Sunday, March 29, 2009

Watch and learn

My father won't teach me how to play blackjack. I remember before when I was still in my elementary years. My father and his best buddies would come to the house at night. My mother would prepare food for them and when it is already 8 pm, they will play blackjack. I am allowed to watch but not allowed to play. I always asked my father to teach me how to play the game. But I always get a decline from him. When I was in college, my father finally gave up his strong decision not to teach me. he taught me the basic principles of the game and how to manage your cards and play the game of blackjack. But since I moved to the city for my college study, I was not able to digest what my father taught me. I really love to learn and play the game of blackjack. I want to play the game with my father. With no one around me who can teach me how the game is being played. I opted to watch blackjack movie so that I can get how the game is really being played. After I saw the movie, I was very confident that I can beat my father in the game of blackjack. Last year, it was summer, I went back home to the province where I was born. Upon arrival at the gate, my father immediately told me play blackjack with him. Now me and my father are best buddies. Aside from playing blackjack with my father, I also play blackjack in an online casino. For those who want to know the game, feel free to visit now.

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