Sunday, April 12, 2009

Video games make good profit

I was with my friend Yongyong of Panabo Davao Del Norte together with my brother Jun looking for a good information about this business called video games. I am not so familiar with the said business but as I talked to one of the operators in the said area it seems like it is more interesting because he is getting big profit out of few units which he made it online for the players to play. The operator named Allen started only a few units and gradually it went up to 21 not to mention his 6 units that were placed in his residence that is earning 7 to 8 thousand a week for a total of roughly estimate of 28 to 32 thousand a month (not bad)!!! running the video game business is so simple as what I heard from the operator itself who told us and explained but it needs a lot of capital. i am very much interested but i still need to gather some funds for a start. I just hope that one day i could also be like him a successful video games operator.

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