's episode of "America's Most Wanted," airing at 9 p.m. on FOX. The two met at a state-of-the-art DNA laboratory in Sacramento, where testing is conducted, to discuss the importance of expanding law enforcement’s power to obtain DNA samples from suspects in criminal cases.
The governor was the force behind the passage of California's Prop. 69, which mandates taking DNA samples from felony suspects, not just convicted criminals. The Golden State is one of the few states with such a policy.
Also on the episode, "AMW" is on the hunt for the "NorCal Rapist," a serial rapist who has attacked at least 10 women in Northern California, and the murderer of a 7-month-old child in Sacramento.

Looking for the best patio accesories

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Britney spears father remains in control

Wearing a cute and covering ensemble, Britney Spears made a midday trip to East West Bank in Beverly Hills with her father Jamie Spears by her side on Tuesday (April 22).
The Gimme More singer’s father remains in control of her life and wallet until a July 31 hearing - and Brit has big legal fees to deal with, too. that must be the right attitude . His father should hold all her wallet because britney needs to be controlled regarding expenses.

Restoring my MB 100 door pads

I have decided to fix the door pads of my MB100 van now. I bought the materials needed for the fixing activity and I chose the Non-Sag adhesive marine epoxy brand. The middle of the door pads are broken into pieces and some friends told me that I cant restore it back to its original form but I said to them that as a professional mechanic I can restore it back to its original. So, what I did is, I arranged it the broken pieces and it is like arranging little things just like a puzzle. and slowly I put an adhesive and wait for the curing time and fortunately I have restored fully the door pads. The people around ask me "how did I do that?", I said to them, as long as you have the will to restore it, you can do it with proper techniques.

elegant wedding presentations

Every bride and groom wants to have a perfect wedding preparation. That is why, they get a wedding organizer to do the job. The wedding organizer is responsible for all the preparation such as the cakes, decorations, dress, make-ups of the whole entourage and the guest and the design of the linen cover of the table and the presidential table where the bride and groom has to sit. Wedding Planners has no problem on where to get linens for the table because there is a site named Magical Party Rentals that provides wedding linen, table linen and chair cover rentals. This wedding linen rentals of san diego is providing an elegance in fabric and detail that will bring your romantic vision to life. So, if you need an elegant presentation of your wedding visit this site at

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alexa Ray Joel and Christie Brinkley are making outstanding contributions

ALEXA RAY JOEL gushed over mom CHRISTIE BRINKLEY at Monday night's Smart Cookie Awards in New York, which recognize and support mothers in the business, philanthropy, and celebrity worlds who are making outstanding contributions to women's and children's causes around the globe.
Alexa was there to give a speech honoring Christie and said, "She manages to do it all and still look great every day, and I don't know how she does it!"

Ashlee Simpson is performing Live on Jay Leno

Ashlee Simpson continued fooling the world into indulging her and her music career last night on Jay Leno’s talk show. She performed a track called “Little Miss Obsessive” and — believe it or not — she didn’t lip-sync, which was just one of the reasons it was bad.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Emma Watson of Harry Potter Celebrates 18th birthday

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson celebrated her 18Th birthday in style at Mayfair’s Automat Club and Restaurant in London on Saturday night (April 19).
Accompanied by family and friends, the young star showed up to the affair in a cute little black dress with matching black flats. Ia pretty sure that there are a lot of good looking boys who are very much interested in her. She looks very pretty, Is Dumbledoor invited in the party? hahaha........ A lot of guys out there are interesting in a relationship if, she is available.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Amy Winehouse is like a single

Wearing her favorite pink ballet pumps with a gold bomber jacket and a “Legendary” pendant, Amy Winehouse was spotted out with male pal Blake Wood on Friday night (April 18).
After logging some long hours at the studio, the duo stopped off for a bite to eat at a fast food joint before making their way back to Amy’s London pad. Amy is just enjoying her life to the fullest.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


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Hasselhoff is paying 25,000 a month to his ex-wife and daughters

David Hasselhoff has agreed to pay $25,000 a month to support his ex-wife and children. Court documents released Thursday show the former "Baywatch" star's divorce settlement calls for him to pay $21,000 a month to ex-wife Pamela Bach and another $4,000 to support their daughters, 17-year-old Taylor and 15-year-old Hayley.Hasselhoff and Bach have joint custody of the children.The couple also agreed to joint ownership of their San Fernando valley home and will divide the family's cars, bank accounts and Hasselhoff's pensions from acting and directing guilds.Bach and Hasselhoff divorced in 2006 after more than 16 years of marriage. Celebrity marriage usually does not end up in good marriage. It is usually breaking up after a couple of years and after breaking up they both look for another partner to start with.

Britney Spears is in Bally for her workout session

Britney is shaping up and want to stay fit and healthy. She was
accompanied by her mother Lynne, an assistant and a bodyguard, Britney Spears headed out to Bally Total Fitness for another workout session on Friday (April 18).
The 26-year-old Gimme More singer has become a regular at the Los Angeles gym, taking on the company’s top fitness and nutrition experts as her personal coaches.

Inflatable party rentals

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Gisele Bundchen is austin Powers female lead star

She’s the world’s top earning supermodel. And Gisele Bundchen looks to be in the process of adding to her already impressive resume.
Spotted out to lunch with a gal pal at Boa in Santa Monica on Friday (April 18), the Brazilian beauty will reportedly be playing the female lead in the next installment of the hugely popular Austin Powers franchise. no, wonder she was chosen to be the female lead star because she has a perfect body figure to do the role.

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High School Musical and Hannah Montana Addict

High school musical TV series is very popular in the whole world played by the teen stars Zac Efron as (Troy) and Vanessa Hudgens as (Gabriela). They have a very wonderful voice that anybody will admire. They are also a good dancers as well. They are very popular at their age and I am pretty sure that they will create big names in the world of entertainment. My daughter Keisha Nicole is a die hard fun of those guys as well as Hannah Montana. She kept on watching their films in television by day and and on the internet at night. We frequently argue regarding who will use the computer because she wanted to use it to watch High School musical over youtube and I was also eager to make an update of my blog until I gave way for her. We made an agreement to avoid arguments. huhhh........... I have to stop my finger tips pushing this letters on the keyboard because she is now claiming her time to watch again and again........... the high school musical on youtube.