Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keisha Nicole's pre-school graduation

Grandma Lerma with Keisha in her toga attire.Keisha in her white and maroon toga.

Mommy Lyhra and Keisha Niocle is now ready for graduation rites.
My daughter Keisha Nicole graduated yesterday morning in her pre-school years. It was announced two days ago that the programme will start at exactly 8 O'clock in the morning but it started very late and it was attended by the school officials and guests as well as parents and guardians. Keisha wears her maroon and white toga with a red cap. They were so cute to see for they look like little armies in battalion. We were the first one to arrived at school. I am in my Filipino costume as instructed by their basic education principal Ms. Josefina Jover. I am so proud of her for she make good grades in school, I hope that she will continue her dreams and ambitions in reaching for the stars as what their theme says. I promised to myself together with my wife that I will support her in anything she does to make her happy and be successful someday. Congratulations My dear Keisha Nicole on your pre-school graduation.

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